Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita rushing to Shagun. She brings Shagun out, and Ashok gets shocked. Ishita asks Shagun to take long breath and takes her. She makes Shagun sit and asks how is she feeling well. Shagun says I m feeling okay. Ishita asks her to come, they will go to doctor. They stop seeing someone coming to them. Ishita puts torchlight on his face. They get shocked seeing Ashok. Ashok look at them. Raman is at home.

Ashok says great, Shagun you joined Ishita to trap me, you felt I will be caught, Ishita was hiding this, I will tell this to everyone about your drama. Ishita asks him to leave. Ashok asks her to come and they will tell Raman. He holds Shagun’s hand. Ishita asks him to leave Shagun. Ashok pushes Ishita down. He says you both got fun in fooling everyone, come.

Abhishek comes there and sees them. Ishita and Shagun relax seeing him.

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Ashok says its good you came ACP, see Shagun is alive, her death was just an acting. Abhishek asks Ashok to get out. Ashok asks him to see she is alive, he will expose her. Abhishek says no, you won’t expose anyone. Ashok asks are you three together… it means you are together. Its okay, no one can stop me from saying this truth, come with me Shagun. Abhishek stops Ashok and they have a fight. Ashok falls down. Ishita asks Ashok to leave from here and shouts.Raman hears her and says Ishita is still here. Ishita asks Abhishek to take Shagun and leave. Raman comes downstairs and calls out Abhishek, seeing his car. Ishita worries. Raman sees Ishita and Ashok fallen on the ground. Ishita thinks before Ashok says something, she has to tell Raman something that Raman does not listen Ashok.

Ishita tells Raman that Ashok is troubling her and calling her Shagun, he got mad. Raman beats Ashok. Ashok says you don’t know Raman, she is fooling you. Raman asks guard to tell Ashok. Ashok says she is fooling you, I have seen it, I will prove. Ashok is taken away by guards. Mihika, Vandu and Bala are on the way going back home. Mihika says Raman and Ishita are liars, I m sure they are at home, Vandu says its good they are spending time. Bala tells about Mrs. Bhalla and Mrs. Iyer’s argument, and says they can’t digest food with fighting.

He does not see and Vandu alerts Bala. The other car gets hit a little. The driver asks Bala to apologize to his boss. Suraj gets down and Bala says he will pay for the loss. Suraj insults him and leaves. Vandu pacifies Bala and asks him not to feel bad, they can’t afford such expensive car. She asks him to come.

Ashok gets angry and says he will tell everything to Raman, then Ishita will know. Suraj comes and asks with whom are you talking alone. Ashok says I have to give you big news, Shagun is alive. Suraj asks what nonsense. Ashok says I have seen her, Ishita and Shagun made big game plan, I knew it. Suraj says fine, you relax, I will make a drink for you. Ashok says how can Shagun do this, I warned her. Suraj adds sleeping tablet in drink to calm down Ashok and gives Ashok. Ashok drinks. Suraj asks Ashok not to tell anyone. Ashok says I will tell everyone. Suraj asks him to plan well and then say. Ashok sleeps. Suraj asks servant to take Ashok to room, he is unwell.

Raman brings food parcel and tells Ishita that mum and dad got it, we will have it. She says I m not hungry. He says I m hungry. She asks him to give her some space and goes to washroom. She is worried for Shagun and calls Abhishek. Raman thinks what happened to her.

Ishita meets Abhishek. He says Shagun is fine. She asks where were you and Prateek, Shagun and I tried calling so many times. He says I was away for imp work, everything is in control, don’t worry. She worries for Ashok’s reaction now, you and Prateek don’t care for Raman. He says you know I always supported you, you can’t blame me. Situation is not worse. She cries. She apologizes and says she was very worried, its big deal that Ashok knows the truth now, what about Shagun, Ashok will torture her. Abhishek pacifies her and says we will keep Shagun safe, we will discuss our plan tomorrow. She says sorry. He says we are together. Raman sees them from window. He says Ishita did not talk to me, and talking to Abhishek now….

Raman gets angry and messes the room. Ishita apologizes and says I behave strange by stress, I did not mean to hurt you. Raman says you spoke to Abhishek and not me, we were friends before.

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  1. Randunu

    Please yaar…not again!Don’t say again that Raman and Ishita are going to separate.Please make this misunderstanding clear for Raman.

