Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman and Ishita coming in party. Bansal compliments Ishita and Raman looks on. Mrs. Jhakad also compliments her and they have a talk. Raman meets the businessmen. Ishita gets sad. Dil kahin rukta nahi………..plays………… Raman wants to go to her, and a man comes to talk to Raman. He says you are my first boss, I m happy to meet you, I left my job and joined Bansal, and Raman says you reached here by your hardwork. Ashok comes with Mrs. Tandon. Raman looks at them. The man says is this Mr Khanna’s wife. Raman says no, he is interested in other’s wife.

Ashok introduces Shweta to Mrs. Jhakad. He sees Ishita and eyes her wearing the gown. He goes to Ishita and smiles. He compliments her beauty, her gown is very beautiful. Raman sees Ashok with Ishita,

Raman is a lucky guy, you are alone and sad in this beautiful party, I will get a drink. She refuses him. Raman fumes and goes to them. Ashok says your husband is coming, I have to talk to him. Ashok tells Raman that his wife is stunning today, I can’t get my eyes off her, I have to say I think she is changing, she wears sarees normally, she worn gown today, see her figure. Raman asks him to worry about himself.

Ashok asks him to understand his point, he is not saying about dress, but Ishita Bhabhiji, she is trying to fit in this party, this might be the change Raman, I met like this to your first wife Shagun and talks dirty. Raman asks him to get lost from the party. The man says Bansal is calling Raman, and takes him. Shweta asks Ashok was he talking with Raman. Ashok says yes, sorry I did not say Raman will be here. She says I don’t care.

Ishita sees Raman and thinks why is Raman not seeing her, she is sure she is not looking so bad. She gets shocked seeing Shweta Tandon with Ashok. She comes to Raman. The men tell Raman that his wife is very beautiful. Raman asks really, and drinks more wine. Ishita says she has to say something. Raman says later. Jhakad smiles. She cries.

Mihika and Vandu talk about Ishita. Mihika says Raman and Ishita looked upset, I hope they are enjoying. She calls Ishita. She asks about the party. Vandu and Mihika joke. Jhakad says they should have a dance now, and Bansal agrees saying their wives would be bored. He asks Raman to call his wife. Raman says no. Bansal insists. Vandu asks Raman to make the most of it, as they are together. Ishita asks Mihika to come and take her, and music starts, Mihika does not hear her. Ishita says she will call later and ends call. Vandu says don’t worry, she might be enjoying.

Bansal asks Raman to ask Ishita for a dance, you are very lucky to get chance to dance with a pretty wife. Raman forwards hand, and she holds his hand. They dance on the song Aashiyana…………Tu jo mila…………..He stays annoyed and dances roughly. Ashok observes Raman’s rudeness. Ishita cries and asks him whats the matter. He says you are also like others, Shagun was also such, she used to enjoy people praising her, then she changed and left me. He goes and she goes. Shweta looks at Raman. Ashok sends Shweta to Raman and she tries getting close to Raman, asking him for a dance.

He moves her hands off him and she insists. Raman dances with her, and Ishita cries seeing them. Ashok goes to Ishita and says this is not right, I think Raman got more interesting company than you, don’t worry, I will not leave you alone, dance with me. She goes. Ashok thinks it will be great if Raman’s both wives become mine and smiles. Ashok sees her crying.

Ishita cries in the party. Ashok sees her and spikes her drink, by bribing the waiter. He says I will see Bhalla family, when they know what I do with their respect/bahu. He holds Ishita and asks her to come with him, she will feel better and like it. Ishita gets dizzy.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. G

    Uff same precap again. 😡 not done rkb how could y do this to ishu. Ishu had done so much. She’s not a b*t*h like shagun. And u lambu my foot get last idiot. Bad epi 🙁

  2. Yeh Raman ka dimaag kharab hai….kaisk baat kar raha hai…….Ishita ne dresscode change kiya to kya uss ks cheractor change ho gaya…..itni chhoti soch Raman……itna sa hi bharosa…..

  3. Jhanvi

    Yr ye kameena Ashok kitna ghatiya insan he na…itna gussa a raha hai na us par ……aur use bhi jyada gusa a raha hai Raman pr ….are yar wo ishu ko shagun ke sath compare kar raha hai ….us shagun k sath…..aur jo kuchh bhi hoga na uski wajah nahi na nahi Raman hi hoga kyuki Ashok ne kuchh bhi naya nahi kiya usne wahi kiya jo wo hamesha se krta a raha hai…bt Raman usne us ghatiya Ashok ki bato me akar ishu ko hurt kiya aur party me akela chhod diya..

