Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita asking Bala to keep an eye on Kiran and Raman. Bala says you are jealous. She says no, precaution is better than cure, where did Kiran go. Bala asks what color clothes did she wear. She says Raman would know. She sees Kiran and says I have an idea, we have to keep her away from Raman, we should fit someone with her. Bala says fantastic idea. She asks him to come. He asks where are you taking me. She introduces Bala to Kiran. She ask them to talk. She asks Bala to do it, find out if she is interested in Raman or not. She goes.

Raman asks Ishita what shall I say. Ishita says tell everyone how much you taught Adi, lying, cheating wife, I mean not doing this. He says I should not ask you and goes. Roshni says I don’t know denture issues, Ishita is not here.

The lady says we have to do this today, go and get Ishita’s signs. Roshni says how to get Ishita’s sign, I will call her. She calls Ishita. Ishita does not answer. She calls Raman. She says he is also not answering, what shall I do.

Roy thanks Shagun. Shagun says your daughter is staying in best rehab, its all good. Roy says we have worked together, I will invest in Mani’s every project. Shagun says we are working on a new project. Taneja says Adi is young and talented, he should work alone. Mani says he is smart, he should decide it. Raman says like Kiran stood like me, I will tell Adi to stand with business partners, she is so good. Ishita says you want to say I m jealous type, there is nothing like that. He says you are giving reaction, you asked me to get friendly with Kiran. A lady asks Ishita to come, someone wants to meet her. Ishita asks him to prepare his speech. He jokes. Roshni takes Ishita’s sign and says sorry this was urgent. Ishita asks her to send this by driver and come to party. Roshni says no, I have to go back and finish work. Ishita goes. Shagun sees Roshni and asks did you come to insult me. Roshni says no, I had to take Ishita’s signs, sorry. Shagun says you are an outsider, this family is of Aaliya, stay away, don’t forget your place. Roshni says I know my place. Shagun asks her not to tell anything to Ishita.

Mihika says its time for man of the hour, Aditya Bhalla. Adi thanks everyone. He says its a big day for me, my family is standing in front of me, this energy drink is special to me. Ishita asks Raman not to forget his speech. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma ask does he remember. Raman says don’t make me nervous. Ishita goes and hears Shagun. Shagun says what’s wrong, I told Adi not to do this, Adi and Aaliya are our children. Mani asks her not to interfere. She says Taneja was praising Adi a lot, its his hardwork, why to give credit to Raman, he was ending up as Papa’s boy, I heard his speech, he should talk of Roy and Taneja, it will be useful. He asks did Adi agree. She says yes, I explained him, he felt I m saying right. Mani asks what. Ishita cries and thinks how can Adi do this, Raman will feel so bad.

Adi says this success is of my family, they always loved me, I want to thank one who told me how to start my business. Mr. Bhalla says Adi is praising you Raman. Raman smiles. Adi says his name is…… Ishita comes running. Adi says Mr. Taneja, my business partner and Mr. Roy. Raman and everyone gets shocked. Adi thanks them for investing in his project. Ishita cries. Raman holds her.

Its night, Ruhi sets books and tells Pihu that they are ready for school. Pihu thinks I won’t go school, I will tell Ruhi what happened yesterday. She asks if I take leave. Ruhi asks why. Pihu says I got late in party, how will I wake up in morning. Ruhi says come and go to sleep. Ishita thinks why did Adi not take Raman’s name. Pihu comes and says I know you are worried, Adi did not call Raman on stage. Ishita says Adi thanked him before. Pihu says Adi did not do right. Ishita says yes, but they love each other, don’t take tension. Pihu says I will never hurt you and Papa like Adi did, I love you. Ishita says I love you too and hugs her. Ishita sends her to sleep. Raman comes and asks did Pihu not sleep till now, I saw her, what happened. She asks are you fine. Raman says yes, I went to airport to drop Romi. She asks how are you behaving so normal.

He says you are worried for Adi’s doings, Adi is sensible, he has to praise investors, its all okay. Aaliya says Adi, you did not thank Papa, are investors imp than him. Adi says they are my business partners, this happens. Ishita says I heard Shagun saying if Adi starts business, investors will give funds. Raman says he is not so foolish, he is our son. Adi says Papa knows its not senti thing, such happens in business. Taneja is big investor, I have to look after his ego, Papa knows how much I love and respect him. Aaliya says I know, but acknowledgement should be given. He goes to have something.

