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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman meeting Dr. Batra and saying he will manage his clinic to give rest to Ishita. Adi is walking on the road sadly. He was about to get hit by a speeding car and Shagun pulls him. She asks is he fine. He asks where was she, why did she not meet him before, did she not miss him. Shagun says no, I did not miss you. Adi is called by the driver and Shagun leaves. Adi leaves in the car. Shagun stands far and looks on. She says Raman will give you everything, I love you but you won’t be happy with me. Bala brings Gajra for Vandu and says she will be happy seeing the Garjas, warmth ends between husband and wife after 2 children. He surprises her with the Gajras.

Vandu smiles seeing Garjas and says that’s sweet of you, you got it after years. He says I realized

this too, we did not spend time alone, and they recall old time. He says he will get coffee for her, and they can sit and talk. Adi comes home and Shravan asks him to come and play with him and Ruhi. Adi scolds him and makes him leave. Bala brings coffee and sees Vandu sleeping. Shravan comes to Ishita and talks to her about Adi. She says Adi has pressure of studies, so he might be tensed. Shravan says I m worried for Adi, I m not complaining. She says I know, you are good boy.

Ishita goes to Adi and gives him milkshake. Adi sits annoyed. She asks the matter. Adi says I met Shagun today. Ishita asks then… He says I asked her does she not miss me. She says she does not have time, she is staying in Delhi. She says maybe Shagun has troubles to manage things alone, she is your mum. Adi recalls Vinni’s words. Ishita says Shagun loves you a lot, nothing is more imp to a mum than her child, I assure you, don’t take tension.

Manoj comes home and sees food on the dining table. He says Shagun did not have food, is she fine. He goes to Shagun and asks is she fine, and sees she is drunk. She asks him to go and stumbles. She says I m very bad, I m a loser, I did not wish good for anyone, no one can stay happy with me, I m terrible, leave me alone. He comes out of her room and informs nurse that he won’t come hospital today. He thinks he can’t leave Shagun alone like this.

Mrs. Bhalla makes ghee parathas for Ishita and asks Neela to add butter whenever she makes parathas for Ishita. Adi sits to have the parathas and Neelu stops him saying its for Ishita, I will make for you. Adi says I want this, you make another for Ishita. The plate falls there and Adi leaves annoyed. Ishita asks Neelu what happened. Neelu says Adi was eating the parathas made for her. Ishita takes paratha and tries stopping Adi. Mrs. Bhalla stops Ishita and makes her eat the parathas.

Amma says Ishita’s sleep is also imp. Mrs. Bhalla plays music and dances. Amma comes there and asks Mrs. Bhalla to stop that music. She plays some Tamil mantras and says this is nice. They both start arguing. Mr. Bhalla and Appa leave seeing them arguing. Ishita comes and asks why are they fighting. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman and Ishita to say Amma does anyone play such thing for baby. Raman asks whose baby.

Mrs. Bhalla says your and Ishita’s child. He gets shocked and asks did they know. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma says they understood by baby virus story and met Manoj, he told us. Amma hugs Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says they are very glad and they know the reason why Ishita and Raman have hidden this. Amma says this is miracle. Raman says it has my contribution too. Ishita leaves being shy. Raman says Manoj said there can be complications and we have to take care of Ishita. He leaves. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma hug.

Sarika and Ishita talk about admission process getting delayed. Ishita says she will take her and tells Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla asks them to rest. Ishita says they are going for Sarika’s admission and they leave. Mrs. Bhalla says its her mistake to love her bahus so much.

Ashok is on road and throws water bottle on the road while talking on phone. A girl scolds him from throwing water bottle on the road and blocks his way. Ashok asks is the road of her dad. She argues with him. Ashik asks her to leave. She holds his collar to stop him. Ashok turns and raises hand on her.

Ishita holds his hand and scolds him for raising hand on a woman. Ishita speaks against Ashok. The lady says she will click his pic and put it on net to show how he is making road untidy. Ashok asks them to stop. Ishita asks her to pick water bottle and throw in dustbin. Ashok gets angry and scolds her. Ishita holds his collar and asks the women to make him clean the road. The women ask him to clean the road. He picks the water bottle and throws in bin. The girl asks him not to do it again and leave.

Ashok tells Ishita that she has to pay for this. She stops and slaps him. Ishita says its answer for that day, remember this slap and argues with him. She leaves with Sarika. Ashok says Ishita crossed all limits today, she insulted me infront of everyone, this won’t result good, Raman and you are waiting for the baby, I will see how long you guys celebrate happiness.