  2. kajal

    Now abhishek and ishita story or what . The makers have gone mad . And i think they will drag it more for this month and they are again planning to take leap . Oh my god .. what will happen now . They have maken it a shit . I seriously fed up of this ekta now

  3. Resh

    I don’t think that there will be ishra separation…..But ofcourse Raman will get hurt as he loves her a lot and wants her to share all her worries with him……..He loved to support her

  4. Hi Guys Don’t panic .. Remember the last time what we thought about Ishu was possessed & It didn’t come right this time I think the writer is confusing us & Getting us worked up & The story will be different … So keep calm & We will patiently watch what’s Going to happen without stressing ourselves…I am Sure no one is going to believe Ashok about Shagun being alive… They will think he has gone mad like how Suraj thought… Hope the silly ACP will change the place where Shagun is… or me thinks the culprit is ACP… where did he & Parteek vanish to?? they should have been alert as detectives without missing in action.. What do u all think??? when they were needed at the crucial moment both phones were out…Parteek would have thrown the stone from up there as he was present before they went out to have fun outside…Something really fishy here.. Anyway we have to wait patiently…May be this is how Isra are going to separate.. oh I don’t approve of them separating.. that will be the end of YHM.. as they both are the heart & soul of the show & They do Rock together . I watch cos they are there.. I love both of them together. Good Luck Guys Stay Blessed.

  5. Misty

    Hi guys……

    Nice episode.dragging a lot. Thank God at least abhishek came on time today.don’t know what will happen now.?? Hope no leap or separation.. Really irritating..

    Is Raman doubting ishita bout Abhishek or what ???

  6. diya

    havent seen the epi yet .
    but after reading the written update
    i cn clearly say wt evr is happening its not at all good.
    1- ashoke is trying to expose the plan so desparetly .
    2- differences r comng between ishra .
    which is not at all accepted .
    after watching the epi .. i will cmnt rest.

  7. Prince

    Wht da hell !!! …If Ishita spoke with ACP dat doesn’t mean they have any affair :-/…We luv diz serial dats da reason we watch it…BT EKta mam u making us fool/suffer 4 diz unbearable track…


  8. Cindy

    The story is really irritating ???now I hope that damn abhishake won’t ruin things between ishira but mino I really agree with you?and of course no body will believe Ashow as all of you guys say they will think he is really mad???????????????????????????????????????

  9. hey guys .i am back.patha nahi aage kta hoga yhm mein .thoda disappointing hai track kyunki ashok ko sab patha chal chuka hai ek taraf aur ishra ke beech jhagda hai toh i hope seperation naa ho aur ishitha ko bhalla house se koun ashok ki madad kar raha hai woh bhi patha nahi chala aur precap bhi aisa hai.

  10. The “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” ghost track has been
    stretched a lot. Not just the viewers, it’s getting to the
    show’s actors as well.
    Divyanka Tripathi, who has got herself injured multipl
    times trying to be a violent and possessed woman, is
    now consciously avoiding watching “YHM” on TV.
    While shooting one of the horror scenes, Divyanka wa
    left stunned when she looked in the mirror. Since it
    gave her nightmares, she decided to not watch herself
    on the small screen.
    Divyanka has been working on the track for almost tw
    months now and wishes to get back to the character
    (Ishita Bhalla) she shot to fame with, The Times of Ind
    Apparently, Ekta Kapoor’s team has been improvising
    on the script and they will continue dragging it till the
    real culprit is unmasked.
    “We are shooting for a ghost track for which I am
    supposed to move around swiftly, pushing and throwi
    heavy objects aggressively. I keep forgetting while
    performing that I’m human after all (and not a ghost),
    and perform so aggressively that after the sequence I’
    left with several injuries. I have got the maximum
    number of pulls and strains over the past few days,”
    she told the leading daily .
    In other news, the show will reportedly take a leap in
    2016 where Ruhi (Ruhaanika Dhawan) and Aditya
    (Gautam Ahuja) will be shown as fully grown adults in
    their 20s. However, since there has been no official
    confirmation yet, this can, at best, be considered a

  11. hey guys kya agle saal leap hoga yhm mein .patha nahi kya hoga lekin mujhe leap bilkul pasand nahi hai aur woh bhi bade bade ruhi aur adi aur story ka change hona sab .mujhe toh abhi se hi darr lag raha hai .i hope ki aisa kuch naa ho.

