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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman waking up and thinking where did Ishita go. Ishita packs the things. Raman asks will you grind spices in jungle, Adi is not going on war, he will get everything, you packed things yesterday too. She says yes, but he will not know it, I m marking things and keeping packets of right quantities. He asks her to go along Adi. She says nice idea, and asks Neelu to get more rice. He asks where are you going. She says you gave idea. He asks if I give idea to eat poison, will you eat. He asks her not to go. She laughs and says my husband looks good when expressing love. He holds her hand and asks her not to go. Neelu comes and says sorry. Raman says everyone spoils my romance and goes.

Adi checks the cartons and asks what’s this. Mrs. Bhalla says its rice and grains,

this is ready to eat Aloo gobi. Amma gets more things for Adi. Mihika says I have got this and labelled things, I kept simple recipe book. Ishita says its all raw thing, cook it as instant food. Adi asks do you think I can cook there. Ishita says I know you took a big challenge and you are ready, you will be going alone, be prepared and come back by winning. He hugs her.

Mani, Shagun and Aaliya come. Mani says don’t worry, Adi won’t do all this, I arranged a hotel for Adi, breakfast, lunch and dinner is arranged. Adi says thanks, but I will stay in guest house. Mani asks are you sure. Ishita says yes, pamper him later on. Mani says if you guys decided, what can I do. Raman asks him to come. Adi signs Aaliya. Aaliya asks him to take care, I will go. Shagun and Ishita ask where. Aaliya says I have to meet my friend, I will miss her, she will feel bad if I don’t go. Adi says you go, I will leave. Aaliya thinks I have to leave before him.

Shagun asks her to go but come on time. Aaliya goes. Adi says I will just come and goes to room. She takes a family pic. Ruhi comes and wishes him all the best. They shake hands. She asks him to successfully complete project and come, we are known as Raman’s children, we won’t be known by our names till we get established, you know how society treats failures, all the best. He says yes, good luck to you too, don’t worry, I m not mature like you, I know Papa’s reputation and it should not be spoiled publicly, I want to thank you. She asks why. He says if you did not create problem in my life, I would have not thought to win this challenge. He goes.

Adi meets everyone and takes blessings. Mrs. Bhalla does his tilak. Raman sees Adi and cries. Adi asks him to be strong. Raman says who will manage my office now. Adi asks him to have food on time and call him. Raman says I should tell this to you. Adi says they gave me one month ration, you take care. Ishita says I can’t believe your Papa is crying, I have to take him upstairs. Raman says my son is going to stand on his own and hugs Adi, wishing him all the best. Adi asks him not to do this, else he will fall weak. Adi hugs everyone. Ishita says I will come with you, why is everyone shocked, Raman cried, I don’t have to cry, I will settle Adi and come back. Raman says its fine. Adi says I have grown up. Ishita says you will never grow up for me. Raman says its better, take her along Adi. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, she will take care of food and keep some maid. Ishita asks Adi not to take tension, I m mum, I have your tension. Adi thinks what to do. She asks him to come, don’t talk on phone, I don’t trust you, don’t know how you drive on highway. They leave. Mihika sees Bala.

Romi says Adi went, how is your work going on. Bala says everything is good, I m just carrying forward things. Romi says what about teachers and students. Bala thinks Romi has sent Seema. He says how dare you send her. Romi asks what. Bala says don’t act, it was so embarrassing for me, Shravan saw us and now I m unable to meet his eyes, Vandu is my wife till I m alive, I will always love her, how can you send that girl to my classes. Romi says I did not send any lady, what are you saying. Bala says please, just grow up Romi, this immature things do not suit you. He goes. Romi says strange, which girl was he talking about. Romi goes to Mihika. She asks what did you talk to Bala. He asks why. She says tell me. He tells her about the lady.

She asks did he not feel good. He says no, he is blaming me, what’s happening. She says sorry, I have sent her. Romi worries. She says she is my colleague Shankar’s wife, Shankar is no more, she is a nice person so I thought… He asks are you mad, Vandu just left, he can’t forget her so soon. She says Vandu was my sister too, I can’t see Bala this way, atleast he is reacting in anger. He asks her to understand, you are hurrying, its tough for Bala. She says I think you are right, he got angry on you, I will tell him I have sent her. He says no need, he thinks I did this, everyone knows I used to do such cheap things, if you tell him, he won’t share things with you, this blame does not matter to me. She smiles and says you are so good, you look rough and tough, but you are sensible.

