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The Episode starts with Raman meeting Dr. Batra and saying he will manage his clinic to give rest to Ishita. Adi is walking on the road sadly. He was about to get hit by a speeding car and Shagun pulls him. She asks is he fine. He asks where was she, why did she not meet him before, did she not miss him. Shagun says no, I did not miss you. Adi is called by the driver and Shagun leaves. Adi leaves in the car. Shagun stands far and looks on. She says Raman will give you everything, I love you but you won’t be happy with me. Bala brings Gajra for Vandu and says she will be happy seeing the Garjas, warmth ends between husband and wife after 2 children. He surprises her with the Gajras.

Vandu smiles seeing Garjas and says that’s sweet of you, you got it after years. He says I realized

this too, we did not spend time alone, and they recall old time. He says he will get coffee for her, and they can sit and talk. Adi comes home and Shravan asks him to come and play with him and Ruhi. Adi scolds him and makes him leave. Bala brings coffee and sees Vandu sleeping. Shravan comes to Ishita and talks to her about Adi. She says Adi has pressure of studies, so he might be tensed. Shravan says I m worried for Adi, I m not complaining. She says I know, you are good boy.

Ishita goes to Adi and gives him milkshake. Adi sits annoyed. She asks the matter. Adi says I met Shagun today. Ishita asks then… He says I asked her does she not miss me. She says she does not have time, she is staying in Delhi. She says maybe Shagun has troubles to manage things alone, she is your mum. Adi recalls Vinni’s words. Ishita says Shagun loves you a lot, nothing is more imp to a mum than her child, I assure you, don’t take tension.

Manoj comes home and sees food on the dining table. He says Shagun did not have food, is she fine. He goes to Shagun and asks is she fine, and sees she is drunk. She asks him to go and stumbles. She says I m very bad, I m a loser, I did not wish good for anyone, no one can stay happy with me, I m terrible, leave me alone. He comes out of her room and informs nurse that he won’t come hospital today. He thinks he can’t leave Shagun alone like this.

Mrs. Bhalla makes ghee parathas for Ishita and asks Neela to add butter whenever she makes parathas for Ishita. Adi sits to have the parathas and Neelu stops him saying its for Ishita, I will make for you. Adi says I want this, you make another for Ishita. The plate falls there and Adi leaves annoyed. Ishita asks Neelu what happened. Neelu says Adi was eating the parathas made for her. Ishita takes paratha and tries stopping Adi. Mrs. Bhalla stops Ishita and makes her eat the parathas.

Amma says Ishita’s sleep is also imp. Mrs. Bhalla plays music and dances. Amma comes there and asks Mrs. Bhalla to stop that music. She plays some Tamil mantras and says this is nice. They both start arguing. Mr. Bhalla and Appa leave seeing them arguing. Ishita comes and asks why are they fighting. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman and Ishita to say Amma does anyone play such thing for baby. Raman asks whose baby.

Mrs. Bhalla says your and Ishita’s child. He gets shocked and asks did they know. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma says they understood by baby virus story and met Manoj, he told us. Amma hugs Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says they are very glad and they know the reason why Ishita and Raman have hidden this. Amma says this is miracle. Raman says it has my contribution too. Ishita leaves being shy. Raman says Manoj said there can be complications and we have to take care of Ishita. He leaves. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma hug.

Sarika and Ishita talk about admission process getting delayed. Ishita says she will take her and tells Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla asks them to rest. Ishita says they are going for Sarika’s admission and they leave. Mrs. Bhalla says its her mistake to love her bahus so much.

Ashok is on road and throws water bottle on the road while talking on phone. A girl scolds him from throwing water bottle on the road and blocks his way. Ashok asks is the road of her dad. She argues with him. Ashik asks her to leave. She holds his collar to stop him. Ashok turns and raises hand on her.

Ishita holds his hand and scolds him for raising hand on a woman. Ishita speaks against Ashok. The lady says she will click his pic and put it on net to show how he is making road untidy. Ashok asks them to stop. Ishita asks her to pick water bottle and throw in dustbin. Ashok gets angry and scolds her. Ishita holds his collar and asks the women to make him clean the road. The women ask him to clean the road. He picks the water bottle and throws in bin. The girl asks him not to do it again and leave.

Ashok tells Ishita that she has to pay for this. She stops and slaps him. Ishita says its answer for that day, remember this slap and argues with him. She leaves with Sarika. Ashok says Ishita crossed all limits today, she insulted me infront of everyone, this won’t result good, Raman and you are waiting for the baby, I will see how long you guys celebrate happiness.

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  1. in sbb they were told thatmay be yhm can take a leap nd ruhi is shown to be grown………but ruhanika dhawan is still in yhm as isra’s new baby…

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