  12. Happy birthday to yhm and to the ishita bhabhi may god bless u and will continue to be part of yeh hai mohabbatein don’t end this show in 2016 my whole family like your serial .when u said on twitter 10 days to go I got really worried. But u were talking about your birthday raman and ishita jodi rocks

    • Sam

      Hi evry1….
      I m writing 4 d very frst tym…
      But i do see d updates and ur comments…
      Regarding the culprit its definitely Sarika coz if guys remember the rinki’s murder sequence they showed some women giving money to the man for planning rinki’s murder…but they dint show the face…again while raman was burning the cracker they showed everyone’s face except sarika..
      She is in need of money too…and ofcrs it cant be ne1 else coz all others are raman’s own blood… And he is good for everyone.. So she can be the one hating him as romi is not as rich as raman….
      Also thinking that if raman would die then romi shall take his place in office..
      Not sure abt leap or seperation…
      Its ekta’s drama to create interest among fans for TRP

  13. Roselyn Dada

    Nice Episode Good Acting Beging To Like Shagun Now For How Long Will Rahman And Ishita Continue To Daought Each Other Love You All The Entire Cast And Crews Of YHM Kudo To You All From Nigeria

  14. nandu

    I think raman is also playing along with…he suspected ishita..hiding something along with mihir may b he z planning his Game..dat’s y i think v hav seen mihir at hotel…as may b raman made mihir to keep an eye on ishita..n in recent OLV after ishita cut her wrist ..i hav seen DT askng director..(i shld i doesnt knw..dat he(raman) knows dat i’m acting of being possessed)…so chill no seperation ..i HOPE

  15. diya

    well .. the episode was interestng .
    but am really worried abr ishra’s rltn more than that of ashok .
    guys i thnk its high time to inform raman all about this …
    if he will get to know ..evrythng will be fine .
    plz… dnt take leap so sooon …..nd no seperation plz . if ishra is going to seperate .. i dnt thnk i will be able to continue with the show . nd plz make evrythng fine between ishra. this serial is nothng with thr love .

  16. Siddhi

    Hi every one now I am really fed up they r dragging a lot n now Raman I hope no ishra separation missing a lot ishru n ishrarudi scenes really getting bore n now again leap drama I don’t want to see grown up adi ruuuu n budhay ishra n acp tumhe acp kis ne banaya n ekta pllzzz yar thori sensible script write kiya karoo after watching today n yesterday episode seems as if ashoke is more intelligent than acp n what is this suraj doing

  17. Jhanvi

    Hi everyone …how r u all.????
    Hey rithu really missed u yar.. Exam over ??

    Epi was OK…!!!! Poor Shagun…..!!! Thnk God at least today ACP came on time.Nd saved them..but y did they reaveal to Ashok that he is helping them..????? Stupidity Ku bhi koi had hoti hai yar…!!! Yeah no one will trust that Ashok.., but he will dfntly do smthing…

    Anyways leave him…, but I can’t understand one thing…, what’s d need to hide this from Raman… Why ….????? If ishu can tell this to pratik Nd abhishek y not Raman..????

    No Misty I don’t think Raman is doubting ishu, he is annoyed with her coz she is not sharing her pain…!!! But dfntly tmr something will happen between ishra…Nd yeah Darshika u said true its their stupidity Nd they gave chance Ashok to trap them…

    Don’t know when will d track be ended..????
    Pls end this track in a positive way without any separation or’s too much dragging now.. M scared also bout bala..

    • hey jhanvi mere exams nahi the yaar .woh actually mein chennai gayi thi aur waha ki baarish mein phuss gayi.ab finally mein apne ghar aayi hoon. patha nahi theen din maine bina yhm dekhe naa updates padhe aur iss site par comment naa kiye kaise rahi .

  18. Jhanvi

    Nd yeah ishu Nd Shagun r doing hard pls don’t make dis drama useless by Ashok’s victory Nd ishu’s defeat….. Ashok shld not win….

  19. Diya

    Don’t want to comment anything.. This show is being dragged a lot..pls end this..
    Hi all my frnds..rithu,jhanvi,Diya,darshika, misty,vp, etc… Sorry of I missed someone… Really my mood is off and iam angry y so much dragging??

  20. Dee

    Hi All, I’m commenting based on the written update and might add further comments once I’ve watched the episode.
    Ishita’s plan is being unravelled very quickly. She is such an independent, educated woman.Why does she not tell everything to Raman now? Surely they’ll be stronger together.His reaction per the pre-cap is understandable and anyone in his position would feel hurt. It’ll be interesting how she responds. I don’t want to see distance in their relationship due to Abhishek, Prateek, Shagun or anyone else. I hope the writers are not that stupid to separate Ishra. Ishra (& Ishraru) is the reason I and many others watch the show.

