Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mr. Bhalla asking Raman how did he come soon. Raman says I came to get file. Mr. Bhalla says everyone went out, have food with me. Shagun comes and asks how are you. He says fine. She asks where is Aaliya. He says she went out. She gives sweets and says Adi is going to start his business independently. Raman asks what nonsense. Shagun says launch was successful, Taneja offered two projects to Adi, Taneja came to meet Mani too, I m so proud of Adi. Mr. Bhalla says but Adi is working with Raman. Raman asks him not to worry, and takes Shagun with him.

Bala gets kids home and asks about their day at school. He asks Pihu what happened to her, does she not like icecream. Pihu says I don’t want. She thinks to talk to Raman. Shagun says you should be proud of Adi. Raman

says Adi has his father’s business, those people have no ethics, stop breaking our house. She says he is my son too, I know his betterment, you just want credit. Raman says you lost your mind. Pihu comes. Shagun asks her to go. He says its okay.

She says I don’t have all day to discuss this with you. Shagun stumbles. She says I know you have pushed me, this is too much. He says you really lost it. Shagun goes downstairs and says Raman has pushed me when I spoke about Adi’s career. Ishita says Raman can never do this, I think you are cracking the relations. Adi comes and hears them. Aaliya says Raman can’t do this. Adi asks what’s happening. Shagun says Raman can’t control his future, he has hit me. Raman comes and says she got mad, I won’t dignify her words by giving explanation, everyone knows what I can and what I can’t. Aaliya asks Shagun to leave. Shagun leaves.

Aaliya asks Adi did he got mad, how can he think so, why will Raman push Shagun. Adi says you know Papa’s anger, I m not saying he has hit her, Shagun is using this, don’t know when will Papa change, I m worried. Ishita looks on and goes. He says when will things change. She goes to Raman. She says we have to do something of these daily fights. He asks her to go to Shagun and talk. She says I m talking of Adi and Aaliya, we have to send them on honeymoon, they should go. He says his product launched recently. She says so what, he will get stress free then I can talk to Shagun, I don’t want her to manipulate Adi, I want to keep Adi away from Shagun. Raman asks her to try.

Its morning, Shagun calls on landline. Ishita and Adi answer on different lines. Shagun says Adi I was trying on your phone, is there anyone, I want to talk something imp, sorry for all that, I just want you to prosper, you have much potential and should start independent business, even if Raman and Ishita don’t support you, Mani and I will support you, I m your mum and won’t give wrong advice. He says I need time to think. She asks him to grab the opportunities. He says I understand, but I can’t take decision in a hurry. Shagun says I hope you take right decision. Aaliya asks what happened. Adi says mom called and said I should seriously think about the deal, I don’t want to get apart from Raman’s business.

Raman says Shagun spoke to Adi, so let him decide, Adi came to me and did not hear my suggestion, sorry he has grown up. Aaliya asks Adi to talk to Raman, ask him what he thinks. Adi says he knows but he doesn’t say anything. She says maybe he is expecting you talk to him, he is your dad, you won’t get smaller if you go and talk, tell him you want to do business with him. He says I will talk to him at office, thanks for right guidance. Ishita says maybe he is confused, he does not know what to talk to you, will you help if he comes. Raman says yes, I will sort it out.

Ishita gives tickets to Adi and says its for honeymoon, you guys are going Goa. Adi says but I can’t go now, there is much work post project launch. Ishita says I know, just go and resume work after coming back. Adi says cancel this. Aaliya asks why. Ishita asks Raman to tell Adi. Raman says children have grown up, tell Ruhi about meeting. He goes. Adi says I can’t go. Ishita says children should be just till Pihu’s age, they listen to us.

Pihu’s teacher calls Ishita. Ishita asks is Pihu fine. Ruhi comes and looks on. Teacher tells something. Ishita says fine, I will be careful, thanks. Ruhi asks what did she say. Ishita says she was saying Pihu is not doing homework and not being attentive, what happened to her, she said maybe something is troubling her. Ruhi says I had to tell something, she is behaving weird since some days, I will find out, don’t worry. Ishita says maybe she can be free talking to you, you have become like her mumma. They smile.

Raman talks on phone and asks what, did you shift to service apartment, fine I will come for meeting there. Shweta gives him anti allergy tablet and says you can fall sleepy by this. Raman thanks her. Adi comes and says I need to talk, I m really sorry, I did not take your name on launch, I did not had such intention. Raman says its fine. Adi says Shagun said I should start my own business, Taneja said he will offer me new projects, I don’t want to do but… Raman asks what but. Adi says you know everything, I m confused, tell me.

Raman says its simple, you are my son and I don’t want you to leave my company, then I thought I made my own identity, how can I stop you then, when Shagun said this, I got angry and then I thought why not, but Taneja and Roy are not good people, look for somebody else as investor, take money from me, not as a father, as a businessman, if I like your presentation, I will invest, I will be glad if you progress. Adi says thanks. He says you go on honeymoon with Aaliya, Ishita booked the trip with love, take a break. Adi agrees and thanks him. He goes. Raman says I will tell Ishita, she will be glad. He calls Ishita and says Adi is going on honeymoon. Ishita says Aaliya, Adi agreed to go on honeymoon, Raman convinced him, Raman was very happy like a big burden got off, they have understanding now. Aaliya says yes, everything will be fine.

Ishita asks what’s the matter. Aaliya says I went to meet Shagun, she did not talk to me. Ishita says her anger is such, we will handle her, you do packing and focus on your happiness. Ishita says I promised her but its not easy to convince Shagun, I will ask Raman. She calls Raman. Raman is sleeping. Kiran sees the call and switches off the phone. She covers him Raman with the quilt. Ishita worries.

