Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ruhi asking Mrs. Bhalla and Amma to relax and just answer as she trained them. Simmi comes and gives them purses. Ruhi wishes them all the best. Raman comes and asks shall I drop you somewhere. Ishita says you both are ready, come I will drop you. They leave. Raman gets Mihir’s call and says fine, I will meet you there, I will pick you up, okay. Adi sees no one is at home and says I can talk to Aaliya. Mani is on phone. He hears phone ringing and asks Aaliya. Aaliya says you have my phone. Shagun says its my phone, I changed ringtone. Adi says did Mani know about Aaliya’s new phone, why is she not answering. Shagun sends Aaliya to get Pihu’s room and saves her. Aaliya says I have to inform Adi, thank God Shagun managed. She calls Adi and asks him to drop a message

first if he has to talk. He says really sorry, I had to talk to you, so I called, can we meet now. She says yes, where to meet.

He tells the place. She says I will meet you there. Shagun hears her and comes to her. She says I was right, its your phone, I lied there but who gave you this phone. Aaliya says Adi gave it. Shagun says I knew it, but you have to careful, you can use my phone, I know you are going to meet Adi, I have no problem, Adi is my son, I know Mani does not like Adi, I won’t tell him, I m always with you. Aaliya thanks her and leaves. Shagun says poor Aaliya, she thinks I m taking her side, she does not know why I m encouraging her to get close to Adi, Raman and Mani’s rivalry will end, Mani is simple and can give Pihu to Raman and Ishita easily, but I have to stop this.

Mrs. Bhalla and Amma see the ladies who came for the job. Mrs. Bhalla asks do we have a chance for part time teacher job. Amma says yes, its Ishu and Ruhi’s plan, we have to take care of Pihu and get her back home, don’t get nervous, if they ask anything, answer them, very easy. Amma is called for interview. Mrs. Bhalla says let me go with her.

The man asks Mrs. Bhalla why did she come along. Mrs. Bhalla says my friend was nervous, so I came along, you can ask anything to us. He says fine and takes their interview. They answer with confidence. He gives some paper. Mrs. Bhalla tries to look into Amma’s sheet. The man asks her to write herself. He says Mrs. Iyer is over qualified for this work, and Mrs. Bhalla could not solve any simple maths. Mrs. Bhalla tries to explain. He says sorry, I can’t give you this job. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma request him for job. He asks are you good with kids. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, I love kids and they stay happy with me. He says fine, I have a job for you. She thanks him.

Ruhi waits outside. Amma comes and says I got substitute teacher job. Ruhi gets glad and says I m proud of you. She asks Mrs. Bhalla what happened. Amma says she got kids’ caretaker work, not teacher job, she will take care of children, feed them, say stories and…. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ruhi to laugh. Ruhi says I was not laughing, you both will get chance to be around Pihu, we will go and have icecream to celebrate, come. They thank Ruhi. Ruhi says why are you thanking me come, we will go and have icecream.

Adi and Aaliya are in restaurant. Adi gives her a rose and says I could have not hidden the bouquet. She thanks him for making her feel special. He says you give the time, which is most precious, thanks. He sees Raman coming and hides face behind menu. He asks Aaliya not to turn behind, my Papa is standing there. She asks what will we do now. He says I don’t know. Romi comes. Raman asks him to check table. They get the table near Adi. Romi sees Adi and signs him. Adi signs him to take away Raman, and help. Romi makes waiter slip towards Raman. Raman asks waiter to see and walk. He goes to washroom. Adi pays bill and rushes out with Aaliya. They see Mani coming. A man asks Mani to sign on the paper. Adi and Aaliya turn away.

Pihu asks Shagun to take her out, I did my homework. Shagun says you stay at home, watch your serial. Pihu says I will be bored at home, Aaliya is also not at home, take me. Shagun asks for her phone and shows the new games download. Pihu says I m not interested in games. Shagun asks her to make friends group and chat. Pihu likes it. Shagun says I will make chocolate milkshake for you and goes. Pihu adds all friends and says Ananya does not have phone, I will add Simmi. Mani signs and goes ahead. He sees…..

