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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harsh opening the file. Simmi thanks him. He leaves. Simmi checks file and shows Kunal’s real profile, how he is looting people. Ishita says he has big client list, they are controversial, he is big fraud, Raman wanted him to fight Pihu’s case, he would have got trapped. Raman talks to Pihu and asks how are you. She says I was unwell, but mumma gave me medicine at night, I m fine. He tells that her teacher met him, can he arrange teacher for her. She says no. He says grades can get bad. She says mumma says if we pay money, we can get good grades, education system is bad, so we don’t need to study more. Raman says no, its not like that.

Shagun comes with her friend. Shagun asks Raman you… He says I did not come to wish Diwali, I need to talk. Shgaun

asks him to go, my guests are here, just leave. Raman asks the lady to leave if she has shame. The lady goes. Shagun asks Raman have you lost it. Raman scolds her for spoiling Pihu and teaching wrong things. She says she is my daughter, I will do what I want. He says this time Kunal will fight my case, he is best lawyer, Pihu will come to me. Ishita says Kunal will get punished.

Kunal scolds Sheetal and asks why did you show them this place, who were they. Sheetal says two officers. Ashok comes and tells Kunal that it was fake raid, someone is joking. Kunal says what, they took my laptop too, they can use info against me. Ashok says relax, whoever did this will contact you. Kunal gets call from Mihika’s old number. Ashok asks him to put it on speaker. Kunal answers and says Mihika, Ishita says not Mihika, Ishita….are you shocked, we have your laptop and files, we want your CD, we took backup of your laptop and files, we want CD back, else your truth which we have seen will be out infront of world, then you know what will happen. Kunal and Ashok listen to her.

Ishita asks did you get shock that blackmailer is blackmailed, get ready, its Diwali tonight, we are busy, we will wait for your call, don’t act smart, you know how are blackmailers, happy Diwali. She laughs and says he looked scared, we have to get CD, we should leave for Laxmi puja.

Kunal says its because of Ashok, I m in this mess now I m lawyer, not a blackmailer. Ashok says relax, enjoy Diwali, I will solve your problem till morning, I know who will change this in our favor. Kunal asks who. Ashok says relax, go and enjoy. Amma asks Adi about gifting Aaliya. Raman hears them and thinks he can’t tell them about Pihu. Adi says I will ask Papa, he is romantic. Amma laughs and says Raman gave strange gifts to Ishita, if you and Aaliya fight by such gifts, I m not responsible. Raman hears them. Adi asks is Raman’s choice not good.

Amma says Raman gave tooth brush to Ishita once, and an ugly necklace. Adi asks Raman did you gift tooth brush to Ishita. Raman says yes, because she is dentist, Ishita liked it. Amma laughs. Raman says gift should be used again and again, one time use is waste, see practicality. Appa and Mr. Bhalla come home. Mr. Bhalla ask Adi about everyone. Adi says they will come. Romi says Mihika called, she is getting Ishita from clinic. Simmi and Ishita come home. Mr. Bhalla gets Mrs. Bhalla’s call and says yes, we are starting puja as you said.

Raman prays that he gets Pihu by Kunal’s help. Ishita wishes Kunal gets exposed, and Raman’s blind belief on him ends. Everyone pray and do aarti. Ishita signs Mihika not to worry. Its morning, Shagun talks to someone and says it means Kunal did not lose any case till now. She says Raman you can’t win, I will hire better lawyer than Kunal.

Raman says why is Kunal not answering my call, I will meet him face to face, I will convince him, I won’t let Shagun get Pihu. Ashok asks Shagun to sit in car. She says I m worried, I have to look for better lawyer, just leave. He says I will help you, come on.

Ishita talks to Mihir and says yes, we have to catch him soon. Raman comes. She ends call. She asks Raman to wait a min, sit. He asks her to say. She gifts him. He asks why. She says you gave me Diwali gift, will I not give. He checks and says its watch, I know. She asks him to see. He sees their children pic inside the locket watch. He smiles and says I have one wish that Pihu is with us on next Diwali, and finally our family completes. She says it will happen. He says yes, our time will come. They wish happy Diwali to each other and hug. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein….plays……….

