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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman and everyone partying. Ishita says see Raman, he is making Adi drink too, how do father and son bond in punjabis. Raman keeps Mr. Bhalla’s pen down. The camera feed goes. Ishita asks Shravan to check what happened. Shravan checks and says sorry, someone kept pen in box and made it fall. Ishita says fine, you all go now, we know where they are, we will go there and catch them red handed. Mrs. Bhalla asks them to go, just slap them from my side. Simmi says you go and pull their ears. Ishita says we made rule that we don’t say anything till 24 hours, I have an idea. She tells her idea.

Mr. Bhalla talks to Vidyut. Vidyut says Romi, they are pretty girls. Romi says yes, if you are here, they will not pay attention to us. Vidyut says fine, go and dance.

I will sit here and drink with uncle. Raman asks Romi and Adi to come. Romi asks will you dance with us. The girls think and agree. Ishita, Mihika and Aaliya arrive there as cool dudes. Ishita says Mihika, you look handsome. Mihika is nervous. Ishita says no one will identify us in darkness, we have to talk in other tone. They go and see Raman, Romi and Adi dancing with the girls.

Simmi asks Mrs. Bhalla not to hide it, I know you are missing Papa, call Ishita and talk to her. Ishita dances with the girl and gets between the girl and Raman. Ishita asks the girl to dance with her. Mihika and Aaliya do the same.

The girl says we will dance with one who wins. Ishita, Mihika and Aaliya compete with Raman, Romi and Adi. They dance on Cutiepie song. The girls dance with Ishita. Raman does not want to see them. Ishita gets a call and goes. She tells Mrs. Bhalla that everyone is fine, Mr. Bhalla is alone, he is not dancing with others. Mrs. Bhalla gets upset and says he can’t enjoy without me. Simmi says he maybe missing you. Mrs. Bhalla asks about others. Ishita says what to say, how they are dancing, and about our Aaliya, a girl is flirting with her. She laughs. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t forget you went to teach them a lesson, don’t become any news. Ishita ends call.

She turns and sees Raman. Raman says I m Raman, he is Romi. Ishita says I m Ishaan. Raman says you dance well. Romi says I think your dude clothes worked right. Ishita says its experience. Romi says I think I have seen him somewhere. Ishita says this line does not work on girls also, why on me. Raman says its ladies perfume, I know this. Ishita says girls did dancing with me, don’t know whose perfume got on me. Romi says right, my fate was like that before marriage. She says your problem is you are married. Raman says we are on break.

She asks is this your break or your wife’s break, you are here, don’t know where are they. She goes. Raman and Romi say she means our wives….. Mr. Bhalla says yes, I should have understood this, how did your mum leave me free. Raman, Romi, Adi and Mr. Bhalla rush home. Ishita laughs and tells Mihika and Aaliya how she fooled them. She says but they will go home to see us, we should reach before them, come. Raman and everyone reach home. Raman says Ishita’s car is here. Adi says call Romi and ask where is he. Raman asks why, don’t you have balance in phone. Adi calls Romi and asks him to come fast, we will wait in building compound. They all enter the flat. Romi comes to room and sees Mihika sleeping. He shuts door and goes.

Mihika is awake and smiles thinking Ishita took shortcut and made us reach home before them. Mr. Bhalla sees Mrs. Bhalla sleeping and goes. Raman checks Ishita sleeping and shuts door. Ishita smiles. Adi goes to check Aaliya and sees her sleeping. He shuts door and goes. Raman says its good they are at home, we have enjoyed well, we are mad to come in anyone’s words and came here to spy on wives, I will say normal sorry tomorrow. Mr. Bhalla says I won’t apologize. Adi says he is liar, he will apologize first. They all joke.

Raman comes to room to talk to Ishita. She says its good you enjoyed, we will talk tomorrow. He opens the cupboard and gets Ishaan’s clothes. He thinks whats happening. She recalls Ishaan and understands. He asks are you very sleepy and asks her when did she start doing this, you were enjoying by pulling our leg. Ishita says Ayyo, the fun is you did not recognize me, it was easy to fool you. Vidyut calls Raman and asks Raman to come to police station, Nisha committed suicide. Raman gets shocked. Vidyut says Nisha has put my name, help me out. Raman says I m coming.

Vidyut says I don’t know that girl, I complaint about Nisha, she has sent marriage shagun to me, you have put restrictions on her, why did you put it on me. Abhishek says she called you 15times yesterday. Vidyut says she called me, I did not, many fans call me. Abhishek says she committed suicide, we will find out was it a suicide or murder, why are you restless if you did not do anything, Nisha was rich, she was jeweler’s daughter. Vidyut says fine, what will I do. His lawyer comes with bail papers. Abhishek says why bail, we did not arrest him, we called him for investigation. Vidyut says Abhishek is not understanding, suicide is sad, I love my fans, one of my fan died and I have to live with this truth now. Abhishek says if she called you many times, why did you not block her. Lawyer says you can’t stop Vidyut like this. Abhishek says fine, take him, but Vidyut can’t leave from city. Vidyut says I understand, I will do what I can, thanks.

Nisha’s father threatens Ishita and says I will get Ishita punished for this. He scolds Vidyut for cheating Nisha by acting of love with her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. IshRa’s nok jhok, romance and parental jitters next in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

    Raman and Ishita have a sweet moment. Ishita is in confusion about deciding her saree for a party. Ishita shows many sarees. Raman remarks wrong on all the sarees. He asks Ishita to not take stress, as its small house party.