Mani sees Singhal and says sorry I got late, why did you call me urgently. Adi and Aaliya hide and rush out. They collide and the sound makes Mani turn. Mani does not see them and goes. Adi says we got saved. Aaliya says till when will we meet like this, its very risky. Adi says thank God, we did not get caught. He says sorry, I can’t drop you today, you manage. She says don’t worry, I will manage. He says I will go office, take care. She says I will take care, bye. She goes. Adi leaves after her.

Simmi gets the group request and thinks to check. Ananya says Pihu added your number as I don’t have phone, Shagun bought new phone for Pihu. Simmi says don’t teach me, I will call Pihu and end this group chat. She calls Pihu. Pihu asks Ananya about group chat. Simmi asks her who gave her phone. Pihu says I was getting bored, mumma went out and gave me phone. Simmi asks her to do outdoor activities and not chat, its not her age. Pihu says sorry and ends call. Simmi worries for Pihu, and thinks what is Shagun doing.

Raman asks Romi did Singhal tell us this place. Romi says yes, he would be coming. Singhal comes with Mani. He introduces Raman to Mani. Mani says you know I know Raman, did we come here to meet him. Raman says I think we came to talk about business, sorry, we will meet next time. Singhal says you both fight like kids, I called you both to talk, someone is unhappy with your fights. Raman and Mani ask who. Ishita comes and says its me, I know you will not listen to me, but its harming your business, so I took Singhal’s help. Raman calls her mad and argues with Mani.

Singhal says you both are top businessmen and fighting like this, I promised Ruhi that I will help in your project, keep differences aside. Romi says shall we sit and talk, everyone is seeing. Raman looks on.

Singhal asks Mani and Raman to shake hands, don’t waste time. Raman and Mani get up to shake hands. Ashok comes and interrupts them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What is this serial trying to show, I mean a little girl with mobile phone making a chat group. Sorry don’t mean to offend anyone. Ashok will again create problems for mani and Raman. Shagun probably sent him.

  2. Shagun is spoiling Pihu….srsly Ishita never did did to either Adi or Ruhi…..wish and pray that Pihu realises that Ishita is her real mum and shagun is just using her

  3. Hu now ashok will do something to spoil the patch up of raman and mani (on behalf of shagun probably)

  4. My head is spining now like shane warne leg break bowling

    1. shreya shetty

      ooo hahahahahaha is it magic.ur heads spinning after watching this episode??wheras for me I got bonkers after watching this holy crap serial all this time since 3 years till now from the beginning till the end.i just want to fry shaggy along with ashok and pihu and eat them up coz they re DAMN evillllll evil!!!aaagh I know that this isn’t real at all but just reel,somehow I feel that they should be eaten by us coz we yhm fans are sooo fed up after tolerating their nasty roles and attitudes.ruhanika is a best actress of playing the role as pihu but that dirty cold blooded shaggy shagun should be destroyed fully in shatter pieces I cant take it anymore after her demonish antics in fact shes 100 percent ready to go to hell and get off

      1. KAINA

        ohh shreya shetty plz dont it this shagun pihu and ashok as they are so dirty that they will cause constipation in ur stomach

      2. Oh god you are non vegeterian

      3. shreya shetty

        then what I don’t eat people simply it was just a joke dear magic and kaina.actually I got very much irritated after seeing that this stupid shaggy shagun giving her phone to pihu,doesn’t she know that pihus too young to chat in such an age???if she deeply loves her daughter pihu then she wouldn’t have done this.i regard shagun to be given an award of no 1 worlds worst mother ever so that only then she ll get the heck out of this show.shagun is like a doll for me whom I can torture her anytime,this dream came to me when I was thinking.ishita said she ll kill her but why couldn’t she???shagun is only blessed to give bith to three children but never learnt how to take care of them and love them with deep affection in fact she simply snatch them away from ishu and is very good pretender in showing fakest fake love to them that’s why adi and ruhi hate her soo much because of her filthy nature.yes kaina,I know these three villainous characters are going to give me a headache coz they re too much disturbing shaggy pihu and ashok.pihu should stay with that shaggy and let the two evil animals remain together forever as always.dumb pihu I just hate her deep in my heart!!

