Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita showing the blank diary to Divya and Abhishek. Divya says there is nothing written. Ishita says such are some husbands, who do less and show more, who pretend. Raman says I apologized, I planned this dinner and you are….. Ishita cries and asks did you plan this. Raman says it was just… She says planning to apologize, you don’t feel sorry by heart, I m sorry, I won’t come back home. She says sorry Divya, Abhishek, I know Raman was trying this, but you must know we are not together, we are not ideal couple, our married life is not so rosy as it looks. Raman says I m apologizing, just come back. Ishita says sorry and goes. Raman says sorry guys and goes to stop Ishita.

Doctor checks Shagun. Mani says Shagun was feeling uneasy, is she okay.

Doctor asks Shagun since when is she feeling complications. Shagun says since few days. He says she changed diet, is it acidity, is there anything serious. Doctor says no, everything is fine, congrats, you are going to become father. Mani and Shagun get shocked. Doctor asks why did you get serious, I know its surprising, come to my clinic for checkup, there will be some complications in pregnancy in this age, you have to take care.

Raman and Ishita reach building compound in different cards. Raman stops Ishita and asks her to listen. He says I really love you, sorry. He apologizes. She asks him is he guilty for just some time. He asks her to end this by forgiving her. She says you do mistake, do anger and shout, you insult me in private and public, I can’t bear this again and again, so sorry, leave me alone. He says its enough, its always my mistake. She says everyone does mistake, you have no control on anger, see how you are holding me in public place, you don’t respect me, I don’t want my children to be in such influence, please just leave. She goes. He says strange woman.

Aaliya shouts happily and congratulates Mani saying you will be a real father, I m so excited. He asks what do you mean by real father, did you mean, don’t think you are lesser than daughter for me, I never thought I m childless, you are my daughter. She says sorry, I mean you can see the process by your eyes, you will take care of little baby, you did not experience this with me, I m very happy for you. He says I don’t know how to react, would I be able to handle or not. She says why not, you have handled me, you will be an awesome father. He says don’t know. Shagun smiles hearing them. Aaliya says like you raised me, you are the best, you will be great father, you will be thinking to be ready for baby in this age, when the baby comes, your life will change, Shagun’s life will also change, you will feel younger, better, being a sister, I will take care of baby. Shagun says thank God, Mani is happy hearing this news, I m sure everything will get fine between us.

Ishita comes home and cries. Appa sees her and worries. He asks what happened, did anything happen with Raman. She says no, why did you not sleep. He says I worry for you, you are a kid for me, parents don’t leave worrying for kids. She says I have come home, go and sleep, please. He asks shall we have a cup of coffee. She makes coffee. He says you make coffee like your Amma, so I m not missing her. She asks him to say. He says don’t take me wrong, I m not pressurizing you to return to Raman, are you happy staying away, none is happy, Mr. Bhalla and Romi are good to support you, is this necessary to do. She says it will always keep happening, if I don’t take this step today, Raman will always do this, I know the family is getting affected, I can’t leave worrying for my children, sorry. He asks her to go. She asks him not to have coffee and lose sleep. She goes. Appa cries and says I know you are doing this for Raman, but you are much sad staying away from Raman.

Ishita rests to sleep and thinks of Raman’s arguments, and behavior. She gets up. Raman calls her. She disconnects. He calls again. She asks why are you calling again and again. Raman is drunk and says I need to talk, come out. She says you got drunk, you won’t be in senses, sorry. He says come out, I will break door. She says don’t do anything, I will come. He says I know she loves me a lot, she will come. She comes out of Iyer house. He asks her to come home. Sheasks him to go home. He says I love you a lot, come. She says you are much drunk. He says I love you, I can’t stay without you, come. She says I m getting hurt, go home. Mr. Bhalla and Romi come there. Mr. Bhalla slaps Raman and scolds him. Raman says I was saying sorry. Romi stops Mr. Bhalla. Mr. Bhalla asks Romi to take Raman. Ishita cries. Yeh hai mohabbatein……plays………

Mr. Bhalla apologizes to Ishita. She asks him not to apologize. She says Raman was not in senses, forget it. Its morning, Mrs. Bhalla gives Mr. Bhalla his clothes. He asks her to take bp medicines on time. She says you left me, why do you care. He says its about my ethics, don’t start again. She asks will you want Raman to celebrate alone without wife and children, he is getting business award, he is upset to not have Ishita and daughters with him, convince Ishita to come. He says I don’t think she will agree, Raman behaved badly with her, I know if I tell her, she will go, but I don’t want her to go after seeing inner animal of Raman. She says Raman loves his daughters, if they go then… He says I don’t want to talk, I m doing this to bring Raman on right path. Ishita hears them.

Raman argues with the men and asks them to send bill to his house. The men call his misbehaving person. They scold Raman. Raman beats the man. Ishita looks on. They get into a fight.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Omg !! This is getting too much i request makers to change d plot

  2. Ho ho i hope everything will be fine soon, Amin…

  3. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    iam very happy for mani

  4. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    iam not feeling bad for raman .he always hurts ishu .