Ashok makes Shagun meet Kunal. Shagun says Ishita is crazy and can go to any level, are you sure you won’t fight Raman’s case. Kunal says don’t worry, I will fight case from your side. She thanks him and Ashok. She asks Ashok what does he want in return for this help. Ashok smiles and says you thought right, I want you to call Abhishek and involve him in this blackmail, then he will do everything. She says I think he went Bhopal, I will call his sub ordinate, he knows Bhallas well, I will give such news that he comes running here.

Mani asks Adi to have something. Adi says no thanks. Mani says Aaliya will be coming, and Raman Pihu went to her friend’s house. Raman says Adi wanted to gift Aaliya. Mani asks Adi what did you get for Aaliya, if I may ask. Adi shows the gold coin. Raman smiles and says Adi, I told you to get something expensive. Adi says its better than your gift. You gave tooth brush and gift voucher to Ishita. Mani asks what did I hear, Raman you gifted that to Ishita, you can’t blame Adi, he has your genes. Aaliya comes and Adi gifts her. She likes the gift. Adi says see Papa, she liked it. Raman says Aaliya, mummy asked me to give this shagun to you on Diwali. She likes it and thanks Raman. Adi asks can i come later. Raman says sure, come later. Mani asks Raman to come and talk to him.

Ishita tells Simmi that we will tell Romi and everyone after we get CD, Mihika’s reputation is at stake. Mihika comes. Simmi asks shall i come along. Ishita says no, you take care. Raman asks what is it. Mani says sorry I lied to you, Pihu is upset, she is at home and does not want to meet you. Raman says I m a bad father. Mani says no, you just got stuck in bad situation. Raman says how to explain this to Pihu, my Diwali will be happy when my three children are with me. Mani says trust me, everything will get fine, just be patient.

Inspector stops Ishita. She says I need to make a call. He asks her to come to police station first, and does not let her make a phone call.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Boring, spoiler read that Raman loses pihu custody and then leaves ishita as he blames her again. Leap takes place then.

  2. Hi to shivani, rithu, vp, bhagya, magic and all yhm fans today raman except that he is a bad father and this is the truth and ishita being oversmart and get in trouble and to shivani you are a good student as eveyone said so, help me how many cu (centrel university) in india plz shivani

    1. I dont knw very well…
      Rajiv Gandhi University, Itanagar
      JNU delhi
      University of Hyderabad were in top list…

      I think magic can make a better judgment on this topic…

      1. Thank you shivani

    2. 43 cu (on behalf of shivani)

      such kind of negativity is not good and not acceptable because in serial you have to show balance between villains and main lead role as a writer but there is only villains are winning everything in this serial i think this is badman show

  3. Hissssing as usual Ashok and Shaun will win…getting tired of this serial.

  4. Enough is Enough… it became a total crap….after reading the latest spoiler, i have nothing to say about raman and YHM, because that will force me to use very bad language…cvs crossed all the limits….raman too…

    1. No shivani don’t break your record control because you didn’t use bad language yet so, why now but actually if you want than say whatever you want to say hahaha
      Hello to every yhm hater’s

    2. I agree with you shivani. It’s been a big crap now .

      1. I want to anaysis writing style and no1 is shivani 2 rithu 3 bhagya and 4 magic 5 me i am not saying writing skills because magic may have better than us but doesn’t have style so, as a student rithu and shivani you like my analysis or not?

    3. Yup…..thanks madhu..but when compared with sindhu vp magic susan rithu, i dont think my comment deserve any compliment…..

      1. yeah you are one of the best … I love reading your comments ..

      2. No shivani sindhu vp mino parichari are best but i did between us (student) only so, i think between us (student) you and rithu are best

      3. yeah you are one of the best … I love reading your comments ..Shivani

      4. Vp, sindhu, mino, parichari, bhagya are best of this site so, they don’t need any no. But i agree shivani and rithu are one of the best commenter’s of this site but i think magic should be close one hahaha

      5. oyo meri ma

  5. Nonsense episode, why they are not stop it?

  6. If they are separating like this….whts the need of marrying???all are wasted. .and the worst storyline I’ve ever seen..?