      4. From where are you shreya? And that was joke i know you don’t eat people ok

  5. Shagun will never willing to fulfil the all wish of pihu without the help of other. Everytime She need someone to fulfil her n their children wishes. If director start the story of shagun taking the responsibility of pihu financially then it’s a good chapter otherwise if not the serial become boring

  6. I have a feeling Pihu will end up chatting with a pedophile or something like that and get or almost get kidnapped then the court and the world will see Shagun for the careless, stupid woman she is. Just because she can have kids doesn’t mean she can be a mother in the true sense. Sometimes the wrong people in this world is bless with having kids but don’t know how to be a real mother.

  7. shreya shetty

    that annoying evil shagun is yet again up to no good at all.shes too much I just feel like frying her along with pihu of their worst behaviours ever from a evil girl and mother.cant this pihu get a life and realize that ishu is sacrificing so much for the entire bhalla family for the sake of her happiness and also kept even ruhi and adi happy as well.this pihu character should go for some special appointment to the cycatrist in order to get her brains checked properly so that she ll never ever spit harsh words on ishu and her papa raman ever again!!!!ohhh and one more surprise for the villain huh???indias no 1 corrupt politician ashok Khanna back again to trouble raman and mani even more just stop the heck out of it u pathetic ashok and shaggy doo.shagun the shaggy doo might probably had been a vampires all the time since her previous birth.god if only she would die then everything would get sorted out easily if she goes to her own grave.this drama is even dragged more further as usual never ending villains keep winning and good heroes keep losing???ekta mam doesn’t deserve to be a good writer at all but they should kick that stupid ekta as a writer for her demadful ideas

    1. Yes Shreya didi ur absolutely right!! But Pihu is not to be blamed in this case. She is just a 7 year old girl and doesn’t know what is right and what is wrong. If Shagun was a good mum and loves pihu, she would have not gave phone to the child…she would allow Raman to meet her….as I said Ashok for Shaggy and Shaggy for Ashok…. He is brainless man. shameless man, and a nose poker, always pokes his nose in other’s matters. We have to blame that Shaggy. Because of her, Pihu is not in a good condition….

      1. shreya shetty

        obviously ananthi u ve said the fact about shaggy and ashok.they deserve to be together as evilest villains and let that pihu stay with her only then she ll understand that how ishimaa took care of her when shaggy was not around.ishita deserves pihu rightfully because pihu is born through ishitas egg and with ramans after then when its fertilized its trasnffered to shaguns womb.she just only gave birth but didn’t teach her proper mannerisms at all like our ishu who has never had a child on her own but deeply loves children more than anything else and also cares for her family way sweetly.shagun should just die and I am awaiting for her fate to get hanged.not only that shagun should go to jail but also get hanged for becoming a worst criminal In the entire indian history

    2. Hi all yhm fans.episode and precap both crappy. They should rename the serial to evil wins damn boring.cvs please use ur brains and come up with new ideas or else each en every yhm fan will vapourise u guys.hahahaha

      1. Hahaha lets go and do

  8. shreya shetty

    oh I c parichary dear.well good luck and best wishes from me and all other yhm fans over here.perform the best and I assure u that u ll certainly pass with flying colours.may god bless u and guide u to ur bright future dear

  9. Episode was worst and precap was also worst.
    Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya az sindhu Natasha sachie shreya Khushi Aliya naz mansi ananthi prisha simran bhagya Monique d aparna unique angel jaz jeni super girl Shona aditya disha juhi Luna Aisha siddhi magic Saba ankitha and all yhm friends.

