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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vandu hugging and apologizing to Shravan. She says I m making pizza for you, eat anything you want, be happy, promise me you won’t do this again, I love you so much. Shravan says I love you too mumma and hugs her. He apologizes and says he has to go for his coaching class. He goes back to room and informs Ishita… She says I know it that your mumma loves you. She asks him to take her advice, your parents love you, study well, become something for them, they won’t get another son like you, don’t lie, never do wrong thing in life. He thanks Ishita for explaining this so well, I m sure you explain your son same way. She says ya, take care. He recalls Adi and gets teary eyed. She wishes she could meet Adi.

Adi comes there to meet Aaliya. He scolds her for chatting

with young kids and fooling them. He gets angry and warns her. He asks her not to talk to Shravan, else he will do police complaint. He leaves. Aaliya cries and gets angry on Adi for scolding her at her home. Ishita comes and asks Aaliya what are you doing. Aaliya asks what do you want to say. Ishita says you are lying to a young kid that you are Alia Bhatt. Aaliya says he said he is 21, I thought to just chat, it was harmless joke. Ishita says it was not harmless, he wrote he will commit suicide if you don’t meet him, he lied to his parents and was desperate to meet you. Aaliya says I did not say I will meet him, how did you know this. Ishita says sorry, I read your messages, but this is wrong. Aaliya says I m sorry, just now a guy came to scold me for this matter. Ishita asks her not to do this again. Aaliya promises.

Shravan thanks Adi and says he understood that he was wrong. He apologizes and tells about an aunty explaining him. Adi asks who. Shravan says that girl’s mom. Mihika comes and hugs Shravan. She thanks Adi. Adi says no need to thank, he is my younger brother, it was my duty. She says I shifted my marriage to Delhi venue, I informed your boss too, I know you will manage. Adi asks does Romi has no problem. She says no, he is excited for marriage. Shravan goes to tell everyone about Mihika’s marriage. Mihika tells Adi that Ishita will come in marriage, and when she comes in sangeet today, she will see family. Adi is glad and thinks now no one can stop Raman and Ishita from coming face to face.

Niddhi comes to hotel. She shouts on Nupur and says you know I hate to come India, why are we in Delhi, who is keeping this shoot. Nupur tells about Raman Bhalla. Niddhi gets shocked and asks what did you say. Nupur says Raman Bhalla, owner of Pihu industries. Niddhi says I signed contract with Raman. Nupur says sorry, I thought you know this, Raman was giving big amount for Ruhaan’s exclusive rights. Niddhi scolds her and thinks its good I did not meet Raman. She asks who approved this contract. Nupur says Ruhaan. Niddhi asks where is Ruhaan. Nupur says he maybe sleeping in his room. Niddhi asks her to leave. She gets angry and thinks to give dose to Ruhaan. She gets the whip and says Ruhaan will get sense, that I take all the decisions.

Mihir is in office and Niddhi calls him. She tells him that she accepts their offer and they can start the shoot. He says that’s great, I will talk to my marketing team, we can start shoot in next four days. She says fine with me. She ends call and says Ruhaan will shoot ad with Raman, Raman won’t know Ruhaan is Ruhi, I don’t think Ruhi will try to say truth after getting beaten up, I feel pity for Raman, Raman has nothing now, my revenge did not get fulfilled, I did not forget anything, I will start taking revenge…..

Raman talks to Mihir and says its great news that things got confirmed with Ruhaan. He sees Romi with Adi. Romi asks Adi to plan things as Mihika is saying. He wants the best things and good hospitality, as big people are coming to attend marriage. Ashok tells Adi that he is proud of his work and impressed…. He sees Raman and makes Raman jealous, saying I have become MP, I will recommend you, I want your card. Adi says no, I don’t have that, you can talk to my boss. Romi says I know you did all this work, I m really proud of you, he has Bhallas’ house. He asks Adi to hug him. Adi thinks Dadi will be glad knowing Romi thinks for us. He hugs Romi. Raman says Adi is planning Romi’s marriage and did not think to inform me, maybe he loves Romi more, my fate is bad. He goes. Ashok thinks I know what is Raman thinking, my work is done.

