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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita asking Raman did he gift Shagun, as she did not get anything. He says yes, I got it. She says nice, I have seen you gifting others expensive ones, you don’t think about me. He says will I get dream, you should ask me. She says I m woman, I also want gift. He says fine, tell me, I will give it. She says she does not want anything, keep gifting others. He says what is she, fighting for little things. Mihir’s friends compliment Mihika. Mihir looks on Arun flirting with Mihika and gets angry. Mihika says relax, its Arun, from HR dept. She asks is he jealous. Mihir says you overestimate yourself, you look hot, it does not mean I m less, girls die for me, its my mistake that I m loyal type. She says fine, you are free today in this party, do anything, flirt, dance,

but show me any girl’s number.

He says never estimate the power of a common man. She says show me being special. He says wait and watch, look at my charm. Mani comes and compliments Ishita. She asks really, is this saree boring. He says its classic, whats boring, you look fabulous, you are standing out. She thanks him and hugs him. Raman looks on. Mihir comes to few girls and says hello…. Mihir Arora. The girl says Shalini, nice to meet me. He holds her hand and she takes her hand off. Mihir says I saw you somewhere before. She says we never met before, as I came here with someone, as m Rahul…. He says why did you not say you are Rahul’s sister, he is my friend.

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He asks for dance. She says no. He asks for coffee and her number. Rahul comes there, a tall man. Mihir says come confusion, I will send something for you. Mihika sees this and laughs. Shagun tells the reporter that she will pay for the Page3 coverage. Mihir asks Mihika not to leave him alone, as girls were after him, and he came being saved. She laughs. He says its me who is most dashing here. Shalini laughs saying there is no doubt on this and leaves. Mihir shows the paper with Shalini’s number.

He says I told I m single, young and successful, and every girl wants this. Mihika gets annoyed. She says fine, I have to go washroom. He says come back soon, I don’t know where to run, you can save me. Shagun and Ashok pose for reporters. Ashok says come on fast. Shagun says I lined up interviews too. The photographer compliments Ishita making a elegant and simple statement in saree, and promoting be Indian, wear Indian, you look a queen, I can give headline, greeting from power couple to Indian craftsman. Ishita and Raman pose for pic. Shagun looks on feeling jealous.

Mihika calls the number and finds out it’s the maid. She smiles and says I will show him now. Mihir says he is feeling like she is burning with jealousy. She says I don’t care, I won the bet. He says yes, you are too s*xy, why will I leave you, that Shanti Bai is not my type. They smile. Mani congratulates Ashok and Shagun, and says we know your love story, so I request you to propose Shagun once again. Ashok sasy but I m marrying her. Mani says yes, but for fun, a romantic proposal, come.

Shagun smiles. Ashok proposes her sitting on his knees. He says no one can bring me on my knees except you Shagun, and makes her wear the ring. Ishita is touched and holds Raman’s hand tightly. Ashok asks will you marry me. Ishita says say yes….. Shagun says that’s so sweet, yes, I will. Everyone clap. Raman holds Ishita’s hand being angry seeing this. He says leave my hand, clap for them. Mani asks every couple to dance.

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Raman and Ishita stand and Mani asks them to come. Raman says if I step on this saree, it will be problem. She says nothing will happen, I danced before too. He says what you do is not called dance. They start dancing on the song Dhadkan zara ruk gai hai…………….. Shagun looks happy with Ashok. Mihir and Mihika dance on the side. Raman and Ishita smile. He steps on her saree and takes her. He says its embarrassing, see Abhi, she came wearing this saree, I gifted her dress and she came. If it came out, then. She says this happened as you did not dance well. Raman says do we dance daily at home. Mani says relax Raman. Raman goes to drink.

Mani says Raman spoke this way. Raman signs her saying she is mad and taunts on her saree. She says the tension is she teased him on his white hair, and he is taking revenge. They laugh. Mani says it means you are fine. She says yes and smiles. Mani leaves. Ishita says Ravan Kumar does not know what I m. Raman signs her to keep murmuring. Raman greets everyone and tells Mani that she left before, maybe emergency at clinic. He asks Mihika to come. Mani says let her come later. Raman says drop her home Mihir and leaves. Raman comes home and sees the candles.

He says no light, its new apartment, I will check fuse. He goes inside and someone pushes him. He sees Ishita in her s*xy look. She dances on the song Mai kya karoon Ram mujhe Buddha mil gaya………………. (Good song selection, words LOL !!)She looks hot in her western look. She dances to please him, and Raman looks on shocked seeing her wear shot dress and stockings, as he wished to see her. He looks at her as she stands closer to him with a smile. Mr. and Mrs. Bhalla walk in and laugh seeing them romance. Ishita runs to the room. Raman says she is mad, she is not doctor, why are you laughing, think about me. They laugh.