  4. Ashok sees Ishita crying as Raman is not giving her attention. Ashok spikes her drink and thinks to take revenge from Raman and Ishita. Shagun saves Ishita from Ashok. Raman reaches Ishita and they have an argument. He has been thinking of Ashok’s words and judging Ishita over her dress and mistaken her intentions. Raman gets cleared of his misunderstandings and annoyance towards Ishita. Ishita gets cleared of Shagun’s words running in her mind against Raman.

    Raman and Ishita have confessed love. The final moment of their romantic union has come. Raman and Ishita have a love consummation scene. The viewers will be seeing their romance. Ishita and Raman’s feelings will get high and their relation will be more strong after their union. Raman and Ishita have different ways to express love and the scene gets humorous. Raman orders her favorite south Indian food and her clothes. He takes care of her and keeps everything ready. The family waits for Ishita’s pregnancy news, as Ruhi is anxiously waiting for her sibling. What will Ashok do next? Keep reading.

  5. nimrit

    yaar raman aaise kaise kar sakta hai….thodisi to sympathy dikha sakta tha……& uss mrs tondon apna ravan kumar wala attitude to dikha sakta tha wo phirse raman ki taraf dekhne ki himmat bhi nahi karti…..apna attitude sirf ishita ke samne dikhata hai….khadus kumar….uss tondon ke sath dance nahi karta to ishita itni hurt nahi hui hoti….jst hate raman today….

  6. Jhanvi

    Aur ye makers bhi shayad bhul gaye hai ki show ki heroine ishita hai shagun nahi ……ye Sara drama shagun ko heroine bnane k liye kiya hai …..shagun ko hiroine bnane k chhakar me Raman ko villan bana diya …yr jo insan itna trust krta tha ishu ko wo uspe doubt kar raha hai ….sirf isliye kyuki makers ko shagun ko importance deni hai …us liye u. Logo ne Raman aur Mrs tondon ko villain bnaya …wow makers…..

    • Zazzy

      It’s ok to have some confusions sometimes, and the makers just want to show that Shagun is turning good now, they’ve not made Raman a villain because in the spoilers the misunderstanding gets cleared and they have a consummation scene.

  7. Jhanvi

    Pehle jab leap vala track ane vala that usme bhi makers shagun ko achha banakar use Raman ki life me wapas lane vale the…aur ishu ko bura bnane vale the….aur wo nahi kiya to ab …..Raman ko villain bnakar ishu ko hurt kiya shagun ko importance dene k liye ….kya is show me shagun ishra se jyada important hai …???? Is show me ishra ka unique relationship hi best hai aur use bhi worst kar diya ….

  8. nimrit

    ya..uss shagun ke liye makers ne raman aur mrs tondon ko villain banaya….cheap makers yr…how can they do it….

  9. Aahana

    ishita was lookimg stunning aur raman bahut bura kar rha h ishita k saath
    Ishita ko uss shagun se compare kar rha h pagal wo bhi uss ashok ki baato me aa kar
    Dono bhai behen rinki aur raman ek jaise hi h ishita ko galat samaj rhe h ashok ki baato me aa kar
    Ishu ne unn logo k liye kitna sacrifice kiya aur wo log really disgusting
    I really hate u rinki

  10. Jhanvi

    Shagun badal gai hai good ….wo ishra ki help krna cha hti hai unke liye achha soch rahi hai good…. Uska alag love track hoga good…makers use positive dikhana chahte hai good …..BT makers nd ekta mem plsss use achha dikhane k liye Raman ko villain banana aur ishu ko hurt kiya y????????? Makers plsss ab shagun k liye kahi ishita ko bhi bura mat bana ddna ….kyuki ab to yahi lagta hai …k shagun k liye Ap kuchh bhi kar sakte ho…

  11. anu

    dragging this track… 🙁 …. i think makers are doing this just to get high trps, as we all eagerly wait to see love union episode… later after knowing the trps the track will change skipping the main love union scene…. previously this was done many times.. i remember few during love confession scene at AIRPORT, and in love confessions all the troubles and dragged the track..