Vandu asks Amma to hurry up, they will be late for Mihika’s sangeet. Vandu sees Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi, and taunts them that they are lucky to attend Mihika’s sangeet, some people are unfortunate, that their son’s wedding card does not have their name. Bala stops Vandu and reminds Shravan is with us because of Adi. Simmi asks Mrs. Bhalla not to react and takes her home. Mrs. Bhalla cries. Mr. Bhalla asks why is she taking tension. She says when Romi came, I was glad thinking he worries for us and loves us, but no, its his sangeet, I was wrong, he did not invite us. He says forget him. She gets Adi’s message and pics. She cries and says Adi has sent venue hall pics, Adi worries for me and wants me to attend sangeet this way.

Iyers arrive for the sangeet and like the arrangements. Mihika welcomes them. Mihika says Shravan is with Adi, and gifts them sarees, asking them to go and change soon, they have to look color coordinated in family pic. Bala asks where are our clothes. She says this is just women theme. He says this is wrong. She smiles and wishes everything gets fine. Adi says so much just for family pic. Mihika says this is for Akka, she will be seeing family after long time. He says I m excited to meet Ishi Maa, call and ask her did she leave.

Ishita gets ready and is in dilemma whether to go there or not, I can’t control emotions seeing Amma, I should not go there.

Raman gets inside the lift. Ishita gets shocked seeing him. He is drunk and stumbles. She holds him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. waiting for confrontation of iShRa i jst hope DAT everything goes fyn

  2. Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Raman (Karan Patel) spent time together in a room …post confrontation in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Ishita brings drunken Raman to the hotel.

    Ishita gets emotional seeing Raman’s state and blames herself for Raman condition.

    Raman hates Ishita a lot but he melts down seeing her due to his drunken state.

    Raman hugs Ishita where Ishita recalls her and Raman’s past moments.

    Ishita sleeps with Raman but soon she realizes Raman’s words and decides to go back to Australia.

    Ishita drops her chain near to Raman’s bed and leaves hotel room

    Ishita thinks that she can never return in Raman’s life.

    Raman wakes up and is surprised seeing himself in hotel room.

    Raman also gets Ishita’s chain and thinks that if Ishita was there.

    1. where do you find this??? is there any video promo for this shivani???? so eager… but the promo in white dress which is being aired in tv shows it on 9th may 7.30pm….

      1. Pics are available….

      2. …i have read another spoiler which says raman forcibly brings ishita to romi mihika sangeet….so don’t knw which one is true…but i saw a picture of ishra where raman lies on a bed and ishita sits besides him (in the same dress wen they confronts in a lift…)..

  3. OMG I’m soo excited for the next episode…..I hope ishra will be with each other forever….

  4. nice episode..yaaay..tomorrow is there wil be ishra confrontation..but ishu wants go to Australia after meeting raman…i hope he should stop her

  5. hmmmmm….you’re right…waiting for next episode…

  6. Hi rithu and all yhm fans. Episode is good abd precap is exciting as ishra meet.

  7. Ha lavanya i hope the same i think adi will stop his ishima from going Australia as adi know ishra are going to meet each other or else raman will confront ishitha as he must confirm that he has seen ishitha. I am sure some one should stop ishitha i hope so.

  8. For you fans only

    guys i have a special for yu all i have uploaded a fan fiction named yeh kaise hai mohabbatien
    whic features characters from all the star plus shows its first episode title is seperation and leap? i bet yu will be shocked reading the first episode and will definately love ait and for the first time i will post spoilors like this one
    abeer and meher come face to face while ishita passes through there remising raman

  9. ruvi fernando

    Me too I’m a big fan of yhm……I’m also so excited to watch the confrontation of ishra anyhow I’m counting my fingers until tomorrow 7.30 so u guys enjoy u’re self have a nice moment with yhm………bye I’m ruvi from Sri Lanka

  10. Can’t wait til next epi and guys how do get all this info???❓❔❓❔

  11. Hi.. Ruvi.. I’m also Sri Lankan.. And i’m also craziest fan of yhm.. Oh.. Finally they will meet tomorrow.. So excited episode.. Waiting for tomorrow.. Thankz 4 written updates..