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  1. jhanvi

    Are yar plsssss Adi ki galatfemi jaldi dur karo wo ishita se naraz nahi hona chahiye.. Plsssss jaldi hi use pata chalna chahiye ki wo sab galat soch raha hai….

  2. nimrit

    whhhaat..aaj precap such me nahi tha…but why….maine aaj epi nahi dekha….only wrtn updts…..kuchh to dikhana chahiye tha….

  3. nimrit

    Keeping in mind his negative portrayals in shows like “Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi” and “Kahaani Hamaaray Mahaabhaarat Ki”, actor Akashdeep Saigal has been approached for a special track in popular soap opera “Ye Hai Mohabbatein”. According to a source from the production house, the actor is in talks with the makers to create differences in the life of lead pair Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Raman (Karan Patel). (Read: OMG! Ishita is pregnant in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein – Its celebration time for Bhalla family) “There is a special track coming in, and we have approached Akashdeep for it. It will be only for two to three weeks, but it will be a very strong role as the negative actor is supposed to get some disturbance between the protagonists,” the source said. “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” is aired on Star Plus.

  4. nimrit

    what a cheap makers….rubbish…bina soche samze koi bhi track la rahe hai…iasase trp to gaya samzo….silli kahi ke….hate them….

  5. tahira

    are ha precap nhi dikhaya aaj kyun itna suspense me kyun rakha ja raha h ashok kya karne wala h yaar i m worried guyys just chill adi ki galat fahmi jaldi clear ho jayegi dont worry

  6. Darshika

    good episode.
    But what’s this shagun drama….? Why does she behave like this…..?
    And is adi going to be bad again…..?
    And now, new negative role…..!!???
    I don’t understand anything.
    Pleasa makers, don’t do anything to ishita and baby….. Hope they won’t disappointe us. And I’m veryyyyyy confused about next episodes……
    From sri lanka.

  7. Ishita will have a miscarriage. What will follow
    post it? Read on to find out!
    In the last episode, we saw Raman (Karan Patel) taking
    extra care of Ishita(Divyanka Tripathi)and asking her to
    stay cautious about her heath. Ishita was touched by
    Raman’s caring side and asked God to bless her and
    her child. Mrs Bhalla informed Ishita that she would
    pay a visit to her doctor in order to get further details
    on her pregnancy. Ishita is worried about putting on
    weight put Raman reassures her that it isn’t so by
    messing with the weighing scale. Meanwhile Mrs Iyer
    stated that she was angry with Ishita has the latter did
    not inform her about the pregnancy. Later, Raman
    cooked Parathas for the Bhallas and they pretended to
    like it. In school, Aditya informed Vinnie about Ishita
    being pregnant and the latter stating that he will be
    neglected when the baby comes. The episode ended
    with Aditya getting worried.
    In the upcoming episode, we will see Ishita losing her
    baby. She will have a miscarriage and it is still
    unknown as to whether she will lose her baby due to
    natural causes or with someone else’s doing. It was
    shown that Ashok had learnt about Ishita’s pregnancy.
    Will he be the cause of her miscarriage? Stay tuned to
    find out!
    Recommended by

  8. Yes, the actress really cried her
    eyes out over
    something. Read on to find out what…
    We hate her ruining Raman and Ishita’s life. We
    her for using her kids for personal gains. We
    hate her
    for being so damn mean and selfish. We hate
    her for
    Shagun. We just HATE her! That’s how brilliant
    actress, Anita Hassanandani is… Her evil-knivil
    stint on
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is so well received that
    the actress
    has attracted a huge fan following. From gifts to
    fans have sent in a lot of love and appreciation.
    there’s also a drawback of the glam industry…
    it has
    haters too!
    Anita, who has always played really the sweet,
    next-door kind of roles, was never used to
    hating her for a role before. So when she
    received her
    first hate mail, the actress literally cried. In an
    exclusive conversation with BollywoodLife, Anita
    “The first hate mail I received, I cried. My
    (Rohit Reddy) then consoled me and asked me
    to take it
    as a compliment that I’m doing the negative
    so well. I was very upset because I’ve done so
    sweet characters and now I’m experimenting. So
    couldn’t understand why people are sending all
    the hate
    mail. It did hurt a little but I get more love
    mails so it
    doesn’t count.”
    Well, we agree with your husband Anita… you
    are doing
    a splendid job as Shagun and we simply love to

