Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla coming to Ishita seeing her crying. She says how she was before at the time of marriage, she was her dad’s loved daughter but got a strict mum in law. She says she used to work all day and my hair was very long, thick. She says she did not cut her hair as her husband loved her hair, then she thought she does not get time to comb, the moment she took scissor, her mum in law Bebe came to scolded her asking her not to cut the hair, then she became my mum, that day she became my mum, this is saas and bahu relation and today my bahu is infront of me, to cry in her mum’s house, you saw your mum is not here, but you did not see you have one more mum, I m not literate like Amma, but I know that you have just given this house, not got anything, so I want to give

you mum’s love and share you pains, and support like a mum. Both of them cry and hug.

Mrs. Bhalla consoles her and asks did Raman tell anything. Ishita says no, don’t tell anything, he is already worried. Mrs. Bhalla asks why. Raman thinks what to do, I cant Ishita ask Adi does not like her, and Shagun will insult her. Ishita tells everything to Mrs. Bhalla and says we have to convince Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla says you should have not agreed, Shagun is clever, she is using Adi,Raman is blind in Adi’s love, no, I won’t let Ruhi go. Ishita says Shagun gave birth to Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla says you are Ruhi’s mum, not Shagun, you tell you won’t send Ruhi, let Raman go. Ishita says I felt bad, but think once, whatever it is, Raman is stuck in this, he can’t choose from his two children, Adi is his weakness, Adi called Ruhi today, he will be happy seeing them together.

She says I can’t take his happiness. Mrs. Bhalla says you are very understanding. Ishita says no, I feel if my decision is wrong then, again Raman will be in problem, I reacted bad, cry like girls. She says nothing bad can happen, as I trust Raman a lot, I understand him, Raman is Adi’s dad first then my husband, I can’t stop him from doing the duty of a father. Mrs. Bhalla hugs her crying and says you are great, you raised in my eyes today, Shagun filled poison in me, you have made me Amrit, I can tell the world that my bahu is the world’s best bahu. Ishita thanks her. Mrs. Bhalla thanks her too.

Its morning, Ashok gets ready. He says I called Sharma and his wife on lunch on Saturday, so make a nice lunch menu. Shagun asks did you ask me. He says whats the problem. She says I have to go out, I will tell the cook. He asks where are you going. She says I m going on family outing, with Raman and kids. He is shocked. She says I have to go shopping now. I want Adi to enjoy well. He asks where is this family outing happening. She says no, you can’t ask. She leaves. Ashok gets angry and says Ishita did not listen to me, fine Shagun, you think I don’t understand like Raman, this time I will teach you such a lesson lets see.

Ishita tries to convince Ruhi. Ruhi says I won’t go without Ishita. She says I don’t feel nice with Shagun. Ishita hugs her. Dil se dil ka rishta jo hai………………..plays………………Ruhi tells Ishita about the best mum’s competition in school. Ishita thinks to make Ruhi become the best so that people can know their parents are best. Mrs. Bhalla looks on. Ishita asks her to have good conduct with siblings being away from her. Ruhi says but Adi does not be with me. Ishita says I have a solution. Adi invited you in picnic, you go and get special points, I have work and can’t come, you enjoy well. Ruhi agrees and says I will become Adi’s friends and show Ishi Maa made me have good manners, don’t cry. Kaisa mai bataun ye……………plays………….. Mrs Bhalla smiles seeing their bonding.

Mihika sends a gift to Mihir. Mihir talks to her on phone and asks whats this instructions to wear this in morning. She says wear what I gave. He says it means it has to be a smart shirt or tie. She says don’t worry, its not s*xy lingerie. He says I can send you if you say. She says chee. He says whats chee in this, you are my fiancée, don’t blow off my romance, we will romance in morning now. She says wake up on time and war what I sent, else I won’t come. She smiles and ends the call.

Mrs. Bhalla and Ishita pack the bag. Mr. Bhalla tells Raman that he is doing is wrong. Ishita gives instructions to Ruhi.Ishita gives the bag to Raman and says it has everything, Raman says thanks, unable to see in her eyes. Raman says now we shall go. Ishita asks Ruhi take pics and send her. Raman takes Ruhi and leaves. Ruhi stops and looks at Ishita. She says I miss you Ishi Maa. Ishita says go and have fun. Teri bechaini………..plays……………. Ishita sees them from balcony. Shagun looks at Ishita. Ishita waves bye and cries. Dil kahin rukta nahi…………plays…………. Raman leaves with Shagun and kids. Ishita looks upset and wipes her tears. Mrs. Bhalla asks is she fine. Ishita says yes fine, I will get ready and go clinic. Mr. Bhalla says let her go, she is strong.

Mihika hears Pathak talking to Raman about destroying accident footage and tells this to Ishita at her clinic. Ishita says why will Raman do this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wat the! Dis serial s loosin its shape ! I bet your trp s goin to hav a downfall ! Wake up balaji tele films!!!

  2. this is not done hurting ishita so much plz dont destroy the serial
    its becoming a typical balaji telefilms show now !!!!!!!!!

  3. poor raman… And ishita too… Today epi was realy touchng… Now,dis serial is going to be a blast!!!!

  4. we were hoping that we will witness a classic/an all time best love story ever but we r disappointed with the current going. balaji tele films as usual r not capitalizing on the positive points. Best jodi ever will become best worst jodi ever shortly. wake up and focus on the romance between raman & ishita.

  5. i dnt think dis story could be typecastd to a typical love story,,,it is telling us more than dat… Romance is not the ultimate here,its abt motherhud,,and relations which are more worthier than love…. I think it shud be mentiond to be a neighbour house story,means a little real 1 havng imp for all emotions that is there in a common famly.. I think so,, and am not tryng to criticize any1. Its jst my views

    1. I disagree..! Motherhood ek tharaf he Aur romanc dusri.. Der s no such condition to mess d two .. U can giv dem their own tym n space .. Nd u texted abt real story n motherhood .. Wel in reality it s only 1 out of twenty moms like shagun.. Nd it s statistically proven .. Dan dis show somethin which s more close to reality na..

  6. Raman is behaving like a girl can’t he tell the truth to ishitha :)<3 dis

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