Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a man coming to meet Simmi. Simmi says I did not call you. Gaurav comes and says I called him, he is a good tattoo maker, his work is clean, I did not wish to go to any amateur tattoo maker, so that you don’t get hurt, you can check designs. She welcomes them in party. Mrs. Bhalla sees Gaurav. Simmi asks Neelu to take tattoo maker to room, I will come in some time. Mrs. Bhalla says what’s Gaurav doing here. She goes to Simmi and asks did you invite Gaurav in party. Simmi says no, he self invited. Mihika says that man is tattoo artist, I want to get tattoo made, I made him sit in guest room. Mrs. Bhalla says fine. Simmi asks Mihika how did you know this. Mihika says I overheard your conversation. Raman comes and asks Simmi about Gaurav. Simmi says he is my friend,

I invited him. Raman asks is he just friend. She asks him to come and dance. They all dance on tutak tutak…. Everyone smile.

Tattoo artist says madam can come to my studio and choose design. Gaurav asks him to wait for some time, its auspicious to get work on 1st, it will be profitable year. The man agrees to stay back. Raman asks Romi for phone to call Ishita. Mihika says ask her to come soon. Mihir calls Romi. Raman answers call and goes out to talk. Mrs. Bhalla gets the cake. She goes to get candles and asks them to come. Adi asks do you know plan. Romi says yes, you have to put cake on face. Adi says but Dadi got just one cake, if she scolds me. Romi says no, I arranged same cake, just go ahead. Adi takes cake to smear on Suhail’s face. Suhail moves and cake falls. Mrs. Bhalla scolds them for ruining cake. Adi says Romi was in plan. They all scold Romi and Adi. Romi says I did not do, Adi did this, beat him. Ruhi says smart move. Suhail says thanks, you alerted me. She says I can save you from cake smearing. She laughs. He says you look good when you laugh.

Mrs. Bhalla says leave it now, I have forgiven you. Romi says there is just 15 secs left. They count down. They wish each other happy new year and hug. Raman comes back and sees time. He says its 12, don’t know where is Ishita. Romi says her phone is not reachable. Raman worries for her and says she maybe at clinic for emergency. Adi says no, she is not there, guard told me on phone. Raman says irresponsible woman, don’t know where she went. Ruhi gets afraid. Suhail says you can call Abhishek and take help. Raman says no, he went to celebrate new year with his fiancee. Romi and Adi go to find her. Everyone make calls. Tattoo artist says its late now, you did not finalize design. I will go. Simmi says sorry, there is tension at home. Gaurav says why sorry, I paid him. He scolds the man and asks him to leave. The man says fine I will wait. Ruhi says I m worried for Ishi Maa, don’t know where she went, did blackmailer kidnap her. He says why will he do this. She says he can do this to pressurize me.

He consoles her and asks her not to react like this, else everyone will know, Ishita will come. Ruhi prays for Ishita’s safety. Raman gets Ishita’s call. He asks where are you. She asks why so much anger, happy new year, sorry, I m not with family, I m feeling really bad. He says you went missing, everyone is worried, where are you, have you lost it, how can you leave without saying. She asks why, did you not tell them, I tried to call you, landline was busy, I messaged you after sitting in cab. He says I did not get message. She says why are you lying, Pihu’s teacher scared me that something happened to Pihu, so I came here, check message. He checks and says yes, message is there. She laughs and says what’s this, you don’t check my messages.

He says phone was on charging, how is Pihu. She says you will laugh when I tell you. He asks what happened. She says she is big drama queen, she did this acting as she was missing family, she told teacher to call me here, the best part of it is she wanted to celebrate new year with me, I m feeling so good, nature’s camp is good, we enjoyed a lot. He asks when are you coming back. She says Pihu is stubborn, she wants me to stay for 2 days with her, what will be bigger achievement than this for us.

He says don’t worry, I will manage here, your phone is not reachable. She says there is no network, this is teacher’s phone, I have to make a confession, Raman I don’t like anything without you, I m really missing you a lot. He smiles and says even I miss you a lot, everything is under control, we had chance to celebrate new year together, see you are there, I m here. She says I m missing you a lot. He asks her to see moon, its common factor between us, I feel you are standing with me. She says you don’t start new year with worries, be happy, involve Ruhi in party. He says fine, I will keep you updated. Romi and Adi come back, and say they did not find Ishita. Raman comes. Adi asks did you talk to her. Raman smiles. Mrs. Bhalla asks why are you smiling.