  9. Adi gets angry assuming
    as Ishitha will not love
    him when new baby will
    Ishita makes Adi believe
    that mother’s love is
    equal for her all kids and
    end Adi’s annoyance.
    Furthermore, Ishita also
    sort out study problem of
    Mrs Bhalla and Sarika in
    which Ishita makes Mrs
    Bhalla believe that she
    will manage house work
    so let Sarika continue her
    Mrs Bhalla thinks that
    Romi is not much
    educated and if Sarika
    becomes good educated
    then they might stuck in
    egoistic fight.
    Apart from this, Sarika
    and Ishita bump with
    Ashok and he comments
    on Ishita.
    Ishita gets angry and
    slaps Ashok which hurt
    Ashok’s ego.
    Ashok decides to kill
    Ishita baby which is her
    biggest happiness.
    Ashok tries to make
    Ishita accident but on
    time Adi save Ishita from
    Ishita and her unborn
    baby are safe now and
    Adi tells Ishita that he
    will forever take care of
    his upcoming sibling.

  10. OMG! Shagun and Ashok to conspire against Ishita’s baby?
    Hot gossip for the fans of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, as recently it is being reported that Shagun will once again turn evil and join hands with Ashok to conspire against Raman and Ishita. Shagun will do the surrogacy drama while Ashok will try to harm Ishita so she loses her baby.
    Will Shagun really turn against Ishita once again?
    NOTHING is confirmed yet.

  11. iss ashok ne toh naa jaane kitnee ladkiyon se aur mardon se pit chuka hai. raman agar ashok ko maartha ya shagun ya koi aur ladki toh ashok utnaa react nahi kartha jitnaa jab ishitha usse slap karthi hai toh.ashok toh ishitha shagun simmi sarika mihika toshiji aur naa jaane kitnee ladkiyon se thappad paa chuka hai aur gents mein raman romi mihir mani etc.sooraj aur param bhi ishithi ki thappad se bacch nahi paaye.

  12. hey guys i dont think so the surrogacy track will happen because shagun aka anitha hassanandani has to play a main role in surrogacy where she has already taken a shows liks comedy nights bacchao and even she will seen as a wild card entry in jhalak reloaded.

  13. siddhi

    Nice episode Mrs bhalla n Mrs iyer scene was gud but adi phir ishita ko mid understand Mar raha hai aur ab ye miscarriage wali news ho kya raha hai yhm me

  14. Star Plus popular show Ye Hai Mohbbatein sees Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) as a South Indian while her beau on the show, Raman, played by Karan Patel is a North Indian. This lovely tale of two states is about to swap. But why?
    Well, let us reveal the suspense! The duo has shot for an ad in which Divyanka and Karan have swapped sides as Divyanka plays a Punjabi kudi and Karan plays a South Indian hunk. And yes their kids too are not the faces you see on their show.
    We contacted Divyanka who said, “I had 12 changes overall for this shoot in which my favorite was the evergreen saree look. I enjoyed each one of them.”
    It will be indeed a treat to watch the the hit pair in a new Avtaar, what say?

  15. vasantha

    who is this aakashdeep saighal. why ishita slaps ashook , just to drag the serial. if you are short of story end the serial with happy ending. we are fed up this unwanted extension in serial

  16. Chamudi

    Ypee! Seems like no surrogacy due to coming news. That sounds great. Ishra scenes are really cute and lovely. Hope that Adi’s confussions will flu away.its clear that happy scenes make YHM on a higher position.
    Today’s episode was good but feel like it was too much what Ishitha did. She should have leave Ashok bcs he never learn.somehow those days YHM lovers are really happy & also should say that Karan Patel’s acting is superb as we don’t feel like he’s acting, It is fully natural,cute & when he speaks automatically his hands are talking too. From SL

  17. Mohan

    Again there will be some problem this time its again by adi or ashok not much excited as previous episodes how can they end the serial bcoz these two are best starplus jodi

  18. revathi

    Precap: ad’s classmate saying about his mom and adi gets angry and about to fight with that boy ishita enters classroom.
    Shagun talking to adi, raman comes there and starts scolding shagun and takes adi

  19. V P

    What is this ? There was no need for Ishitha and Ashoks slap seen . Too much just dragging the serial . And why this Aakashdeep character to come in between Ishra . As well please stop the serial if you can’t take it further . Adis feeling quite understandable . But you can clear it out positively . His feeling towards his mom too is genuine . Surrogacy now hearing Ishitha losing her baby in an accident caused by Ashok …this is just to upset the fans and surely the Trp to go down . Twists are required but let it be always a positive change . Ishitha looks stunning . Creators please one serial I have seen becoz we learn a lot from this serial .

  20. ifra

    in sbb they were told thatmay be yhm can take a leap nd ruhi is shown to be grown………but ruhanika dhawan is still in yhm as isra’s new baby…

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