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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla telling Manoj about Shagun. She feels she should apologize to Shagun again. Raman and Ishita come home and talk to Manoj. Mrs. Bhalla says I would like to cook pakodas for Shagun, which she liked a lot. Manoj says I have a flight, I m going away for 2 days, I will take a leave. He greets them and leaves. Neelu asks Mrs. Bhalla to take Rohit. Ishita takes Rohit and looks at Raman.

Suraj fumes on Raman and Bhalla family. He says I will ruin them. Khosla says I have put pressures on Bala. He goes. Suraj says Ishita, its time you see your sister and Jija’s ruining. Romi asks Neelu about Rohit. Neelu says Ishita took him, shall I get him. He says no, I will go there. Raman and Ishita talk about Rohit, who is not Romi’s son. Ishita says we have to tell

truth to Romi. He says we will tell when time comes, they can’t bear it. She says Romi can know from anyone else, when he knows Sarika cheated him, as Romi can’t become father. Romi hears all this and gets shocked.

Bala gets a call and man tells him that its bad news for him. Appa asks Bala what happened. The man tells Bala that Khosla is not his loan guarantor now, so Bala has to return money within a month. Bala gets shocked. Khosla smiles. The man says bank can’t help you and ends call. Bala tells Appa that his business partner ditched me. Khosla informs this to Suraj. Suraj says make sure Bala can’t repay loan, don’t let him get back the house, let him come on road and suffer, like my brother is suffering in jail.

Romi comes to his room and cries seeing Sarika’s pic. Romi throws the things angrily. Raman and Ishita hear Romi screaming. Raman says I will talk to him. Ishita says I will talk and gives Rohit to Raman. Ishita goes to Romi and sees the things messed up and broken. Romi asks why did Sarika do this and cries. Ishita asks Romi to hold himself for his son. Romi asks her is Rohit my son…. I don’t know whose child is Rohit, from where did Sarika get him, why should I raise him.. Ishita says don’t bring your hatred for Sarika on him, its your child, when people don’t get children, they adopt a child, Ruhi and Adi are my children. Rohit is your lovely child, how did you end love with him now. Romi says he is not my child, I recall Sarika’s cheat seeing him. I m not great like you, I don’t have anything now. She says you have your son, Sarika is gone, but Rohit is here. He cries and says I don’t want this child, leave this child back, I hate Sarika and this child, leave me alone. He goes out and sees Rohit.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Romi what happened. Romi says I m human and not like Ishita, I can’t do this. He argues with everyone and says I will leave home. Mrs. Bhalla asks whats the matter, tell me. Romi says ask Ishita and Raman, they will tell you. She says tell me… Romi says Rohit is not my son, my life became nonsense, Rohit is not your grandson, he is not our blood. She gets shocked. Romi says I will not listen to Raman, this happened with me always, Sarika was fooling me, she ruined my life, Raman decides everything, you knew this and did not tell me bhai. Raman says we did not wish to hurt you. Romi says I can’t raise other’s child, please leave this child in orphanage. Ishita asks him to stop. Romi leaves. Ishita consoles Mrs. Bhalla. Raman says Mrs. Bhalla loves Rohit a lot, she will not let him go away.

Mrs. Bhalla goes to see Rohit and cries. She sends Neelu outside. Ishita says that’s why I was wishing to tell them, just mummy ji can explain Romi. He says she will be fine, don’t worry, she loves Rohit. Mrs. Bhalla takes Rohit in her arms and hugs him. Mrs. Bhalla gives Rohit to Ishita and asks him to leave Rohit to orphanage, Romi said right. Raman and Ishita get shocked. Mrs. Bhalla says Sarika cheated us, till Rohit is here, he will remind us Sarika’s cheat. Raman says Romi is immature and said this angrily, whats Rohit’s mistake if his mum is cheater. Mrs. Bhalla says Sarika and Romi are not his parents. Raman says Rohit is the child of this family, its my decision, no one will go against this. Ishita cries.

Ishita tells Raman that Sarika said she got Rohit from orphanage, they should find his roots. Raman asks why, we won’t give him back. She says yes, but don’t know how Sarika got him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. episode was good and emotional . i know romi is hurt .ovio … but his reaction to the child is way to harsh . rohit is romi’s son nd it t
    doesnt really matter if he is adopted or not .okay ..romi is still immature thats y he is reacting so vehemntly against the situation . but wt abt mrs bhalla . its clearly shown she loves rohit …. thn y is she being so hard hearted towards the child …???…
    tommrws episode is gonna b supper cute …ishu + rohit …. choooo chweettt!!!!!
    next romi will break mihika’s head . new drama again !!
    btw am soo rlvd that mansha r togethr now …. so she will atleast not invade in ishra’s love life . i just want all of thm see happy . missing ruhi …. i hope she nd simmi will b back soon .
    plus , i hrd yhm is gonna start in star utsav ? is it confirmd? if , thn wt will b the timming ?? i m really xcited . if ny one of u know …plzz rply

    1. HEy Diya, Where r u stay/.

      1. kolkata , west bengal india .

  2. Hii friends….Epi was good….Now ishra will adopt rohit..But how many child they will raise?

    Yes diya its confirmed yhm will start in star utsav from 25 january 7 pm daily…

  3. hi guys when will yhm start in star utsav and timine any knows please tell me today episode
    romi’s acting is good.

  4. Poor romi, hopefully ishita and Raman will figure out something maybe they might adopt him! They should’nt give him back to the orphanage!

