Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita getting Raman’s call. She tells Mrs. Bhalla that she has to go to airport, and will get hair color done later. Amma says color will get waste, I will get that applied. Mrs. Bhalla jokes on her old age. Pihu smiles and says now Ishita will come and oil will fall, and mumma has gone out on lunch, so there won’t be any worries. Mihir thanks Aaliya. Adi comes there and gets surprised seeing Aaliya. Mihir tells Adi how he got Aaliya for the project. He asks them to work together and welcomes Aaliya in their team. Mihir leaves. Adi smiles seeing Aaliya.

Shagun gets angry as oil falls on her. Everyone come there and ask what happened. Shagun says oil fell on me, it was kept over the door. Pihu says I did this. Shagun covers up and says it was Pihu’s experiment.

Ruhi asks Pihu to show her the experiment. Shagun says leave it, I have seen that. Ishita says it would have fallen over me, I have sent you to get earrings, really sorry, your saree got spoiled. Ruhi thinks why did Pihu do this, there is something wrong.

Mrs. Bhalla and Amma show their colorful hair and everyone get shocked. Raman comes home and sees them. He says I heard people get mad in old age, Maa do you want to prove this. Ishita asks did you come by cab. Raman asks whats all this. Mrs. Bhalla says we got makeover by calling parlor ladies. Raman says thank God, Ishita looks normal, you should have atleast thought of your husbands. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma see mirror and scream. Ishita smiles.

Mihika asks Romi about his meeting. Romi says it was long and not ending. She asks him about he earring she got in his hotel room. He says how will I know, do I wear earring. He goes. She checks his pocket and gets two movie tickets. She says Romi, you can make excuses and lie, next time I will catch you red handed.

Raman jokes on Mrs. Bhalla. Mr. Bhalla says don’t joke on your mum, she came from Mars. Mrs. Bhalla asks Mr. Bhalla not to joke. Ishita says you can’t joke like this. Mrs. Bhalla says its good Ishita got saved, my fate was bad. Raman jokes and says my fate is good, if Ishita’s hair spoiled, what would have happened about me. Ishita smiles. Simmi teases Raman. Raman and Ishita smile. Shagun looks on. Abhishek comes home. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to have samosas. Abhishek says no, I came to share something imp I got to know about Ishita’s kidnapping. Shagun gets shocked. Raman asks did you find out, who was that woman. Mihika confronts Romi for the movie tickets. He asks are you mad to check my shirt. She asks whats this, you refused to go for movie with me, did your meeting was in theatre. He says shut up, I was going to call you after meeting cancelled, Bunty has come with two tickets and I went with him. She says fine, call Bunty. He calls her mad and asks what is she saying. She says yes, I m mad, you should have no problem to call him, prove me wrong, call him. He says fine, I m calling. He calls Bunty and asks him to tell Mihika where were they. Bunty says sorry, we went for movie, I did not know your plan. She says its fine. Romi asks are you happy now. She leaves. Romi thanks Bunty. Bunty asks whats the problem, Mihika is so good, whats happening. Romi says I will talk later.

Abhishek tells about Anil writing confession letter before his death, he wanted to prove his innocent, he got that letter posted to Raman. Raman says I did not get it, I will go office and check. He leaves. Shagun goes to her room and gets worried. She says Anil had written my name in his confession letter, I m sure he would have written my name, I have to take someone’s help, one person can help me.

Ashok is on the way. Shagun calls him and asks him to go to Raman’s office. He asks why. She tells him everything and asks him to get letter anyway, Raman should not get it, Abhishek said real kidnapper’s name is written in it. He says fine, but whats the connection. She says there is connection, as it has my name. He says what, that’s great. She says I want that letter, just go and get that letter. He says fine, and ends call. He says this game is getting much interesting, it will be fun. Shagun turns and sees Pihu there. She gets shocked.

Pihu asks are you here mumma. Shagun says yes. Pihu asks to whom were you talking, why are you tensed. Shagun says I m not tensed. She takes Pihu out with her. Ashok reaches Raman’s office and sees employees leaving. He says many people won’t be inside, I have to go and find out whether letter is here or not. He sees guard there and uses his MP status to get inside office. He asks for Raman. Guard says Raman is not here. Ashok says I will wait inside. He goes inside the office and looks for letter in Raman’s cabin.

