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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ruhi and Shravan fighting for Vandu’s baby. Raman and Ishita come and look on. Shravan asks Ruhi to tell her parents to get a small baby. Ruhi cries. Everyone look on shocked. Ishita cries. Vandu says I m sorry, Shravan should have not told this. Ishita says its okay and leaves. Raman goes after her. Appa sends Vandu. Mrs. Bhalla pacifies Ruhi. Ruhi says she is feeling bad for Ishi Maa, she has seen her when Shravan asked her to take baby, I know she can’t get the baby, I m angry on Shravan, Ishi maa would have felt bad. Ishita and Raman looks on and get teary eyes. Teri bechaini ka………….plays………… Raman tells Ruhi that Ishita is not feeling bad. Ruhi says I know she would be crying, go and convince her, come and makes him leave. Mrs. Bhalla says Ruhi

has become her big girl.

Ishita cries in her room and recalls the incident. Raman recalls Ishita’s romantic dance and smiles. He turns off and on the lights and dances for her on the song Chalaon na nainon se baan re…………. He makes her smile and disappears. She looks for him. He comes out from the cupboard and dances with her. They pillow fight and come close. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays……………. Mr. and Mrs. Bhalla come hearing the song and ask whats happening. Raman asks them to understand. They leave. Ishita thanks Raman for this. He says he does not like her crying face. He asks her to think what he told before, that she can conceive a baby. He asks her to think.

Romi talks to his friend and says he can do any work, he wants a job soon, he can solve any hardware problem. The man asks him to do any good job. Romi says he did not complete studies and will not work with Raman, he wants a job soon. The man gets a call and says he is busy, he will send someone. He tells Romi about the urgent assignment to repair computer. Romi agrees. Romi comes and meets the doctor. Romi says he has stress, the laptop is not working, it has all the data, he wants data recovery.

He gets a call and asks him to sit here, he will just come, and asks him to not touch anything till he comes back. Sarika comes there and says Romi… is he following her, what is he doing with doctor’s laptop. Romi stops her, and says she is misunderstanding her, he has come to check the laptop and repair it. Raman and Mihir talk about Jhakad talking about Romi’s illegitimate child, but Ashok can’t adopt the baby now. Raman says that’s a relieve. Mihir says we will answer them showing our work capabilities. Raman says yes, we will fail them in business and then Jhakad will come back to us. He says he is will meet Bansal, he is honest man, he will show Jhakad that he still get investors, no one will dare to point finger to my family then.

Romi fixes the laptop and recovers data. The doctor is thankful and gets glad. He pays him money and takes his number, as his friends can also need his help. Sarika looks on. Shravan does situps and apologizes to Ruhi. Ruhi forgives him. The elders get happy. Ruhi and Shravan see the baby. He asks her not to get sad, mum told me everything that your parents can’t have a baby, I will let you play with my angel. Ishita hears them and gets sad. She asks them to have juice. Ruhi sees Ishita sad. Shravan takes Ruhi to play and they leave. Ishita gets thinking and gets upset.
Raman comes home and asks for Ruhi. Ishita says she went to Amma’s house. He says he has to go Mumbai to meet his business associate Bansal. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to go. Ishita says kids need me here. Raman says he has meetings there, she can come later. Ishita says yes, let him concentrate on work. Mrs. Bhalla says fine, but next time you have to take her.

Raman sees Shagun with someone in the pub. Ruhi goes to a doctor and says she is Ruhi Bhalla, and asks him to take the piggy bank savings and help her Ishi Maa.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. aaj yhm aayega .but i will not be able to sab.but kal dekhloongi kyunki mere holiday hai issliye.

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  3. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest UpdatesIn the upcoming episodes of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein,viewers will witness a shocking twist to happen in the show.Raman ( Karan Patel )will leave for Mumbai for some work whileIshita (Divyanka Tripathi)will stay behind in Delhi. In Mumbai, Raman will meet Shagun who will be drinking in clubs and hanging out with boys. Raman willbe shocked to see Shagun in this stateand he will decide to help her.What will happen when Ishita will come to know about Shagun and Raman meeting in Mumb

  4. Hi, am ani from Mauritius. Am Raman n ishita fan. Am I welcome in the group. 🙂

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