Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Parmeet agrees to remarry Simmi

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla crying for Ishita. Amma says you all have made her leave the house, my Ishu did a lot for this house. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, but she has snatched a lot. Adi asks Amma to leave, Dadi is in stress. Simmi says tell Amma not to come here, else I can kick her out. Mr. Bhalla asks Simmi to be quiet. Amma goes. Ruhi and Pihu meet Ishita. Dil se dil ka…..plays…..They hug Ishita. Ishita sends Ruhi to get water for Pihu. Pihu says let me tell everyone, please, I can tell truth, then you can come home with us. Ishita says you don’t have to say anything, forget this, move on in life, just listen to them.

Ishita asks Ruhi to take care of Pihu. She says don’t come to meet me again. They cry. Ishita says sorry, I want you to move on, I don’t want

you to see this, I love you. She goes and thinks of Ruhi and Pihu. Tere dil ka mere dil se….plays…. Ruhi and Pihu see Raman, and hug her. Ruhi says Ishimaa doesn’t want to meet anyone. Raman says you both will never come here from now on. Ishita asks for a paper and pen. She writes a letter and sends for Shagun.

Simmi gets angry and says we will together run this house if Ishita is not here. Mrs. Bhalla cries. She gives the house keys to Simmi, and says now its your responsibility, I m tired. Ruhi and Pihu come home. Pihu cries and goes. Ruhi says she is upset because of Ishimaa. Simmi thinks I m glad seeing them like this, see Ishita what I will do with them. Parmeet gets Ishita’s letter for Shagun, who asks Shagun to take care of their children well. He says sorry, I will do what I should, I will ruin you and Raman. Mr. Bhalla says I think we should get Simmi and Parmeet again, Ananya also wanted them to be together, Parmeet came back for Ananya. Mrs. Bhalla asks will he agree for this. He says I will talk and try. She sees Ishita’s pic and says you didn’t do this right. Parmeet sees Ananya’s pic and gets sad. He gets drunk. Mr. Bhalla comes to meet him. He says I want you to remarry Simmi, come and stay with us. Parmeet recalls Ishita’s words and thinks its a chance to ruin that house, she has snatched my daughter.

He says I agree, but did you ask Simmi. Mrs. Bhalla says I will talk to Simmi and convince her. Romi hears them. Mrs. Bhalla says Simmi will become like before if she gets Parmeet’s support. Romi tells this to Bala and Kiran. Bala asks what, Simmi is marrying Parmeet again. Romi says its all ruined, Raman is not talking to anyone, Ruhi is getting away from us, Mihika is not talking to me, what shall I do, Bala please help me, we have to tell Ishita to tell truth that she didn’t do this murder. Bala says no use, we went to meet her, she refused to meet. Ishita sees photo album. Constable says she doesn’t want to meet anyone, she looks innocent, someone will come to meet her.

Judge says I remember this case, one year passed, why is this case re-opening now, the woman has accepted her crime in court, who wants to reopen this case. Ashok comes and says I want to re-open her case. He smiles.

Raman, Ishita, Ashok and family members are seen in Budapest.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Preethika

    Hmm Guy’s I think this is a gud break we all enjoyed d series from der teenage to now Budapest. Very glad we covered 2 generations now gng to enter in 3rd generation Cong’s guys
    But it vil be much better if ekta mam gives opportunity to fresh faces with fresh story. Diz yhm is not any historic story to prolong diz much. If u start a new young generation also d same Ishra story repeats as u tried diz earlier too if am not wrong.
    Pls stop diz serial and start smthng fresh ekta mam.
    I hope all ppl support my opinion bcz am not wrong

  2. Another sad episode…simmi n param are so bad persons…. simmi’s behaviour is wrong to pihu n madhu…. really bhallas does not deserve ishIta….. they r real cheap matlabi …..specially toshi bhalla n simmi ….. raman ko apne children k sath bhallas se alag ho jana chahiye…..