  12. telly news that mihikha will be raped by ashok again. This will make romi annoyed and stop marriage with mihikha. This will make her suicide this will abhisheik furious he will marry her

  13. ishitha knowING this stop going to Australia

  14. Ho friends please add me in ur group i am big fan of yhm

  15. Actually I know this because my uncle works in ekta kapoor creative works. please don’t pass it on

  16. episode was ok .precap was also ok.

  17. hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna
    natasha sowmy naaz meghana
    darshi sam tansuri shivani lavanya
    sachie suvidha gowda and all yhm

  18. Hii evry1 wht u all r saying is true…. but if u watched todays episode than u should understand soon ishra will meet n they know abt nidhi alive thr must be somthg related to ruhi so ishita will stop n ishra will reunite

  19. I want them to meet the witch niddhi face to face n nice seen with ishita n raman

  20. Why these people r not uniting mihir n mihika?? Romi ….now it would b abhishek??whts ths ekta mam…NY ways I like mihir n old mihika’s jodi….

    1. I guess mihir still loves rinky

    2. I also like Mihir and OLD Mihika.I don’t want to see Mihir marrying this NEW Mihika.Ektha Mam don’t unite them pls..

  21. ….adi is looking so handsome..its good that raman is in a drunken state wen he meets ishita…it would be difficult for ishita to tolerate his anger…
    Where is vp…did she left from this circle….??…really missing her comments…

    1. I am here only … Thank you ..shivani … had been very busy

    2. I am here … Thank you Shivani

  22. Lost hopes of IshRa reuniting

  23. Cvs should not have made Simmi say like that about Ishitha …. we cant blame the actors at all … so also Romi taking help from Ashok even though he has good intention behind it …. Not writing his parents name in invitation and not inviting his parents ….. too much … portraying Raman very much down ….its hurting … simmis talk … Romis actions …if Romi has good intention show it to audience and make him negative ….As such character Raman is fully in pain . Why Cvs are making everything in negative way ….. Ashok MP …. ? cant believe ….. Indian politics only …. Whatever it is Romi was very loving …. feels v sad to see … And Vandita … why she should hurt … Bhallas …. too much the hatred between the families and now when Ishitha comes …. it will be only melodrama …. cvs will make audience happy with some Ishra dreams and the story line will go negatively only …Now Nidhi too came …. very soon Shaghun too will come …. cvs are moving away from the original concept …. only good thing is to see beautiful Divyanka Adi and Alia . Dt is little over make up … at the end Mani only will convince Raman Ishus love to him ….Kindly make the story line positively … the whole world is watching this … I was trying not to comment at all … hi to all

  24. hey guys good morning to all.

  25. Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is not
    leaving it’s suspense filled twists
    and turns for the viewers.The Hit
    and Miss for Raman ad Ishita is
    continuing from many episodes.The
    show has become even more
    intriguing and exciting.
    Raman and Ishita’s face off is the
    most awaited thing by the viewers.
    Yes this super scene is for
    which audience are thirsty. But the
    twist how the makers will Milayage
    In Dhonoko..We has to watch the
    Raman and Ishita ka
    As we have already heard
    that Raman will enter a lift in full
    drunken state, Ishita is already in it.
    Ishita is shocked to see Raman and
    she hides her face from it. She will
    be heartbroken to see Raman in such
    deteriorating condition.. And Raman
    too will later realize that the girl in
    the Lift is Ishita.
    Raman takes Ishita to
    Raman will then forcibly take Ishita
    to Romi and Mihika’s sangeet.
    Seeing Ishita alive, everyone will be
    stunned and happy. But we know
    hamaari Ishita will try to avoid them
    as she is with guilt of having killed
    Now face off will bring in a lot of
    memories, complains, confusions
    and their hidden love for everyone.
    So viewers of Yeh hai mohabbatein
    there is a lot of drama and power
    pack performance is waiting for the
    viewers. Stay Tuned for the new
    updates with Tellyguru.

  26. Hi guys I m a great fan of ishra ….hope they reunite soon…..aaj ka episode power pack hoga

  27. Wow! That’s great ishita and raman meet today

  28. Wow..nice episode…luv ishra forever….hi guys..reply yaaar

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