Kiran says you can’t come inside my home without my permission. Bala says I know why you came here. Kiran says I will do what I want. Bala asks where is Raman. She says he is sleeping inside. He gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi everyone! VP mam, Rithu, Sindhu ,Shivani ,Khushi ,Magic, Shreya, Hp, Bhagya, Azuka, Missy, and all the yhm fans out here….

    Oh Shagun! She’s getting on my nerves!! She’s always overreacting… Raman should not talk equal to her….. I know Shagun was with an intention when she gave Adi’s custody to IshRa and let her grab Aliya. Hp, the way you call Shagun as “Blouse” is so funny! Fed up of Adi’s business, Shagun’s drama. Let Adi Aliya go for their honeymoon before Shagun does something wrong…. Pihu has arrived, there hadn’t been any IshRa and Pihu scenes. Please show their bond much strong like IshRaRu. VP mam, the way Shagun calls Ishita as “Isheetha” has too much stress!? I like the way you all tease Shagun. Hate Shagun!!! What happened to Pihu? Waiting to see that drama. And Kiran… I know she has an intention behind IshRa. Maybe Bala can expose her. Waiting for all!!

    1. Hi are you? After many days you came.

    2. Hi Priyamvadha … after a long time . Hiw are you ? Nice reading ur comments .

  2. HI Rithu, VP, Magic, Khushi, Magic, Shreya, Bhagya, HP, Missy, Parichary and all the other YHM fans…

    Wow Priyamvedha, so nice to read your comments. Didn’t see you for awhile. Great going.

    Yes I do agree with you Priyamvedha… All I have to say is Shagun is so disrespectful to Raman and others. She has forgotten she is in the in laws place. She made such a ruckus. Even if she wants Adi to start business on his own, she could have very respectfully explain to Raman and IShita. Maybe they will consider instead of screaming and shouting and accusing. Poor Pihu….. she can’t even openly tell Raman or Ishita the problem she is facing.

    Apparently Pihu is in a molestation case. She is unable to tell this to anyone as she herself is confused and does not undertsand the seriousness behind this. She is young so she needs an adult guidance. Actually when Ishita got the call from school, why doesn’t she immediately find out from Pihu. She would be able to get some answers from Pihu. The more they drag asking her, Pihu woud fo through emotional trauma.

    As for Raman, he took his anti allergy pills and slept on the sofa. So Kiran capitalise on that. But I am not sure what she is planning. Hopefully Bala can bring Raman back home. Never really liked Kiran at all. She looks older and more like a mother. Finish off Kiran ‘s story please.

    1. I think it’s not molestation case… It’s just some classmate bullying or torturing her…

  3. azuka nkwonta

    Both shagun’s and Raman’s ideas are good business ideas but for how long will Raman be the sole sponsor of adi’s independent business, will he get to the level where Raman is if only one man is pushing his business.
    Raman could have pushed shagun, am not saying he did it intentionally because shagun was hurrying to the door and Raman rushed after her and tried to stop her and his hands were seen getting close to her, he could have touched her and she stumbled but I know that Raman did not hit her, she just added that part.
    Ishita called shagun a manipulator. No, shagun is not a manipulator but a good liar. The one that is manipulating here is ishita. Telling adi to go on honeymoon because she doesn’t want him to think of independent business is manipulation. If adi were to use his mind I don’t think he will want to go for honeymoon now but that’s how ishita is, a good manipulator.Shagun told adi about his independent it’s left for adi to accept it or reject it. But ishita is using the term manipulation; this is how she kept separating shagun from her children.
    Adi will still do what shagun said, it’s just a matter of time. The story is developing and alot of drama is coming. Adi and Raman will separate.

  4. Hi friends… Nice episode… Wow what a drama created by blouse Mumma…no one trusted her… ADI knows Shagun well, so no problem… I think Shagun can’t do anything by using ADI… Until Aliya turns negative nothing happens… This Kiran is surely a fraud… She has come to takeover Raman’s company, unless CVS show another Nidhi…or is she came for revenge on ishra… According to the story no connection between ishra and Kiran…it’s a mystery… coming to pihu, it’s someone torturing or bullying her in school… I think CVS has not taken much shoot of dt… We may get to see ishu scenes for next two to three days… For later 8 to 10 episodes no ishu scenes… CVS may show kidnapping track or show ishu going on holiday with pihu…let’s see..

    1. HP ,Give some respect to shaguan.dont cal her that is disrespect to woman..we like her fashion.lots of people are commenting ishita was good in first episodes but it doesn’t mean that she is always right.i am also watching this serial from the first episode.nowadays ishita is irritating.whenever shagun is good v a few people acknowledge that.when shagun is wrong v r saying that last 2 or 3 episode Raman is too good and understanding

      1. Sorry for that… But according to the track Ashok is using Taneja to create rift between ADI and Raman… So if ADI listen to Shagun , then bhallas family breaks… Unknown ingly ishu is flopping Ashok plan… But Shagun has fallen into it…

    2. True.i agree with you.what Raman said is right taneja are not good to start business with.v will for the new twist kiran

  5. As per this latest spoilers Pihu will get molested at school. But she’s clueless about what is happening with her.

  6. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    ohh azuka what is your problem I can’t understand y u always blame ishita .shagun is disgusting she always want to create problems.pls go and watch this serial from epi 1 then u wil understand who is right and who is wrong.pls stop blaming ishitha.she lover her three children more than her life .

  7. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi guys rithu VP Amma jaz adithya khushiarvind parichey Mino mounique magic disha HP priyamvedha sindhu siddhi MP Ravi Susan all yhm frds hi guys how r u all

    1. Hiii… Bhagya… How r u?? Glad to see you..

  8. hi azuka pls stop blaming ishitha here so many fans r here in this page

  9. hi azuka ishitha is not trying to manipulate her children .pls go and watch yhm all previous episode azuka.shagun is trying to create the rift between adi and raman.pls stop blaming ishitha dialy

  10. hi azuka how can you think like that ishitha is trying to separate the children.she is not trying to separate.Ruhi adi pihu stays with ishitha because they regarded ishtha is her mom not shagun y u always blame ishitha.