Raman says she is fine, she told me she is at Pihu’s nature’s camp, Pihu was missing us, she called Ishita there. Mrs. Bhalla says why did she not tell us. Raman says its my mistake, she left message for me and I did not check, phone was on charging. Mr. Bhalla says you were calling Ishita careless, what’s this. Adi says you are careless. Mihika says its your mistake, we had tension. Raman says fine sorry. Simmi says you will get punished, you have to become murga. Raman says fine….. okay. Ruhi says no, and stops Raman. Romi says fine, you can dance. Ruhi says dance with me first. Raman hugs her.

Teacher asks Ishita did she talk to her husband. Ishita says yes, I wished him, thanks. Teacher says your smile shows there is much love between you and him. Ishita says yes, there is much love, even if we get away, we don’t get separated, love increases, any how thanks again. She smiles.

Raman checks the tattoo designs and asks the artist about the design. The artist says its traditional mark, I can tell you for which family I made this, but all info is at my studio.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hello my dear friends shivani, magic how are you both?

    Epi i like today talking between raman and ishita they talk in good mood today

    1. Yeah fine

  2. A Big Hello to Rithu, VP, Mino, Shivani, Magic, Marin, Madhu, Bhagya, Priya, Priyamvadha, Ridika, Siddhi, Khushi, Jaz, Kiran, Parichary, Riya, Ahs, Monique, Susan, Jay, Zaiba and many many many wonderful fans of YHM who are continuing the journey with us in 2017 even though YHM track is veering off course.

    Khushi and Aditya Kiran, I was so happy to read your comments after a long time. It was nice to see some old familiar names.

    VP my dearest friend, you are always so concerned with everyone. Thanks for wondering where was I along with Magic. Actually I was not in Singapore. I was away to Malaysia Malacca and to the outskirts so internet connection was up and down. I could go to this telly update site as there was some restriction so I only read all your comments when I returned home. I am sure everyone has excitedly made your new year resolutions and hope you all are able to keep it. Yes I missed many of you and your comments those days.

    Yesterday I was surprised to see another person’s name Sindhu. Startled me initially and then I realized perhaps someone has the same name as mine.

    1. Hi are you?really missed your comments.and Happy New Year????✨???and have a great year .

  3. Today’s episode is watchable. I simply can’t stand this Suhail. Either make him good or really bad not in between.

    At least there were some Ishra scenes but I am watching the old episodes of YHM and gives me great pleasure. I am tired of watching the current track. I never get to watch Ishita and PIhu at all. It should be more of that now instead of the wastrel Suhail and hopeless Ruhi who thinks Suhail is her god and miracle worker.

    KP and DT are great actors and I adore them very much. What I don’t like is when there are two professionals acting, the real spouse should not get involved. Like I said Vivek has his own serial and just focus on that. Why bother DT on how close she should act or not act with KP? I remember in one interview he said that DT has so much experience and more popular than him. He is happy and he knows YHM is DT’s pet project so he will give her free rein to act in it. After marriage, he sings a different tune and puts a lot of restrictions on how close she should act. This is ridiculous. It is fine if Vivel acts very close to his female co star but DT can’t do that. There is no sense at all. KP’s wife is fine and she thinks both KP and DT are good friends and great understanding. Actors have to remember that when acting it is totally professional and not real but reel.. We audience are looking at them as Raman and Ishita and not KP and DT.

    Pardon my long comment but I really am upset with VIvek with his restrictions

    1. …it may vivek or DT herself or DT KP off screen fights…Whatever be the reason , we lost ISHRA….

    2. I agree with you 100% Shivani those episodes were full of Romance and having natural flow. I do not know it will ever come back to the former glory. I can watch episodes 1-about 300 again and again those were so good. Finally today we had some ishra moment.

