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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone renovating the room. Shagun comes and sees some work carpenters. She asks Mrs. Bhalla about it. Mrs. Bhalla fools her and says Raman is making cabinet for Ishita, so I thought to make a cupboard for you and Adi. Shagun says your heart is big, I will give my ideas to workers and make it accordingly. She thanks her and goes inside. The ladies laugh hearing her cough. Shagun asks them to use dark shade and leaves asking Neelu to give cold water. She thanks Mrs. Bhalla for thinking so much. Rinki asks Shagun to help her and asks her to come. They all discuss why did Shagun not react.

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They all cough and go inside

the room. Mrs. Bhalla says Vandu’s news was wrong. Vandu asks him to use turpentine oil. The man says its good company paint, it does not need oil. They all insist him to add much oil. The man mixes the oil. Romi sits worried that Shagun came to know his problem, she is clever and will tell mum. He thinks of Sarika and she can save him. He says I have to find her, once I get her, I won’t be insulted. Where will I get her? He leaves.

Raman laughs talking to Ishita about troubling Shagun. He says he can’t go against the women of his house. She laughs and says Mrs. Bhalla and Amma are enjoying a lot. He asks is she not happy. She says nothing like that. He says what should I do to make you happy. She says come home early. He asks is there anything special. She says you come early and make something special. He says he will come. Mihir comes and gives him file. He says he decided to move on. Raman is glad and they have a laugh.

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Romi comes to meet Sarika and does not find her. He looks for her everywhere and calls her friend. He meets Manisha and asks about Sarika. Manisha scolds him and says Sarika changed her home because of you. I would have never given your address to him even if I knew, if you try to find me or Sarika, I will complaint in police. She leaves. Romi says everyone is angry on me, Shagun maybe planning something big. Rinki comes and says Shagun made me do amazing shopping. Mrs. Bhalla asks Shagun to see the shades. Shagun goes in the room and says perfect. She gets short of breath and sneezes.

The ladies get happy. Shagun says its my allergy. Mrs. Bhall says our house will get paint, it won’t dry soon, and scolds Ishita. Vandu says I will go home, I can’t bear this paint smell. Mrs.Bhalla asks Amma to take Shagun. They all scare her. Amma says Shagun will stay with us. They all convince her and take her at Iyers flat.Raman comes home and sees this. Shagun steps out of Bhalla house. Ishita laughs and says I m so sorry, I m using your plans, you started and I will end this, I will keep you very far from Raman. Raman asks how did you do this. He bows to all ladies.

Raman and Ishita have a talk. She messages him to take her for dinner. He says he will take her. She says you work first. He asks for coffee. He says this is the difference between you and Shagun. Neelu gives the bags to Shagun. Shagun says now I m at Ishita’s parents, I m all alone, where will I go, what the hell Ishita thinks she is. Amma asks her is she fine, have some food. Shagun says later. Amma asks her to obey her rules, as they cook only veg food. Shagun says I will order. Amma says my home, my rules, no non veg food can come inside. Shagun says fine and gets angry. She says Ishita did this intentionally, but I have Romi’s weakness, see what I do now.

Ishita brings coffee and gives Raman. Raman asks about Amma and Appa, as they have sent Shagun there. She says I will just come, as Adi’s almirah is being made. They have a talk taunting each other by clothes and laughing. She says I m happy that Adi will be happy to get his space. He asks what about us. She asks do you want space. He says we should get chance to be happy, and asks her to close her eyes. He gives her eyelash and asks her to make wish. She says lets share the wish. He wishes she stays happy and get what he wants. Even she wishes the same. They smile and blow it.

He asks what did she wish. She says its not said, else it won’t get fulfilled. She laughs and goes. He says you don’t know, I m getting peace, by your love and kids’ happiness, and Amma will make Shagun fine. Rinki and Mihir have a talk. Romi passes by. Mihir asks why did he not come to office. Rinki teases him, and Romi scolds her. He leaves.

Amma sees the files and sees Credit Card statement of Raman. She says why is Raman spending so much money each other. Appa asks her not to see this. She thinks to ask Ishita.

Shagun comes to know about paint plan. She says very smart Ishita, whatever I will do now, will show you and do.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  18. Present track shows that Ishita gets
    successful to shift Shagun to Iyyer’s
    house in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.
    But Shagun decides to take revenge
    from Shagun and decides to use Mr.
    Iyyer against Raman and Ishita.
    Mrs Iyyer finds out about Raman
    spending money for Shagun’s
    expenses and taunts her.
    Shagun reaches Raman’s office and
    complains to Raman that Mr. Iyyer is
    taunting her.
    Shagun tells Raman that Ishita is
    fighting with her and now if Adi finds
    out this then he will get more angry.
    Raman thinks that Mr. Iyyer should not
    tell about this to Ishita and apologize
    to Shagun for Ishita’s behavior.
    Shagun smiles to see that her plan is
    getting succeed to create doubt in
    Raman’s mind for Ishita.

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