  7. If Ekta gives me a chance to write the upcoming story of YHM, that would be like this….

    Raman left bhalla house..ishu traps shagun and wins pihus custody.ishita is very happy that finally they got pihu…same day ,while driving home, ishu meets with an accident with severe head injury and suffers a memory loss…mrs iyyer and vandu blames raman for everything and will not let anyone in bhalla house to meet ishu.but raman blasts on iyers for hiding the truth from ishu that he is her husband.but mrs iyyer makes raman speechless by asking why he hide all the truths from pihu which is the reason of all the problems…mrs iyer decides to shift to somewhere else, as they dont want ishu to knw about raman and his family.. raman will try his best to stop them but goes in vain…
    After this incident,Raman becomes a drunk again..seeing raman like this pihu will ask ruhi about all the truths…pihu realizes that 7 years ago raman throwed ishita out from his life because she chose her own daughter pihu over the step daughter ruhi…and adi will explain how ishita changed his life and how much ishra loves each other….slowly pihu realizes ishitas place in everyone’s life and starts loving ishita… one day pihu will see ishita in a mall and runs to her…but ishu will not recognize her which makes pihu upset….she will break this good news in bhalla family…and raman will manage to find out ishitas whereabouts…but vandu wont let him to see ishita…ruhi adi reaches there with whole family but none see ishita…finaly pihu reaches there with adi ruhi but mrs iyyer fails to stop pihu as she is ishitas blood….adi and ruhi with the help of pihu starts recreating all the moments which brings ishitas memory back….but mrs iyyer wont let raman to enter in ishitas life again…and raman starts convincing Amma…ishu ,being a pure soul ,too help raman to impress amma…there would be so much funny and loving moments of ishra adi ruhi and pihu during this drama….finally amma agrees and ishra will live happily ever after with their three kids….
    Amid all these, a look alike of rinki will enter in mihirs life…she fell in love with mihir and marry him…mani will take shagun and aliya to Australia…ashok will die in a plane crash while visiting a foreign country….mihika will be shown as pregnant with romis child….
    END of YHM

    1. Good imagination

    2. Shivani episode was boring and bad …. but reading your story was nice ..

    3. A great idea Shivani. It would be nice to see a story line like this. Writers are showing such crap dramas to drag the show.

    4. Shivani,I love your imagination I hop every tink be back to normal.

    5. Thank you everyone for liking my story line

    6. Very nice shivani… Liked it .. Hope ektha also think the same..

    7. Bravo, nice story yaar

  8. Episode was boring.precap was bad.
    Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya az sindhu Natasha sachie shreya Khushi Aliya naz mansi ananthi prisha simran bhagya Monique d aparna unique angel jaz jeni super girl Shona aditya disha juhi Luna Aisha siddhi Saba ankitha parvathi priyaroli aparna siddhi padma madhu and all yhm friends.

    1. Hi rithushree hows you? Thankyou for taking my name you all very helpful magic did my help and you are also a very good studnt

  9. The serial has become worst and lost its charm ….. Dragging and dragging like hell.

  10. Hi all my super fans.ban this serial or end it!!!!!!

  11. I hate Pihu, pihu has his stupid father’s and evil surrogate woman’s qaulity not like Ishita at all. So why Ishita cry for her. Ishita is a so stupid to poke her nose into Mihika, no doubt about it. But losing that evil pihu is not Ishita’s fault its all because of raman and his ego and his hidden likeness for shagun. raman like all except Ishita

  12. They can show shagun anger for ignorance from people what she got

  13. Married just for view days its look like a phone game. Really worse the time. Just leave Raman and get the best man. Before divorse slaps him 3 times and show Ishita is not weak woman! Then make new scene Ishita is revenge to Raman become the evil on her business and drop down Raman, Ashok or every people wanna to touch her. Boring Ishita always being poor woman. Go Ishita, destroy them because of love! Don’t let anybody redicule you! You’re a doctor must be wily than unemployement of stupid Shagun!

  14. Read the spoilers. Such an awesome story turned into wicked. Raman is a chameleon. He is very lucky to have Ishu in his life as his wife but he as usual suspects to be bad. I hate Raman. I started admiring Mani now. He is 100times better than Raman. There are a lot of differences between them. Mani should go against Shagun for Pihu. Ishu sld never forgive Raman for all his mistake and blames. Pihu shld be told the truth clearly. This show is doomed to be watched by fans. Raman is a coward. He lost Pihu and blaming ishu?? Ishu is still worried for Pihu and others but does not worry about self. She is selfless and sensible. Raman is worried that Pihu might distrust him and doesn’t worry abt Ishu getting even more hurt. A bad thing happened. That was the SURROGACY!! SHAGUN AS THE SURROGATE MOTHER!!! the problems started from this. I don’t wanna say anything now or else I will lose my cool. Hate yhm to the core. I am addicted to it. That’s why I’m unable to stop watching this crap!!

