Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita getting the food utensils. The jail inmates taunt her and ask warden to give them food. The jail wardens beat the women. Ishita looks on. the woman scolds Ishita for staring at her. Ishita sits there and woman asks her not to sit in her place., Ishita sits somewhere else. The women laugh on her and make fun of her. Ishita gets sad and cries. Raman talks on phone and says I want Ishita out, Abhishek, her case should be on fast track. Mrs. Bhalla comes with food and sees Raman. Raman ends call and cries. Warden throws the food plates for the women. Ishita looks on. the warden scolds them and asks them to eat whatever is given. Ishita sees the food. Warden asks her to eat, she won’t get homemade food here. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman to have food. Raman says I m not

hungry. Mrs. Bhalla asks till when will you be hungry, have some by my hands. Raman throws the food and says stop it, my wife is in jail with murder blame, she is hungry, she is not given homemade food, you want me to have food, see Ruhi’s state, did you see Ruhi. She says yes and cries. The woman takes Ishita’s food plate. Ishita sits resting against the wall. Raman says I told Ruhi that nothing will happen to Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla pacifies him. He says I m failing to get her. Mrs. Bhalla hugs him and they cry.

Ishita cries and sits thinking of her family in the jail cell. Abhishek recalls Ishita, and gets sad seeing his medals. He fumes and says I know Ishita can’t murder anyone, she can’t even hurt anyone, I m helpless and unable to do anything. I know what she is going through, I have to do something to get her out. Ishita cries. The jail warden asks her to sleep and scolds her. Ishita recalls Raman and their sweet argument is shown in FB. Raman asks her why does she care for him so much. She beats him with pillows, and asks him to sleep alone. She says I call you, as I get hurt seeing you hurt, I will sleep on ground now. He says sorry, come on the bed. She says its fine. He says I know you are not comfortable. She says I m okay. He says fine, I have to be okay too, and flirts with her. FB ends.

Raman sees their pic and cries. Dil kahin rukta nai………plays…….. Ishita cries. Its morning, the jail inmates comment on Ishita. Ishita calls out Neelu and asks did she wake up Ruhi. The jail warden asks her is she recalling maid here in jail, your maid will come and do your work. The women laugh on Ishita. They go for work, and Ishita goes along.

Neelu asks Mrs. Bhalla about kids tiffin. Mrs. Bhalla says I don’t think they should go to school, and worries for Ishita in jail and Shagun’s state. Raman says I will drop them to school. Mrs. Bhalla and Mr. Bhalla ask Raman to let kids be at home. Raman asks the kids to be strong. Ruhi and Adi also encourage Raman, and hug him. Raman asks Mrs. Bhalla to pack a tiffin for Ishita as well, as he will meet her after dropping kids. Mrs. Bhalla cries and prays to Mata Rani.

Ruhi and Adi talk about Raman at school. Ruhi says can’t we free Ishita from jail. He says what can we do, we are young, its police case. Ruhi says but Abhishek is Raman’s friend. He says we have to pray a lot, meet me in lunch time. Ruhi’s classmate Sanaya’s birthday is celebrated in class. Sanaya gives chocolates to everyone. Teacher says I can’t eat chocolate, I m fasting, when we need someone from Lord, and we keep fast to fulfill our wish, it gets fulfilled soon. Ruhi looks on.

Raman argues with jail staff and says its homemade food. The lady says we can’t allow, we can’t change rules. Abhishek comes and stops Raman. Raman says I came to give tiffin to my wife. Abhishek says it can’t be allowed, she is under trial, its law, she has to eat food provided here, your one mistake can be bad, maybe you can’t see her ever, or she does not get bail. Raman gets angry and slaps Abhishek.

Amma asks lawyer why are they stopping us from meeting Ishita. Lawyer says everyone think Ishita did the murder, Raman is losing control, I came to know Raman slapped Abhishek outside the jail. Mihika says what, Raman slapped a police officer outside the jail publicly. Iyers worry.

Ruhi and Adi meet in lunch break. He asks her to have her fav food. Ruhi tells him about the fast to get Ishita released soon, as she heard her teacher saying this. Adi says we should keep fast for Ishita.

