Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla being frustrated and thinking when will they get rid of Shagun. Ruhi says she has to meet Ishita, if its Shagun, she won’t do her anything. Mrs. Bhalla takes her. Abhishek tells Raman someone in this house is planning, Ruhi packed bag at night, maybe the person did not wish us to get gun. Raman says how did gun come inside home. Abhishek says I m sure, someone in this house planned this, take care of Ruhi, I will continue investigations. Raman thanks him. Abhishek leaves.

Ruhi goes to Ishita, while Ishita is getting ready behaving like Shagun. Ruhi says Shagun mumma. Ishita says yes, tell me. Ruhi asks her will she agree to her. Ishita says sure. Ruhi asks her to leave Ishi Maa and go. Ishita asks don’t you want to stay with your mum. Ruhi says

this is Ishi Maa’s house, she loves all of us, we all want Ishi Maa to come back. I love you a lot, but please go back Shagun mumma. Ishita gets angry. Ruhi requests Shagun to go. Ishita says how dare you…

Ruhi says I cried a lot when you went to Lord, you left me before too, Ishi Maa managed me, I want my Ishi Maa back, I love her. Ishita scolds her. Mrs. Bhalla takes Ruhi, while Ruhi asks for her Ishi Maa.

Abhishek shows the gun to his staff, and says there is no record for this, so I called you all from different police stations to find about this gun dealing. One inspector says he is sure that this gun can be found, a man makes such guns. Abhishek asks him to get that man here.

Raman talks to Prateek and says kids are getting badly affected. Prateek says we have to convince Shagun’s soul to leave Ishita, is there anyone that Ishita stays normal and does not get angry, even when Shagun controls her. Raman says no, but… he recalls Ishita and Ashok. He says Ashok Khanna, my ex boss, Shagun left me for him, Shagun and Ashok had everything ended between them, even then.. Prateek asks Raman to call Ashok here, maybe Ashok can convince Shagun to leave Ishita’s body. Raman says Ashok won’t come to end my problems, he is my biog enemy. Prateek asks her to try for Ishita. Raman says fine, thanks and leaves.

Raman tells Bala that he is going to Ashok. Bala says I won’t let you go, do you think Ashok will respect you, I will come along. They leave. The man tells Abhishek that he does not know anything. Abhishek says gun making and selling is illegal. Abhishek says I know you do this, you have to go jail, but if you cooperate, I can get your punishment shorter, tell me, whom did you sell this gun. The man says I don’t know. Abhishek slaps and hurts him. The man says he will say. He says my place has records, I can tell that time, let me go. Abhishek asks him to come back. The man runs.

Abhishek says that man will come back. The man sees his wife and children there and asks why did he get them here. Abhishek says for guarantee, go and get details, your family is safe here, I have to find the gun owner, come back fast, give me info and take your family. The man leaves. Abhishek asks the staff to take care of that lady and kids, when the man get info, let them go. He thinks he will know whose gun is this.

Raman and Bala come to meet Ashok. Ashok says what a surprise, but Ishita is not here. Raman says I know, Ishita is unwell since few days, she talks normal just to you, you can help me, a man is helping us, he knows how to make Ishita fine, he said just you can make her fine. Ashok asks what. Raman asks did you see Ishita’s behavior, the man said Ishita is possessed with Shagun’s soul, I came to request, please talk to her and convince Shagun to leave.

Ashok says so you mean, I should come to your home, talk to Ishita and solve your family problem, and Ishita is Shagun now. Raman says I know, but please help me Ashok, my wife will die. Ashok makes a drink and asks Raman to do something. Raman asks what does he want, he will give his business, property and clients. Ashok says not that, I want …… He drops the wine glass and says oops sorry, make a drink for me. Bala looks on and says how can you miss real Ashok. Raman stops Bala and says I will make a drink. Raman makes the drink.

Ashok says Raman did not learn to make a good drink, get me some ice. Raman cries. Raman crushes the ice by his hands and serves Ashok. Raman asks Ashok to come with him now. Ashok says I forgot Ramdeen is on leave, get my slippers. Bala gets angry. Raman gets Ashok’s shoes and Bala stops him. Raman says my Ishita will die, I have to do this.