  10. KAINA

    hi guys i have been in a serious mess now and i dont know whom to share this with i am posting it here as i know some ppl older then me come better experienced in life then me come here so guys here i m i hav posted lots of comment under the name mahi as its my pet name so some of u must know me
    ok here i go my prblm is that 2day was my neet aiims coaching and they took the surprise test for the prepartion of aiims and to my bad destiny i didnt know anything out of 200 ques i could attempt only 50 so i tried to cheat but my patner who was in plan b who got dh liberty to leave the xam as their course didnt reach till that level also didnt knew anything and she left the hall know i was left all alone what 2 do and how to do i didnt knew anything the only thing which i knew was that the marks of this xam were going to be messaged and my mom dad would b at all happy knowing the marks so i got took the pen and went downstairs and saw answer sheet ( which they put 1/2 hr b4 the xam got over ) so i copied ol the answer of physics and did nothing of chemistry and biology i came and marked dh answer but when i was sumitting dh paper then this girl (LETS name her A ) came and exclaimed that how could i mark all these answer when i knew nothing and by chance she saw me going down so she concluded that i tick them on the basis of answer key that is downstairs ( which is partially true as i copied only physics and bio and chem where totally on my work) now she told this to her frnd B ( which is supposed to go in my van) know this girl A told every girl in her group and they ol were luking at me i told her that i didnt cheat and not to tell lies to any1 but she on my faced told that she is not talking about me ( that 2 when i clearly heard my name and the things that they were saying about me) and her frnd B told ol dh ppl in van ………. well and then every 1 started talking about me by the pet name that dey hav given me and this really upset me i mean how could they talk about my character when they are in dh worst place then i am i mean they hav secret boyfriends drink alchol smoke cigrattes that 2 without informing parents as dey r still juvinille and dh worst part of hole sitution this girl is pointing finger at me when last year i only made her cheat so she could be in dh good batch ( as i thougt her parents will get happy and as i cant see my parent sad so couldn’t she so i help her) but know she is pointing finger at me only well guys i need ur help as i am scared that she might go to the teacher and complain as they will find easy proof in cctv camera and then they might call my parents (for whom i did this ol) how to say myself guys plz help i know what i did was wrong but dude ol this was just for parents and not for good marks (as if it was hav been for gud marks then i would hav copied ol dh 3 subject and not only physics)

    plz guys be fair enough to judge me and yes i hope that u understand my sitution

  11. What a rubbish serial thi is now they should at least make mani realise and feel guilty knowing the whole truth about Raman and ishita.

  12. Why they can’t just use common sense instead of dragging this much?? I get annoyed when i see that Ashok. He deserves Shagun and Shagun deserves him as both are equal. Poor Pihu she doesn’t know that Ishima is her mum and Shaggy doo is spoiling her. How can she say that I can take care of Pihu? Shagun is purposely spoiling her against her parents. This is a reel life but I am getting obsessed more and more with this story. Shagun I think u shld consult a doctor. You are a sadist.
    I am fed up of this man….!!I mean how long to wait for a happier episode atleast once??? The problem is cvs are not thinking logically. They simply put negativity in this serial. Positivity 0.1% and negativity is 99.9%!!! Why do they show Raman as a coward and he’s misunderstanding ishu!? Mani is believing his wife more than his childhood best friend whom she had helped him. She was his support in 7years. Waiting for the leap … Will the 1year leap atleast be happy? I want Pihu to know the truth……..I want Pihu to apologize to ishu and call her as ishimaa.. I want more ishra romance…I want Shaggy Shagun and ashok to go to jail…I want Mani to divorce Shaggy….I want Mani to seek heavy forgiveness from Ishu…… I want ishu and Mani to be friends again.. .I want adi Aliya to get married…..
    Anyone happy to know abt the leap? I neither want leap.but if it’s confirmed I wanted a happy story with 75% positivity and 25% negativity only…..
    Seriously? Shagun is giving Pihu a phone??!. If our lovely Ishu finds out then it is fine.

    1. shreya shetty

      ananthi u ve said it rightfully 100 percent dear.even I too want mani to divorce shagun forever so that only then pihu will realize that her evil mother shagun is not real but ishu is her actual ishimaa.I am eagerly waiting like u for the time when adi and aaliya will get married and raman and ishu woul forgive mani for his selfish sins.maybe this leap could take a lot of twists and turns ahead and also want dirty evil shaggy doo and ashok to get themselves kicked out of this spoilt show.yeah the same thought u had even I too had ananthi.I am also expecting such things to happen so that this serial will return to its original track like how it was before happy and positive again

  13. wrong is always wrong.We can’t justify It by telling it was 4 others.if you don’t know the answers tell it to parents,they’ll understand.I know u love ur parents bt dont go in wrong path to happy them.So u have to face side effects 4what u hve did.Be brave&face it.Dont do it again dr.stop frustrating Now.don’t ever be shy to apologise

    1. KAINA

      i m not justifying i am openly admitting that what i did was 1000% wrong and i am ready to face any consequences if they want to insult me they can i will not raise my voice but i cant see my parents face down as they hav given me everything i want and the thing that i should tell it to my parents well i would hav told them evrything if it was damn that easy but dude they are as strict as hell and would not think 100 things good i did b4 making my ear bleed with there words