  11. Dia

    Shagun is clearly trying to break the family……she thinks that seperated business will do good for him….and it may do good but she is emphasising on it a lot…….on the other hand ishita is trying to stop adi from seperating……but why….nothing is wrong with seperated business……both are being jerks…..and both are forcing adi……..loved raman today….raman pushed shagun…..i seriosly LMAOed when i read that (i didn’t see the epi)….i mean seriously shagun?…..

    1. Nothing is wrong having Adis independent business Dia . But he is not matured . Ishitha wants him to relax for sometime , from the time they have married , Adi and Ali is going thru this. Relaxation is the best cure for that . Ramans attittude is good …And Ishitha did not have a discussion on this with Adi . Pihu and Ishithas bond is not convincing … like how was it with Ruhi. Whats now with Kiran . ? Cvs back again bringing one Nidhi .

      1. True aunty…But i dont like the way Ishitha eves dropped when shanguna nd adi were talking on the phone…i felt that was bad…everybody needs privacy..

      2. Dia

        Ishita’s behaviour doesn’t show that she is bringing relaxation…….she clearly does not wany adi to have a seperate business…..and yes….ishita never had any talk with adi about this and is jumping on conclusions…..and i want the track to focus on pihu more……Kiran maybe the next nidhi

      3. Dia

        I also did not like rhe eavesdropping part but then it was just by mistake

    2. I like your comments.very true

      1. I mean I like Diya s comments.ishita clearly said that she wants adi to be away from don’t say she is just focusing on relaxation

      2. Dia

        Thanks dr

  12. kuch bhi ho tume toh bus ishita ko bash karna hai aur shagun ki tarif aur fir kehti hoo ye toh fictional miss azuka

  13. Ishita always concentrate on the particular child on which shagun is behind… Right now ishita is always behind adi more compared to ruhi and pihu coz shagun is giving importance to adi.. now she is not even bothered to spend time with pihu instead of silly romance with ishita.. but wen shagun was behind pihu it was lik pihu ll become more important than ruhi and adi.. she us not any goddess.. she wants praise and appreciation

  14. azuka nkwonta

    Ishita does not give shagun access to her children; shagun is the real mother of adi so she has right to make decisions for adi although it also depends on adi to accept it or reject but ishita is blocking all those access. Anytime shagun tries to give advice to any of her children ishita will try to stop it. Shagun is more like a woman who has children but it’s still childless, it’s unfair. Raman and ishita have not been treating shagun well when it comes to her children, not just them but everyone. The punishment shagun receives in this show is too much. Why can’t ishita focus on her daughter pihu and leave shagun with her children.
    Shagun’s advice was not a bad advice or is she trying to break the family. Adi being independent does not mean that the family will break. What is the meaning of family without freedom. You are free to live where you want, you are free to have your own business, you are free to choose your bride or groom. Adi can choose to do his own business independently it is not a bad person who gives such advice. Raman is acting like a possessive father just like ishita is acting like a possessive stepmother. They don’t want adi to be free. Look at romi, when he was on his own he was shining but immediately he came under Raman he stopped shining, nobody talks about romi bhalla anymore. If you do something that is right you will have legacy for your children, Raman has one but adi has none. Adi can start his own business outside Raman’s business if he makes it, it will be his legacy. I’m disappointed in both ishita and Raman but even more in adi.
    What I have discovered on this site is that Indians are not very developed in their minds and senses. They don’t value freedom. Joint family is being praised in India but if someone wants to separate it will become a crime, that is what the people on this site have been showing me. And you also don’t like independent business as I am seeing from this site because according to you it is breaking up of family, such a shameful thing that Indians are so backward.

    1. Indians are not backward .It was long time before around one or two decades where people had these mentality but now it’s not . People allow there children to have their own business and ya joint family is praised in India because you are valuing relations and the elders who are experience and seen the world more will guide the younger ones . Indians really value freedom but they also know how to protect their children because here in India people treat their children as children even if they are 50 or 60 years also.
      And nowadays in India there have been a lot of nuclear family forming .But still it’s not considered as family breaking .
      Here in the show ishra are not opposing Adi to start a new business but instructing him to have a business with good people .
      That’s what Raman adviced Adi.

      1. Well commented Rithu . And Dia becoz Azuka mentioned , I too wrote a reply to her . Then deleted thinking why to bring country into it .
        And its true Ishra did not oppose Adi . Ishras approach was just nice .. this is how parents care .

    2. Dia

      You don’t need to comment on a particular country…….everyone is having their own viewpoints and posting them and even rebuttling others…….but this is not a country thing…..don’t judge any country on the basis of what peole comment on an ekta kapoor serial’s written update

  15. azuka nkwonta

    Ishita is a wicked woman. She stole shagun’s two children and cannot give her access to them. Anytime she tries to get access to them she always block it just like she is doing now. Some people praise her and call her good woman but how good is she when she cannot see the pain of another mother. Just like ishita is happy controlling them so does shagun wants to control them. She wants to be part of their lives but ishita and her husband will not let her. Shagun is basically looking like a childless woman in this serial.

    1. Then where was Shagun when ADI was in jail for acid attack case… Instead of knowing truth , she instigate d Mani against bhallas and snatched pihu …. Also when ADI was arrested for dual marriage, where was she, just sat at home … In an old episode ishu gave a answer that when Shagun needs children only to show to the society and for photos… But when they are in danger she acts as if she don’t know them….from the beginning Shagun has done just two good thing s one saving ishu from getting raped by Ashok and saving Ruhi from jail by kidnapping Nidhi….but she never taught good things to ADI Ruhi or pihu… Even yesterday when pihu came to discuss her problem with Raman, Shagun said she has no time to talk about ADI again… And by pushing pihu out of room she stumbled herself and blamed Raman ….