Ruhi drops Ananya and Pihu to school. Ananya tells about a fat girl. Ruhi laughs. She asks Pihu not to do mischief, go fast, Pihu take your bag, won’t you go school, is there anything. Pihu goes. Ruhi asks Ananya what happened to Pihu. Ananya says no. Ruhi asks is anyone troubling Pihu. Ananya says I don’t know, I will check in her class. Ruhi says tell me if there is an issue. Ananya says fine and goes. Ruhi says what happened to Pihu, something is bothering her, I have to find out before telling Ishimaa and Papa.

Ruhi says I was going to come to you, you were already stressed. Ishita says I will talk to Pihu. Ruhi says no, I think she won’t say anything easily, she is hiding something.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. azuka nkwonta

    The party went well except for the selfish bhallas who always wants everything to come to them.
    Adi thanked the whole family and said that they are his support, he put them first and then thanked his business partner and investor and the bhallas got angry. Why. Should they get angry. As a business person I know how important partners are and how important investors. If you don’t understand it then I feel sorry for your ignorance.
    Somebody was insulting shagun that she is a house wife and ishita is a working woman but shagun’s business sense is what adi is using. I know somebody will say shagun is manipulating, she is deceiving adi. Don’t worry just go into business and insult your investors and praise your mother.

    1. Dia

      I agree with ur first 2 lines

    2. Hi Anuka … its me who said Shaghun is a house wife . I too agree as a business woman , Adi did a right thing by giving credit to his partner and Investors . Def he thanked the family first . Its Ruhi who created this havoc l.And Shaghuns business sense is too wicked … she will be bored with Mani and move to Roy soon … That cheap character she is . Its ok she can advise Adi but she is not letting him to credit his father … She tells She loves Raman .. She wants him .. Isheeeetha snatched and all but there is no respect to Raman . She is teaching that to her kids infact poisoning .

  2. Josephine Nair

    Omg, why is Shagun interfering in Adis life. She is always a bad mother . How many husband did she had – uncountable now she wants to be sati savitri doing good for Aliya.
    Ekta please do something with Shagun. She needs to be out of the show . Why is it always Bhalla and Iyer family getting hurt.
    Do something to Ashok, Taneja, Roy & Shagun. They need to get caught in their wrong doing please or you can just end the YHM Serial
    You keep on repeating the same scenario

    1. Dia

      Husbands…..just 2….first raman then mani…..can’t u count upto two……ashok was not her husband but her boyfriend…..and he was using shagun……about manoj shagun loved him but left him for pihu……and they make 4….not husbands but still…..and if u wanna count vidyut then it makes 5….

      1. U r thinking 5 are less????

      2. Dia

        No….u said husbands r uncountable……those r just two…..its the no. of relationships she had…..vidyut is not one of them…..she had a true relationship with manoj but she had to leave him…..nd we all know about ashok…..there is a difference between a relationship and marriage……nd 5 is not less but it is not uncountable either

  3. Josephine Nair

    Omg, why is Shagun interfering in Adis life. She is always a bad mother . How many husband did she had – uncountable now she wants to be sati savitri doing good for Aliya.
    Ekta please do something with Shagun. She needs to be out of the show . Why is it always Bhalla and Iyer family getting hurt.
    Do something to Ashok, Taneja, Roy & Shagun. They need to get caught in their wrong doing

  4. Josephine Nair

    Azuka grow up, you like what Shagun and those bad business partners are doing, then you are yourself very wrong.
    We as adult should teach kids the right way not wrong
    Grow up azuka

    1. azuka nkwonta

      Are you sure you are an adult? I need your birth certificate.

  5. Hi friends… Another good episode… Unknown ingly Ruhi created excitement in Raman.. then also ADI was preparing to thank Raman also .. but that blouse manipulated him… As herself was manipulate d by that Taneja …Mani was sensible but couldn’t tell anything… It’s good to praise ur partners but must forget the one who taught… Ishu was feeling bad that Raman would get hurt.. that blouse always want to break the family… And want everyone to be selfish.. here Aliya is also behaving sensible but no use.. also how could ADI came into blouse words… Ishu and pihu conversation was good.. don’t know what’s happening with pihu.. I think someone is torturing her in school… May be fight…

  6. Josephine nair

    Very true HP, that’s what I am saying Adi was always in trouble when he was with ashok and shagun. Since he came under Ishita, he knows the value of family, love, respect, telling truth no etcc.,,,
    But Adi is a grown up and married man, he should understand what is right and wrong. Listening to shagun is always put him in trouble.