  14. Hi Sweetheart Kaina, Ok it happened. That is because u wanted to please ur parents. Why don’t u go & tell the truth to ur parents ask their forgiveness before the story as u say is circulating among ur frineds already . u know some friends are very mean & they will make a mountain out of a mole hill. So tell the truth to ur parents That u cheated & will not do that again. just to please them u did it as u were not prepared to to do the test. Let the ones who are drinking , smoking , Have boyfriends think what ever they want as u are not a bad girl as they are. they must be jealous of you as u won’t mix with them. it is ok Just forgive them they will realize what a good girl u are. next time sweetie be prepared for ur exam & study hard . so that u can get very high marks With honesty as Honesty always pays to go up in life. the truth wins all the time. But the lies don’t have a long life. It always comes out. when a person lies & cheats that person will mess he or her life . even when they are adults. they tend to get in to the habit in their marriage , job etc..
    So now u realise that u have done wrong admit it to ur parents before the wrong version goes to their ears & tell the truth to the teacher too. U are going to be a winner someday. because ur honest u came out with the truth here. u could have just hidden the fact u cheated. but ur a good girl . so dear don’t fear face the truth u will always be honest for life. no one is perfect we all make mistakes. i admire u as u admit the truth. next time don’t help anyone to cheat tell them u can’t be a partner in crime for bad cheating in exams or what ever.God Bless u & give u the courage to face ur parents & the teachers.. don’t forget Truth always WIN.. Luv u sweetie. be brave… Good Luck

    1. KAINA

      thanks mino ur a darling ohh i am gud at studies it was just that they took surprize test of previous year syllabus i can face my teacher and bear ol their insult but i cant do same with my parents till date even if my father shout my name in anger i start crying in front of whole gathering then this is cheating either they will kill me or their word but i hav thought to tell my mom everything but as a story with some other character and not me and pray 2 god that teacher insult me and not say a word to m parent

      1. Oh Sweetie i understand My Dad was very very strict.. he has not bashed us but his shout is worse than beating. My family is we were eight girls & two boys. but now my one bro died two years ago. we are all over the world. UK, AUS, LA, Houston, Florida & Sri Lanka. But though our up bringing was strict we were very honest. when we do wrong we tell our mum first so she tells our father in a mild way then he will say at least they are honest to admit the truth & keep quiet . But my our reports have got thrown on our face many times when he looks to sign. but we have all turned out to be professionals that he was so proud of. don’t u worry face the truth. even telling the mother someone else did it is also a lie. i can’t force u dear but be honest for once u will be surprised that they will understand. but don’t ever live a lie. tell them that u nearly lied to them as they will get angry but i was brought up honest so even if u scold i will tell the truth to u all than lie. ok. good luck to u i will pray for u to get courage..

  15. Kaina just read your experience and I agree alongside with Mino that you must be honest. Honesty begets honesty. Parents are our pillars. They are our support pillars and when they are not there anymore the foundation crumbles. So you would not want to regret layer in life that you were not so open to your parents. Let them know and they will understand. They will get angry but they will simmer down eventually. After all they are your parents my dear. Don’t worry. Just he honest and take this as one of your life experiences and choose friends wisely. Bad associates spoil useful habits. Learn to be prudent in your life and God has given your wisdom and use that wisely and in a good way.

  16. Hi Rithu, Mino, VP, ShivanI, Bhagya, Monique siddhi magic Khushi Jaz Az Kiran and many other fans.

    Poor Pihu she is entangled in the adults’ evil schemes. It is true she is only 7 year old and what she knows who is right and wrong. Shagun needs to be whipped like what happened to Niddhi. Something drastic must happen to pihu and then the court will decide that both Mani and Shagun can be good parents. Why can’t ishita and Raman teach Shagun a lesson that she will not forget. After all that is what shagun and Ashow always plans to do. If not Ishita and Adi should plan something against Shagun and Mani so Mani will stop trusting Shagun. All evidences mist point on Shagun and Mani will immediately reject her. Actually cvs are really stupid. Usually when you have a childhood friend you will not lose your trust on your childhood friend as you know her or him for many decades than your own husband and wife. So they should have thought about this angle before creating the story in this angle. I think we all should apply for the post of cv and I think we will come up with better YHM. I think using Aliya and Adi is just a filler. They should try to resolve the pihu track and the business track if that is the main plot rather than having Adi and Aliya now and some nonsense IT raid etc. They twists until they don’t know how to tie the knots completely for the twists.