    3. Yeah agree gd observation

    4. Khushiarvind

      You are righy sindhu… They shldnt mix up professional nd personal life
      Their chemistry is long lost.. We r tolerating juz bcose we luv them..
      Dnt knw if its bcose of vivek or any cold war bt dt nd kp… Actually herd some news before that konis behaving unprofessionaly cuming late nd all dnt knw the truth…
      They secured a lotnif awards nw dnt bother abt aydience r they too are frustated with such brainless writers

      1. HELLO khushi

  4. You dont know Rishita , vp is the most respected person here….its sad that without knowing her , you are saying all these…you used bad language on rithu, i ignored your comment because rithu already said what i wanted to say… you are badmouthing vp…if you have any problems with these two,then just ignore them….you have no right to say like that….
    I am afraid that VP may stop commenting…This is a very good group, but some people are destroying it…

  5. Also watching old episodes of YHM. So love this serial. We are now at the point of Mani’s entry and Raman getting jealous. At what episodes are you in the old YHM? So sad about Vivek’s restictions. I believe that would spell the end for YHM. Like a fool I am hoping for something that will never be seen again. OUR OLD ISHRA! I guess we are not alone because TRP is falling. Very sad.

  6. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    yes sindhu i totally agree with you i also felt that after divyanka vivek wedding the chemistry between raman and ishitha is not so good when compared to old yhm

    1. Yeah you are right bhagya how are you? And what about your project good performance or not? Hahaha

  7. For YHM, don’t know what to comment….fed up with this sohail ruhi mms drama…

    Hi EVERYONE…..
    VP Rithu Mino Sindhu Magic Siddhi Khushi Aditya Jaz Az Monique Saritha Supergirl parichari Ananthi shreya Bhagya Nish Priya Ahs Marin Tia Susan Ruhi and all YHM fans……hope everyone is doing fine…..

  8. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi sindhu how r u really i missed your comments

  9. Shivani my dear friend i want friendship with you can we be friends here? best one even better than your and magic friendship but you have to perfer me over magic do you agree or not? Pls reply

    1. Of course We can be friends…

  10. “Be more concerned towards your character instead of reputation bcz character is what really you are and reputation is meraly what other’s thinks you are”

    so, vp don’t bother about anyone comments bcz no one real in the world only behaviour is real and according to your behaviour towards everyone you are such a nice lady

    1. Yes VP, magic said right..we know that you are a good person…

  11. Honey

    Loved this episode

  12. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    haha yes magic my seminors was completed and my performance was also good

  13. ahahahahaha shivani u dumb b*t*h and mona u big ass dog and the rest are smelly shit ass donkeys

    1. So, rishita you think you are smart hehehe you mental idiot check the logo yes you can have same name but cant have same id understand and now go back to your hope

      and am leaving and am sure real magic also will leave this site very bad site now

      1. Oh my what the hell is happening here am busy thats why i just read this rubbish who the hell is this who commenting v bad towards everybody with everyone name am reall sorry shivani i am v sad actually am feeling v shamfull after read that rubbish you are such a good girl and i can’t/don’t want to read that kind of rubbish towards you and any friends

        arey kuan badtameej hai re yai jo itna ganda comment likh raha hai sab logo ke khilaf drinch yourself in a glass of water idiot dimaag ka dahi kar diya tune kaiko bakwaas likhta hai re tu you are right madhu we should stop

  14. Hi all yhm fans How are you all.By the way i don’t like DT & KP at all.Their dressing style is vary bad.

  15. Hi sindhu,riya,priya,vp,rithu,super girl,shivani,magic,mino,saba,madhu,bhagya,susan,manju,mona,tia,reshmi,shreya,ridika and all….hope everyone is fine…

    The episode was not bad.the cake scene was very funny.but where is pihu.they are not showing her since many days.I can’t bear sohail.i don’t like him at all.please end this stupid track as soon as possible.

    1. Hey marin . don’t worry.we don’t believe such fake people who use others name and talk bad.i think the moderation has to be more improved because fake comments are increasing day by day .then what’s the need of moderation.