Ashok says leave it Raman, its okay, its fun to see man’s ego breaking, do one thing, make me wear this shoes back. Raman sits and makes him wear shoes. He says please come now. Ashok says I can’t come, your family is mess, some guests are coming now, if you both leave, it will be better. Bala scolds him and says I knew this. Raman apologizes to Ashok. Bala says Raman, he won’t help us, come with me. They leave. Ashok says this is just beginning, see what happens now.

Ashok says Shagun and mine incomplete thing will be completed now, blame will go on Ishita. The man shows the name of gun buyer to Abhishek.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. very emotional episode. after nany months this background music was played to raman .this music is soo emotional and nice . i fely like crying .poor raman how much humiliation he had to face that too in front of ashok .really bad happen with raman.

  2. this ekta and her mind blowing makers are too much .they are just showing ishitha everytime crossing her limits and hurting everything . actually ek true entrepreneur ko patha hona chahiye ki veiwers ka taste kyaa hai .show mein horror ,abnormal aur daraawni scenes dikha rahe hai jo actually daraawni nahi balki bahuth hasne wali scened hothi hai jo hum fans ko majboor kartha hai uss scene ko yaad kar kar ke hasse aur ekta aur uski yeh so called yhm writers ke maha team ki stupidity ,lack of good brains ke baare mein sochne par majboor kartha hai.

  3. # YehHaiMohabbatein Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita receives a phone call from Shagun. What? Ishita possessed by Shagun? Ishita suffering multiple personality disorder? Ishita pretending to be possessed to expose someone? The makers of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein are ready with a brand new twist….

  4. Now YHM segment. The gun belongs to someone named Maddy. Abishek tells that to Raman, Ishita hears that and tells them that she knows who is Maddy (Ishita is possessed now, means she’s Ishgun now). They ask her whose that Maddy is, but she says she has no mood to tell…lol! But they plead her so she orders them to let her meet her kids (Ruhi & Adi). They let her meet them. Then…

  5. Ruhi came to Ishita’s room to talk to Shagun and save Ishita. She is sure that Shagun is in Ishita’s body. Ishita holds her with love. When Ruhi requests Shagun to leave from Ishita’s body, Shagun gets angry and scolds her. Ruhi gets scared and hugs Mrs. Bhalla. Ruhi finds a gun in her school bag and ACP came to investigate the matter. Raman is tensed wondering when will Shagun go away from their life. Raman asks Abhishek to tell him whose gun is this, does it belong to any of his family members. The gun suspense has troubled everyone. Abhishek says it belongs to Dr. Manoj. Raman says I trust Manoj, even if its his gun, how would it come in my house. Raman tries to get answers from Ishita. Ishita does not give straight answers.

  6. patha nahi ab yhm mein kya hoga .really scared .saare spoilers mein likha hai ki ki shagun ki mysterious story ishra ki zindagi change kar dega .par mujhe leap aur ishraruhadi seperation nahi chahiye .plz makers aur ekta fans ko hurt math keejiye .

  7. this ashok kameena kahika itnaa sab kuch karwaaliya raman se phir bhi help ki word bhi uske muh se nahi nikli .bechaara raman .agar yeh sab ishitha aur shagun ka kisi plan hai toh bahuth ghatia aur behuda aur bura plan hai .really bad.

  8. chiki

    the episode was very emotional today….raman acted so well as a helpless husband…it’s good to see his love for ishu!!! but that IDIOT ashok is really irritating!!!!….

  9. Resh

    Poor Raman…….have you all watched the promo of yhm……how can this happen…… if there are all simply a drama to expose sarika ,then how did ishita made Raman stand upside down on air in the occasion of karwachauth….. the possibility of twin sister is also not possible.How can shagun have a twin sister without even mihir’s knowing

  10. Resh

    Today’s was really an emotional episode……Felt so sad of Raman. Karan Patel(Raman)acting was superbbb……He has made even is emotional…….What was the business b/w ashok&shagun just before the days of her suicide

  11. jhanvi

    Oh God rithu.. , I was thinking d same that may be Manoj is doing this coz he also has d reason to hurt ishu…….don’t know what will happen…!!!!