Mihir, Adi and Aaliya are in office. Adi likes Aaliya’s presentation. Mihir asks them not to overconfident, but he will give some tips, its late, but you can go in sometime. Adi says I will get charger from Papa’s cabin and goes. Ashok checks some letters. Adi comes there and switches on lights. He gets shocked seeing Ashok.

Ashok scolds Adi and reminds his childhood. Aaliya and Mihir look on. Romi tells Raman that he is in meeting. Raman says you did not come for dinner, so I asked. Raman sees Romi with the girl and Romi lies to him.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. yami

    I read that Raman will get the later and will try to expose shagun but as the letter gets misplaced he worries.. And then shagun does all the possible ways to get the letter.
    After some time pihu will get the letter.. And will give it to her Raman Papa…

    Ruhi will then explain pihu not to do bad things and then will reveal that ishita is her real mother..

  2. krishna

    All this is ridiculous……. YHM lost all the charm. I don’t get why are they dragging it so much.

    i really miss ishra scences like we didn’t have it post leap. i miss their cute nok-jhok. I thought today raman so we will have some nice ishra scene but no it just started and this ACP spoiled everything.

    I miss the lil’ ruhi. this one acts really well but i miss the way old ruhi used to come running saying ishima this and that. Even she the intermediate of romance between ishra. The house used adore her cutness and her naughtiness brought smile on every one’s face.

  3. shreya shetty

    this romi wont ever improve his character I suppose even after so many times mihika tried to help him out this freaky weirdo guy romi should be sent to some special treatement care home on my opinion.why isn’t this pihu giving up her nasty silly hindi dramatic serial tricks,maybe that stupid show saajan ka sasural show has rotten out her puny mindset of troubling ishu.poor ishita,she dosent eve know that her own daughter and her distrusful friend so called miss smarty lady shagun are up to their old ways and games plotted with evil mindsets!!!!!darn when will that raman ever come to know about the real culprit whos behind ishus kidnapping and whos none other than shagun,hope ashok would never find ramans letter.good thing that abhishek has got the clue of anils innocence mentioned in his letter that is posted and sent to raman in his office cabin itself

  4. chakor

    Is bhalla parivar ladke ko ek biwi kafi nahi hogi ek ek ko pachas pachas chahiye waste romi e janatha hui bhi oh kabi baap nahi ban sakta mihika isse shadi Ki phir bhi kithna gamand he

  5. krishna

    I just don’t get what’s point of first making some couples and breaking them and then uniting them with some one else and then having problems, ego issues in life.

    now this romi started an extra-martial affair but i guess something is fishy, he’s doing something else just don’t know what. But i must say mihika romi pair is disaster, they (cvs) spoiled a very good friendship. mihika mihir pair was awesome they had spice in their love story. Remember how romantic mihir used to be when we had mihirka pair and now his live turned like hell. So lonely i pity on him. But this is not the reason to make mihir ans aaliya pair. aaliya is adi’s age and adi calls mihir mamu so aaliya is like mihir’s daughter.

    i just hope shagun turns positive with mani he’s a true gentlemen ( but should be punished firstfor doing such stuff with ishita) and before i liked shagun’s positive avatar a very strong women she was. She became an example that people can change (in a good way). I just want everything to get fine.

    sorry that was too long….. just trying to express my feelings. What do u guys think?

    • Khushi

      I agree with u krishna…
      Me too miss that old mihika-mihir pair…they wer juz awesome
      Cvs spoiled evrythng.. The perfect one for romi is the old sarika. She knw hw to hild his reins perfectly. Dnt knw whether he is really cheating mihika or its somethng else
      Any ways i dnt lyk him
      In yhm no pairs liv a happy lyf
      Raman- shagun: shagun lft raman fir ashok
      Param- simmi: param cheating simmi
      Mihir- mihika: ruined bcose of mihirs iver loyality to raman
      Romi- sarika: romi cheated her
      Raman- ishitha: he nvr giv any respect to her. Always blames her for evry single pblm in her family. Dnt trust her until he proves him wring. Always yells at her nd sometimes evn throw her out if hse in his fury
      Mani- shagun nd aaliya- mihir sucha a disastrous pair
      Rinky – mihir: rinki cheatd mihir nd made his lyf hell
      Adi- aliya: nice pair bt cvs will part their ways soon for sure
      No pairs stayed happy. Always multiple marriages nd all
      I really lykd shagun while she was positive bt nw evrything back as old days
      In the beginning i felt sorry for shagun bt nw her actions are crossing limits