  5. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi guys rithu magic vpamma sindhu shivani raghu mino khushi how r u guys

    1. Hi bhagya..i am good…hope you are also fine….

  6. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    and mp isuri khushi arvind mounique d aditya tv fan how r u guys

  7. Why is ishita bhabhi doing so she is just hurting raman .every girl which come in ramans life do like this and ramans father is not considered to be a good father precap was bad it happend because of ishita

    1. No Apurv …. here Ishitha is very hurt .. she loves him too .. As it was Raman was literally blaming her and hurting her … before 7 years leap… when Pihu was exchanged … when she came back …. knowing Ruhi is alive , she only wanted to get Ruhi , Give him and go back . Here Ruhi wanted them to be together . She suffered tolerated him and came back to his life . After that for Pihu one year … but that was again a game … but this time he really hurt her . She too is very upset being away from him . The hurt dominates over her love to him . Her pain we saw , for Raman … he doesnt remember what all he spitted ..she wants him to be reformed … but the way he is going after her is very sweet .. it looked so natural and KP acted so well as drunk . Ishithas decision is justified here I feel . She should have done it before .I hope Ishra will realize their mistakes and join together ..soon …

  8. I also want to add some thing ishita bhabhi says that she loves raman what kind of love is that . serial does not show the actual title and i am not liking ramans father slapping him because of ishita bhabhi.

    1. True Apoorva … Mr Bhalla should not have beaten him . It was a wrong step . He wants to talk to his wife , he should have given that space to the couple . Major problem is that in Bhallas house the couple Raman and Ishitha doesnot have a breathing space … no privacy …too much inteference so these things can happen

  9. Let Raman suffer….he deserves it?????

  10. Hi Bhagya I am fine .Thank you … I loved todays episode also …Felt sad for Raman though he deserves this . how well he acted as drunk literally begging Ishitha to come back . And Ishitha pain oh well expressed … she has taken a firm decision … she took kids i feel now becoz he will do anything for them .For her however he loves her … he takes it very eady as he knows she too loves him very much .Fans comments making little sense to the creator .. .. that we can see now Ishitha will send the kids back . Shaghuns pregnancy news and so easily Mani is hooked to her . Mani is going to neggative now . I really wish … Ishra scenes will go for some more episodes before the entry of Nidhi .Dt is supre … Raman feels as if he has not done any mistake … not realizing what all things talked … Ishithas flash back was v nice … love Divan . Not understanding why shaghun is pregnant ? Is it to bring Mani negative … its high time Shaghun changes her blouses ..

  11. Disappointed with the story line. What would have been interesting was to see a court case about Suhail being sent to prison rather than the tract ending the way it did.Well I suppose
    that’s what to expect as was the case when Mihika was being blackmail by that lawyer Kunal
    Raman is no gentleman,his wife is bitter about his ongoing taunts and insults and is separating from him to teach him how to respect a wife and are not to be taken for granted.Together with his brother they are making a mockery of the situation.They should be serious rather than make jokes about Ishita.Raman is ill-maned, he shouts at the maid for no good reason is it because she is the servant and that gives him the right to disrespect her.You make him to be an astute businessman winning awards but he portrays a character of an alcoholic and behaves like a thug. Whenever he points that finger there is three pointing back at him.
    He should take that finger and put it where the sun don’t shine.

  12. So Shagun is pregnant and Mani is the father.How is this possible?
    As I could recall, she did not share her bed with Mani when they got married because Pihu was sharing her bed.When they had moved to Bangkok Mani was always away on business trips abroad for a year.She had moved to Australia and had meet with Viduth which was instigated by Raman to get custody of Pihu. Viduth proposed marriage and she had accepted.That came off its wheels and she came back to India.Mani came to know about this affair and was to divorce Shagun after Aaliya,s wedding. The relationship was strained,he was ignoring Shagun. Shagun blackmailed Aaliya to get Mani to accept her otherwise she would tell about Adi and her break up. Aaliya and Adi planned a trip to a resort for Shagun and Mani,which Mani insisted that it would be a foursome.At the resort there was some drama with Suhail,s uncle,and Shagun and Mani were involved.There was no romance between Shagun and Mani
    Would it be a miracle baby or Viduth the father?
    Am i missing something? Somebody please tell me.

    1. Remember the night shortly after mani asked shagun for a divorce. She acted as if drinking and then Mani took a supposedly drunken shagun to her room and then she pleaded with him that she needs him and well you know what happened next. . . . . . . . He later found out that she planned the whole seduction and got angry again.

    2. Exactly, this Raman is no businessman. He acts and dresses like a thug. On top of that he has anger and drinking problems. They really spoiled his character. I also hate it when he shouts at Neelu. Low class behaviour. Low class in my opinion is not what you are and what you have. Your attitude and behaviour makes you low
      class. I miss the Raman from before the stupid surrogate drama and leap. Why can’t Ishita fall pregnant. Why can’t she experience pregnancy?

  13. Ya ishita is doing wrong but what raman has done that is also wrong he always get angry on ishita

  14. sad for raman. Ishu should forgive him and go back to raman, with a warning, not to repeat it again Ishu being DOC should understand that he is stressed fir his love for wife and kids. Come back and put him for some counseling on anger ands stress mgt. course. Help him out and calm him down.for the sake of children, who love their father, and old aged [arents, to live separately is very sad.

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