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The Episode starts with Pathak talking to the inspector Balram. Mihir comes to meet Mihika and says why did you gift pencil type jeans, model wears this, I m a corporate, this is embarrassing, its not tight, tell me my size. She says 30. He says no, 32. Is this the surprise, Raman is right, women walk on other track. Mihika says people bring gift with love and you are thankless, you wear stupid pant in office, and so I got this jeans. She leaves annoyed. Mihir comes and says I will drop you. She says give lift to your juniors, bye. Mihika sees Pathak and Balram. Balram says I got all footage of 10th June of signals, there won’t be any accident footage. Mihika is shocked.

Raman says its good Pathak did our work. Shagun says yes. Adi talks to Ruhi and asks Raman to buy some chocs. Raman

asks Shagun does she need anything. She says water. Raman goes to bring. Raman calls Ishita and she is very happy to get his call. He says we are fine, and gives the phone to Ruhi. Shagun says this Ishita can’t leave us alone. Ruhi talks to Ishita and says I m missing you. Ishita says I m missing you too, take care of yours and Papa. She says don’t say this to Papa, this is girl secret. Ruhi says ok bye, love you.

Ruhi takes a selfie with Raman. He asks what did Ishita say. Ruhi says its my and Ishita’s secret. He sends the pic to Ishita and she smiles seeing it. He kisses the pic and says I love you too. Mihika comes to Ishita and says Akka, something is nor right. Ishita asks what happened. She tells her everything. She says then Pathak called Raman and says that footage will be destroyed, don’t worry, no one will get it. She says why will Raman hide that footage, we can reach the culprit by it. Ishita says Raman did this, but why will he do this.

Ishita says you are saying anything. Mihika says I know, Raman helped us a lot, but I heard it, I can’t be wrong. Ishita says Raman tried so much to get evidence, why will he destroy the footage. She says Raman cared for Amma, he tried hard to get the culprit, he asked Pathak to get the evidence, what was that drama, think before saying. Mihika says fine, maybe he is saying with Raman’s name, ask him once. Ishita says are you mad, how to ask him, that I don’t trust him. It has to be complete trust, no Mihika. Ishita says you go, Raman is not like this. Mihika leaves.

Ishita says it’s the limit, now they will doubt on Raman too. Raman gets the water bottle and chocs. He asks her to go and ask Adi. Shagun asks Adi is he enjoying. Adi says yes, if you are happy, I m happy. She says yes, I m happy with my two kids. He says its good we did not bring Ishita. She says yes, blo*dy old fashioned woman. Adi says I love you mum. Ruhi hears this and is upset. Ashok asks the servant where did Shagun go. He says she went with Adi in morning, you were sleeping so she said not to disturb you. Ashok calls Shagun and she does not take the call.

He says why is she not taking my call, is she so busy. He hits her pic and Parmeet asks what happened. Ashok says nothing, go to office, we have meeting, this drama will be going on. Parmeet says fresh news, lovers have a crack in their relation, it will be fun now. Raman and Shagun come to the hotel. The receptionist says welcome Mr and Mrs Bhalla. He says no, Mr Bhalla and Miss Shagun. Raman asks Ruhi to go with Adi to see the pool. Shagun says Adi is happy, I m feeling good. Adi says the swimming pool is good, it will clean in 20mins then we will swim. Shagun says lets take family pic.

Raman says I will click. Ruhi asks him to come too. Shagun says yes, we will take it together, a selfie for Adi. They take a selfie and she says lovely pic, see. He says lets go to room, freshen up. She says you go, I will come. She says now I will change my DP. She says Ashok should see this, this update is for you. Ashok talks to Parmeet at office and asks him to deal with the clients well. Parmeet sees the DP and says Shagun is busy with Raman, Ruhi and Adi, Ashok asks how do you know. Parmeet says the world knows, see her DP and read her status, she got a meaning to life, enjoying with family. Ashok gets angry. Parmeet says Lord, save from women’ bite, we can get saved from snake bite, but not women’ bite. He leaves looking at Ashok.

Ashok calls Shagu and asks where is she. She says don’t worry, I told you I m going on picnic with Raman and kids, you stay busy, why are you claiming your right. He says stop this game and tell me where the hell are you. He says you are showing how you are spending holiday with ex husband. She says I won’t tell you, you are not my husband, give me 5 carat diamond rung and then I will say, this is my ultimatum. Ashok says what does she think, she will blackmail you, I will surprise you, you don’t know me, I will give you such ring that you will be ruined.

Ishita comes home and Vandu talks to her about Mihika. Ishita goes to talk to her and hugs her. Mihika says leave me. Ishita does situps. She says I did not wish to get angry on you, but I got angry, you will not understand as you are not married, ok I will call Raman if you want. Mihika says no, I m stupid, Raman can’t do this, why will he do this, he did a lot for me, I m ungrateful, sorry. Ishita hugs her and says I love you baby. Vandu comes and says there you go, now can I come. The sisters have a laugh. Sarika calls Ishita. Ishita says ok, I will leave in two mins.

Mihika comes to Ishita’s clinic again and says lets go out to have food. Ashok comes and asks do you know where is your husband. He says you are foolish like typical housewives, I told you Raman and Shagun have something going, see now. He shows her the pic. She says I know they went out with kids, and I did their packing, I know where is my husband. He says you trusts him and think he tells you everything, no he doesn’t, if I tell you the truth, you will know what he is. She says I will call you security. He says Raman told his lawyer to destroy the evidence, he is saving the culprit, his ex wife Shagun. Raman is saving Shagun. Ishita and Mihika are shocked.

Ishita taunts Ashok and asks him to be away from her family. He says fine, if I m proved wrong. She says I will prove you wrong, lets go.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. i am happy ishitha is going to know the truth.i am waiting for next episode.

  4. I hp aftr knwng dat shagun did d acdnt ishita will gv hr a tght slp

  5. No guys its actually adi who did the accident……at 10th July he was driving his car for fun and hit Mrs.iyers

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