  17. I meant to say Shagun and Mani can’t be good parents.

    1. Hello sindhu you are right they can’t be good parents because shagun is evil and mani is also infected by her and are you going to apply for the post of cvs hahahahaha than i will not apply because if i applied than i will be selected for sure so go ahead and take that job and plz kill the character of shagun immediately
      btw its a joke indeed

      1. shreya shetty

        yeah even I want that shagun to be in jail 4 ever so that she ll never ever return ngo worker secretly being a criminal in ones family shame on her yuck!!!

  18. Where are you guys jaz jeni Shona aditya disha juhi Luna Aisha siddhi Monique d unique angel Khushi and many of you ?

  19. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Adi gets shattered when Aaliya informs him about her marriage gets fixed and bridegroom family accept her.

    Mihika and Romi are upset knowing about it and Mihika tells him that they should make Aliya drink so boy will refuse for marriage.

    But Mihika’s plan gets flop and boy agree to marry with Aaliya and Romi angry on Mihika for her plan.

    Ishita tells Adi to inform Aaliya for not taking any wrong step as they will not her marriage at any cost.
    Raman unaware Ishita plans getteing Adi and Aaliya’s marriage secretly

    Apart from this, Raman is completely against with Adi and Aaliya’s relationship as he does not like Aaliya so Ishita, Romi and Mihika plan to help Adi and Aaliya hiding it from Raman.

    What will Ishita do to get her son Adi’s marriage with Aaliya?

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  20. YHM upcoming: Mihika silly plan to unite Adi-Aaliya, Romi irked

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some high intensity drama.

    It seems that Mani and Raman (Karan Patel) will turn out to be villain in Aaliya (Krishna Mukherjee) and Adi’s (Abhishek Verma) love story.

    It seems that Mani will plan to get Aaliya married to separate Aaliya from Adi.

    Shockingly Mani will call the bridegroom and he will agree to marry Aaliya.

    Apparently Mihika will make a plan and asks Aaliya to get drunk in front of the bridegroom so that he refuses to get married to her.

    However Mihika’s plan will be flopped and the bridegroom will not cancel the marriage.

    On the other hand Romi (Aly Goni) and Mihika will end up fighting as Romi will find Mihika’s idea very silly.

    Stay tuned for more updates.

  21. Star Plus Popular TV show of Karan Patel and Divyanka Tripathi is Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is gaining a lot of audience with a lot of twists and turns.

    As we have seen, Raman and Ishitha are at loggerheads regarding mani. They both fight with each other. Raman shouts on ishitha and blames her for adi’s behavior. This makes her angry and gives a tight slap on his face.

    In the upcoming episodes of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, a guy would be coming to see Aaliya for arranged marriage. Aaliya’s wedding is about to get fixed and Adi is worried about losing her. Adi decides that he has to spoil Aaliya’s image in front of the guy. So Adi, Ishita, Romi, and Mihika get together and decide to sabotage the meeting. They will be creating situations that make

    So Adi, Ishita, Romi, and Mihika get together and decide to sabotage the meeting. They will be creating situations that make Aaliya look like a bad choice.

    Now once their operation is complete, instead of the guy rejecting Aaliya, he likes her even more! He agrees to marry her! Adi and Ishita’s plan has failed and now Aaliya is about to get hitched with a random guy.

    Stay tuned for more updates of Ye Hai Mohabbatein.

  22. Star Plus Ye Hain Mohabbatein starring popular faces Divyanka Tripathi and Karan Patel is exciting the audience with their amazing chemistry. The show is focusing on raman and mani’s rivalry which is making the families fight together.

    In the coming episodes, aliya accepts that she is in love with adi. But this did not go well with raman and mani. They both quarrel and separate the love birds.

    Now adi will be confident and he decides to win his love at any cost. He even thinks to fight with his papa and mani for aliya.