Ishita asks Raman how can you lose control, how could you slap Abhishek, he is helping us. Raman says I came to give you homemade food. She cries and says even I want to meet kids and you all, get me out of here, please.

Ishita tells the jail warden that she wants to talk to her daughter. Teacher checks Ruhi, and worries.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. reshma

    sad episode… why making such stupid story… hello abhishek stop worrying about ishitha and do your investigation soon to submit proofs that ishitha was trapped & to reveal pallavi’s intentions..

    some long time back when div is dating vivek, we got a gossip that she asked the writers to make vivek as lead against her… I think may be writers are planning so….

    I hate this track..

  2. SIndhu

    I look at today’s episode and I myself seem helpless. This is painful to see Ruhi having so much affection for her Ishima. Ruhi’s love for Ishita can’t be compared to anyone. Poor Ruhi…….Both Adi and Ruhi love Ishita so much that they can’t bear the separation so how will Raman bear the separation. Watching YHM is so sad now and also feeling very anxious because I don’t know when this NIddhi the fat lawyer is going to make an appearance. I am trying to feel comforted for in one way about Niddhi. First of all, Niddhi is not beautiful looking. She has the style but she can’t even come close to Ishita or even Mihika. She does not have the charisma and she definitely is no match for Raman. So I tell myself that Ekta deliberately did not get a beautiful or stunning actress to play that part but someone like NIddhi who is not very classy looking so which means I don’t think it will come to a point where both will get married. If she was really pretty then it is something to worry about. Let us just hope that it will not go to the extreme end of both getting married. Ruhi for one would not allow this to happen. Remember somewhere in episode 350 Ruhi was so angry when Shagun and Raman were going celebrate a festival which was meant for only husband and wife. Shagun cheated Ishita to find the popcorn but Ruhi came and stopped the ceremony. So I don’t think Ruhi will allow such a marriage. There is always Ruhi who will ever defend for her Ishimaa

  3. Resh

    Felt sorry for Raman when he slept (lay)on the floor hugging their pic……Abhishek needs a slap anyway…..What a kind of ACP? ???He is not useful at necessary times…..Instead of searching proof he was doing ghost drama along with others…Will any acp do like this……Hope he may prove as ishita innocent….Actually I want Raman to prove it

  4. dia

    What the hell… no scene of abhika… plzzz give some importance to them. And dont separate ishra. I like acp with mihika.

  5. nivedha

    Kp u rocked it.. Though its more senti.. Kp rocked his performance.. His anger.. His love.. His fight… Everything is amazing.. Proud to be KP fan…

    DT you are not less than KP.. Proud to be Divan fans..
    Not only romance.. Nok jhoks..
    Ishra proved as a excellent pair by showing their feelings today..

    Proud to be a ishra fan..

  6. kya backwaaz worst episode tha .ab aur bardaash nahi hotha ishraruhadi seperation . iss se ghatia aur backwaaz track kisi aur serial mein nahi aaya hoga.

  7. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will
    show that Ishita is in jail
    and misses her family
    Ishita feels Ruhi is in
    problem and requests
    Abhishek let her talk to
    Ishita is out of police
    station and out of
    Abhishek’s control now
    so he finds difficult to do
    anything for Ishita.
    Abhishek gets upset
    seeing Ishita faces more
    problems in jail by the
    lady inmates.
    Abhishek meets the
    jailer and asks her to let
    Ishita meet Ruhi once, as
    Ishita is a good person by
    Abhishek is helpless by
    laws and is upset that he
    is not able to help Ishita.
    Abhisheck feels its
    injustice happening with
    Will Abhishek get
    successful meeting Ishita
    with Ruhi?

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  9. raman ne acp ko thappad maarkar sahi kiya .nikamma kahika .acp ho kar bhi aaj tak usse naa toh kisi aur ka case handle karthe hue dikhaaya hai aur jo bhi handle kartha hai woh sab bhalla family ki issues aur jisme bhi woh kuch nahi kar paatha . jo karna hotha hai woh sab ishitha aur raman ko karna padtha hai .sirf naam ka acp hai.

