Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Raman determines to hate Ishita

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman telling Romi about the IT raid. Romi says I was busy in personal life, my life isn’t an open book like yours, everyone knows about you, you get drunk and create a scene, I like to keep my life private. Mrs. Bhalla scolds Romi. Simmi says Romi is right, he doesn’t want to share his personal life. Raman asks her to be out of his family matter. Romi asks Simmi to not act as his lawyer. She calls him mad. Raman goes to his room and thinks of Romi’s words. He thinks I can live without Ishita, I have no place for her in my life. Ishita and Roshni come to a restaurant to have chinese. The manager Kaushik sees Ishita and calls Raman, asking if he is coming, as Ishita is already here. Raman says yes, I forgot, I m coming.

He recalls Ishita’s words and calls

a girl, asking her to get ready, he is coming to pick her up. Ishita asks Roshni to trouble her more, she likes it. Roshni says sorry. She goes to washroom. Raman and the girl come there. Raman asks her to sit close. Ishita sees them. Raman compliments the girl. She asks did you notice this bracelet, you had gifted this last time, you are so sweet. Raman says I can do anything for one whom I love, the one I hate, I don’t like seeing her face. Ishita recalls a moment with Raman. Raman too recalls the moment and asks the girl to feed him with her hands to show love. Ishita turns away. Roshni asks are we leaving, you asked for bill. Ishita gets up to leave. Kaushik says I will shift your table here.

Raman taunts Ishita. The girl asks is she your wife. Raman says ex-wife. Kaushik says sorry and goes. The girl calls Ishita bahen ji types. Ishita stops and goes to Raman’s table. She says bahen ji sounds respectable, you are here in a costly restaurant, roaming with a rich man. She scolds the girl. Raman says don’t bother, she is jealous like a typical ex wife. Ishita says I m your wife, not ex wife, we haven’t been divorced yet, the girls roaming with you should know this, but they won’t care, they would go out with you for the sake of bracelets. She goes with Roshni. Some men look on and say amazing woman, her husband doesn’t value her, she should come to us.

Raman gets angry and beats the men. Kaushik stops Raman. Raman says throw these eve teasers out, sorry. The girl says what I saw today, I feel you still love her, what did you see in her. Raman says not a word more. He goes to his car and leaves. Juda hoke bhi…plays….. He thinks of Ishita. He drives to home. He says I hurt the ones who love me the most, I hate Ishita as I m not able to bear Adi’s loss, sorry Ishita I don’t have courage like you. His inner self holds him and asks why are you crying. Raman asks who are you. His inner self says I m Raman Bhalla, you are Ishita’s husband, and I m Adi’s father, you were crying for Ishita who killed your son.

Raman says it was not Ishita’s mistake. His inner self says your son has lost his life, he is dead, he was killed, what crime did Adi commit, he was in love with Roshni, how did Ishita punish him death, when Adi was born, I screamed to the world that my son is born, he gave me joy of fatherhood, your wife snatched Adi, if you were truly a father, you would have not cried for Ishita. Raman says I love Adi a lot. His inner self says no, you don’t love Adi, cry for Adi, hate Ishita, do a father’s duty. Raman cries and says yes, I m Adi’s dad, Ishita killed him, I can’t love Ishita, I have to hate her, I will never forget Adi and not spare Ishita. He cries. Kadam comes home and says Raman you recommended me a bad dentist, this swelling is side effect of root canal, she is pathetic, I will not spare her, come with me.

Kadam and Raman come to Ishita’s clinic and ask what treatment did she do. Kadam asks are you a dentist or do you have a fake degree. She sends the kid out and asks Kadam to sit, she will check. Kadam refuses. Raman says accept your mistake, not a big deal. Ishita asks did you have solid food. Kadam says no. She says I m sure you had solid food, you didn’t follow my instructions. Kadam says I will take you to court and cancel your license. She says you can’t do anything, what are you trying to prove. Ishita says you must have told this to come here, you know I like this work, which gives me peace, you decided to ruin my peace. Raman says you have lost your mind. She says drag me to court, I will file a defamation case, I will prove I m right and you are wrong. Raman and Kadam leave.

Ruhi says Ishimaa get ready to get locked in Jaipur. Ishita gets her boarding pass. Raman is also there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Man there is nothing to comment on sorry Ekta Mam it’s boring rephrase it beyond boring!!!! Raman needs to see a psychiatrist he needs to get out of that slumber that he is in least he forget these simple words”Live you may Die you must”. He is not the only one who has lost a son,a wife has lost her husband too a mother has lost a son too and the list goes on hahahahaha I end up commenting.

  2. This is the most sick show ever! Someone kills your child and you still love them, this is IMPOSSIBLE. And Ishita, idk what to say about her, she should burn in hell

  3. Bete Bahu k Aane k bad b Raman Dusri ladki k Sath flirt krta h… Kam s kam show me jo age h uske according script likho

  4. Rama Raghavan

    A very stupid story, a paid channel increasing its TRP and I am sorry but no law in our country. Anything irrelevant is poured in the name of creativity. A show which can never be watched with dignity. Ironically the name is YHM and the story line is Yeh hai Nafretein. Disgracefully presented as a woman has always been shown as a ‘becharri’ which she is not actually.

  5. This was remade in a different language and it was pulled off even before the beginning of Surrogacy track due to low trp wonder how its still running in hindi

    1. The power of being a bully like Ekta I guess

  6. Raman is right that simmi should stay out of their family matters, because they don,t consider simmi as their family.

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