      1. Shagun broke up with Monjo for Phiu that is big thing

    2. Ishitha is not controlling her children .She wants her children to leave in better way and in a right way .She is never against Adi starting a new business but she knows Adi well ,as he is not grow soo old to start a business and she thinks he needs be more experienced and matured.

      1. azuka nkwonta

        You are out of point dear, no need defending ishita because clearly she is not good. I do not want to say this but India is backward. Even ekta kapoor scripts are proving it.

    3. What are you saying Azuka ? Ishitha stole Shaghuns children … Are you watchim yhm only ?

  16. Hey guys, ummm I really dnt lyk dis epi! First shagun n den this kiran! Wht is this? A villain after villain! I say this kiran is useless! I mean whts da need of her nw! I dnt knw da reason bt I hate her more dan Ihate shagun!
    Shagun is also sooo irritating! Hw dare she accuse Raman for pushing her? Raman is ryt she has gone completely mad! Sha has lost her mind due to anger n jealous! Thank god aaliya is still listening to ishu!
    I agree with ishu! Today she has said dt children should be just till pihus age! Whenever my mom notices my mischievous behavior she keeps on repeating dt! Hahaha…

  17. Guys I hv to say smthng! Since my exams r getting closer n closer I hv to put my all efforts on my studies! So I wont be commenting here for sm tym! Thank u all my dear yhm friends! Um gonna muss u all! Keep on commenting! Ill join u in da mid of da August!! ????

    1. Exams are important , work hard to reach to your goal Ravi . Praying for you ! God bless you always .

      1. Thank u vp mam! I ll try to do my best!!

    2. Hi Ravi.. I think you r going to have A/L .. Best of luck dear… Wish u all the best!!!

      1. Of course hehe, thanx a ton!!

    3. Best of luck for your up-coming exam.
      Study hard and think first before you write.
      don’t get distract with daydreaming during your study time.


  18. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hii Ravi all the very best for your exams

    1. Thank u very much bhagya!!

  19. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  20. Valpa very true I too did not like Ishitha listening to Adi Shaghuns tephonic conversation . She did wrong … but end of the day when some one influences wrongly … the other person cant resist listening . It was wrong .

    1. Yes aunty…correct only…she is adi’s mother…she will always want him to be on the right path…so may be wat she did is right..

  21. Shagun is a mean women . She tells Adi is her son but she should not forget he is more ishitha’s son than hers.when Adi was stuck amid fire ishitha was the only one who save Adi not that mad lady Shagun.who ran saving her own life leaving her own son in fire.such a selfish woman .And she left her 6months old daughter for money and went with ashok . Though at some point of time in the show she became positive but majority of the times she was negative . Ishitha was the only one who supported Shagun at many times in the show. Shagun always has some mean motive behind her every move . She is now manipulating adi just the way rinki did in the show for mihir long back in the show to start a new business .Now Shagun’s selfish motive is to just see her daughter Aliya happy.but not in a way where Aliya is happy in her own way but she wants Aliya to be happy in the way she wants .
    Now this shagun who claimed that she loved pihu is behaving with her soo rudely,just not as a way she should have behaved with a kid just to talk and quarrel with Raman.
    But Anitha’s acting is good and fabulous as a negative character .So she got a lot of awards for best negative role and stylish role .
    But through the show point of view , though it’s a fiction Shagun is not at all right and her act are justifying what negativity she is bringing and showing her selfish motive.
    I am sorry if it hurts anybody.

    1. Well commented Rithu …

  22. azuka nkwonta

    Ishita was not focusing on adi’s relaxation, she said it clearly that she want adi to be away from shagun. She wants to use the opportunity to handle shagun but for how long will they be on honeymoon won’t they come back.
    Somebody said that shagun only wants to use her children only to show off on the pages of newspaper. Shagun wants her children to be celebrities that is what I can understand those days because even she wants to be one. And this person is making it look like it’s a bad thing. But there is one little girl in this serial yhm who is called pihu, she is acting in this serial and in India today she is a super star and her face has appeared on the covers of newspapers and she has won awards as best child actress in India. Why don’t you go to pihu’s mother and tell her that she is a bad mother for allowing pihu act in yhm. In the real world there are many parents their children are acting, even babies are used as actors. You Indians are so not developed in your senses, including ekta kapoor who wrote the script and yet she still use children in her serials. In the real world these children are stars and can be seen on pages of newspapers and their parents are proud parents. There is nothing wrong with shagun wanting her children to be on pages of newspapers in fact she wanted ruhi to be a model, which in the real world other kids do as well but ruhi does not like it.

  23. azuka nkwonta

    Before you start questioning shagun’s parenting think very well. Ishita is the chief manipulator in yhm not any other person. Spread all over the world and learn something you Indians, it will do you good ?.

    1. Dia

      I think u need to learn to respect others’ sentiments related to their countries…..if u want the whole country to learn then publish it on a newspaper….

      1. Well said Dia !

      2. Shreya shetty

        Exact reply to Azuka Dia!!before criticizing other people s nations she should be thought twice before making us feel hurt by those words told

    2. I don’t know why you are mentioning about Indians again and again but if you have soo much problem with Indians and their thoughts so then plz ignore this show.Because on the whole it’s a serial and fiction and ishitha is the lead and makers can either show ishitha or Shagun as good .I don’t think it should bother people soo much .
      I am sorry if I hurt you but I think you should change your thoughts about Indians because they are really sweet . And it is country with Unity in Diversity. And Indians are good only .

