Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ruhi and Shravan fighting for Vandu’s baby. Raman and Ishita come and look on. Shravan asks Ruhi to tell her parents to get a small baby. Ruhi cries. Everyone look on shocked. Ishita cries. Vandu says I m sorry, Shravan should have not told this. Ishita says its okay and leaves. Raman goes after her. Appa sends Vandu. Mrs. Bhalla pacifies Ruhi. Ruhi says she is feeling bad for Ishi Maa, she has seen her when Shravan asked her to take baby, I know she can’t get the baby, I m angry on Shravan, Ishi maa would have felt bad. Ishita and Raman looks on and get teary eyes. Teri bechaini ka………….plays………… Raman tells Ruhi that Ishita is not feeling bad. Ruhi says I know she would be crying, go and convince her, come and makes him leave. Mrs. Bhalla says Ruhi

has become her big girl.

Ishita cries in her room and recalls the incident. Raman recalls Ishita’s romantic dance and smiles. He turns off and on the lights and dances for her on the song Chalaon na nainon se baan re…………. He makes her smile and disappears. She looks for him. He comes out from the cupboard and dances with her. They pillow fight and come close. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays……………. Mr. and Mrs. Bhalla come hearing the song and ask whats happening. Raman asks them to understand. They leave. Ishita thanks Raman for this. He says he does not like her crying face. He asks her to think what he told before, that she can conceive a baby. He asks her to think.

Romi talks to his friend and says he can do any work, he wants a job soon, he can solve any hardware problem. The man asks him to do any good job. Romi says he did not complete studies and will not work with Raman, he wants a job soon. The man gets a call and says he is busy, he will send someone. He tells Romi about the urgent assignment to repair computer. Romi agrees. Romi comes and meets the doctor. Romi says he has stress, the laptop is not working, it has all the data, he wants data recovery.

He gets a call and asks him to sit here, he will just come, and asks him to not touch anything till he comes back. Sarika comes there and says Romi… is he following her, what is he doing with doctor’s laptop. Romi stops her, and says she is misunderstanding her, he has come to check the laptop and repair it. Raman and Mihir talk about Jhakad talking about Romi’s illegitimate child, but Ashok can’t adopt the baby now. Raman says that’s a relieve. Mihir says we will answer them showing our work capabilities. Raman says yes, we will fail them in business and then Jhakad will come back to us. He says he is will meet Bansal, he is honest man, he will show Jhakad that he still get investors, no one will dare to point finger to my family then.

Romi fixes the laptop and recovers data. The doctor is thankful and gets glad. He pays him money and takes his number, as his friends can also need his help. Sarika looks on. Shravan does situps and apologizes to Ruhi. Ruhi forgives him. The elders get happy. Ruhi and Shravan see the baby. He asks her not to get sad, mum told me everything that your parents can’t have a baby, I will let you play with my angel. Ishita hears them and gets sad. She asks them to have juice. Ruhi sees Ishita sad. Shravan takes Ruhi to play and they leave. Ishita gets thinking and gets upset.
Raman comes home and asks for Ruhi. Ishita says she went to Amma’s house. He says he has to go Mumbai to meet his business associate Bansal. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to go. Ishita says kids need me here. Raman says he has meetings there, she can come later. Ishita says yes, let him concentrate on work. Mrs. Bhalla says fine, but next time you have to take her.

Raman sees Shagun with someone in the pub. Ruhi goes to a doctor and says she is Ruhi Bhalla, and asks him to take the piggy bank savings and help her Ishi Maa.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. ?pradishma?

    Shravan how can u do that…… but felt really touched to see that moment of ruhi and ishima…..

    • Lolsj

      Shravan doesnt know that does he just a kid, finally shagun is back 🙂 now ashok, shagun and investor can ruin bhalla family

      • Taninza

        Lollsj…Shagun this time will be in a positive character.. She will not ruin them but help them!!!
        I read this in a spoiler… And why do u want to increase the trouble in Ishita and raman’so life…

  2. ha raman mumbai jaayega aur shagun ko leke aayega. bhale hi shagun sudhar gayi ho but i dont want or like her to come between ishra.

  3. Kal majaa aayega Shagun jayegi jail….but Yeh Ishita ka Ravan Kumar jo ab Ram Kumar ban gaya hai….wo jake Shagun ki help karega…….