  10. poora ek din nikal gaya hai lekin chaada ke body ka forensic report ka naam ya zikar tak nahi hai show mein . kya bewakoof log hai yeh log.sabooth dhoondne ke bhajai acp apne aap par gussa nikaal tha aur bail ki ready karwaane nikal tha hai . reports toh chaubees ghante mein aa jaatha hai aur yaha show mein acp majeera bajaatha pada hai .

  11. Hj

    Episode is ok. Precap is ok.but poor ishu. Plzzz don’t separate ishararuadi. Happefor Raman ‘ s slp. We don’t want see pallavi , chadda, ashok Suraj sarika niddhi anymore.

  12. kajal

    How much tampered did this raman is h9w can he slap a officer
    This ekta can make the character anything whatever she wishes

  13. stop this nonsense
    stop this nonsense
    stop this nonsense
    stop this nonsense
    stop this nonsense in yhm .plzzzzz…..
    we want our old yhm
    we want our old yhm
    we want our old yhm
    we want our old yhm
    we want our old yhm
    we dont want ishraruhadi seperation in yhm .fed up of this drama .
    plz makers cvs or ekta yhm ko backwaaz ghatia aur worst serial math banaayiye .

  14. i hate this track and present story of yhm. it is making yhm totally a disaster and lumpsum of a big fat horrible twist just revolving around . muje kahi baar lagtha hai ki mein yhm ki present track ke uupar hasoo ya disappoint raho kyunki yhm ka bhi yahi haal hwi ki fans ya toh aise backwaaz aur show meon bewakoofon ka fauj dekhkar ya toh hasenge ya disappoint honge aise roz roz ke worst episodes dekhkar.

  15. all of you can eatch yhm from start on star utsav everyday at 7 pm in the evening and it repeats at 1 pm in the afternoon and 4: 30 at evening . i watch it everyday and i am happy to watch atleast that before watching everyday yhm at 7:30 pm .it is really good and awesome .if you guys are fed up with present yhm then you can watch that old yhm and get rid of the present worst track .

  16. V P

    I don’t understand what the yhm makers are upto . Ishitha Raman Adi Ruhi acted so well and how can they be separated . If Ekta or the cvs believe in God a miracle should happen at least for Adi and Ruhis belief in Matarani.

  17. Roselyn Dada

    Pls Dont Separate Ishita/Rahman/Ruhi And Adi Pls Pair Abisek And Mihika Together.Pls Finish The Track On Time Can Bear To See Ruhi In Pains From Nigeria

  18. summi

    Ruhi’s prayers n unconditional love for her ishimaa will bring Ishita out of jail. Raman’s love for her madrasan us amazing. I don’t think writers will separate Ishra ruh n Adi after showing this kind of love n chemistry among the leads . I am pretty much sure this track is shown only to give some importance to ACP Abhishek who is Divyanka’s real life fiance.

  19. mrudu

    hello people…. stop wathcing all dese stupid serials no meaning at all…. stop spoiling your moods ….. watch some comedy stf atleast… refreshment to your brain….. thank you…..

  20. Happy

    Dont say so rude about DT no media house has confirmed or even displayed the story that Dr wants acp as lead … of just told it ….and day before yesterday interview of dt and Vivek was show and they said that they are not comfortable working as ishita and acp ….and do u all think ko is idiot that if something likethis is going on…and he will not do anything. Rota and kp are good frnd so lo ka patta to nahi kataga ….no one neither kp nor dt will affort to loss this show as how use to know them before yhm ….kp came after a break of 4years …it a long time

  21. In yesterday episode they showed that a 7 years daughter is fasting for is mother so god can help him an her mother get free from jail, so how can that daughter accept that is father is marring to the lawyer to save is wife , why to spoil the image of a father behind that daughter an her mother will be romancing to acp, please dont spoil the image of parents in the kids eye.

  22. reshma

    I stopped watching yhm since I heard ishitha will be a murderer….I can’t see ruhi in such a sad situation and tension(terrorist bomb attack) drama… frankly all this stupid drama is not necessary…

    many flaws have been there in the show.. Sarika’s issue, romi’s growth in work, shagun’s delivery, little kid’s entrance, and shagun’s manoj love story.. prateek suddenly disappeared.. mihika’s future step to move forward in life, mihir’s as well…

    stop that vandu’s issue also.. that too got boring.. how can blood reports will be changed, when it became a public issue & police case?? this money minded nidhi, what’s the need of her entrance..