  12. tahira

    Wow pta nahi kyun ye ashok wale twist dekhne me mujhe bahut maza aa rha h sayad ishliye kyunki raman ki insecurity ishita ko lekar kahin na kahin yahi show kar rahi h ki wo use kitna pyar karta h

  13. i do not know why the writters give so much disrespect to the women like this if a women
    wear saree means are they not beautiful and s*xy they boys do not misbehave with a women if she weared saree what a logic this all the hindi serials give so much disrespect
    to women especially in ekta kapoor serials a husband is behaving bad like todays epi with
    his wife in a public place after that also he had a physical relation with his wife what a wife
    does not have any self respect idiot ekta kapoor

  14. darshika

    Episode is ok. Ishita, you are so GLAMOROUS……….! ! ! But raman, why don’t you keep your eye on ishita. Anyone can distroy her VESTALNESS. Even though ishita has married,every men staring at her…. Why? Because every blo*dy men know that ishita is a VIRGIN…….. ! ! ! I’m very sad about ishita. I don’t know, when will her pain has gone away…….. From SL.

  15. tahira

    Ya really ishita looking stunning raman ko ishita ko aise dekh kar kush hona chahiye toh wo toh sab ki baaton me aakar pagal ho gaya dhayan se dekh raman wo teri wife h aur kitni beutiful lag rhi h u r so lucky raman n forget that evil words

  16. darshika

    And once consummate, they can’t have a baby (may be have) According to the ishita’s medical reports, it’s not easy for her. So,why did you makers delay this scene…..? You should have done this before. You should have shown their effort. At least,ishra didn’t try for a baby. Now I’m happy, because finally,makers understood this……From SL.

  17. Lahari

    Hi guys iam new to this site ….:-)…by the way how was cheap mind the ashok has ? why was raman beliveing that cheap minded ashok words

  18. the episode was tooooo worst par koi baath nahi waiting for 2mrws episode i mean consumation episode bahuth dinom baadh yhm ki episode ke liye intazaar kar raha hu….wt say guys

  19. yah tahira pehle muje raman pe gussa aaya par phir jab socha tho muje bhi yahi laga ki he is feeling so possessive nd he had gone through all this nd this time at any cost he dont want to loose ishu so by the thought of loosing her he is behaving like this……….

    • tahira

      Ha raman par gussa toh mujhe bhi aya jab usne ishu ko shagun se compare kiya but we all knows very well that this all drama is created only for there consumation n i m very happy for that warna raman aisa bilkul bhi nai h he trust ishu n loves her a lot

  20. Kavya

    Raman tmhe ishita par zara sa bhi bharosa nhi h na seriously disgusting vaise toh kehta h i trust u ishita aur ab ashok ki baato me aakar uspar doubt kar rha h
    Ishu ko shagun se compare kar rha h
    ishu ne raman aur family k liye kitne sacrifice kiye aur rama ko uspar zara bhi bharosa nhi h
    Dono bhai behen ramsn aur rinki ek jaise h uss ashok ki baato me aa kar ishu par doubt kar rhe h ridiculous

  21. darshika

    ya….. She is a virgin. Otherwise why doctor say like that……?”start normal relationship with your husband for a child” Am I correct…..?(I don’t know her past. But I think, she didn’t behave with subbu like that…….)

  22. siddhi

    Aur Raman bohat bad shaklay bana rah the aur ishita ko bohat Kurt kiya always immature behaviour pata nahi ishita is ra1kumar ko kas jhalti hai

  23. siddhi

    Peh le simmi phi pagal thi air romi to abhi takhai aur an rinki Bhi pagal ho gai hai Mrs bhall Bhi pagal thi peh Le pagal thi aur Mr bhalka Bhi pagal ho gai hai aur Raman toooooooooooooooooo

  24. jasmine

    Today’s episode is bad. When the ashok scene comes I change the channel,when he try to do something bad to ishu & raman. I m waiting to see. Ishu & raman ‘ s romantic scene. Shagun character is good now.

  25. raman pe gussa hona jaayaz hai.i nean aurath ki self respect hothi hai ki nahi.ishitha ke saath jo bhi hoga uska zimmedar raman hi hai aur woh toh ishitha ko bachaane bhi nahi aaya.balki shagun ne bachaaya. jo bhi baath ho ghar mein suljaathe naa ki saara sab kuch party mein nikaal the . ishitha party mein akeli thi ,sab usse compliment ke saath saath buri nazar se bhi dekh rahe the aur raman ishitha ko akela chod diya. aur shagun ke saath kyu compare kartha hai aur hamesha uss ashok ki baaton se influence ho kar ishitha ko hurt kartha hai. raman ko acchi tarah se patha hai ki party mein ashok jaise kameene honge phir bhi akela chod diya.

