Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vandu worrying. Bala asks Vandu to be strong. Bala gets a call and is shocked. Ishita says Raman, get me out of here. Raman promises that he will get out of jail very soon. Meeting time gets over. Ishita and Raman leave their hands, while crying. Yeh hai mohabbatein………….plays……….. Ishita goes away and cries. Raman cries seeing her. Amma says one more bad news, what happened to Soumya. Mihika says I have to go to Amma, she got unwell by diabetics, what about Ishita…. Amma asks Mihika to go.

Vandu asks Mihika not to worry, and just prepare to go. Bala says do your packing, I will arrange tickets. Raman talks to lawyer and shouts asking him to get Ishita out, I don’t want reasons, its not impossible. He goes. Romi asks Mihika for how many days

is she going. She says I don’t know.

Sarika says its good Mihika is leaving, she was getting after Romi, I wish she never comes back. Romi asks Mihika to take care. Mihika leaves. Ishita goes to take food. The women ask her to move ahead. Ishita says there is stone in the rice and shows warden. The warden says show me, I removed, go now. Ishita says how will everyone eat, food is made bad way. The warden throws the food angrily and asks her to eat good food if she gets. The women laugh.

Ruhi rests on the bench and teacher wonders what happened to her. She calls out Ruhi and asks the girl to see Ruhi. The girl says Ruhi is sleeping, I tried to wake her up. Teacher checks Ruhi, and says she has fainted. She asks them to call Adi fast. Adi comes there and ask what happened, she kept fast and did not eat anything. He takes Ruhi. Ishita says Ruhi… and senses something wrong with her. She says I felt Ruhi called me. She calls out to constable and asks her to let her make a phone call to her daughter, she felt her daughter is in problem. She requests a lot, and constable goes refusing her. Ishita cries.

Abhishek meets the jailer and asks her not to be strict with Ishita, I know her personally, she is a good mother, good person, responsible citizen, she is dentist. Jailer says I can’t change rules, but I will see. The constable says Ishita is requesting to make phone call to home. Jailer says we can’t agree to her always, her husband created scene in morning. Abhishek asks can I meet her, and jailer allows him. Abhishek meets Ishita, and she says I want to talk to Ruhi once, please. He says I can call Raman and find out about Ruhi, I will pass on message to you, you are so strong, have patience, Raman will do anything to free you. She says Ruhi has seen terrorist attack, she would be in trauma, I want to know about her, I will not trouble anyone. He says don’t worry, promise you will be okay. She is taken back by constable.

Raman meets the principal and gets to know that Ruhi fainted, as she was fasting. He goes to meet Ruhi. He hugs Adi and sees Ruhi. He cries and wakes up Ruhi. He asks why did she keep fast. Adi says Lord hears fasting people soon, that’s why Ruhi kept fast for Ishi Maa. Ruhi asks Raman will Ishita come back soon. Raman hugs them and cries. He says Ishita will come soon, if you fast, Mata Rani will not listen, Ishita will also not eat food then, lets pray together. Adi and Ruhi wish Mata Rani to send someone who gets Ishita back to them soon. Niddhi is shown.

Pathak meets Niddhi at her office. He says I came to discuss an important case. Niddhi says thanks so much for this big favor. He says not like that. She gets a call and says I will be there in 10 mins. She tells Pathak that she has meeting, she is busy, she will hear his case later, if he can wait, else its his wish. He says fine, I will wait.

Pathak is on call and says I can’t come, keep my meetings tomorrow. He gets worried and says I have to wait, just Niddhi can save Ishita. Niddhi gets meeting about Raman Bhalla wishing them to take Ishita’s case, but none of them will take this case. The lawyer asks Niddhi to reject this case too. Niddhi says I don’t know Amar Chadda, its good one lawyer got us, I don’t care, whats wrong if I get profit by Ishita’s rich husband, the rule in our business is ….client is always right. She smiles.

Raman and Mrs. Bhalla ask Ruhi to have food. Mrs. Bhalla says I will keep fast. Mr. Bhalla says even Raman won’t have food then. Ruhi says I will eat food. Adi asks Mrs. Bhalla to pray to Mata Rani to get Ishita out soon. Abhishek comes to them and greets them. Raman apologizes to Abhishek. Abhishek says I know your state Raman. Abhishek tells Ruhi that Ishita is fine, I came to know your welfare, your Ishi Maa told me to check on you, she felt Ruhi is unwell and sent me, she wanted to call Ruhi, but she could not call. Ruhi says she is my Ishi Maa, she knows everything. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, you both are one. Ruhi asks Abhishek to make video of them to show Ishita.

Ishita sees the video and smiles. Ruhi shows the Mata Rani chunri, and says see, I m trying this for your safety. Niddhi talks to Pathak about Ishita’s case. He says this is challenge for you, I know you will take this case.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ishita should get out of the hell soon felt like crying knowing about ishita .ruhi hope your prayers are answered

  2. Episode is ok. Precap is ok. Waiting for next update. Plzzz don’t separate ishararuadi.

  3. Niddi better not marry Raman well I don’t know it could be cool to see divyankas and viveks chemistry on screen because they are engaged to one another it would be cute because they are the most adorable couple☺️☺️☺️

    1. Def they are most adorable but not on screen please . Why to change the story line , it’s so sad to see Ishitha Ruhi Raman and Adi separated . Really a miracle should happen and Matarani will bless them ….always from beginning negatives only winning … Divyanka Raman so well acting so too the kids . Creators it’s very cruel to the fans if you deeper ate them …

  4. ep was ok ishita scenes were emotional feeling bad for ruhi now we will get answers of our questions after nidhi ‘s entry

    1. Nidhi is bad luck she is gonna tell Raman to marry her and then she will take ishitas case

  5. Niddi better not blackmail Raman

  6. The jail people are so rude to ishita they should know she killed chadda for self defense ishita is not a murderer she was saving palivi and where is she now she just magically disappeared ishita is a good mother and wife nobody must not disrespect her???

