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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman getting angry. He fumes and messes the room. Ishita apologizes and says I behave strange by stress, I did not mean to hurt you. Raman says you spoke to Abhishek and not me, we were friends before. She says you are most important for me, if you felt otherwise, you are wrong. He hugs her and says I felt you are going away from me. She says no, no one can make us apart. They hug. Yeh hai mohabbatein………..plays……… she pacifies him.

Vandu asks Bala to come. Bala says I can’t sleep peacefully till I throw money for the loss on Suraj’s face. She says Suraj does not even care. He says but I care, I will go ATM and give him money. She goes along him. Bala and Vandu meet Suraj. Bala gives him the money while Suraj refuses. The servant collides with

Vandu and her saree spoils. Suraj scolds the servant. Vandu says its okay, it was my mistake. Suraj asks her to clean her saree and asks servant to show guest room to Vandu. Bala waits.

Vandu sees Ashok sleeping in the guest room and goes to washroom to clean the saree. She comes from washroom and hears Ashok saying in sleep …… Raman, she is alive, they both are together, I have seen her with my eyes. She gets shocked and hears him. Ashok says Raman, you got cheated.

Its morning, Ishita wakes up and sees the time. She gets ready and goes downstairs. Ishita asks Simmi did anyone doubt on her. Simmi says no, we have to be alert. Ishita gets shocked seeing Ashok coming. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma too get shocked. Mrs. Bhalla asks why did you come. Ashok says I came to meet Shagun. Mrs. Bhalla says she is dead. Ashok says your son called me to tie black thread to Shagun, call her. Ishita worries and meets Ashok in her charming sensuous way like Shagun.

She says I would have come to you if you called me, everyone dislike you and I dislike this. She asks Amma to go home. Simmi asks Amma to go, as Shagun has come in Ishita. Amma leaves. Simmi asks Mrs. Bhalla to come with her and they go to room. Ashok claps and says what a performance. Ishita says shut up, tell me why did you come. Ashok says I have come to expose you, but there is no profit, I will play along you, but there is a condition, you will do the work which Shagun left incomplete, I want Raman dead. Ishita asks are you mad, how can you I will kill my husband. He says you have to kill Raman, I don’t care how you do it.

He says think how will your family react knowing your lies, and when Raman knows Shagun is alive, what respect will he have for you, and what about Ruhi… what will she say about your dramatic lies. She cries and says I had to do this because of your threats, its good Shagun and I are together, fine expose the truth, but you will also be exposed. He says I like your courage, this modern Jhansi ki rani, but you think Raman will be saved if you expose me, I have one Bhalla family member, which you failed to find out, Simmi, Sarika and Pathak, if anything happens to me, my informer will do my work. She asks how do you know all this,

He says I know everything, your plan was brilliant, I took time to figure it out, you have to kill Raman, else I will kill Ruhi, Adi and new baby in Shagun’s womb, its my smart plan, think 100 times before refusing me, else result will be bad. She takes fruit knife from him and asks her to get lost. He says I m not weak like you, your weakness is your family, which is in my hands, so think 1000 times. She cries.

Mrs. Bhalla tells Simmi that Ashok is a creep, let me talk to Ashok. Simmi says we called Raman, let him come and he will handle, remember how Shagun has cut Ishita’s hand, we will wait for Raman, let Ashok talk to Ishita till then. Ashok tells Ishita that you started this game and I will end it, I will tell you what to do, you love your kids right, remember what I said. Raman comes home and shouts asking him to be away from his wife and family. Ashok says I came here to meet Shagun. Ishita asks Ashok to leave. Raman asks him to get lost. Ashok leaves. Raman hugs Ishita and says I m with you, Ashok can’t do anything. He consoles her. Simmi and Mrs. Bhalla come out and find Ishita crying. Mrs. Bhalla asks what happened. Raman says I will kill Ashok. Ishita stops him, and asks him not to go there. She hugs him. Simmi asks Raman to control his anger, you got Ashok here to tie thread to Shagun, so he is coming by this excuse. Ishita asks him not to go anywhere. Raman says I m with you. She asks him to do his work, she is fine. Raman pacifies her and goes. Ishita hugs Simmi and says we have to tell everyone, Ashok… Simmi asks what did he say. Ishita says he threatened me asking me to kill Raman. Simmi asks what, did he get mad. Ishita says we have to meet everyone and plan something. Simmi consoles her and says I will call them, calm down.