  12. jhanvi

    Epi was sad.. Very sad….
    What d hell… They r showing jst dragging dragging nd dragging… No need of this dragging….

    Raman has to go to that b****y Ashok Khanna…. Jst hate this… Duffer writers… Shagun also did d same things with Raman when ishu was ill nd Raman needs Ruhi for ishu’s health nd Ruhi was with Shagun ….

    BT Raman can represent himself as a helpless husband so properly… Very nice… Nd his love for ishu ……oh god some day I will die coz of this jealousy ….Raman’s love is a god’s gift for ishu…

  13. jhanvi

    Guys I think Ashok also knew sarika’s truth nd he is d only who told this to Shagun in their last meeting before shagun’s death…

  14. Ppppppplllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzz makers end this track ppplllzzz aj to had hi ho gai now I am sure this is not a trap coz can never hurt ruhi n WO kamina ashok how dare he do this to oooooo poor ruhi she is sooo cute now its unbearable to watch yhm hope this track will end soon

  15. Simi

    Yea writers of yhm hume dump samajte he kya.pahele to itna ghost drama… ab dikha rahe yea sab kuch shirf ek true reveal karne ke liye? How stupid twist

  16. Guys promo me jab ishu ko shagun k name se call ati hai aur sab phone ko dekte
    Hain to ishita shagun ki tarha hasti hai kahi asa to nahi k ye shagun ki spirit ka new
    Plan hai k WO ye sabit kar sake k ishita natak kar rahi hai aur is reason se ishra
    Seperation ho jai n then ishita aur prateek ka kuch ho what do u think???????

  17. we want our old yhm
    we want our old yhm
    we want our old yhm
    we want our old yhm
    we want our old yhm
    we want our old yhm
    we want our old yhm
    we want our old yhm
    we want our old yhm
    we want our old yhm
    plz makers and ekta .pareshaan karke rakhe ho aap logon ne .aaj ke episode ke baad kuch nahi lag raha hai .aisa lagtha hai jaise aage kuch aur bura hoga .lekin hum fans ko leap aur ishraruhadi seperation nahi chahiye . aur ho sake toh yeh saara backwaaz jald jald band kariye .plz ekta and makers .its a humble request.plzzzzz…..

  18. har jagah ekta aur makers ne apne hi show ka mazak banaake rakh diya hai .kahaani ko bahuth dragg kar rahe hai aur ek ke baad ek raaz hai zinn mein se ek bhi nahi khula hai .buss yu hi kahaani ko gol gol ghumaa rahe hai .hum veiwers bewakoof nahi hai .jo yeh makers dikhay woh dekhe . iss show ke uniqueness aur naya concept aur amazing actors ki wajah se hume yhm ki taraf attract kiya lekin iska matlab yeh nahi hai ki fans ko granted le yaa aise horror tracks aur supernatural powers dikhay .entertaining hotha toh theek hai .kuch samay ke liye toh yeh track bahuth interesting tha lein ab do -theen hafthe hue hai abhi bhi kahaani wahi padi hai aur ab monotonous aur bahuth bura lag raha hai show .aise karodon fans ke saath aise nahi karna chahiye . dikhaane walon ko dekhne walon ke baare sochna chaahiye.

  19. Cham

    A very emotional episode.Raman is superbbb!!!and his acting is marvelous!Bala was there and some day he will tell ishitha everything which Raman did for her.Actually the music and all were great and it made me cry. Please I was telling not to drag this track since a long time and it feels like enough.So please end this track !! Please Please!!
    From SL