  7. Epi ok precap ok ??but can’t wait till the next epi ?hope everyone will see a end of this dreadful sceans ?and hope that freaking sarika?won’t be upto any more plans?till the family is settled??

  8. Thode bhot abhishek n mihika ke bhi scenes btaiye. I want to see their chemistry. Plzzzzz.

  9. Free u0p ishita soon
    Guys dt and vivek are good offscreen not on screen
    On screen ishra are best
    In 9 days its anniversery of ishra they must be together please makers end the track soon and no seperation

    Is u guys remember during the spoon fight raman told that ishitas birthday lies in jan but didnt told the date january passed away no birthday celebration

  10. episode was ok in the sense of ishruh scene . raman ke bina shaadi hue aur ishitha aur acp ka jodi naa hone se pehle yeh track khatam ho jaana chahiye . precap was good.

  11. hey guys darshika jhanvi vp parvathi diya ( both the diyas) riya ramchin nimrit nivedha siddhi and all yhm friends.

  12. I don’t know whether Abishek Ishitha pairing happen!!
    Because they can’t separate this beautiful couple and join with some other just like that..
    No worries guys.. These news ll get vanish like………..
    Ishu’s cancer…. Raman-Shagun reunion…..(I felt bad at this..)

    I hope Ishra will unite soon.. Like after Ghost drama…
    Ekta won’t end their love track.. I believe.. Lets wait..
    Sorry if my views hurted anyone………………………………………………….

    Love u YHM…………

  13. yeh nidhi pagal kahiki itnii badi lawyer hai lekin uthnii hi badi fraud aur kuch bhi ho jaaye ghuma phiraake apni baath paison se khatam karthi hai .

  14. i really hate the jail scenes in yhm .it looks so weird and horrible . abhi tak show mein forensic report aaya hi nahi . what rubbish is all these going around in the show .kitnaa waqt hua lekin forensic report nahi aaya aur uss chudail pallavi ka khabar tak nahi .jo karwaaya ishitha se karwaaya aur ishitha ko jail mein phussaaake khud ghoom rahi hogi .

  15. show mein simmi ka koi news hi nahi hai aur shagun bhi kafi time se show mein gayab hai .

  16. Lovely episode

  17. Hope she takes the case n get ishita out soon but i think palavi needs to see ishita n tell her wat going on

  18. They send mihika seems like spoiler is coming true but I sure at the end ishita n Raman will reunite

  19. Very touching Ruhi n Adi’s fast for their Ishimaa will not go in vain . Ishita’s sixth sense as mother is natural. On the whole todays episode is good. Plz end this track soon n unite Ishra ruh n Adi

    Very touching Ruhi n Adi’s fast for their Ishimaa will not go in vain. Ishita’s sixth sense as mother is natural. Writers plz unite Ishra Ruh n Adi on valentines day as this is lover’s day n these four are true lovers . On the whole todays episode is good.

  20. Ghosh
    Why cant just one serial show a respectful life withouth going to jail


    1. That’s what I too tell from beginning why can’t they show one serial respectfully and not with only positive vibes .

  21. Hi yhm fans!
    Luv the episode but please dnt sprt IshRaRuAdi n gng to be born child.

  22. Hey fathi, ar u going to meet Ishitha Raman Ruhi and Shagun who ar comming to the ‘adaraya’ consert of luv?

  23. Sorry I meant with only positive vibes not with negative vibes.

  24. Loved the Nidhi Chabra character she is amazing, feeling some story behind her…..

    waiting to see more and more ….. love to YHM & Nidhi Chabra your attitude is just amazing…

    Your money and Attitude tells me something.. waiting to see your work..

  25. Don’t know why but I like Nidhi’s character. But why did they send mihika away? Guys any idea

  26. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will
    show that Raman finds
    about advocate Nidhi
    Chhabra is capable to
    fight Ishita’s case.
    Raman wants free Ishita
    from jail at any cost so
    he meets Nidhi.
    Nidhi is glamorous,
    intelligent, and arrogant
    Nidhi does not take any
    lower case but she finds
    Ishita’s case challenging.
    Raman requests Nidhi to
    save his wife but Nidhi
    rudely forbids fighting
    Ishita’s case.
    Nidhi insults Raman and
    asks him to prove his
    loyalty to her.
    Nidhi tells Raman to
    drive her car and Raman
    angrily sits on driver
    Nidhi agrees to fight
    Ishita’s case taking
    revenge from Raman.
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

  27. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Hi guys I am new here.but am watching only recently yhm.I like raman n ishy n acp n ramans brother I tink.whos niddi?Pallavi pland all tis pyhsco? Pls tell me worth relationship in yhm .wen did tis serial start? Thanks

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