Mrs. Bhalla talks to Pammi and ends call. She tells Simmi and Raman that she won’t go in Pammi’s kitty party. Simmi thinks this is good chance, they all will go in party and Ishita will meet Shagun, she will call and send Raman away. She tells Mrs. Bhalla to get ready. Raman likes the idea and says Ishita and I will be at home. Ishita calls Simmi and asks her to call Raman, when Shagun is coming here. Raman is preparing to bake cake and tells Ishita that its good stress buster. She waits for Simmi’s call and is worried for Raman. She thinks how to handle this situation.

Raman gets a work call and says I will come Kolkata. Ishita asks why will you go suddenly. He says I m going Kolkata, not on moon.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Is there no end to this track

  2. omg ..i m scared . ashok is threatng ishita badly . i m really feeling bad for ishita. wt she is gonna do now ?

  3. i thnk next week will be tje climax of this track . plz make ashoke loose . nd keep ishra togethr . without thm yhm is nothing .

    1. hey diya .i hope jo tum keh rahi ho woh such ho yaar .next week climax ho aur ashok haar jaaye.even i am too scared ki aage kya hoga.

      1. I also hope so rithu . agar ye week nhi to atleast agle week tak ..
        nd I thnk they r confusing us nd showing all thse this to increase thr trp … I dnt thnk itnq trp mil ne k bad … ekta ishra seperation nehi dikhayaigi.. cz yhm – ishra
        i hppe … ki ashoke jail mein mrin jay…nd tgry show us dmgood ndhappy …track after this ..

  4. this drama to expose Ashok and find the one helping Ashok is becoming very boring…
    It’s taking too much time . Don’t like it anymore.

    1. Stupid serial. ????

  5. What is going to happen in yhm afterwards?????who is the informer in bhalla family????if there is an informer in bhalla family then it’s sure that ashok may be threatening her and I think the reason for blackmailing may be something related to rinky’s death……and if this is the case then it is sure that some lady is involved in this…..As we have seen rinky’s boyfriend speaking to a woman…….The woman’s postures resembled that of sarika……But we have to wait for confirmation?

    1. even i think sarika is included i rinki’s murder matter.

  6. Trp rating of yhm has raised to 4.0 and it’s in third position after naagin (5.2)&saathiya (4.8)

  7. i dnt know wen will they stop dis boring track….. day by day its worsening…….

  8. really d ff’s are far better than d original track… loved all ff’s……. i want all ff to continue….

  9. Hii…guys…yhm is de wonderful show of star plus……ishra is de bst couple…..
    And telly updates is vry fst……thank u for de updates

  10. oh god!please ekta end this track soon..its getting worse day by day…

  11. Beauty Queen

    Oh my god! !!!!!! Ashok is threatening Ishu… And if Suraj really loved Vandu why is he betraying her.And what about Manoj????

  12. hi all yhm fans how are you due to heavy rain there is no network in madras belated wishes for yhm team for completing 2nd year always raman and divyanka too good in their performance
    but they are too much dragging ishita should tell the truth to raman othere wise this ashok will create big problem ishita may be solve the problem with help of raman by saying the truth why she hestitating.

  13. ashok such a cheep guy. poor ishita what’s she do now.

  14. Go to hell ekta…

  15. like all other K serials it was just going on with perfect planning and again the villain wins and same old lachaar heroines remain………..guys just try to do something good and end this process soonnnnn..