Raman comes in the room. Ishita and Raman have a talk. She says its not required to expose to look s*xy, a woman can look s*xy in saree and the one who wears saree, its her choice to look s*xy to the world or in room infront of her husband. Mrs. Bhalla laughs and says we saw them romancing, so sweet. Mr. Bhalla says they should always be smiling. She says yes, we came on wrong time, how was Raman seeing her, even Iyers romance like this, you never lifted me. Mr. Bhalla tries lifting her and she laughs.

Its morning, Ishita talks to Neelu about Ruhi. She asks did she try clothes, as she has to go in function. Neelu says she said she won’t go, she is very upset. Ishita thinks about Mani’s words and says whats her problem, we explained her and now we have to explain again, as Shagun called her by love.

Raman shows the engagement ring to Ishita saying he wants to seal the life’s deal and makes her wear it. She smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. WOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.. Hell.. Mr & Mrs. Bhalla entry ruined all… and again Ruhi.. Track of Shagun marriage drama.. But too gud to hear

  2. Ishita dance super. Episode nice.

  3. its lovely 2 see ishra romancing.

    the star plus tv show in no-1 serial is yhm…
    rating,comments,liking Point of view-
    1) yeh hai mohabbatein
    average rating -(70-90) comments (25-35).
    2) ek thi hasina
    average rating-( 50-60) comments (10-15)
    3) is pyar ko kya naam doon ek baar phir
    average rating -(35-50) comments (8-10)
    this serial is something’s better for another serial..
    plz confess your love -Ishita

  5. Awesome epi…..

  6. Lovely episode!

  7. best romantic couple ishra

  8. always rockk…
    i wish to have hubyyyy like u ramann

  9. nice yaar…i lov ur angry mood raman kumar..ur always stunning yaar..

  10. arey wow raman ishu u guys r outstanding guys.u guys always rocks the show.and the words of ishu was really amazing.only a husband has right to c her wife.superb epidose yaar.

  11. they both know that they love each other but y r they not proposing/accepting the fact. y r they running away from ach other. let’s hope raman does not develop a soft corner for Shagun in the coming days. else, everything will be lost. by the way that 15lacs bill is pertaining to the necklace which raman gifted ishita last Friday.

  12. 123 commenter your thinking is alway negative why yaar ….just chill….
    and i m agree for 15 lacs bill is -for ishita necklace…
    Ishita runs to the room …region – Ishita shy for coming mr and Mrs. Bhalla…

  13. Very nyc episode after so many days. ….bt guys aaj shagun b keher dha rhi thi….that dress was awesome n shagun per bht suit kar rhi thi

  14. nice episode

  15. IshRa Fanatic

    Awsome epi…loved ishra..!! The song…n the precap was also amazing…they both will also b abl to convince ruhi..n raman is soo romantic

  16. anandraaz! I never said anything negative until now. I have read in TellyExpress that Raman will develop a soft corner for Shagun. Not sure if u witnessed in today’s epi, Raman was very angry when Ashok proposed to Shagun. The only thing I’m waiting to see on this show is beautiful love and romance between Ishra and nothing rubbish. I might sound negative from my comments but that is my frustration that I’m not getting to see wat I want. Ishra’s combination is easily the best of all times even compared to the large screen. But that beautiful thing is not up to the mark between those 2.

  17. awesome episode . ishitha was looking apcelutely stunnig in saree and hot in jeans. ishra dance was good. party jiski thi usko utne compliments nahi mile balki shagun ko ishitha se jalan hue. it was really good to see shagun like that. ishra u guys are awesome yaar. this is the best serial . little upset of the future on reading telly express. precap was even more excellent . yhm rockzzzz……

  18. 123! Telly express statement –
    shagun has been back a bang in bhalla house…not a Raman loves shagun…
    Raman loves only Ishita and Ishita….
    there many confusion in this serial
    soo-yeh serial kuch hatt kar k hai
    mohabbatein hai but slowly slowly….

  19. IshRa your dance was so lovely. You are made for each other pls accept this truth.
    Muje esa feel ho raha hai ke jo telly express mai Shagun ke drame ke bare me likha hai vo agle hafte tak khatm ho jayega aur IshRa apna love confess kar denge….

  20. Waah ishita mogambo khush huaa ! *lol * but seriously the dance was awesome

  21. wow what a lovely episode I luv them both

  22. Yeah, this serial YHM is different from others. I like this serial. and yesterday’s (4th nov) episode was great. ishita was looking so good both in saree and jeans. i like raman and ishita.


  24. I luv luv luv u both ishra….

  25. I like raman’s reaction when Mrs. bhalla came : pagal hai tumhari bahu, aap has rahe socho meri kya halat hoti hain

    Loved it…….

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