  7. Dia

    Shagun is right to give credit to business partners for success…….but she is wrong not to give credit to raman…..both raman nd taneja must have been thanked……bhallas n specially ishita r overreacting upon this…..

    Shagun’s behaviour with roshni was also wrong….this time roshini even apologised and did not say anything wrong…..and aaliya will be blamed now for all this confusion

    Now they must end this business track and focus on pihu’s track…..

    1. today Raman was calm.ishita was irritating and over acting.

      1. Dia

        Yes…i agree….eaman is behaving sensibly niw…and ishita.8….she clearly overreacted when adi thanked taneja…..and its not a big deal….

  8. what is spin off?I don’t like that.I am a sri lankan and i don’t no what is ‘dil bole obroi’.Thank u ekta u bought back old yhm.I am so happy to watch ishra together.Yhm is stil alive bcz of DT and KP.

    1. Hello nice to knw dt deres aother sri lankan in dis site! Dil bole oberoi is related to ishqbaaz. Both da stories explain abt a high clzed family called oberoi!
      Abt da spin off I also dnt hv any idea of dt! R they going to change da serials name???

      1. Dil bole oberoi is a spin off serial of ishqbaaz. As the 3 ishqbazian shivay, om, rudro were not getting enough screen space bcoz of shivika, so the maker Gul khan launce another show “dil bole oberoi”. Which is showing om and rudra’s love story and in ishqbaaz only shivika. But the actors of both serial are same. And there is a good news, from july 12th or 17th um not sure dil bole oberoi will go off air due to less trp. And the ishqbaaz will take 1 hr 10pm 2 11pm slot. Again we will see their obro moments ?? … I mean 3 ishqbazians story will show in same serial “ishqbazz”H.. ope ur confusion get clear?
        Oh yeah i forgot to introduce myself. I’m Fatmi from Bangladesh and a silent reader of this site.. . May i join u guys?? ??

    2. Hi… wind & Ravi I am also a sri lankan..

      1. Yo! Welcm to this site Fatmi!!
        Fatmi thnx 4 da explanation I also ddnt knw wht do dey mean by spin off! So thnx a lot!
        And mp!!! Nice to knw dt u r also a sri lankan!

  9. I must praise Aliya for telling Adi that he should have acknowledged his father Raman. What has gotten into Adi? This is preposterous!!! yes Adi thanked the investors and right thing to do. If they did not pool in their money, Adi would not have completed his project. What about Raman? Without Raman’s business and his company’s name, Adi would not have all this recognition…. IF Raman did not move his launch date, Adi would not be standing there today giving his thank you speech. Raman was the one who guided him and showed his the ropes of business and gave an opportunity to work in his office. With all this experience Adi managed a project on his own. Don’t forget Adi was a coward who ran away from Khandapur. He abandoned Roshni in Delhi city and did not even tell his parents the predicament he was in. Today he is able to handle a project meaning his father’s guidance and his hardwork. This will be start of Adi and Raman’s separation,.

  10. azuka nkwonta

    Adi will always thank his father for everything but business is business you can’t joke with it. Success is not built on family sentiment.

    1. I agree with you that business is business n there is no place for emotions but is it ri8 to ignore ur father who had grown up u n behind ur success. So I think Adi should praise both his father n Investors.this is my opinion nothing else .if this hurts u I m feeling heartly sry……

  11. Hi all Todays episode watchable .Ishra is a treat to watch . Bith of them comforting each other was superb . So well was Ishitha and Balas bondness From the day one of yhm its a pleasure to see them . Adis point of business views he is not wrong … if Ruhi had not developed that excitement … nobody wud have felt anything . Ishitha and Pihu … i dont enjoy as much as Ishru … Anyways except for Shaghuns silly negative vibes all ok.