  16. Shanike mallawaarachchi

    Plz ishitha kill raman first then ruhi finally adi .after if you want marry ashok.because he is the superb 4 u.

  17. Yeh hai mohabbatein not ending

  18. Everyone don’t get tensed
    Ishita will kill Raman and she will be in jail….
    I saw the Story line which ekta kapoor gave me
    And this seen has been shot already yesterday by me

    1. how do you know it and if ishitha is in jail after killing raman how can we be not tensed or is it also fake murder of raman by ishitha and raman is also included in ishitha’s plan.

    2. hey listn… Stop tlkng. We all know that the news was fake. no serial kills thr main lead. Nd ekta is not so insane tht she will introduce ths knd of tracks. nd no crw member is allowed to dvlg details abt ny serial. so stp lying .

    3. How could you say like that? I don’t believe anything like that and it is impossible and not practical either…

      1. If Raman isn’t present ,there’s no story and YHM has to end up.

  19. episode was bad .iss kameene ashok ka torture toh kuch jyaada hi ho gaya hai.yeh insaan toh bahuth hi pagal ho gaya hai .precap mein kuch jyaada khaas nahi hai .lekin mujhe lagtha hai ashok kuch kar saktha hai raman ko .lekin aaj mujhe kuch der ke liye aise laga ki raman ko ashok ka ishitha ko blackmail karna aur ishitha shagun ki sacchayi patha chali gayi hogi aur woh pretend kar raha hai .lekin baad mein kuch auur hi dikha episode mein.

  20. No it cant happen akshay…

  21. hey guys jhanvi siddhi vp darshika diya natasha ramchin nimrit and all yhm friends.

  22. Plz end this track soon…plz ekta…dont seperate ishra..plzz

  23. This Is all bogus… If Ishu Is going to kill Raman why should she go to all this trouble. I am sure she will set a trap for Ashok with Silmmi’s help How can you tell Raman anything he is like a cat on hot bricks he reacts without thinking & will mess up all the plans.. that is what he does all the time & Poor Ishu has to bail him out.. If they are going to put Ishu to jail then might as well end this track.. we are watching this because of Raman , Ishu, Ruhi & Adi…they keep the show rocking… why is Ashok & Suraj the villians given so much prominence… they both should be in jail for all their crooked deals & harming other families.. Sarika is so money crazy she is having a fake kid at home who is not Romi’s so she must be the culprit… Mihir can’t be the culprit if he wanted to ruin Raman he could have signed the POA….he will have it all then & ruin Raman’s company…Why is Ashok so angry with Raman… He did all the damage to his family ruined his marriage etc… this is pure jealousy as he has no brains to do any work properly.. he earns in crooked ways.. all the time prying into Raman’s tenders… So pls don’t let him win he should go down to the pits…he will never be a good man.. & Suraj on one side trying to ruin another marriage… can’t they find single women.. without going behind married women…pls show us their down fall.. you should show their going down as people who do wrong will get a lesson from this as well.. otherwise they will think this is the right way to go on in life….So pls show justice…

  24. O really akshay lol

  25. Hi everyone I am in no mood of comment today but after reading akshas comment me apne app ko rok niii pai wawaa ishita k sath acp hai yrrr acp phir bhi WO log dar rahay aur kuch niii kar pa rahay seriously nonsense

  26. guys am pretty scrd. I cnt see ishu lke ths. Episode was good. But i thnk now thy shld tell evrythng to raman. He cn only save ishu frm this . Now raman is cmng to kolkata.. Nd ashok gets to know it he will definetly try to harm raman . I just hp Ishta wn

  27. gys its me only the 1st diya aka jagori. I hv cmntd earlier tody on todys epi only. Dunno y the clr chngd frm deep pink to dis one. gys i really pray tht nothng hppns to raman nd ishita or the kids. Nd ashk looses at the end of ths trck