      • Parichary


        You are saying about couple:
        Param – Simmi : Param cheated on Simmi
        Romi – Sharika – Romi cheated on Sharika (Romi did not cheated on Sharika)
        Sharika is the one who hurt Bhalla family and want to kill Raman for Ashok and lied about baby Rohit that does not belong to her and Romi and Raman and Ishita came to know that Sharika has Romi Child but had miscarriage.
        Mihir – Mihika – Mihir loves for Raman is true but he also still love Mihika and should be married off in marriage court but stupidty and witch sister Shagun gave the court an objection to stop Mihir and Mihika marriage that shattered whole families. And Ashok trap Mihika by lied that Mihika want to break the marraige between him and Shagun so Ashok paid the doctor to lied to Shagun that Mihika had been raped. Mihika had not been raped and Ashok trick Mihika to send Mihir to jail for beating his brother Suraj and give Mihika the condition that if Mihika want to save Mihir so that she had to marry Ashok.

        And about child surrogacy that Shagun is carrying is Ishita and Raman child. Dr Manoj had put Ishita freeze egg and Raman sperm together and are put into Shagun’s womb. Manoj and Raman discuss with Shagun and make Ishita sign the surrogacy paper. Manoj, Raman and Shagun knew that Ishita is Pihu real mother. Shagun want to separate Pihu from Ishita becoz Ishita took Ruhi from Shagun. Ishita doesn’t want to separate Pihu from Shagun like a selfish woman. Ruhi pick Ishita becoz Ruhi have grow attraction toward Ishita. Adi almost hate Ishita but realise the true colour of Shagun is using him to separate Raman and Ishita. Adi want Shagun and Ashok to be married off and leave Raman and Ishita and are upset that Ashok and Mihika got married and throw Shagun out.

        Remember when judge ask Ruhi to decide who Ruhi want to stay with Ishita or Niddi but Ruhi chose Niddi. Raman was in his room and getting hurt by Ruhi decision then breaking the furniture and Ishita tried to stop Raman. Than Raman struggle Ishita and blaming her becoz of Ruhi. Raman tell Ishita that today Ruhi is leaving then tomorrow you are leaving. When you and Ruhi left me 7 years ago and I was alone and lifeless. Raman cried and begging Ishita that I don’t want to be alone again and want her to stay. Ishita console Raman by hugging him then Raman force himself to sleep on Ishita ‘s lap. Then Niddi force Ruhi to come. Raman and Ishita get annoyed. Ruhi give her condition to Raman and Ishita that Ruhi want Raman and Ishita to get married then she will stay back. Raman agreed with Ruhi condition and are to planned to get married to Ishita. Ishita get kidnapped by mistake as Ruhi. Niddi and Ashok team up to kidnapped Ruhi. Shagun and Anil planned to kidnapped Ruhi to stopped Raman and Ishita marriage but mistaken to kidnapped Ishita. Raman felt restless when Ishita foes missing. Raman still love Ishita.

        Raman discuss with Adi about getting girlfriend and tell Adi to get girlfriend from China and don’t do same mistake like I did with Masandan (Ishita). Raman left Adi’s room. Adi say Masandan then smile. Adi know who Raman talk about Masandan. That is why Adi want Raman and Ishita to be together not Shagun.

        In this esidope Raman say something about polar makeover and he thanks to Ishita that she still normal and say about what will happen to me whe he see Ishita makeover. while Raman was about to bite samoosa and he stopped to bite and realise what he is saying in front of Bhalla family and Shagun while Ishita smile. Simmi tease Raman. Raman and Ishita smile. Cute dialogue, Raman.