  26. Yeh Hai Mohabaatein will witness an intimate scene between the leading pair of the soap, Karan Patel and Divyanka Tripathi and there was a rumor that Karan’s new bride Ankita will be present on the set to see the shooting.

    It is also rumored that “After hearing about the consummation scene from Karan, Ankita made it a point to be present for the same. We have ensured that there are very limited number of people on the sets, including the crew. The scene is a high point in the show, and only selected people are going to work on it.”

    The romantic sequence will be shot on Tuesday, and it will be aired on Thursday on Star Plus channel. Divyanka has laid certain restriction in shooting the scene. According to sources, “Divyanka has put forth some conditions for shooting the scene. She has asked the production house that there should be minimal people on the sets and that the costumes for the scene should be of her choice. She wants the scene to look aesthetic and not vulgar in any way. In fact, she has said that she will shoot the scene only if her conditions are adhered to.”

    But Divyanka Tripathi rubbished all the rumors by posting on insta saying ” We shot fr consummation yesterday.Didn’t see KP’s wife around.Shocked to see such fake news rapidly churning out on her name. Disappointed! “

    After this intimate scene, the makers are planning a generation leap sequence that will go on air by the end of this month or next month.

  27. patha nahi yeh leap kitner time ya years ka hoga.

    plz protest against this.we dont want any aort of leap ever in yhm .

    its better to end the serial rather than showing leap.

    yhm plz rock like before.

    hope ki iss week ka trp bahut kam aaye taaki inn mskers ka akal thikaane aa jaaye.

    yhm ke harr news ke saath ek manhoos news hotha hi hai jo hune majboir kartha hai yhm naa dekhne ki

  28. Very bad raman ishita ko kaise keh sakta hai ki. Woh bhi shagun ki tarha nikli. …..ishita ko aaisa nahin kehna chahiye tha. ..

  29. Yeah. .leap lene ki zarorat hi nahi hai. .leap k bina bhi show aage badh sakta hai. ….hame koi leap nahin chahiye yhm mein. ..

  30. Right rithu. Yhm mein….ek good news aati hi bad bhi uss k sath aajati hai. … leap wali news ne dimag kharab kiya hoa hai. .

  31. za

    I wonder why do all the Hindi serials starts well and drags so boring, its’ well known that ashok and Shagun both are annoying character and why does Raman and ishitha both get upset, also if I am not mistaken it’s that raman has overcome his chirachidpan , since ishitha came to his life and he is portrayed has a CEO/// where is the maturity… come-on guys, if the story cannot be continued in an interesting manner finish it off… don’t waste everybody’s time. for Raman and Ishita, please don’t spoil your fan market by continuing in the drama if it leads this way.

  32. sf

    Hi, I’m from Sri Lanka and a very big fan of YHM. I follow the written updates daily. Really want Ishra to unite. But how can Raman be so insensitive like this? Does he not love Ishita at all? Is it just a liking he has about her? I can’t understand 🙁

  33. Jhanvi

    Kavi ….ishita ka accident huva that jab WO 17 years ki thi aur tab Dr. Ne kaha that ki shayad ishu kabhi cncv nahi kar sakti bt use kisine btata nahi that jab uski sagai hui tabhi kisi wajah se wo behoah hui aur report k bad ye bhar aya ki WO cncv nahi kar sakti isliye subbu ne sagai tod Di…ayr ishu ko bhi tabhi pata chala that use pehle se nahi pata that..

  34. V P

    Ishitha doesn’t deserve to be degraded like this . Her Character is so strong , felt so sad to see Ashok took advantage of the situation . And the reason behind is Raman . How can she forgive Raman easily ? Every time same thing is repeated between them . We are all enjoying this serial and theme , in fact the best in Star plus .ishitha , you are are really a gifted actress .

    • Johnny

      Yes ishita do have a curvy figure. But now a days she is getting so fat. It maybe bcoz of getting f**ked by ashok,suraj,paraam or maybe from production unit workers. Earlier in zee TV she used to do a serial name “Banumai Tere Dulhan”. Those days she use to look very pretty. But now she look like an ‘aunty’. Devyanka Tripati cant maintain her that figure. Its really very shameful for her.. :/

  35. SN

    Comparing to Surrogacy Track, the leap would be much better… No Surrogacy track PLEASE… Let Ishita have her own child and let it SHUT others mouth forever. It would be nice even if Ishita and her child had to live alone that get humiliated again and again, thereby you can give some life and importance to character “Ishita”

  36. darshika

    Thanks jhanvi….. I did’t understand that what did you say….. But I think, you give the correct answer to kavi…… And raman, you are so rude…… ! How did you dance with that girl in front of ishita…..? It’s very bad. Whatever happen to ishita, its because of you raman…… From SL.