  20. V P

    Who is going to listen our comments ? How much the fans requested for no surrogancy ? What happened ? Now this is dragging , boring …. There is a limit that audience can view …. Initially we were feeling sympathy for Ishitha now for Raman …. From beginning both Ashok and Shaghun took Ishra for a ride ….humiliated Raman for what …. To show the fans his love for Ishitha ? We all know their love and hence requesting no separation . It’s so scary for children to view ….. Ishitha as a good step mother concept is gone …. If Acp Abhishek can be available for anything , Raman could have told Abhishek to bring Ashok . This really made Raman stooped down , before for Adi and also for Ruhi when Ishitha was not well . Too much ya …. Can’t tolerate ….such an amazing episode millions of people all over the world used to wait for the forecast , now it’s ok like if watch or not . Ruhi acted so well …. Can’t see her like this . I am a huge fan of Divyanka but fed up with her acting too though it’s not actors mistakes. If the writers are stuck up with how to move on , please read few fan fictions …. Open your eyes and stop this ghost drama …. Understand viewers interest ….

  21. Harika

    i think mihika n Mihir r also involved in this plan with shagun n ishu….coz their scenes r really less…..if ishu is in such a big pblm mihika is shown is some scnes…one in ofc n second in home while ishu was takin to hospital n a talk with Amma…. Mihir in ofc n hospital scene…but not with ishu”…its a doubt

  22. Aabhi

    just end this track..starting m tha interesting but ab nhi h..viewers ke interest ko b dhyan de…we want old yhm..full of love and entertainment….stop this non sense ….

  23. Roselyn Dada

    Enough Of This Drama Not Comfortable To See Rahman And Ruhi In This Comdition Ekta Is Giving Us Pains Instead Of Joy . Pls Show Something Better Or End The Show In A Good Way.From Nigeria

  24. Sajna

    Pleas stop this track. Bring back ishra love and nok jhok. These updates are quiet depressing and I don’t like watching drama anymore. Poor ruhi and Raman. Kay huwa Ekta mam ek anokhi prem kahani of yeh hai mohabbatein. We want ishra back. No ASHOK OR SHAGUN. REMOVE ASHOK NOW.

  25. king

    Yeh ishita aur shagun ka plan hai ashok to trap Karne ke liye.. Ashok shagun ko blackmail kar raha tha uss cold storage video ke sath. Ishita ke kaha tha ashok se “mein tumhe itni jaldi nahi marne dungi abhi toh tumhe bhut punishment deni hai” .

  26. Nishaanth

    This is too much yaar,raman wearing shoe to ashok if this s showing in movies doesnt matter, bt I dont no y dis stupid scenes are showing in tv shows its very irritating

  27. Lucky

    I think the gun belongs to Dr.manoj…..jab ishitha aur Raman manoj se Milne uske ghar aaye thi thab ishitha ne shagun ki saman pack kiya… tym mein ishitha( shagun) us gun bi bag mein rakhi thi….us din manoj ishitha ki wound ki dressing kar raha hy tab ishitha(shagun) hasrahi thi kamare ki tarah dekh khar

  28. Darshika

    Poor raman….!!! It was raman’s day.
    Congratulation yhm…..!
    And guys, do you know…? Divyanka passed 1.5 million likes(fans) in fb yesterday night. ( happy to be a part of it) She celebrated it yesterday night.
    Congratulations Divs……..!!!

    And I don’t want to comment about yhm. Don’t know that what are they doing with yhm…..???!!! It’s like a hell now.

  29. Roshan

    I am 100% sure that it is rinki spirit nor shagun.they are just. Diverting us first they say that rinki spirit will be there now shagun Shagun is alive I think and she is gone far

  30. precap asok say that his and shaguns incomplete dream become true. It mean he is involved or may be he thinks he can do from raman.
    2.if their is no spirit then how raman is in can ishita ear non veg she also harm ruhi amma raman.
    Expose hi karana tha to wo another plan bhi bana sakte the itna drama Q

  31. Safina

    First shogun dies ishita is passed now she a had two personalities any now shogun is alive allbthis drama can’t they just stick to one story they kill shogun the main far actor they kill ishitas baby I’m sure the story of this drama is supposed to be about ruhi any ishita when ishita was pregnant the series were better now all this drama is going on they have ruined the story line it’s just the same as other dramas I don’t find a point of watching this drama anymore 🙁

  32. diya

    Yes…am also getting fed up with this new track ..abhi ye manoj ka gun .. kyn yaaar???? Stop this thng asap .

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