    Rithushree – I also read online regarding the leap in 2016.I’m also hoping it doesn’t happen.I worry that they have delayed the leap once already on fan demand and this time they won’t.

  21. diya

    guys i dont think leap will happen nd some sites are telling as divyanka doesnt want to play a mother to grown up kids she might not continue with the show . i dnt thnk thr is a serial without the main protagonist dead . nd i m pretty sure that fans will never accept the replacemnt of divyanka .
    ppl loves ishra together .
    one site said that if divyanka doesnt want to continue her charectr may die .i m sure no one is gonna watch yhm without ishita .
    nd i think the cvz r not so silly that they will continue the show without the lead actress .
    it will be khud ki maut ko bulava dene wala situation ..

    nd the most imp thng only ibitimes nd r saying this stuff . they never give a true news . all the news they gave came out to be false at the end .
    ekta knows how much fans hate leap nd more than that ishra seperation .
    i dnt thnk she will try to dissapoint the fans nd brng down the trp of her very popular show once again

    but if divyanka will not be a part of yhm as ishita nd ishra will not be thr i will quit this show . not only me many many ppl will.

    so it wud b best if v dnt thnk over this rumours much nd concentrate on the current track. cz evn those 2 or 3 sites said that it may be speculation only .
    guys another thng whch cn happen is that they can take a leap 9 months nd dnt show us the pregnancy period . i dnt think they will end this track bfr 2016 by looking at the process of storyline nd dragging .
    so dnt worry thr is 90 percent chance of no leap . if ekta has brains thn

    Love you yhm…?????
    I am very happy for 2nd year got over…
    Miss you guys
    No time to come In tellybuss…
    Hai friends how are you all…
    Miss you guys…

  23. diya

    mny ppl thnks seperation will be thr nd raman is doubting ishita . but if you hv seen the precape well .. he is nt doubtng ishu ..he is angry nd hurt cz ishu ia stressd nd not sharing hr prblm with him. raman knows how much ishu loves him . so chill ppl.i thnk thngs btwn thm will not too much cmplicated after this .

  24. diya

    nd as simmi nd acp also knows this truth ..evn if raman will misunderstnd ishita .they will convince him.

    but i thnk raman knows ishu is actng …
    fir to aur v accha

    • diya

      leap is just a rumour nothng is confirmd.
      nd the thing abt disha and sourabh well that was a fault news. both disha nd sourabh cnfirmd it . u may see thm in sm othr serial but not this.

  25. hey guys i got to know that theres one more i changed my name for no confusion…acp is given much more importance than this the plan of divyanka to show her bf more in show…missing kids of ishra and want to see acp and mihika together..

  26. sham

    hi…..can i join with u all? ektha j already there are a lot of knots that u showed since two months. plz don’t create more and more new problems for dragging this .we are really fed up with ur stupid screenplay.i think ektha j u didn’t found a idea to end this track yet.i’m sure that there is no ishra separation as she is counfusing us for TRP

  27. Divyanka Tripathi and Karan Patel are
    best known for their role as Raman
    and Ishita from their popular show Yeh
    Hai Mohabbatein.
    The show recently completed
    successful 2years and fans rejoiced
    on this occasion with a new number of
    tweets and edits.
    Aly Goni who plays Romi in the show ,
    tweeted writing, “3rd December 2 year
    of love .. 2years of happiness 2 years
    with YHM .. Thank u so much.”
    Now the show is around finding culprit
    and Divyanka dons a ghost look.
    While shooting one of the horror
    scenes, Divyanka was left stunned
    when she looked in the mirror. Since
    it gave her nightmares, she decided to
    not watch herself on the small screen.
    Divyanka has been working on the
    track for almost two months now and
    wishes to get back to the character
    (Ishita Bhalla) she shot to fame with,
    The Times of India reports.
    “We are shooting for a ghost track for
    which I am supposed to move around
    swiftly, pushing and throwing heavy
    objects aggressively. I keep forgetting
    while performing that I’m human after
    all (and not a ghost), and perform so
    aggressively that after the sequence
    I’m left with several injuries. I have
    got the maximum number of pulls and
    strains over the past few days,”says
    Well,We hope the show celebrates
    many more anniversaries.