  16. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    how can they celebrate 2017 new year already yhm first leap is 7 years leap and recently they took year leap so may be bhalla family r celebrating 2024 new year haha

  17. Oh no..Now who is commenting on my name..please don’t do this !!

    1. Marin don’t worry people know ur logo so u will be fine

  18. I don’t like this site anymore.some people comment here by fake id using our is totally can anyone do this.yesterday someone commented by using Vp name.and today again someone commented by using Marin’s is really’s okay marin.don’t be sad.we know that you did not do this.

    1. Same ridika

  19. Really happy to see shagun changed her attittude..

  20. If i remember correctly in one episode after 7 year leap, abhishek will tell Ishita that he got married to a bhopal girl divya..

    Now raman is saying he is celebrating new year with fiancee..

  21. VP please come back, I saw yesterday’s cmnts of Rishita abt ur gender wasn’t good at all. I apologize behalf of dumbo ass Rishita but never leave this site.

    Get a iife

    Hi all…Ignore the fake names bcz the logos are the only way to identity. Rishita can use fake emails if she wants, bcz tellyupdates cannpt identify valid emails.

  22. My name is rishita, I am mental and a big b*t*h. I aqm useless and a big f”king brainless girl. I am no good, I shld get admitted to mental asylum soon.

  23. Namaste…
    Mane teh asoka rista wae, sier euy bahasa inggrisna meni low pisan ?

  24. Oh VP please come back. Just ignore all the comments. You are such a darling on this group. A guiding light to many of us. We read your experiences and know how to go through challenges in life.

  25. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  26. Hey vp plz come back and comment.this site is for people like you ,not for people who bad mouth others. And you itself told me to ignore their comments right then plz you also ignore and comment vp . Day before yesterday some one did with me .then yesterday it was you vp and today it’s Marin.

  27. In the upcoming episode there will be lots of tragic situations seen amid Ishita and Raman in the daily soap.

    It so happened that Ishita is all missing from the show uptil now amid Raman and Romi’s arrest time.

    The actual reason is that even Ishita gets kidnapped by the blackmailer who had made Ruhi’s MMS.

    Now, Ishita knows the actual in and out as to who has killed the blackmailer and it’s definitely not Raman.
    Ishita reveal Sohail and Ruhi’s plan

    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of tragic situations seen amid Raman and Ruhi in the ongoing serial.

    Ishita surprisingly reveals Ruhi and Sohail’s joint plan of not telling that Sohail is the killer and letting Raman going to jail.

    It would be very interesting to watch as to how would Ishita save Raman from Sohail’s trap?

    Stay tuned for further details and developments in story line.

  28. In the upcoming episode there will be lots of high voltage dramatic situations seen amid Raman and Ishita in the daily soap.

    Raman and Ruhi both are unaware about the fact that Sohail is no one but Niddhi’s brother.

    It is thus assumed that Sohail’s character has to get negative as a villain’s brother’s entry has to get a negative role.

    Now, Ishita too gets missing and Raman and Ruhi are very much tensed as they have seen the every possible corner where Ishita can be, but all in vain.
    Sohail kidnaps Ishita

    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of tragic situations seen amid Sohail and Ishita in the ongoing serial.

    Sohail kidnaps Ishita as Ishita is the one who gets to know that Sohail is the blackmailer’s murderer.

    It would be very interesting to watch as to how would Sohail thus harass Ishita?

    Stay tuned for further details and developments in story line.

  29. I think gaurav is a negative character.he looks like he is acting like being good i think even he is a an avenger of the bhalla so trapping simmi .

  30. Star Plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) life.

    The current storyline is showcasing Ruhi’s MMS scandal drama where Raman and Ishita are trying their level best to nab the blackmailer.

    On the other hand, Suhail is convincing Ruhi too and trying to keep her cheerful throughout her tough times.

    Apart from this, viewers will get to witness Simmi and Gaurav’s wedding track as Gaurav has proposed their marriage alliance before Santoshi that is Mrs. Bhalla.

    Ananya convince Mrs. Bhalla to accept Gaurav as Ananya has whole heartedly accepted Gaurav as her to be father.

    Let’s see what twist Gaurav bring forth in Bhalla family.

  31. Hey guys a very good afternoon to all.

  32. Good afternoon ritu… Still you are here??? I comment after long time here…

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