    1. I agree with u!! Except 4 shaguns negative roll da epi was gd indeed!!

  12. I knw dt Adi dd da ryt thng by thanking da investors! Bt I dnt agree with da way dt he ddnt mention Ramans name! Just da way he hd thanked to his family in the begining he hd to thank his papa next! And den he cn thank anyone, I mean investors!
    If it wasnt for Raman hw cn Adi get dt project! I mean raman is da owner of da company after all! So without thanking da company owner, his mendor, his papa he keeps on thanking da investors! I dont agree with dt! At least he shud hv mentioned Ramans name!
    I agree dt ishu dd overreact today! Ruhi is one who hs done dt! I mean if she ddnt tell da family abt adis speech dis wouldnt hv happened! Mani asked shagun nt to interfere! I liked dt! Afterall hes a very sensible person! Pihu-Ishu s scenes were cool! Loved dem a lot! I was eagerly waiting for those gd old scenes! I hope ishu will take correct decisions abt pihus mysterious behaviour! Thank god Ruhi told everything to ishu finally!
    I thnk dt fatty girl must be da trouble maker! I hope dt ananya will also find abt dt. I must say I really lyk da bond between da three sisters! Dey r soo adorable!

    1. Dia

      Totally agree with u…

  13. Lovely episode.

  14. azuka nkwonta

    There are different ways of manipulations; emotional manipulation and blackmail, forceful manipulation and manipulation by instances and stories. Ishita uses emotional manipulation and blackmail. She used this manipulation very well on adi when he was still a little boy to make adi to love her and she succeeded. She used this on ruhi so many times when she was a little girl, she is so good in this type of manipulation. I can see people like ishita and I don’t like ishita. Politicians, great business people did not get to where they are by been miss, Mr. and Mrs. goody goody. In real life that we live people like ishita scores maximum 50% of anything in their lives, they don’t get up to 90% not to even mention 100%, forget this imaginations that they act and show to us, come to the real world and you will see. Those who don’t see this are those who live by 50% and they don’t mind. Even Raman is better than ishita because he takes hard decisions sometimes. Ishita is an emotional manipulator, which is the worst type of manipulation.

    1. Hi Azuka … I have good answers for your comment . But controlling myself not to reply . This site had been very nice exchanging defferent views . Yhm lost that charm so too this site .ones character.
      As for me the message i get from Ishithas role is character is better than beauty , Humanity is better than weath and nothing is grater than relationship . And her role says that . If you call it emotional manupulation , I really dont know what is your attittude in definition to life . Truth and reality is defficult to maintain .. the facts of truth will bring hateness … but being able to keep on in ur life is not that easy . That is Ishitha .

      1. azuka nkwonta

        I don’t understand you. You did not even comment on the things I said. You are mentioning truth, hate, humanity and money which I did not even mention.
        If I talk about truth you will not make a comment. If I talk about hate you won’t be able to say a word. If I talk about humanity you will not open your mouth and if I talk about wealth you will not open any dictionary to spell business. Sorry you are off point and not anywhere close to my points. I was just talking about one thing which is just” manipulation”.

    2. not 50% only 20or30 % only

  15. azuka nkwonta

    Emotional manipulation is when someone uses your heart and mind to get you or win you. Once someone can get your heart and mind you are finished, you have become that person’s toy and can be controlled emotionally any day any time. I have seen the producers use ishita’s character like. Watch the way ishita talks to people and controls everything around her and situations around her. Her lectures are to win your heart and winning your heart means you will do what she wants. I don’t like ishita. The best way to be a human being is to control your heart, don’t let anyone control it.

    1. Dia


  16. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  17. The upcoming episode of Star Plus’s popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) are already tensed seeing Adi’s business issue.

    Ishita thinks that Adi is getting away from Raman because of Shagun but Raman tells her not to be worry as it is all business matter.

    Apart from this, Pihu’s weird behavior over avoiding school makes Ruhi tensed and she discusses it with Ishita.

    Ishita decides talking to Pihu but Ruhi tells her let her handle Pihu.

    Raman and Ishita try to sort out Pihu’s problem over school

    Ishita tells Ruhi that nothing is important for her more than Pihu.

    However, Ishita discusses about it to Raman and they decide to talk Pihu.

    Will Pihu share her problem with Raman and Ishita?

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  18. Ruhi is so young why is she like an grown up

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