  28. We hear the popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is set to take a major twist, with
    Raman (Karan Patel’s) character being bumped off. A source in the know
    reveals, “In the entire Ashok-Ishita-Shagun drama, Ashok will threaten Ishita to
    kill Raman or else he will expose the fact that Shagun is alive and hence the
    entire plot was a drama. Ishita will succumb to his torture and to save Shagun,
    she will kill Raman. The entire family will be in terrible shock and the family
    will not pay any heed to what Ishita has to say. Ishita will ultimately end up in

  29. diya

    she will never save kill raman to save shagun. afterall she is doing all these for raman only . if they r going to do something like this . now i will say #rip yhm . sonali jaffar nd ekta uhv killled the show .

    but am kinda sure ..that maybe ashok will try to xppse thm ..but karan patel’s charecter wld nt be klled

  30. diya

    i dnt think it will happen. fake news. killing raman’s charectr no !!!
    nd ashok is a grt fool he proved yesterday only.

    • hey siddhi .mera bhi dimaag kharab hoye jaa raha hai .abhi tak uss spoiler ka koi confirmation nahi aayi hai aur yhm ka toh harr ghante ka koi news aatha rehtha hai lekin bahuth spoilers sach nahi hue hai .i hope yeh spoiler sach naa ho.aur yeh log ekta aur writers agar yeh sab backwaaz laana chahthe hai toh hum log protest karenge ya phir trp ki bhaasha toh ekta aur unke writers ko acche se samaj aatha hai.

  31. randunu

    A thing like that never going to happen and may be the next chapter is that Raman will show him up as a ghost or hide in a secret place with the help of Ishita to prove that he has been killed by her to the world if that news really happens.Ishita will reveal everything to Raman and he’ll support her.Do you think that she’ll kill her loved husband for Shagun! Nah…that is such bullshit and they together will try to expose Ashok that blo*dy idiot.YHM is famous for so much fake news and never going to happen a leap fellows.YHM ROCKS with ishra romance and all other characters. YHM ROCKSSS…!Hoping to watch more Ishita and Raman scenes and it’ll be great that if Ishita bear a baby of Raman in future.

  32. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    Hi all……. Epi was good yesterday. I laughed too much when suraj think that ashok has gone mad……!!! And when he tell to ACP about shagun, I couldn’t control my smile. He tried his best to tell it.
    Anyway, ashok will do something. And I’ve missed rude raman. I’m happy to see rude raman again.
    And totally agree with randunu……. Nothing has confirmed. So I don’t believe them.

  33. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    one more thing…… Ishrarudi are doing their best when they act…… And I should tell this, other characters also are beautiful and rocking……!

  34. i think its high time that raman should get to know of ishitha-shagun-acp-prateek-simmi’s plan and ashok’s plan to kill raman and someone from bhalla family helping ashok to kill raman .even raman is not that too dumb type man ,even he can control his anger against ashok and trap him in his plans and expose him and team up with ishitha and group. otherwise these will lead to a lot of misunderstandings between ishra.

    • V P

      Hi Rithushree happy to see you back . I was bit concerned when you mentioned you were in chennai . Missed you …. Most of the news are fake. Just to make we fans react . It is true for a long time dragging .its high time to be exposed to Raman ..,without Raman and Ishitha no Yhm . The shows highlight is Ishitha Raman and Ruhi …. Sad to see the twists and Ashok winning …

  35. SIndhu

    I just want to say that I don’t think they will separate Ishita and Raman. Ekta knows they are the show pillars and without there is no YHM. She probably wants to add some spice by creating a rift between them and perhaps Ishita has no choice but to let Raman know at least that Ashok is trying to kill him without telling the truth about Shagun. I suppose that will be a few episodes that will be dragged. She probably has to tell Raman about he being the target if not Raman will keep suspecting that Ishita is being unfaithful to him as she keeps getting calls from him and now even confiding in him. Ekta also knows that without them fans will stop watching YHM. They complete the show not Mihir/Mihika or Bala/Vandu. MY only notion is Ekta may want to drag YHM to 1000 episodes and bring it to a finale. Actually if the producers want some story instead of thinking of having leap years, they could have Shagun giving birth and handing the baby to Ishita. This after everyone knows the entire ghost drama and Ashok’s evil intention. They could have Ruhi getting jealous of the new baby as Ishita maybe spending more time with the newborn taking care of. Perhaps Raman too spending more time with the child. So Ruhi feels neglected and jealous and Ekta can develop the story in that manner. Maybe audiences may like it because now the story will revolve around Raman/Ishita and Ruhi’s jealousy. I hope they dump the idea of leap years. It does not make any fresh twist but probably would bring down the entire show.

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