  15. Hi yhm family,Rhyrhm,Super girl,Rithushree,Shivani,Magic,Madhu,Tuffy,Ayoola and al yhm fans,I hop Shagun be alone for episode is ok but need more excitement.

  16. Hi all
    Episode bad
    Why are we watching this serial
    I have stopped watching just reads update on line
    I love your take on the episode Shivani, beautiful
    Please don’t hate Pihu, she is just a child that has been manipulated & fed lies
    The thing is Mihika still hasn’t told Romi about the hotel incident and Ishita still not telling Raman what’s going on.
    I just hope the CVs change the storylines and make improvement cause it is getting boring

  17. Hi yhm fans,more comment please.i tink Pihu be nice with Ishita and soon she left Shagun,wath do u tink yhm fans?

  18. Magic,with subject u pick in Uni?wath do u want be?

  19. Ekta Kapoor….hates good couples…why they are separated ??? Is E.K. villain in real life… because….bad people ….always wins….better end the show.

  20. Shreya shetty

    hello everyone I am back??seems like everyone missed me a lot when I wasn’t here to comment I suppose. if I quit this site I am afraid that u all will forget about me whos ur good friend Shreya Shetty!!!I never had a intention of abusing u shivani its just that I get annoyed too much quickly when reading a negative comment.well anyways just forget about what happened and lets move on ok shivani.
    I ve decided only to comment rarely not everyday guys

    1. Hey my girl what happen?

  21. Shravan kumar

    All are mad people , it is just serial for time pass . all are taking seriously discussion on it . mad.. Mad..

  22. Waste of time to watch this serial,every time I think that now something good will happen but again again my heart breaks,is serial ko khatam karo.If raman Ishita will seperate again I will stop to watch this,I am starting to hate Raman’s character now

  23. Ha. Finally. Raman and Ishitha would be able to get pihu custody. Everyone thinks when the spoiler told Raman left bhalla house and blamed Ishitha. U guys started believing the spoiler. I think the suicide attempt by pihu would have made both of them to realise that Shagun has spoilt pihu in such a way that pihu now requires either Raman or Ishitha. Since pihu does not believe Ishitha. It is for Raman to make pihu to realise who ishu is. Raman has many times gone against ishu but in the end. It has always been Raman who helps Ishitha. Remember in the beginning parmeet accusing Ishitha or adi accident on Mrs. Iyer or when Raman through ishu of the cliff. In all these occasions. Raman was against Ishitha in the beginning. But the end it was Raman who helped ishu. There is only 1 drawback with this plan by Raman. In the above mentioned cases Raman never involved Ishitha in his plan. But if this is actually Raman plan and not involved Ishitha or any of the bhalla family. Will they be able to forgive Raman even though Raman did the right thing. I doubt it. I think this is how the story might go

    1. Well said Raghu.

  24. Raghu well agree what you say … but if he loves her …. insulting her that to calling all those words letting her down … not respecting Ishitha is not right … love is caring .. love is adjustment … Ishitha understands him very well …. Ruhis incident Raman blamed her …. now also if spoilers are true blaming her again … or if its their plan … why in front of his kids and family blaming Ishitha ? Def to save Pihu Raman has to go … Ishitha cant ..Anger wont help things … here we see Raman senseless … cvs problem … Ekta likes to spoil married couple … anyway if cvs dont encourage negativeness here Anitha Hassandani will not get more space . In India every industry works on favouritsm … I am upset about KP …actors make you happy and smile he was very fair though temper is high … Ishitha understood him well but Shaghun is more smart as she plays with his weakness … just replied no offence Raghu

  25. As I understand it ishra planned together Raman hesitate at 1st but then understand what ishita want him to do for pihu sake and they both know that pihu can’t be left alone with shagun as she’s a bad ass mother. So hence they had to do the fake drama in front of the family as they wouldn’t have let him leave just like that therefore the bad insults in front of them

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