    I strongly need Raman slapping nidhi if she asks to marry her to make ishitha free from that case.. I love my wife so much, that’s why I want to get her free, not to get u in my life.. its better to die than to be helpless to save ishitha and to sacrifice my love for ur stupid proposal.. then I’ll feel so happy 😉 …

    this ekta & writers don’t have sense.. if they can’t make the story move forward.. hire some new talents, they will make the story well and it will be on top trp’s…

  23. Yeh Hai Mohabbtein fans brace
    yourselves to witness some shocking
    twist in your favorite show. The lead
    actor Karan Patel aka Raman Bhalla
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    According to Karan, in the upcoming
    episodes of popular Star Plus show,
    Divyanka Tripathi aka Ishita will be
    seen romancing fiance Vivek Dahiya
    (ACP Abhishek).
    Earlier we reported that, Ishita will get
    arrested on the charges of
    murder. Raman will approach his
    childhood friend Nidhi Chhabra who is
    a high-profile lawyer,who loves
    power, paisa and fame. to fight
    Ishita’s case. However, Nidhi in
    return will put forth an indecent and
    ask Raman to marry her. A helpless,
    Raman will accept the condition to
    save Ishita’s life.
    In the recent episodes,ACP Abhishek
    is feeling bad for ishita as he is not
    able to do anything despite having
    won many awards in the police
    department. we have also
    witnessed,Raman slapping Abhishek.
    The love track between Mihika and
    Abhishek has vanished. May be
    they are giving us hints about
    upcoming Abhishek and Ishita’s track.
    Karan also revealed that some of the
    lead characters of the show will be
    unmasked in the recent future. So who
    is that character?
    Well, it looks like it’s time for more
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  24. what the hell .how could divyanka even act like that in yhm . patha nahi ekta kyu personal aur professional life ko mix karne par thuli hai . ab acp aur ishitha aur raman aur niddhi .agar yeh sab hua yhm divyanka karan aur poora production house apne bahuth saare fanz kho sakthi hai .aur agar ishra reunion bhi hotha hai toh kisi ko bhi maza ya hairaani nahi hogi kyunki ekta ki hatr serial common hai na .na dhanka story, na dhanka track . i hate you makers and ekta for making yhm worst now .

  25. ab mein yhm ko naa dekhne ki poori koshish karungi aur baki toh agle hafthe trp ka jhalwa dikhega poori production house ko .dikhaane do jo bhi unhe dikhaana hai do theen mahinon ko .jab koi dekhne wala hi nahi rahega toh khud dekhenge .jab ishitha ka ghost wala drama hua tab ishra seperate nahi the aur naa hi ishruhadi bhi lekin ab poore serial ka tamaasha aur satyaanash banaane par thule hai .

  26. Siddhi

    Guys plllllzzz don’t blame dp its only writers fault guys kya app ko DT me kaha hai k us ne writers ko vivek ko lead banane ka kaha hai guys plllzz don’t assume any thing if u don’t know the reality n agree with u happy

  27. i dont know what writers want to show ….ishita and raman will romance some one else after having adi ruhi adopted son rohit and their upcoming child how disgusting… Ekta serial chala rahi hai k relationship ka mazaak uda rahi hai i dont undrstand

  28. its not dt’ s fault but ekta and the cast of yhm would be knowing that fans and veiwers will not like such craps in yhm but still they are showing and we are disappointed with just the present track .

  29. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    I stopped watching yhm. But I watched yesterday online. Love kp. But I hate upcoming twist. So now I don’t watch yhm continually. Totally nonsense. Specially ishita acp part. I don’t care about their personal life. But I hate they’re together in yhm.
    Totally agree with reshma and nivedha.

  30. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    And ritushree, whatever you said, I agree with you. After the ghost track, we expect some lovely track. Hate this track. I don’t want to spoil my mood because of yhm. So I don’t watch. I may watch ishra anniversary ?!? If they won’t separate.

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