      • Rajat

        Don’t u feel they want to show the Punjabi’s as arrogant n not caring. While on other side they show tamilian’s as nice, caring, loving, bearable persons… Don’t know what is going on in their mind… I mean the way they show those culture is quite different… Only artificial roles seems to be there…

      • Khushi

        It was romi who first cheated sarika. She luvd him much sincerly nd evn preg with his child. Then also romi abandoned her. Only aftr he came to knw that he cant father a chuld again he gain went aftr her nd convinced her. Romi nd mrs bhalla is the one who is behind sarikas neg nature.
        In het helpness she teamed up with ashok nd did all that
        Am nt justifyng her bt romi had a big hand in saritha turning neg
        Romis nature can nvr be justified
        Nd ramans nature too whats the need if showing that intense luv nd all when evey time he mistrusts his wife nd insults her
        Such luv is of no use when there is no respect bet couples
        I hav nvr seen ishitha mistrusting him or insulting him lyk this
        He evn throw her out of hse couple of tyms for silly reasons
        He must apologise to ishitha properly fir his mistakes
        He was the one who forced her to leave by all thise insulting eords nd nw he is blaming her for leaving 7 yrs back
        No one wil nvr want to liv with such a husband who always yells at u nd mistrust u evn if therr is luv
        If mihir was stern in his decesion abt mihika then in this 7 yrs they shld hav get married

      • Khushi

        I thnk what matters is the upbringing we gave to our children. Mr bhalla is a punjabi hw matured nd sensible person he is. Raman nd romi went on mrs bhalla nd thats y they r such arrogant nd insensitive persons.
        Ishithas nature is lyk her appas. Forgiving nd sacrificing. He took evrythng in positive way nt like her amma who always creates pblms out of evrythng. Bt vandu went on her amma. She isnt that forgiving nd sacrificing type lyk ishu

      • Parichary

        I am somewhat agree with you. Romi loves many women. Romi doesn’t want Sharika but Sharika is after Romi. But speaking of pregnancy. Romi always live with his family and how can he make Sharika pregnant even they does not live together. I know that Romi and Sharika had been married secret at the temple without family knowledge. Raman get fumed and beat Romi for irresponsible. Mrs Bhalla doesn’t like Sharika becoz of Param martial affair between Simmi and Sharika. Mrs Bhalla think that Sharika is the one who broke the marriage between Simmi and Param. Mrs Bhalla adore Param. When Raman is away for business and he leave Ishita and Ruhi with family because Ishita suppose to transfer Ruhi to new school with Ishita nephew Shravan. Ishita was alone in the room and Param hold her and Ishita knew that Raman is not at home and he is away for business so she get shocked by Param behaviour and she scream. Simmi and Mrs Bhalla doesn’t come and check why Ishita scream and they are busy with television. Ishita fumed and tell Mrs Bhalla and Simmi about what Param did to her and Simmi and Mrs Bhalla does not believe Ishita. Param send whole family to the movie so he can be alone with Ishita when Ishita comes home. Ishita get shocked and scared. Ishita phone Raman and want to tell Raman about Param but upset because of Mrs Bhalla and Simmi. Raman and Ishita had sweet talk and Raman get sense that Ishita sound upset so Raman phone Mihir early morning to check Ishita if she is fine. Mihir go to Bhalla house to see Ishita. Mr Bhalla did noticed what is happening around the house. Ishita get scared and attacked Param and ran away. Param blackmail Sharika to tell lied to police about Ishita abused against her. Police kept Ishita in jail. Raman phone Ishita several times and become much concern what is happening to Ishita and trying to find her. Then Raman decided to report police of Ishita missing. Police ask for Raman wife photo then police tell where is his wife and Raman get shocked to findout that Ishita is in jail by Sharika. Raman call lawyer to bail Ishita out. There are huge tension in Bhalla house because of Param and they blame Ishita. Raman realise Ishita is speaking truth about Param the Raman does an investigation about Param and found the evidence about Param.