  3. Yhm is a serial based on a famous athur named manju kapur novel custody .So it is unique not like other serials such as isqhbazz,yrkkh,CN etc.In Bangladesh we love this serial.We agree that it shows some negativity but on the same contrary it also teach us some thing good things.It is the only one serial which we can see with our whole family. So ,it does’nt matter about their age or they become old.If we watch it positive mind ,we can’t find any negativity. Keep loving it

    1. Hey don’t compare one serial with another ok!! All serials are unique on the basis of concept they get… ISHQBAAZ is one such….

    2. Ha ha ha!!! Very funny.. If you want to learn the innumberable ways of negativity then watch this series. I still don’t know y I watch it.. In some way I like it only for the characters natural acting and superb screenplay. I have been watching it since the beginning. But there is no positivity.
      If you want positivity and goodness then watch Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai. It’s a great watch. Even though the show is very slow, They show inspiring values.

      1. exactly shivani. YRKKH has always held high values of family and relationships and shows how all relationships should be respected. especially singhanias… how they treat each other with so much respect and understand each others situations without creating a big drama out of little issues as seen in other serials…its a big inspiration for this generation that doesnt get much chance to enjoy the warmth of joint family

    3. Don’t compare this series with Ishqbaaz. YHM has got so much negativity and has the ability to make a person very much depressed. But Ishqbaaz doesn’t drag the story like this and always has room for romance, trust, care etc.

    4. South African Fan

      Very true.Kids in South Africa love the show.I don’t think to many new characters need to hit the show…at least not yet.

  4. Yhm is a nice daily soap


    Ek chij nhi samjh aayi ki param ko kaise pata chala ki ishita ne koi letter likha hai.. Kuch v dikhate hain

  6. This simi has became monstrous…. I really don’t like her now…ishita warned her about param so many timed,but she didn’t listen to her…he influenced her and used her to ruin ruhi’s life through nikhil…but karma works in different ways he lost his own child…that’s the biggest punishment he can ever get but he didn’t leave his wickedness and he is still up to ruin bhala family and now simi is with him..she has became his big support..they both will trouble ishita’s kids specially pihu I think….well the precap is over my head…am getting bore now…no story no fun nothing

  7. What is happening ?? Ishita would have told truth to Raman atleast. My opinion is she did do right not telling truth to Raman atleast.
    When will everything comes out and all will be happy like earlier? Param and Nikhi;’s plot has to come out into light. Simmi should know the truth of Param.
    Ishita and Raman has to be together whatever it take. They both should not be apart.
    Param should go to Jail and Ishita should live together again. Please make it happen or else serial essence will go down and nothing will be there look at it.

  8. Bhalla family donot deserve Ishita especially toshi. How many times they insulted her but she proved everytime that she is not wrong and cared for everyone and took care of everyone. Does not they know she cant do like that and have confidence in her. One wrong thing happened and ishita became bad for everyone. Raman trusted her only he deserves Ishita.

  9. Again its going o be awesom

  10. pls dont separate isra . Param has to realise his mistake he lost his child . stiil he is ruining the Bhalla family nonsence. Pls atlest Pihu will tell the truth to Raman.Pls pls do the the major accident to Param . In last episode he is not worring about her daughters’s death. Again & again he wants to Bhalla family. Ekta want to seperate Ishra.We doesn;t want to see the serial

  11. Guys. I have been watching yhm for past 3 years. But I know one thing Apart from the first 500 episode yhm has been ok. Yhm has lot its charm whenever ishra are together. Whenever there is a ishra break up. Story attracts audience because it concentrates on their romance. I watch yhm for ishra romance, If ishra romance can bring back yhm back to its golden days. I prefer their separation

  12. Pooja Ch, is serial me villains ko sab patha chaljatha hai, antharyami hai sab villains na

  13. What has happened to Ruhi-Nikhil track? Surely Nikhil could not have disappeared just like that. And Ruhi..surely she could not have forgotten her love affair just like that and start to take care of Pihu. What’s going on?

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