      1. I think it should not bother you soo much.

      2. Shreya shetty

        Rithu Didi please don’t mind her talks.besides I felt that I was quite immature while attacking her back with my words
        But now I realized that to ignore her negative comments we must all try to keep away from her
        She’s just expressing her own views and thoughts so let it be
        Just don’t reply to her comments back like how I used to do before like a jerk who’s me!!


      Firstly, If I see you still using Shreya name “Ms Shreya Shetty” then you may never know what will other think of you. You are not Shreya mother, aunty, grandmother and teacher. People in this site are a family as per I told in the last message as I don’t remember when I mentioned it. And If you don’t like the way of how I called you then learn to respect to talk to other people like you called Shreya rude way. Shreya had given her apologised to you and you keep traunting and insulting Shreya. As you are behaving like Shagun and Shreya is like Ishita. I request you to stop behaving like them as this is the story as it is not real. It is just a person who wrote this story and the basic story is about Raman and Ishita. And in this comment of yours are very much abusive against Ishita.

      Please think first which is right or wrong before you comment but what you are say is not correct and think again when you will become like them and then you will understand.

      Shagun is then most manipulator woman in every family and you may never know the truth. Ishita is not the chief manipulator.

      You should watch the first story about Ruhi being abondoned by Shagun and Raman. Ishu is the one who noticed Ruhi a lonely child. When Ruhi across the busiest road to get puppy which is noticed by Ishu. Ishu shout out and plead Ruhi to stay back but Ruhi did not listen as she pick the puppy and did not see the car coming. ishu noticed that the driver is not attention on the road and busy chatting with friend. Ishu push the lady and ran to Ruhi and puppy in nick of time to save the little girl. The driver saw Ishu with the child and push the brake immediately that are little close to Ishu back. Ruhi get all the love from Ishu and want to be with her. Raman and Ishu are neighbour and their mothers hate each other as Raman and Ishu was about to follow their mothers’ way but fathers have no emity with each other. Mr Bhalla is not happy since long as much as Raman was alone. Raman only came to know about Ruhi affection on Ishu and he becomes mad but did not know about Ruhi pain by his hate. Ashok manipulation on Ishu about Raman business news about her kidnapping Ruhi but Ishu save Ruhi life while Raman was in drunk state. Raman and Toshi put all accused on Ishu and her family. Mr Bhalla get fumed and scold them by taking Ishu side. Raman then noticed Ruhi calling Ishu when she was weak and see Ishu worry and cried then left. Raman called doctor then doctor informed about Ruhi condition and Ishu saving Ruhi life. Raman feel guilty for sending Ishu parent to jail. Mr Bhalla blamed Raman for Ishu’s parent condition. Ashok send the women community to support Shagun to get Ruhi back to her but they did not know the truth and so is Ishu. Ruhi was much scared and cried and did not want to leave Ishu and Raman (by the time that they were not married) Shagun had taken only son Adi and did not take care of him and send him to hostel which she can enjoyed Ashok’s money and party and not bother about child welfare and needs. Raman always loves children but he is much hurt by Shagun deceived. Ishita is different from Shagun as Ishu is not much deciever as she is much honest woman but I know that Ishu is not honest to family but she always tell truth to all children without breaking their heart. Shagun did not take care of Ruhi when Ishu told Shagun to look after Ruhi as Ruhi is sick but Ashok forced Shagun to leave Ruhi with nanny and goes to the party. Shagun left Ruhi with nanny. Ruhi is scaring and want to stay with Raman or grandparent and she get sad. Ruhi nanny phone Ishu as per Ruhi want to speak to her and listen to her voice at once but Ruhi don’t feel scared. Ashok want to send Ruhi to hostel as Ruhi is 6 years old as Ruhi is scaring alot. Nanny brought Ruhi to Ishu while Ruhi cried heavily. Ishu consoled Ruhi by giving small joke about being drown and calling for help then Ruhi giggle and hug Ishu. Ruhi want to stay with Ishu as she want to spend time with puppy (Muthu) so that Ishu can change so then they will go shopping. Ishu goes to Raman and informed him about his daughter Ruhi is at her house but Raman argue then Ishu calmly spoke to Raman that she is taking Ruhi to shopping. Raman’s anger vanished and stop Ishu and tell her that he is joining them. Ishu knows Ruhi likes and dislikes which Raman and Shagun did not know. Raman and Shagun then divorced then few days later to get child custody which confused the Ruhi and cried out for Ishu. Ishu consoled Ruhi and understand Ruhi’s pain. During the child custody case, both of child parent fight for Ruhi which is noticed by Ishu and she get upset. Judge ask Shagun to bring Ruhi. Ruhi stand in witness box as judge want to ask Ruhi questions but Ruhi see Ishu and Ishu sign (I am here) which make Ruhi feel relax. Judge ask Ruhi who she will want to stay with Raman or Shagun but to their surprised that Ruhi don’t want to stay with them as she want to stay with Ishu and Ishu cried. Judge ask who is Ms Ishita and ask her to come to witness box. Judge see Ishu cried and noticed her love toward Ruhi. Ishu tell judge that Raman and Shagun are unfit parent because they never understand Ruhi pain and she is there for her when Ruhi cried. Raman feel bad by hearing Ishu confessed and see Ruhi cried. Mr Bhalla and Vishwa decided that Raman and Ishu should get married for Ruhi sake. Mr Bhalla and Vishwa ask Raman and Ishu to get married so that Ruhi can come and stay with them. Raman don’t want Ruhi to stay with Ishu as Ruhi is his only daughter. Ishu don’t want to marry Raman as he is much egoism person then they explain about Ruhi need parent love and need. If they don’t agree to get married then Ruhi will stay with Shagun forever which Raman and Ishu don’t want that then they meet at the cafe to talk about it. Rajeev (Raman’s business partner) bring Raman and Ishu close for Ruhi. Ruhi comes to Ishu house for dance practised but think that Ishu will be marry off to someone else then Ruhi get sad and leave the place to see the man busy on the phone but did not know that this man who Ishu marry to is none other than her father Raman. Ruhi pleaded stanger to marry someone else as she is alone and she don’t want to let Ishu leave which Raman heard it with emotional