  4. bhagi

    wow really nice ishra dance and ha raman ne tho sahi kaha hamesha unki privacy ko disturb kardethe hai………..aur yar touching ishru scene and felt very bad for ishra

  5. bhagi

    yar want to share my view but if anyone feels bad am so sry for that……i am thinking makers r taking revenge yar……varna koi ithna drag kartha hai kya kabhi adi ka pyaar kabhi romi ka pyaar aur kabhi shagun ka pyaar par yar isme main lead pair ishra ka pyaar kaha hai……?????? vo main jodi hai ya phir koi side actors hai unka pyaar start huyi abhi shayad 1saal ho raha hai par aaj tak vo kabhi next step hi nahi liya agar leap nahi huyi tho vo kabhi apna mrg consumate nahi karega kya……???????? aab jab tak leap nahi hoga kya tab tak ishra ka relation age nahi badega kya…….???????? wt tje hell this writers are thinking really fed up yar…………..just hate them

  6. ek baar agar woh bansal raman ke company ko invest karne ke liye ready hoga toh yeh jhakad aur ashok kisi kaam ke nahi rahenge aur unke mooh dekhne laayak hoga.

  7. bhagi

    yar muje ek baath samajh me nahi aa raha hai agar anitha mam ektha ki ithni achi dost ho tho usko ek naya serial me lead de dona kyom hamare peeche pade huye hai guys i agree anitha doing her job very well par yar kyom bina matlab ke kyom usko story me ghasit rahe hai……aab jab shagun vapas delhi ayegi tho tab phir se ishu shagun aur adi ki beech dhuriyom ko metame lagegi…………….just hating this drama really fed up yar ye vo yhm nahi hai jis se mai pagalom ki tarah dhekthe thi…….i am sorry yhm totally lost its charm………..????????

  8. bhagi

    muje ek baath samajh me nahi aa rahe hai agar shagun badal gayi hai ya tho phir vo sudhaarne ke liye gaya hai tho phir vo pubs me esa anjaan ladakom ke saath kyom ghum rahe hai………i hate to see shagun back in bhalla house agar vo sach me badaal gayi hai tho vo kabhi ishra ke beech me jane ki nahi maanegi……

  9. ek toh show nein itnee saare problems hai aur pehle toh atleast kuch happy monent dikbate break ki tarah atleast an episode lekin yaha toh problems ko kheech kheech ke aur uske saath aur musibathein laaye taki hum sab veiwers bore ho.

  10. custody drama is alright because this show is adapted partially from novel custody.par shagun ka ishra je beech aana auf kayi saare trsck yehnlog do theen baar kyu dikhathe hai.

  11. TV show starring Divyanka Tripathi
    and Karan Patel, better known as
    Ishita and Raman from the hit TV
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    witness a lot of Drama in Raman and
    Ishita’s life.When Ruhi goes to meet
    the Vandu’s baby,Shravan gets into
    fight saying that he only has right on
    the baby and ends up telling ruhi to
    ask her parents for a baby.
    Ruhi gets teary eyed and leaves the
    place followed by ishita and she
    makes her calm.Vandu apologizes to
    Raman and Toshiji on behalf of
    The Next day Ruhi without informing
    anyone goes to hospital and requests
    nurse that she wants to meet the
    doctor.On Ruhi’s insistence nurse
    sends her to doctor.Ruhi asks doctor
    that she needs a baby for her ishima.
    On the other hand,Raman informs in
    Bhalla house that he needs to go
    mumbai to solve a problem created by
    Jhakad. Toshiji asks him to take
    ishita along with him but both the
    couple deny it.Raman makes excuses
    that he will be busy and so ishita will
    get bored with him.
    Well,the Twist in the tale is Shagun is
    back in Raman and ishita’s life.
    Shagun who is missing from few
    days,finally Raman sees her in
    Mumbai.He follows her and finds her
    in a bar with a man.Raman figures out
    that they are trapping shagun.But
    before he could do something,a police
    raid happens and Shagun gets
    Now,What going to happen is a
    suspense for all ? Will Raman bring
    shagun back to Bhalla house or Will
    Shagun again try to get into Raman’s

  12. Yaar ek baat batao….yeh Jakad Delhi me nahi tha …..but India me to tha na……to Raman to Asia Buisness Head hai….wo to pata hi hoga na……& Inn makers ne Raman ko Asia Buisness Head & Delhi Buisness Association ka Precident hai……to uss ke decision ke aage aur kaun bol sakta hai yaar……
    Yeh Makers ne Raman ki high post dikhai……par uss ka koi use nahi dikhaya…….

