Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th February 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone happy seeing Raman. Raman enters the hall. Ishita and Raman look at each other. Raman says I slept in my car. He says I did not sleep whole night, then got busy in office, I got tired and slept in the car, Mihir came and woke me up else I would have missed the engagement. Raman and Ishita think about their argument. They sit for engagement looking at each other angrily. The rituals starts. Appa does the tilak to Ishita and Raman. The pandit asks for Ishita’s brother. Bala comes and says I m Vandita’s husband and Ishita’s brother. Everyone smile. Bala does the rituals.

Simmi does the rituals from Raman’s side. Ishita is asked to sit beside Raman. They sit together. Amma does their aarti. The pandit says the engagement is over.

Mrs. Bhalla says how can it be over without rings. Appa says I brought the rings. He gives it to Ishita. Ishita makes Raman wear the ring. Simmi says its an old fashioned ring, Raman won’t wear it, see their taste. Mihika and Vandu are angry on Simmi. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman to take out the ring. Raman signs no. Mrs. Bhalla says i forgot to tell him. She says I will give my ring to my bahu. Vandu and Mihika taunts Simmi.

Ishita says the ring is not needed, let it be. Raman says I have the ring. He asks Mihir to bring his coat. Mihir brings the coat. Raman takes out a ring. He shows it to Ishita. Ishita smiles seeing it. Raman says Ruhi made his ring. Ishita laughs and says its perfect. She asks pandit to do the puja with it. Dil se dil ka rishta…………… plays…………….. Raman makes Ishita wear that ring. Tere dil ka mere dil me rishta purana hai…………… plays………………. Ishita thinks about Ruhi and smiles seeing the ring.

Ishita says this is the best thing in our engagement, its R for Ruhi. Raman says she made it for me, its R for Raman. She says we are marrying for Ruhi’s sake. Ishita asks Raman why is Mihir here. Raman says I told you he did not do anything, the police left Mihir as the real culprit accepted his mistake, and Mihir is innocent. Rumi hears this and thanks Lord that the matter has ended, now no one will know that I made that MMS. Mihir talks to Bhallas and says the police left me as i was proved innocent, I came out and called Raman. He says Raman came to meet me in jail at night, I saw him sleeping in his car and snoring.

Mr. Bhalla calls Appa. Mihir apologizes to Appa and says I know you are unhappy seeing me but Raman wanted me to come. He says if you have any problem, I will leave. Appa says no need, I m sure you are innocent, don’t worry, I will talk to my family. Mr. Bhalla and Appa shake hands and have a hug. Vandu says the pandit is calling you. The pandit asks both the families to decide about the marriage conditions. Mrs. Bhalla asks what conditions. The pandit asks about the date. Mr. Bhalla says 11th Feb. Appa agrees.

The pandit asks where will Raman and Ishita stay after marriage. Mrs. Bhalla gives her house address. The pandit asks what will the girl’s parents give. Raman says we won’t take anything. The Bhallas say we don’t want anything from her. Amma tries to dominate but Mrs. Bhalla wins. Appa says I want to give Ishita what all I have for her. The pandit asks any else conditions. Amma says Ishita won’t leave her job. Mrs. Bhalla happily agrees. Amma says she can study further also. Mrs. Bhalla says she can do anything, but have to take care of Ruhi. Amma says you should love my daughter. Mrs. Bhalla says we will love her as much she loves us and Ruhi will definitely love her. The pandit says the marriage will be in Kalyaan Mandap.

Its morning, Shagun and Ashok are together. Ashok says be ready at night, we have to go for dinner. She says I can’t come, I have to be with Ruhi. Ishita calls Shagun. Shagun asks about her engagement. Ishita invites Ruhi for the function at her home. Shagun says fine, I will drop her in evening, congrats for your engagement. Shagun tells Ashok that Ishita was asking for Ruhi, we will drop Ruhi and go for dinner. Ashok says its good, we will call Ishita here as we need a maid for Ruhi.

Mihika and Vandu have a talk about the evening and music. Amma hears them talking. Amma asks Appa to take them with him to the market. Mihika and Vandu says its going to be a bollywood stress buster. Amma says I will make the Bhallas dance on south indian songs. Appa and everyone laughs.

Shagun meets Ishita and says your husband will be lucky, take tips from me, I don’t know your fiance but will give you tips. Ruhi comes and goes inside the house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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