and understand Ruhi’s love for Ishu. Raman show his face and give surprise to Ruhi of who Ishu is marry to. Ruhi get shocked to see her father and get happy. Raman send Ruhi to go and see Ishu that Ishu had wore her ring and Ruhi ran back then act as she get alone which is noticed by Mihika, Ishu and Vandita. Ishu rush to Ruhi and ask what happen then Ruhi take Ishu hand to see the ring that she made for Raman is now on Ishu hand. Ruhi get happy and call Ishu Ish mama. Iyer sisters get emotional by hearing Ruhi calling Ishu Ishmama then Ishu hug Ruhi. Raman and Ishu sangeet was lovely as where Raman dance hotly. Shagun come to know about Raman and Ishu marriage then she make too much drama on Raman and Ishu wedding day which make Bhalla fumed then Ishu ask Shagun to leave and let Ruhi stay back then Shagun agree and left. Ishu talk to parent about Raman had son Adi and whom did he abuse but Shagun lied to Ishu. Ruhi run to Ishu and ask her to marry papa. If you don’t marry papa so how will I call you mama then Iyer family get emotional hearing Ruhi then Ishu agree to marry Raman then comes to the hall that the wedding is on as she did the drama to stop the wedding because of Shagun then Bhalla family get happy. Raman and Ishu finally married and Ruhi tied their ghatbarah. Then Ruhi to return back to Shagun for next hearing. On Valentine Day the court hearing had start and Shagun and Ashok happily and think that Raman will not get Ruhi custody because Raman is not married to Ishu. Ishu come little late as judge sit on the chair. Shagun get shocked to see Ishu in married avtar then Ashok noticed Shagun shocked face then turn to see who shock Shagun then get shock to see Ishu. Ishu tell judge that she is apologised that she is late. Judge tell Ishu it is ok but Raman add Ishu name to Ishita Raman Bhalla then ask Ishu to sit with him. Judge smile and congrat them then is about to start the hearing. Shagun message to Ishu that she need to talk to her then Raman ask Ishu where is she going then Ishu excused Raman and tell him that she will be back then leave. Shagun and Ishu argue. Ruhi want to go to toliet then ask Ashok for someone to take her to loo. Ashok take Ruhi to nanny and ask her to take Ruhi to ladyroom then witness the fight between Shagun and Ishu. Ishu warn Shagun about her to back off then leave. Shagun fumed and then return to the seat. Ashok manipulate Ruhi about Raman which scared her then tell jedge that she will stay with Shagun but judge see Ruhi scared and cried while looking at Ishu. Raman and Ishu argue during hearing tea break. Judge call Ruhi and talk to her then get to know about Ashok manipulated Ruhi and get fumed then call all back. Then the judge give the final verify for Ruhi to stay with. Judge announce that Ruhi will be staying with mother but Shagun get happy which make Raman and Ishu to lose but Judge tell that Ruhi will be stay with Ishita Bhalla that shattered Shagun. Shagun make scene then Judge order Shagun to silent then ask Ruhi to tell truth what happened before then Ruhi tell truth about Ashok manipulated that make Raman and Ishu angry and so is Shagun. Ishu goes to Ruhi and give big hug which is noticed by judge to see Ruhi happy in Ishu arms and Raman get emotional see this. Raman traunt Ashok and Shagun and order them to bring Ruhi back to his house. Ishu did not manipulated Ruhi. Shagun get a chance to manipulate Adi that Ishu had snatch Raman and Ruhi from her and Adi fell for Shagun lied and start to hate Ishu but did not know that Ishu is such lovely woman and did not do anything wrong. Adi noticed that Shagun did not give him love and care and give motherly duties and see Ishu does for Ruhi. Adi becomes insecurity because of Shagun. When Ishu enter Adi’s life and he is no longer becomes insecurity because he get all the loves and care from Ishu. When Shagun lied to Raman about to get money to give Adi then Raman agree and signed it without reading it as he think that he give money but did not know that Shagun fraud Raman by changing the custody paper to get Ruhi. Shagun tried to manipulated Ruhi against Ishu but failed as Ruhi knows that Ishu loves her as Ishu had fall sick and missed her. Ishu ex-lover Shubbu’s mother in law Ms Sanjuta help Ishu to get Ruhi back to Raman and Ishu. Ms Sanjuta tell court that Shagun is the fraudster and giving the wrong paper and court disagree and saying that Raman had signed it but Ms Sanjuta tell court that two people need to signed it as Ishu is the legally custody not Raman. Shagun failed and get fumed. Ruhi get happy to be back to Ishu then Adi return from trip and is happy to stay with Raman and Ishu then Shagun tell Raman and Ishu about the deal which Adi get hurt then Ishu stop Shagun and tell her about the deal for children are not playful and ask Adi to feel comfortable with who he want to stay with. Shagun take Adi hand to leave but Adi see Ishu loves and stop Shagun and pull his hand away that shattered Shagun. Adi chosed Ishu as his mother over Shagun. Raman and Ruhi stay with Ishu for 3 years and Adi in 2 years then Pihu was not made. Raman and Ishu get happy when Ishu fall pregnant with Raman’s child. Ashok lied to every people that he is the father of Ishu baby but the baby is not Ashok as Ashok did not touch Ishu because Shagun became postive and save Ishu as Ishu was drugged. Raman rushed off to search for Ishu and realised that he had made mistake for leaving Ishu. Raman found Ishu in the room as the assistant told Raman where Ishu is and get worry. Raman take Ishu to the hotel to take care of her. Raman and Ishu fight then end up in bed. Ishu goes to doctor as per Adi and Ruhi want to have other sibling from Raman and Ishu side. Ishu does the test with Dr Manoj Paul who is in love with Shagun. Manoj give Ishu good news and Ishu cried happily that she is going to be mother of her own child then give Raman good news then Raman jumped with joy and start loving his wife Ishu. But it did last long as Ashok’s driver think that Adi is Ashok’s son so driver want to kill Adi but did not know that Adi is Raman’s son not Ashok. Ishu save Adi and women by driving the bus while Raman take women to transfer women and children to the car while Raman stay with Ishu but Adi and Ruhi refused to leave which make Raman and Ishu upset. ACP Abhi give information about safe place for them to jump off. Raman with children jumped off then Ishu jump off but her stomach hit on the big rock that killed her and Raman unborn baby. Raman rush as Ishu scream with annoyed which worry him then she fainted. Doctor give bad news that Ishu had miscarriage. Raman shattered and cried. Shagun support Raman and Ishu and decided to help to give them baby. Pihu is Raman and Ishu daughter but Nidhi want to