  13. bhagi

    yar aaj kal tho muje ese lagne laga ki serial ka main lead anitha/shagun hai aur ishra bas side characters hai kyom ki serial me aaj tak jithna imp shagun ko diya uthna shayad kabhi bhi ishra ko nahi diya agar diya ho tha aaj tak serial no.1 position pe hotha,………i am nt at all liking shagun’s comeback……

  14. bhagi

    guys dnt u think ye log kuch jyada hi show ki drag kar rahe hai aur yar in logom ko esa kyom lagtha hai ki agar ishra ki consumation ho jayegi tho serial me aur dhekne ko kuch nahi hoga are makers use ur brain serial me dhikane ko bahuth kuch hoga ishu ki pregnancy complications how she handel adi ruhi aur nayi baby ka relations……how raman take care of ishu etc…….bahuth sare tracks ho sakthe hai,,…..agar ap ko lagtha hai yhm me dhikane ko kuch bacha nahi hai tho phir show ko drag karne ki baje yhm ko ek happy ending de do thaki hamari dhilom me yhm ka jo impression hai na vo kharaab na ho………

  15. bhagi

    are yar raman agar tumne vo shagun ko laya bhi ho tho plz use ishu se chupaana math kyom ki agar tu ne esa kiya tho iska mathlab e hoga ki tume ishu par bharosa nahi hai aur agar bharosa nahi tho pyaar nahi i hope makers iss bar raman ko e bakwaas script na de aur ek baath shagun ko bhalla house me na rakhe uski maa/bhayi ke paas bhej dhijiye kyom ki reality me koi bhi hubby us aurath ke liye ithna nahi karega vo bhi uske liye jisne unhe dhoka diya ho………

  16. Yeh shagn ko wapas kyun lekar aaya serial mein kyun wahi repeat track aa rhe hain i m bored to see shgn track yeh writers kuch naya kyun nhi soch rhi hun hamesha shgn track just vry horrible track i hate 4 shgn back

  17. I just hope ki iss baar shgn wapas lane ki galti raman na kare, pichli baar jab ishu shgn ko lekar aaya toh usne ishra ko alag krne ki koshish ki thi

  18. bhagi

    ektha ko ye baath samjh me kyom nahi athi hai ki yeh hai mohabbatein serial uski best friend/sistets for life ankitha ki vajhe se nahi balki ishra aur ishru ki bonding aur pyaar aur unki nokh jokh ke liye top position pe hai na ki shagun ki vajhe se chaahe anitha kithni bhi achi acting kyom na kar le par show hum sab ishra ke liye aur unki pyaar ke liye dhekthe hai i hope vo e baath samjh ne me jyaada dher na kare

  19. nimrit

    u remember guys jab shagun ka track chal raha tha pichhle kuchh months me to trp position 4 ya 5 th thi….ekta ke serials ki yahi problem hai ki wo negative char. ko hi jyada importance dete hai……


    loved today’s episode only fr Raman’s dance…really I liked it very much ♥♥♥

  21. nobody like shagun s comeback.lekin kuch bhi ho , agar woh acchi bhi hogi tab bhi woh ishra ke beech aayegi aur darrarr paida karegi.koi toh misunderstanding hoga zaroor.

  22. may mein shagun chali gayi aur july mein wapas aa rahi hai .iss liye ekta maam ka shagun jo best friend hai unki .unhe ek mahine se jyada show se door nahi karegi.

  23. raman ko kya zaroorath usse delhi laane ki.uska madad karna hi tha toh uska bail karwaake chod detha ya delhi laakar mihir ke ghar bhej detha ya uske mom ke yaha australia bhej detha.bhalla house mein laane ki kya zarooratha hai.

  24. Zoyafathima

    Yaar ye shagun ajeea ladki hai yaar jab ve athitho koyi na gadbadi lekhar athiho is liye we hav mor alert

  25. In the upcoming episodes of Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein,viewers will once again
    see their favourite actress, Anita
    Hassanadani back in action with her
    character, Shagun. It is still unknown
    whether she is going to turn positive
    or she will once again return to plan
    against Raman and Ishita. Keep
    watching Yeh Hai Mohabbatein to
    know what will happen when Shagun
    will come back in their life.

  26. keerthi aishwarya

    hai iam keerthi aiswarya studying eng 1 year . have u heard about ishita , subbu going to australia for treat ment . i just wish this to be fake

  27. Shilpa Jain

    guys kuch b kaho shagun is playing negative role in yhm bt since she went I was seriously missing her ishra ne to serial ki band hi baja daali… trp was all tym low…shagun ki games serial ko dekhne laayak banayege…well most imp Anita hassanandani is the most beautiful character in the show

  28. yy shagun cmg to ishuram
    life we don’t want
    already so many problems are there in ramishu life
    again shagun is cmg
    ohh god…

  29. “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” actress
    Divyanka Tripathi has been
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  30. gopu

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest UpdatesIn the upcoming episodes of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein,viewers will witness a shocking twist to happen in the show.Raman ( Karan Patel )will leave for Mumbai for some work whileIshita (Divyanka Tripathi)will stay behind in Delhi. In Mumbai, Raman will meet Shagun who will be drinking in clubs and hanging out with boys. Raman willbe shocked to see Shagun in this stateand he will decide to help her.What will happen when Ishita will come to know about Shagun and Raman meeting in Mumb

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