  28. This is quite unbelievable and unbearable . How can makers twist like this ? Ishitha to kill Raman ? What is happening in these two months …. Dragging on … Please open up to Raman and the family … They will def find a solution …. … Oh this is really spoiling such a story …. Now the serial is dominated by Ashok … It’s mind blowing to watch Ishra scenes . How much efforts they are taking ? At least think about that …. As Divyanka was telling she is fed up of doing this track …. It can be true … They are puppets in the hands of producer or director . They are forced to act what they are instructed. Ashok is threatening Ishitha and she is becoming helpless . Great imagination Ekta madam . At least one serial , show to the whole world how a good story line goes with good messages to audience . From surrogancy track what you are showing is rubbish …. In between keeping Ishra scenes to make fans happy … Wonder how TRP is going high … Too much of masala now . The best actors like Karan and Divyanka , I personally feel very sorry for you both … In fact whole Yhm team . Whatever happens we want Ishra to be understanding loving and move forward … Please bring back the beautiful old Yhm

  29. Hi all…how r u all doing?? After reading today’s episode’s updates i seriously fell that EKTA KAPOOR should consult a psychiatrist….sonething is wrong with her…on each and every show she shows that the villian is stonger than the hero….priority is given to villian….ni matter what vilian wins….please show the world that there are also gud people present and gud people win too…for sake of TRP dont encourage croocked minds….there are even kids watching the show…so stop spreading negativity…too much of dragging….please end the track soon???

    1. Exactly …. Even I am telling the same …

  30. i want yhm to go fr another 3 yrs . 🙂

  31. i read in Karan Patel’s Twitter that he has confirmed that he is not leaving YHM…. Is it Ishitha who is leaving? Cos she has told she won’t act as mum for adult kids… Suniita is right must not encourage the villain’s to win as the kids will think doing bad is a good think exp.. these days they are very matured for their age… so we have to wait to see what’s going to happen next

    1. nobody is leaving yhm . they r leads . without thm how can yhm go on, ??
      nd leap is just a rumour nothing is confirmed. evn whn at bfr leap was confirmd . nd ppl asjed if divyanka is actually leavng? she said nnoas this is a vry imp shiw fr her she will stY evn after tge leap ..plzz …dnt say like this :'(

  32. sorry thing…

  33. nobody is leaving yhm . they r leads . without thm how can yhm go on, ??
    nd leap is just a rumour nothing is confirmed. evn whn at bfr leap was confirmd . nd ppl asjed if divyanka is actually leavng? she said nnoas this is a vry imp shiw fr her she will stY evn after tge leap ..plzz …dnt say like this :'(

  34. Hi everyone….!!!!

    Nice epi.. Ishra scene…!!!!!!!! Oh God ….wat a mind blowing bonding ..really fabulous chemistry..!!!! So passionate hug.. I always like their hug scenes… I never feel that it’s a reel couple.. No one can beat this couple… Neverrrr…. Nd I can’t forget this couple Nd their chemistry , knokjhok, cute fights, care , respect …everything is perfect yar…!!!!! Raman is d best hubby whole d world.. Nd I love this RAVANKUMAR……!!!! There is a love, trust. Nd respect but also insecurity.. It shows that how much Raman loves makes my day…!!!!

    Nd what to say bout d reamaining part… BL***y Ashok Khanna… I want to kill u….!!!!!!
    Nd if ishu has to kill anyone for her kids then y Raman…. Y not that Ashok Khanna…!!!!

    Yeah guys I m also scared…. But what can we do…?? Let’s wait Nd watch…!!!!!!
    Nd yeah I also don’t blv in that Raman’s murder Nd all… May be again drama of ishu…!!!!! Coz if Ekta can’t kill shagun’s character , how can she kill Raman’s character…????? No chance….!!!!!

  35. Missing u old YHM …
    Also Jhanvi’s comments …

  36. I like ishu …..I just hope Raman n ishu will win in this game

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