kidnapped Pihu and demand for Ruhi so that Raman and Ishu will be separated. Nidhi revenge on wrong person as Raman loves Ishu and his children. Nidhi make faked death accident on her and Ruhi and fled to Australia. Raman blamed Ishu for Ruhi death. Ishu commited sucide and ACP Abhi informed them then Raman shattered and cried for Ishu and Raman want Ishu to come back and begging for forgiven. Pihu have grow up without Ishu for 7 years and Pihu did not know her real mother Ishu as she think that Shagun is her mother but did not know the truth. Raman loves Pihu as he see Pihu in Ishu and Ruhi. Adi feel bad as he loves his father but love Ishu very deeply. Raman and Ishu meet and missed in Australia continued then Pihu stuck in lady room and ask for help. Ishu heard it and decide to talk to her as Pihu is scared and Pihu ask Ishu to not to leave and Ishu agree then send servant to call manager. Ishu tell tale as she remember in her old day when she first meet Ruhi and missed her. Manager came to open the door as Ishu left. Raman missed to see Ishu and hugs Pihu then Pihu tell Raman that she want to meet the lady and tell him about what Ishu did then Raman remember how Ishu talk to Ruhi calmly to reduce the fear. Raman then take Pihu and ran to look for Ishu then failed. Raman cried and thinking about Ishu. Plane hijacked Ishu shot and Raman protected unknown lady (Ishu) then rush her to hospital without see her face. Mihika shocked to see Ishu alive and cried then give other name than real name as she don’t want Raman to know about Ishu alive. Adi help Romi and Mihika wedding arrangement then get shocked to see Ishu alive and cried. Ishu did not recognised Adi and think that he is the wedding planner. Mihika ask Adi not to say anything then heard Ishu telling Mihika that she is missing Adi then cried. Adi talk to Raman about Ishu that make Raman much angry then slapped him and tell him not to mention Ishu name. Adi get upset. Raman and Ishu finally meet in policestation as Aylia accused Adi for molestation which Adi delay. Ishu scold the unknown boy (Adi) as he cried and remember his loving mother who scold him is here then Raman arrived to police station and hear a lady scolding Adi then defend Adi that Ishu who he and children loves had left us which shock Ishu and get emotional by hearing Raman’s voice then turn face to face to see Raman. Raman stop speaking and get shocked to see Ishu alive and cried happily then Ishu support Adi while Mani scold Adi. Ishu get confused by Mani asking her to choose between Adi and Aylia. Ishu defend Adi while Raman look on. It is Mother’s Day as Adi want to hug and wish her but Raman stopped him and take him away that hurt Ishu and Ishu cried. Vishwa is happy to see his daughter back alive but her mother is not happy and is angry. Raman refused to bring Ishu back as Ruhi is not with them but did not know that Ruhaan is his and Ishu daugher Ruhi. Ruhi get shocked and are unhappy but did not know about their separation. Nidhi tourtured Ruhi in which Ruhi hate Ishu. Ishu save Ruhi from Nidhi as Nidhi beat Ruhi with hunter then Ishu beat Nidhi. Ruhi refused to comeback to Bhalla house and ask Raman and Ishu to live together then she will come back. Shagun becomes insecurity see Raman and Ishu in same room. Ashok and Nidhi teamup to kidnapped Ruhi again but failed to kidnapped Ishu as it had been planned by Shagun and the lawyer. Ishu fled and reach home before Ruhi custody. Nidhi think that she had successful but failed by Raman stopped and show the proof of video of Ndihi and Ashok plan to kidnapped Ruhi. Judge give Ruhi to Raman. They get happy but worry for Ishu disappeared but to their surprised that Ishu reach home in barka and stumble on Raman that shock him. Family rush and take Ishu to Raman. Shagun irked see Raman caring for Ishu. Ruhi feel guilty for not understanding Ishu loves for her and cried. Ruhi accepted Ishu as her mother. Shagun then again manipulated Pihu against Ishu which make Raman fumed but Pihu did not know the truth but she see Ishu hesitate the truth but get hurt as Raman scolding and shouting on Ishu but did not know the truth that Pihu heard Shagun and Mani argument that Ishu is Pihu mother. Pihu shattered by hearing the truth and did not believed it. Shagun again take Pihu away from Raman and Ishu then Raman and Ishu separate for 1 year again so that Raman will be about to stay with Pihu for the safeguard from Shagun. Shagun is still unfit mother who does not give Pihu need and act like a real queen and make Raman do all the responsible toward Pihu. Raman and Ishu meet again in Australia then Raman and Ishu reunited with the help of Vidyut. Vidyut is not in love iwth Shagun as he knows that Shagun is married woman. Shagun fell in love with Vidyut but did not know about the plan by Raman and Ishu. Ruhi tell Pihu the whole truth and Pihu get upset see the truth in Ruhi mouth about Ishu loves. Shagun shout on Ruhi for feeding wrong to Pihu but Pihu is not ready to listen. Shagun take Pihu to go but Pihu stop Shagun and pull her hand away from Shagun and ask her to take her to Raman and Ishu. Ruhi get relieved. Raman and Ishu are waiting for Ruhi to return but to their surprised that Ruhi run to them happily and give them surprised. Raman and Ishu get stunned to see Pihu with Shagun. PIhu ran in Raman’s arm while others look on. Pihu goes to Ishu and call her Ishima. They cried happily but Shagun is not happy at all and get angry. Shagun kept her revenged but failed because Raman loves Ishu and so are the children. Aylia and her brother Vivaan had been raised by Ishu in Australia and they love Ishu. But now Shagun forget that she had given Adi custody to Ishu then she again give Adi custody to Ishu and she can get Aylia as her daugher so Shagun exchanged Adi and Aylia. Adi loves Ishu alot more than Shagun. Aylia was a wonderful girl at first but now not anymore. Roshini is not an outsider as Roshini called Ishu as Raman children call Ishu Ishima. Roshini loves Ishu and respect her. Adi is not mature but will realised about Shagun wrong moves. As you see Ishu and Raman conversation that Raman should support Adi as he is much confused and did not get all the advice. But you will see from the beginning where Raman want father advice and get all the help from Mr Bhalla but Shagun breaked father and son bonded (Raman and Mr Bhalla) because Shagun don’t want anyone to use the car as the car is for her only but Shagun is not working and travelling anywhere so the Mr Bhalla need car to travel for some important work then Shagun complained to Raman. Mr Bhalla fumed on Shagun for lied. Raman then realised that he made mistake since Shagun dumped him for Ashok for money and frames and not look after his children.