    According to reports in the media, to make the story interesting the makers of Ye Hai Mohabbatein have decided to take a six months generation leap. It has also been reported that the cast and crew of the show will soon be heading to Australia for an important sequence.

    It is due to the low TRP the show is getting and there is also a good news for IshRa fans. They are waiting to see the re-marriage of Raman and Ishita which is pending after the leap. Makers decided to showcase it in the month of october.

    So YHM fans get ready for the LEAP and remarriage of IshRa. To know more updates check this space.

  23. Hey guys a very good afternoon to all.

  24. The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ most successfully running show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some interesting twist and turns.

    It seems that Mani will plan to get Aaliya (Krishna Mukherjee) married to someone else so that she can stay away from Adi (Abhishek Verma).

    Aaliya will feel helpless and will have no choice but to accept Mani’s wish.

    On the other hand Adi will be shattered to know that he will lose Aaliya forever.

    However Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) will make a plan to unite Adi and Aaliya against the wishes of Mani and Raman (Karan Patel).

    If rumours are to be believed Ishita will help Adi and Aaliya to elope and get married secretly.

    Lets’ wait and watch what happens next in the show.

  25. Star Plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) life.

    In the upcoming episode, Aliya will run away from her house as Mani has grounded her and fixed her marriage alliance with an unknown guy.

    Aliya goes to reside in a hotel room and calls up Adi to meet her immediately.

    Adi goes to console shattered Aliya where Raman catches them red-handed misunderstanding them and gets them to Bhalla house.

    Raman accuses Aliya in front of Mani for trying to trick Adi and notifies Mani that he could not control his daughter.

    Mani fumes and slaps Aliya hearing Raman’s accusations.

    Let’s wait and watch for the upcoming twist.

  26. Plz tell me someone what happened to Aliya’s feelings about Mihir. Now she is going to marry some other boy right. I’m so happy about that. I really don’t like to see Aliya with Mihir.

  27. Aaliya says I will go out and meet Adi. Raman comes and scolds Aaliya for troubling Adi. Raman asks Mani and Aaliya not to plan anything to ruin their family. He asks Mani not to use Aaliya against their personal rivalry. Adi and Ishita try to calm down Raman. Raman taunts Mani and leaves. Mani angrily slaps Aaliya many times. Shagun stops Mani. Aaliya tells Mani that he can’t stop her from meeting Adi. Shagun gets a chance to provoke Mani against Ishita. She says Ishita is influencing Adi and Aaliya, whatever happening is wrong, its totally going out of hands. Shagun plans to secure Pihu by making Mani against Ishit

  28. shreya shetty

    Kaina dear I can understand u r problem.just try to ignore ur meanie friends whosever did that to u by accusing u so bad and anyways cheating in examinations is more worse than getting scoldings from ur teacher.if u don’t know anything be honest and admit it that u didn’t study and come dear write whatever u know about the questions and please never ever try to cheat because even that too becomes a nasty habit later on.after some few days go and forgive u r friends for what they had done and speak out the truth to ur parents that u ve cheated and promised that u shall never commit that mistake again.why don’t u tell this to u r teacher I am sure she ll accept ur reason and forgive u for ur mistake of copying a test nothing much but she ll give u a chance to not to make it happen at all.take care and all the best for ur nearing tests and may god bless u

  29. I think more and more leaps and taking away the ishra romance as now

  30. Hi rithuseree and yhm fans,todsy episode is ok,because i love when Adi and alya run to go out from restaurant and Romi help then,is funi. What do u tink yhm fans?because of then yhm litle interesting.

    1. shreya shetty

      yes of coruse adi and aaliya do make a great couple and friendship pair and also whenever they try to escape they do so in a secret but funny manner.yes certainly they do make the show very much interesting we all agree with u saba!!

  31. shreya shetty

    mani u demon get out of this sow.we don’t want such a lunatic character like u mani go away and never ever return to this show ever!!!wish u too had died along with shaggy then this wouldn’t have happened.get ready soon mani coz u r going to jail afterwards with u dear evil wifey shaggy dare u and have the rights to slap aaliya like that yuck shame on u for behaving like such an ungreatful man with utterless mannerisms right now u should be sent for some mental medical treatment in an asylum.HATE U MANI AND SHAGUN AAGH

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