  37. parthy

    Raman ko akal nahi hey. Tandon wife ke saath dance kar raha hai that too his beloved Ishita ki samne. Raman ko naye karna chaayeye.

  38. sf

    Dear Raman, not every woman will tolerate your anger. Maybe Shagun also left you bcos of your anger issues. Shagun was more interested in money, but there could be other reason why she left you. So you have to be thankful for getting such an understanding, loving, caring wife like Ishu. Ishu is not with you cos you are a CEO of a company. She’s with you cos she loves Ruhi a lot and her world is Ruhi. So without being so inhuman, try to have that concern about your child’s mother at least if you can’t treat her with love as your wife.

    • SN

      Very true… well said.

      If you could love/ couldn’t forget Shagun even after she left you for money with another man, then why you cannot love OR at least treat well Ishita… If you ask me Ishita is prettier than Shagun in EVERY way.

      Its confusing why makers want to choose a Surrogacy track with CHANGED Shagun in? Do they want to make Shagun as the heroin of the YHM and degrade Ishita’ s character? True the character Ishita is kind, understanding and patience but please try to take these good qualities for granted.

  39. vidhya

    come on guys. the makers dont have anything more to cook up with this generation and so they are trying to fit in all rubbish masala stories… and degrading the serial because the viewers are against a leap. But if they r having some real good story post leap, which would be more interesting… let them proceed.

    • V P

      Very true Vidhya , I too agree with you . But can’t they think of something other than this Ashok and Shaghun , though changed, can’t tolerate her .

  40. darshika

    ya…… It’s ok,if it is a good change. But we don’t want to see separation of raman,ishita and ruhi. And also we don’t want to see surrogate mother. From SL.

  41. Johnny

    2ni8 ashok will kiss on ishita’s br*ast, nipple, lips, shoulder. Ashok will have fun with this spicy ishita. :*

  42. Consummation’ track in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (Star Plus and Balaji Telefilms) between Raman

    (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) has created quite a lot of buzz among fans. With the
    two finally taking their relationship forward, gear up to see a high dose of emotion, drama and
    romance in the coming episode.

    As seen so far, Ishita had been quite upset over the fact that Raman ignored her and danced with
    Mrs Tandon. Ashok (Sangram Singh) will spike her drink, and take her to a room, to irk Raman. But
    the man would come in time and stop Ashok from fulfilling his evil deeds.
    With Ishita being in an inebriated state, Raman would decide to take a room in the hotel, to avoid
    the family seeing her in that condition. And there and then, the entire drama will begun (thundering
    Shared a source, “When Ishita will come back to her senses she will confront Raman on flirting
    around with other women and not even finding her attractive. The two will have a hugeshowdown,
    wherein Raman would also tell her that he hated the fact that she changed herself to a modern
    woman from the simple soul.”
    And to tease her further, he would say that he danced with the other lady as she was hot (he he!).
    Furious with her husband openly flaunting his choice, Ishita would plant a tight slap on his cheeks.
    He would then further say that he really enjoyed the hot company, when Ishita would slap him
    Furious by her actions, Raman would go ahead to kiss her passionately and that is how the entire
    consummation will begin.
    Superrr cool…isn’t it???
    Raman-Ishita will then romance to Kalyug ‘s popular track Tujhe dekh dekh and sparkle up your
    TV screens with their sensual romance.

  43. poor raman do do thappad kayi hai biwi ki haath se nd guys chill i dnt think leap vali news sach hai kyom ki pehli esa kaha tha na tho phir shayadh isliye aab e rumour create kar rahe hai

  44. Jhanvi

    Wow mizum thanx for sharing d news… Nd waiting for today’s epi.. Finally it’s going to happen….

  45. Jhanvi

    Yaa bhagi I also think so…..Nd if d news is right… Then I have to say makers have forgot they plot….Nd bdw there is many things are incomplete in d show …like rromi’s mrg… Sarika’s mother’ secret…. Abhishek’ truth… Mihika Nd abhishek love story…shagun’s love track…family reunite Nd ofcrce…. Rinki……..

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