      1. azuka nkwonta

        If you are suggesting that this site belongs to ishita fans only then I will ask questions and come back to me. And don’t use commanding words on me and for your information”miss” is not an abusive word.

  24. The upcoming episodes of Star Plus’ daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some major twist and turns.
    It seems that a girl in Pihu’s class keeps bullying her, due to which Pihu does not wish to go to school.
    The bully even goes to the extent of torturing and scaring Pihu and locking her up in the school store room.
    With Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Raman (Karan Patel) already stressed, Ruhi decides to take matters into her own hands and decides to sort this matter herself.
    Will Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) manage to teach the bully a lesson?

    It will be interesting to see what will happen next in the show.
    Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates.

  25. azuka nkwonta

    I do not want to say this but clearly India is backward in morals and values. Living together with a man for seven years without being married and the forced marriage and every other thing. Even ekta kapoor scripts are proving how backward India is.

    1. Shreya shetty

      Greetings Lady Azuka
      As per now it’s my last comment here afterwards if u unescessarilly blame ishita for everything
      Besides yesterday’s episode I agreed that ishita cannot always be correct at each time but listening to adi-Shagun a conversation was really wrong
      But to mention it this time if u feel Shagun s right then fine it’s u r will and heart
      Well I would like to say u something that how low can u stoop so much to insult our country india and her people
      Just because u r an African doesn’t prove that we Indians are old,blindly,and dumb minded to slip away the relations with family
      We Indians give proper and immense respect towards each and everyone’s heart no matter what,and also nowadays even customed rules are being followed by youngsters in today s generation all around the world thanks to our motherland
      I don’t know exactly how u all pay respect to each individual there at ur native
      But please for Heavens sake stop calling us Indians that too u r just hurting everyone’s sentiments here
      Please change ur thoughts about us and do think that we re some sort of goody goody something or whatever it is
      Get my point clearly because it’s for ur own understanding

    2. Dia

      Okk… now u r judging our country on the basis of one serial…..seriously a huge round of applause for ur mentality…….u are more backward than U THINK India is…..seriously…..i mean….take everything as a judgement but a serial…..its fiction and if u kno its genere it says drama……and this is Indian drama…..and if u don’t understand Indian drama culture then just don’t judge India on this basis…

    3. Hi azuka, I am also not a Indian but I respect their culture & relationships. Yhm is just a tv show then I request u to dont mix it with the indian peoples real life.

  26. Shreya shetty

    I meant don’t think that we re some goody goody shoes here Lady Miss Azuka nkwonta
    Farewell my friend

    1. Shreya!!!!! OH GOD!!!!!

  27. azuka nkwonta

    Miss shreya shetty and Davi and others are using abusive words on me. Corrupting my name, calling me shagun’s assistant and irritakwonta. Why will I not insult your country. If anybody uses abusive words on me I will not forget it.

    1. Dia

      Then abuse them….abuse their name but not the entire country…..we never said anything to your country……

      And its Dia

  28. irana futuhati millah

    Hello miss azuka,,I’m not an Indian too,,I’m one of yhm fans from Indonesia,,u know in my country yhm is the most loving hindi serial,,if u don’t mind could I ask one question for u??are u yhm fans?if u yhm lover then just enjoy it ?,and now if u don’t like and want to watch yhm,ekta mam serial cs according to u this serial is backward in moral and values then just switch off ur TV and don’t watch yhm again!!okeee,,,u know by giving and spreading some negative things u it same that u do some sins,,,I’m sorry but u really too much..thanku.

  29. Miss azuka whosoever you are its a kind request plzz don’t drag our country India on such a fictional platform. I request you to take encyclopedia of our country India and go through it. And by the way mam from which country are you can you reveal it plzzzz.

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