    Raman gives reactions seeing the net sarees. Ishita shows beautiful sarees. Raman has problems that Ishita will win everyone’s attention. Ishita asks Raman why does he not like her to look beautiful. He makes excuse that its Vidyut’s party and Vidyut should be in limelight. Raman chooses a bad one and asks Ishita not to look good to others, else he will be jealous. Ishita laughs on his insecurities. Later, they both argue as Raman has changed his phone password. The matter from Mrs. Bhalla comes to Ishita. Even Mrs. Bhalla is annoyed for the same reason. Ishita asks Raman how can he hide the password from her and packs her bag to leave from the house.

    Raman does not know what’s the big issue and stops her from going to Iyer house. There will be entry of Ruhi’s love interest. Ruhi takes Ruhaan’s avatar again. Suhail asks Ruhi to just stay in her own avatar, and compliments her looks. Suhail asks Ruhi not to hide her original looks from the world. He asks her to be herself. Ruhi gets glad as she likes Suhail. Ruhi will be saving Suhail’s company which is sinking now.

    Ruhaan’s concert can save Suhail’s company. Ruhi will help Suhail in his business and the two will bond. Ruhi and Suhail’s love started to blossom. Ruhi hides her feelings from Ishita and lies to her to go and meet Suhail. Ruhi can’t explain herself to Ishita and Raman. Ruhi and Suhail’s relation gives tension to Raman. Ishita and Ruhi have a friendly talk. Ishita asks Ruhi never to hide anything from her parents and hugs her.

    Mrs. Bhalla has a new problem. Ishita and Raman have big tension again. Mrs. Bhalla doubts that Mr. Bhalla have an affair. Mrs. Bhalla gets angry on Mr. Bhalla that he did not share his mobile password. She does not want him to hide anything from her. She tells Ishita about her doubt on Mr. Bhalla. Ishita pacifies her.

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  5. What rubbish..How can be ishita blamed for that nisha’s sucide..That day Vidyut had pruposed shagun publicly..But they are saying that ishita is vidyut’s girlfriend..In yhm,,there is coming one by one villan in ishita and raman’s life to destroy them..First it was only Ashok and shagun..then Param,Suraj,Sarika,Nidhi and again shagun..when shagun left then..there came Nisha in their life..Ekta,,How many villans are coming to destroy Ishita’s life..

  6. Hi everyone.y is the story turning towards vidyut

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  10. Ishita,Mihika & Aliya was looking funny..But i don’t understand..when Ishita was in Man’s get up and was talking with raman & romi then why did not raman recognised ishita by her voice & face.Very funny.He is not such a fool..Whatever,,it is a just a serial and they can do anything like this..But later when Raman caught ishita it was very funnyyy…

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  12. Hehe that was truly enjoying!! Especialy that part where Ishita and girls fooled Raman and boys!! So sad for Vidyut!! OfcourCe next episode will be thrilling..!!

  13. Today’s episode was very nice. The girls really disguised as men. Close to the disguise and Ishita’s disguise was best.You won’t be able to identify her and she really talked and walked like a man. Not bad…. Any role DT can just fit in well. I must she was a handsome cool guy!!! Poor Vidyut! All he did was to help Raman and Ishita nd he got himself entangled with this crazy Nisha fan. Next will be Aliya having an issue with Simmi’s stalker since she identified him. Simmi will also be stalked again. I am not sure whether Adi is going to get into trouble regarding the cash he took from his client. What problem is going to arise has to be waited and seen

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  20. Interesting episode. A lot of funny moments.

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    Episode was good.I mean only the first parts. Oh my god another problem is coming. When will they live happily without problems? Nisha is completely mad.

    Nisha told that she will no let ishitha live peacefully but she has committed suicide . What is happening. This has become an unbelievable thing.

    And why is abhishek thinking that vidyuth is thinking too much. Vidyuth is upset about it because he know it will make a problem in his life. And one has been killed and it is a thing to be bothered. How can some one not bother about it?,

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  24. In the upcoming episode there will be lots of high voltage dramatic situations seen amid Ishita and Raman in the daily soap.

    It so happened that Raman and Ishita experience Ruhi’s extra concern towrads Sohail.

    This Ruhi’s attraction towards Sohail snatches Raman’s night’s sleep and like any other father Raman starts thinking about all the possible things that can happen with Ruhi when she is with Sohail.

    Raman intends to do a detailed survey of a proper family background of Sohail before giving Ruhi’s hand to Sohail.
    Ruhi-Ishita smirks on Raman’s behavior

    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of tragic situations seen amid Raman and Ishita along with Ruhi in the ongoing serial.

    As and when Ruhi and Ishita hear about Raman’s intentions for doing research for Sohail’s family, Ruhi does not understand as to how should Ruhi react.

    It would be very interesting to watch as to how would Ruhi convince Raman for dating Sohail?

    Stay tuned for further details and developments in story line.

  25. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein wil show tha Bhallfamily organizes farewell party for Vidyut.

    Everyone dresses up beautifully welcomes Vidyut and Romi arranges a great music for party and everyone starts dancing.

    Ruhi and Sohail also dance happily and both share a romantic eye lock when Sohail saves her from falling.

    Shagun and Mani also join party where Shagun and Ishita get stuck in argument where Ishita accuses Shagun for having affair with Vidyut.

    Mani overhears Shagun and Ishita’s converstaion and gets angry on Shagun and leave steh party in angry mood.

    Shagun accuses Ishita for purposly calling here as she wanst to break Shagun and Mani’s marriage.

    Shagun creates a mess in the part but Mrs Bhalal insulst her for falling for any man.
    Shagun accuses Ishita spoiling her and Mani’s marriage

    Raman and Ishita follow Mani clearimng his misunderstanding but Mani doe snot understands them.

    Will Raman and Ishita now become mach maker of Shagun and Mani?

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

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