Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th February 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ruhi talking to her friends. She makes a R ring. She sees Raman at the school and is happy. She asks did you come to meet me, thanks for coming. She shows him the R ring and says R for Raman. Shagun says unbelievable, you came even here, I knew this. Raman says stop shouting Shagun, this is not the place. Shagun argues with him and says you were blo*dy drunk. She asks what are you doing here, you should have waited at home, why did you come here. He says I came to meet Ruhi. She taunts Raman and says you don’t even know in which standard she is.

Raman asks her to stop it infront of Ruhi. She says stop doing this else I have to go to court. Shagun takes Ruhi with her. Ruhi looks at Raman and leaves. Its night, Amma says they came Vandu. The

Iyers welcomes the Bhallas. Simmi catches cold. Appa welcomes everyone inside. The south indian music plays. Mr. Bhalla introduces Raman’s Mama. Appa asks where is Raman. Mrs. Bhalla says he went to office, he said he will come here directly. She says Raman could not sleep, he might be tired. Simmi gets a headache and asks to stop the music. Some women speak ill about Ishita. Vandu hears it and is about to react. Mihika stops Vandu from getting angry on them.

Shagun says Ishita is not taking my call, there is something between OIshita and Raman. I m worried, what to do. Ashok says call from my no. Mihika takes the call. Shagun says someone else took the call. Mihika gives the address of the hall. Shagun asks can I talk to Ishita. Mihika says she is busy in her engagement. Shagun ends the call and tells Ashok its so sudden. She says I will call her at night and discuss about Raman. Ashok says you have to find out with whom is she getting engaged and getting married. Ashok says we should go to wish her on her engagement. Shagun asks the driver to take them to the venue.

Ishita comes and Amma is happy seeing her. Mama likes Ishita but Mrs. Bhalla speaks against her. Mr. Bhalla calls Raman. Everyone wait for Raman. Rumi calls office and asks for Raman. He comes to know that Raman left office two hours ago. Rinki and Simmi also try. Mrs. Bhall gets worried for Raman. Amma says he might be coming. Simmi says idea. She says do the puja with Raman’s photo. Think aunty, the mahurat will pass and its third time. Bala says is this a joke. Vandu says how can anyone vanish from his engagement. Simmi says don’t take tension. Vandu and Simmi have an argument.

Mrs. Bhalla says I m worried about Raman. Mr. Bhalla and Rumi go to see where did Raman go. The women taunt Ishita for her third engagement. Ishita gets angry and asks Mihika for her phone. Shagun reaches the venue. Ishita tries calling Raman and says everyone are waiting and Raman made a joke and not even taking my call. Why did he do this? Its an insult. Ishiya leaves in anger. Bala says Amma I will bring her. Shagun is shocked to see the Bhallas. She thinks what are they doing here. Ishita thinks where did Raman go, how could I say yes for Raman.

Amma asks where is Raman. Appa says he will come, don’t worry, calm down. Shagun thinks whats happening. She hears women talking about Raman being neighbors of Ishita. Bala stops Ishita from going to Raman’s office. Bala says be cool. Shagun sees Ishita with Bala and misunderstands thinking he is the one she is getting engaged to. Shagun hears them talking. Shagun smiles and says so he is the one whom Ishita is marrying.

Shagun hides seeing the Bhallas. Shagun thinks she will talk to Ishita later and informs Ashok that everything is fine. Vandu cries that Raman did not come on engagement. She says I have to talk to Ishita. Mihika stops her. Bala brings Ishita back. Ishita says I don’t know how to react, I m doing this marriage for Amma, Appa and Ruhi’s happiness. Bala asks her to smile for Appa’s and Amma’s sake. Vandu says I won’t leave Raman. Bala says don’t be hyper, be cool. Vandu says they are doing this to insult us. Bala says maybe Raman is stuck somewhere really. Vandu says the mahurat is passing by. Bala jokes and asks Vandu to smile. Vandu says I think Bala is right, we should not react so much.

Shagun talks to Ashok and says I saw her to be husband. I could not meet him as Raman’s family was there. She says they were there as they are neighbors. She says I will talk to Ishita and get the whole news. Rumi says Raman came. Mrs. Bhalla is happy. Everyone look at the entrance. Raman enters. Mrs. Bhalla asks where was Raman. Mihir says he was sleeping in the car. Ishita sees Mihir and is shocked. Raman thinks about Ishita’s condition.

Raman and Ishita get engaged. Raman forgets to bring the ring.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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