  5. Yhm on star utsav ye i m so exited to watch previous episodes
    They were so good

  6. Feeling bad for romi
    But his attitude was not good towards rohit

  7. Ishitha Ned Raman moved on well . Whatever problems are there , we want them to b like this . Together for anything and everything . Just a feel this child can be Romis … Only or some one from the family . Plus Romis feeling is genuine , situation is like that , so too Mrs Bhalla . From their angle they r true to what they say . Though the child is innocent . Hope be really wishing Shaghun settles down with Manoj … She can be a vamp again … Back again Ashok Sooraj . Balas was an unnecessary twist … Partner coming giving loan with a guarantor and the guarantor withdraw … Rubbish …. Whoever writing the story …. How this story is getting twisted …. Loved the serial …understood one thing If Raman and Ishitha are together , there is a great pull in the episodes … Whether the scene is romantically or not …try to convey good messages to the audience …. Love Divyanka the way she is

  8. I read in the spoiler that Ishita and Raman will decide to raise Rohit as their child. I just wonder how are they going to do that. With Ishita and Raman’s child coming on the way and Rohit being a baby, is that all possible. It will be interesting to watch how the writers are going to develop the plot.

  9. Poor romi. Any way finally mansha are together now. Poor rohit. Suraj you always like your brother

  10. episode was emotional but good .what next twist in this serial

  11. Darshika where are you?

  12. I think it might be Rinki’s Baby!!!!

  13. Romi is young and always has been emotional, immature and being the youngest , spoilt.
    He us just reacting and has every right to feel that way. Not everyone is selfless.
    He may come around..

    1. Very true …. He will change

  14. why so less commnts?

  15. Yeah they should find out wher she get rohit from

  16. First…… I m so exited …YHM will be aired on star utsav…. Waiting… Thanks for d info sabrin….

    Hi guys … r u all ???
    Y so less comments..

  17. Sad epi…. Poor romi Nd rohit…rohit is soooo sweet…

    Y Mrs bhalla is behaving like this..??
    What’s his fault..?? But ishra r there worries…

    Really happy… It’s so nice to see ishra with him..

    Missing ruhi a lotttt…

  18. Guys…. M I wrong or writers r really connecting mihiku with romi..?.. It seems lyk that they r showing connection btwn mihiku Nd romi…

    1. I too thinking. Mihika/Mihir. Then Ashok then Abhishek now Romi. She too is a strong lady like Ishitha …. Her character too is very good in this serial. But writers are really twisting her a lot ….. Mihir /Mihikas love can not be compared to anything . Am sure by the time the serial is ending where they become old they too will be united . Till then Mihika is going to be a rolling stone . Surprising however bad the episodes from Surrogacy till the truth is revealed , ended so fast as if nothing major happened . And now back to almost old Yhm . Please don’t spoil it bringing Ashok

  19. Yrrr bechara rohit……..srsly feeling sad for him…..romi will undrstnd soon yr whats rohit’s mistk….well clearly mrs bhalla loves rohit a lot….but blood made hr…..

  20. Poor Romi & rohit, such a emotional ep, but it’s a good news yhm again start, ?????????

  21. hi good morning to all
    Romi and Mrs balla is very selfish people they can ruin anybody’s life like sarika’s mom and subbu’s wife but no one can disturb their life
    Romi is now very emotional that sarika cheated him if he cheated her in past sarika that is right for him now sarika cheated romi that is wrong how selfish they were
    accorindg mihika abi and mihika together and adopt rohit as their baby according to the baby
    the mistake done by sarika so abishek should correct his sister’s mistake and adopt rohit and marry mihika

  22. How many children will raman and ishita have…atleast as ishita said she should find da truth from orphanage and cum 2 knw dasarika dint have miscarriage but dis was told 2 sarika on ashok’s saying and da child was purposely taken away from sarika without knowing her to orphanage and sarika luckily thinking she lost her child and adopting her own baby thinking its someone’s as ashok has done and again sarika and romi should patch up and cum 2 knw its thr own child

  23. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    Hi guys…… Hi chithra…….
    Epi was ok….. Happy to see ishra together. But I hate to see pampering shagun by bhalla family.
    This time mrs.bhalla is very wrong…… How is she behaving like this…..? Suddenly, her love for rohith has lost…… Poor baby.
    Romi’s anger is ok. But he should not behave continually like that.
    And I don’t think, there’ll have romi,mihika love story.
    Happy to see ishra together.
    Upcoming…… Raman lifts ishita as ishita did it in the ghost track……. It’s a soooooo funny scene….. I saw an on location video.
    From SL

  24. Sad epi….i like the way hw ishita n raman care for rohit

  25. Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is going to bring some new twists and turns to hook the audience to the show.In the coming episodes,Raman takes his complaint back on Ashok to which ishita gets angry on shouts on him.But Bala explains ishita that Raman did that to save him from Suraj khanna.He explains her how Khosla cheated him.Ishita feels sorry and apologizes Raman.After Many days we will see some cute and Funny scene between Raman and Ishita.According to a source,”Raman gifts a coat to ishita and makes her wear.He brings her outsidehouse andmakes her stand near a wall.To ishita’s surprise he makes a plan with prateek and hangs her on the wall.Just like she did with Raman on karwachauth Night.Isn’t that Funny? Not only this Raman orders ishita to say that she loves him and he is the most handsome person.With no option left,Ishita does whatever he says.Later he brings her down and confesses how much he loves her.Well,this scene will be definitely loved by the audience.Will Raman and Ishita able to send Ashok to jail again? Will Family accept Rohit? Keep reading for more updates of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

    1. Oh god lovely…wanna see it..thx for the news gopu..

  26. Hi all .. episode was OK .
    Sad for Rohit .. poor baby . How can Mrs. Bhalla behave such??
    And why they are gonna pair mihika and romi?

  27. Episode was good,but i felt something fishy..why ishitha want to know about rohit,whose child he may be???

  28. Super epi. Bt really sad fr rohit. Wy romi is doing such a thin? Jst hate romi’s attitude. :[email protected]

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