        Rinky and Mihir had problem because Rinky is jealous of Mihika and Mihir bond. Then Raman and Ishita fight alot because of Rinky. Subbu is the one who bring couple together by play game. Rinky to Mihir and Raman to Ishita. But Rinky and Mihir won the game. Raman just play prank on Ishita to lose the game. Ishita get fumed and left to go home. Raman made romantic balloon, flowers and candle around his room to surprise Ishita. Ishita get surprise and love the decoration. Raman tell Ishita of how he felt for her and want to have romance with her. Reaman gave Ishita 3 sweet words to Ishita “I love you” that melt Ishita heart.

        Ashok created problem in Raman life and Ishita get irriated and warn Ashok to stay in his limited Ashok refused to stop until he get every women that Ashok want. Raman never want to kick Ishita out but the problem with people who disrespect Ishita made Raman angry and insult and throw her out. Bala is the only one who stand by for Ishita and tell Raman that Ishita is correct and Raman get upset and want people to stop controling his life and want Ishita to stay with him and be happy. Ruhi get annoyed with people who cause troubling her Ishma and scold Raman for Ishita. Raman get gift and give Ishita as humble apologies many times.

        Shagun made Raman as her puppet string which Raman does for Shagun but not Ishita. Ishita doesn’t want Raman to be her puppet. Raman always misunderstanding Ishita many times because of Ishita eminty. Ishita does not have enemy but only Raman enemy. Don’t know why Raman enemy want to hurt Ishita and it seem that the enemy want Raman to get hurt. Ishita is the only one who protect Raman and family. Mrs Bhalla realise that Ishita is the only strongest person in Bhalla house and love Ishita. Raman feel that both wivies are not good enough for him but he see Ishita different from Shagun and want Ishita to stay in his life for Ruhi. If Ishita leave Bhalla house and Raman will lose Ruhi and he don’t want to lose Ruhi so Raman bring Ishita back to Bhalla house for Ruhi and now Adi want Ishita to stay with Bhalla family.

  6. Khushi

    Hi dear adi, vp, jaz, shivani, rithu, parvathy, monique,supergirl, mino, lekha, sally, susan, sreeranjini,baazigar, sarita, sowmy,preethy, swara, pihu, aditi,bhagya, hp, niveditha, shabana, payal, radhika,simzain, ishitha bhalla, mustafa, vidhi, abhishek, raj, bhaavi,sindhu, aliya, niyathi, kutty, ro, jeni, sara, deepa, disha, awesome, sana, evani, katrina,smithy, aastha, vaishnavi,maahi,ajay,juhi,akshu, pari, hana, uaha, farhat
    Nd all my yhm lover frnds
    Sorry if i missed out any of ur names
    Hope all of u havng a gr8 time
    Nd nt much satisfied with the story line
    Evn me too kil anxious abt the future of yhm

  7. Khushi

    About todays episode i must say that it had some refreshing momennts.. Feelng lyk old yhm bck or can say still not completly
    Are waaa yar romi tu nahi sudhrega
    Is romi really cheating mihika ornits somethng else going on
    I really didnt lyk his attitude nd arrogance. He did same with sarika too while she was loyal to him. Evry times while he is in a maritial relationship he need some external source for his comfort nd support. He cant liv peacefully with anyone in his lyf.
    Such a digrateful person. For sure he got this marvellous qualities frm his brother nd his mother. While he was with sarika he depended mihika was his support nd nw while with mihika he is aftr someone else
    Feelng really sad for mihika. Such a nice girl always sacrificed her entire life for others. Sometime for her sister, for the person whom she luvd so dearly nd evn aftr all these sacrifices she got nothng.

  8. Khushi

    In todays episode i felt lyk spark is still there bet raman nd ishu. That part was so nice. Shagun again teaming up with ashok. Sach me they r made for each other. She shld marry ashok than mani. Adi- aliya scene was gud.. Hw cutely he was staring at aliya while her eyes were some where else (mihir). Realy upset on the thought that he will soon need to pass through a heartbreak. Y ekta always finds happiness in parting couples. Earlier it was mihika md mihir. Nw aadi nd aliya. Noone is havn a peaceful married lyf here in this serial. Mrs bhalla nd iyer part was really funny
    Pihu is acting really well evthough i dnt encourage kids turing vamps lyk this.