Ishita asks really, can your car go so slow, drive fast, we have to reach this month. Adi says yes, its traffic and road has pits. She says I m proud of you, but drive fast. He thinks Aaliya will be standing on Noida road, Ishita will know everything, what to do. His phone rings. She asks him not to answer. She says I m with you, I will make calls, tell me. He says its fine. Phone rings again. She asks whose call is it coming. He says I will see. She asks him to stop car. He stops the car. She gets down the car. He asks what happened. Raman comes after them and stops the car. Ishita smiles. Adi says you here. Raman says not just me, see there. Aaliya gets down the car. Adi sees Aaliya. Ishita says you both thought to fool us and go, Aaliya did not cry and went easily, you behaved chilled out, we have seen you, what was that, you wanted to fool us.

Raman says you thought you won’t get punished, Aaliya will be with Adi till his guest house is set, settle him and come back. Adi and Aaliya smile. Aaliya says I know its Adi’s challenge, but I wanted to help him. Ishita says I m your mum in law, I learnt this from my mum in law, mum’s duty ends and wife’s duty starts at some point, go with Adi. Aaliya and Adi thank them. Raman says Adi her bags are in the car. Adi takes her bags. Adi and Aaliya leave. Raman says Adi has grown up. Ishita says when will his father grow up. He asks her to come. She asks him to come, there is a hotel nearby. He asks what to do there. She says we will do satsang. They smile.

Romi hits someone’s car and gets angry. Ashok gets down the car and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Arey aaj raman ro raha tha. It was looking damn funny. Ab yeh ashok kaha se aagaya? Phir uska track chalega kya ab? Yeh ashok ka track mujhe utna pasand nahi hai. What about u all? Arey Pihu kaha hai missing her a lot?

  2. Kya??? Kamina Ashok waapas aagaya??? Ab kya naya syappa hone wala hai!!!!

  3. Finally Ashok Khanna the great CHUTIYA is BACK. I was really missing him. Glimpse of old YHM. I hated Niddhi. Ashok Khanna can never be replaced. Eagerly waiting for tomorrow.

    Ashok Khanna is coming back tomorrow. What about YHM family memebers of this page. By the way, I am Zaira. Am I welcome here??

    1. Yeah. Me too, missed Ashok Khanna a lot

  4. Ashok is back! But this time will he come in a more positive avatar or stick to his filthy deeds like before? This 6 ft 2 has got to change! I’m hoping like Param, Ashok also repents his mistake and make amends with Raman and Ishita. But what’s to say with the makers of this show. Luckily yesterday’s episode had more of the Ishra spark!

  5. bass ashok ki hi kami thi abb baki koi villan baccha nhi hai shagun has become positive nidhi in jail so dey have brought ashok ack damn irritating i was happy dat ashok left the show bt now hes back again some trouble now ruhi n ashok will join hands

  6. I guess that old yhm is slowly returning back! 2days epi was good i enjoyed it alot…& its better that ashok is back because he is much better than niddhi…i hate that stupid woman..& i wish that my shouldn’t be wrong!

  7. Ashok is back,I am thinking about this track,chalo ab kuch to change aega ishra ke life me,I mean nidhi track mai like nehi krrahiti,it makes me bore,Ashok track is better than it,eagerly waiting for this,and ishra hotel me satsang karenge,what’s the meaning of this,I hope it is interesting to see tomorrow episode,pata nehi kaya hoga,but jyada hopes nehi hai

  8. Ashok is back! Never thought i’d be this happy to see him back in YHM, but thank god niddhi drama ended and atleast Ashok is good to watch. Excited to watch now!

  9. Finally ashok is back, really the real fun of solving ashoks created havoc is cry intrstng let’s hope yhm gets its old charm.

  10. Satya Bpharm

    I love ishitha & Raman always what they do today Raman was looking handsome

  11. Adi should go to Shagun

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