  9. Khushi

    Hey guys,
    Seeing pihus behaviour am getting gettng glimpses of old adi. Is pihu really ishus daughter. I hav my doubts that shagun outsmarted ishitha nd raman while the surrogacy time. Anyone remember shagun was nt that much intrstd in manoj while it was raman who insisted her to move on with manoj. She was still hesitant nd we nvr witnesses any romantic conversations bet them. It was lyk shagun doin some fake drama.
    Nd also if u guys remember earlier while shagun was pregnant the baby kicked nd responded to ramans touch while it doesnt hapnd with ishitas turn nd she felt so bad at that tym.
    Nd while ishitha was in jail nd raman was tryng all means to bail her out shagun stayng in bhalla hse was shown as massaging ramans head giving support nd all. Saritha had clicks thr pictures nd send to manoj. Nvr seen any such moments bet manij nd shagun.
    So i guess frm that moment itself she was eyeng on raman
    Nd that fake surrogate mother was also brought by shagun nd on rans emotional distress she mananaged to convince raman to let her to do surrogacy.
    Recallng all these moments i conclude that shagun was in luv with raman since long tym.. She nvr changd. Nd i strongly feel that she ha trickd raman while surrogacy. Pigu may be shagun nd rans daughter nd nt ishithas. Bcose she is the ditto of ruhi in her mannerisms nd appearence while ruhi is shagun nd ramans daughter nd resembles shagun in appearence.
    How a baby got the traits of her surrogate mother bcose as per my knowledge babies will nvr hav any traits of their surrogate mother but their biological parents only.
    Any agree with me?
    What will happen to ishitha if my doubts proved to be true
    She will be left aghast with no child of her own
    Nd this disgrateful bhallas espicially mrs bhalla can take shagun as her daughter- in law nd throw ishitha out of hse.
    This raman as always will show all his frustations upon ishitha

  10. Khushi

    Omg so much comments frm my side
    Sorry if i bored u guys.. Aftr long tym got some free tym to comment so used it to the max…i culdnt conceal my feelings thats y such long comments
    Pardon me if i bored u


    Hi JAZ Monique Kushi Shona Shreya Sindhu Siddhi Rithu VP SARITHA Lekha Nish Radhika Super GIRL Sakshi Mino Dish AZ Naaz Ahliya Megha SHIVANI And ALL The Members of The GROUP
    SORRY I Missed Anyone.

    How Are You Guys?
    Nowadays Am Not Watching YHM
    TIME is Not Permitting Me.
    Studying General STUDIES BOOK

    Thanks for Supporting Me
    Has Got Immense Talent
    Kushi if You Want to See GOOD ACTING SCENES Then PLEASE Watch ‘KAHIIN to HOGA’ SCENES.
    Take for Instance KTH SCENE 238
    SUJAL in JAIL Talks to KASHISH
    SCENE 164 etc
    Many Scenes Are There
    I Will Leisurely Note Those Scenes And Will SEND You.
    How Are You Kushi?
    Is Everything Going Well for YOU?

    • Khushi

      Hi adu, am doing gud… Happy to knw that u had a gr8 time
      Always stay happy
      So fried rice nd chicken is ur fav
      Evn fried rice us my fav too… Was vry fond of chickn earlier. Bt nw since 3 mnths no non veg. On diet plan
      Rajeev nd shabeer r my altym favourites
      Bt aftrnwatchng kumkumbhagya changd my opinion
      Rajeev is superb luv his style nd acting too
      Here evrythng going on well
      Am nw concentrating on increasing my vocabulary
      Bst wishes to u nd ur family
      Tc adu gydnyt

  12. fathi

    i m damn sure romi is not having affair but wants to something i like when raman said my fate is good that ishita hair is not spoiled wat would have haplen to me that letter will land into pihu bag that letter is im the house

  13. rithushree

    Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman ( Karan Patel) and Ishita’s ( Divyanka Tripathi ) life.
    Shagun will try to brainwash little Pihu against Ishita.
    Innocent Pihu will come into Shagun’s words and will start disliking Ishita.
    Pihu will plan to take revenge from Ishita for getting Shagun out from Bhalla house.
    However, Ruhi will find something strange about Pihu and her changing behaviour towards Ishita.
    Ruhi will confront Pihu in a nice manner where Pihu will reveal the entire truth of Shagun.
    Ruhi will get shocked to hear the same and will spy on Shagun.
    Will Ruhi come to know that Shagun has turned negative and playing games in Bhalla house?
    Let’s wait and watch.

  14. rithushree

    We are back with one of the favorite segment of TRP ratings of your loved daily soaps.
    Beginning with the top most position Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya is again at the top most position.
    The second slot in this series is obtained by Star Plus popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.
    Ishita’s re-entry and Shagun’s negative avatar is again liked by the audiences.
    Third position is occupied by Star Plus show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai which has gained position this week.
    TRP ratings
    Akshara and Naira’s reunion track seems to work for the show, and helped the show to gain popularity.
    The fourth slot is gained by comedy family show Tarakh Mehta Ka Ooltah Chasma which has gained the position in top five slot after long time.
    The fifth position is gained by two shows Colors Udaan and Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki.
    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of television.

  15. rithushree

    hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha parvathi anakha nimrit ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam az jaz Shona aditya jeni super girl unique angel priyaroli aparna Natasha priya bhagi mansi Sarita sara prisha simran tansuri shivani lavanya sachie shreya Khushi Aliya naz sindhu mino and all yhm friends.
    show is dragging too much nowadays. not interested to watch yhm at all .worst track .too much negativity and each character of the show is dealing with their own problems and whole is messed up . shagun has become old shagun . again with plannings and plottings.

  16. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Shagun has agreed to marry Mani pretending to be good.
    Shagun is pretending to be good and supportive before Bhalla family.
    Ishita has started to doubt Shagun and finds her hand in her kidnapping drama, Ishita tries to expose her.
    Ishita finds Shagun’s truth.
    Ishita tries to tell this truth to Raman and tells him that she doubt’s that Shagun is doing all this with some intentions.
    Raman refuses to believe on Ishita and supports Shagun over her, Ishita is shattered hearing that.
    Raman says to Ishita that Shagun was his family’s support system when she abruptly left them for seven years.
    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

    • Khushi

      This is really disgusting..
      I expected same frm raman as always he will nt believe ishitha nd will support shagun
      Nw to be noted that he nvr apologised to ishitha for any of his insulting comments all these yrs
      I really feel ishitha shld leave bhalla hse
      Let raman live with shagun
      He dnt deserve ishitha
      If she hav any self respect she will nvr let this insult go off as always

      • Lekha

        Yes khushi…..I don’t understand kis mitti ki bani hain ishita … many insults…… How many thane my god……..sach mein sometimes I feel like she is devi as Raman said in one of the episodes

      • Mino

        TRUST RAMAN kHUSHI that Raman was always Had no respect for Ishu. She Should leave & Then Ruhi too will go with her Ishimaa. Raman desreves it As he has been always insulting IShu even Ardi will leave . As u said he never said sorry to IShu For bad Mouthing her. Are the Indian marriages like this i doubt it that is the impression we get from these serials. as we are not Indian. why are they always putting women down like door mats. Have they no say or respect. how Raman insults Ishu is beyond tolerating. He deserves a cunning Shagun to learn a good lesson. he has fake love for IShu just a time server & selfish love. only always he matters not others. So sorry no insult to anyone or Indians ..

  17. VP

    Hi Khushi …. not boring at all … please write your comments … i dont know what to comment on todays episode … Ishitha was looking very beautiful …. I am really sad to see the way it is dragging very negatively …I have not seen such happenings in Indian families … Today … how Ashok entering to Ramans cabin and check … can any one believe such things ?I always think if ever I get a chance to meet the cvs …….Never in yhm truth is revealed … good actions never win … Shaghun and her blouses , sarees dressing style to show that is this serial …

    • Khushi

      Thank u vp
      Hw ru doing?
      Enjoyng with ur grand children?
      Loads of luv to ur grand kids
      Hav a nice tym
      Gudnyt tc
      As u said serial is gettng worse with pihu also neg

  18. susan

    Regarding the scene where ishita tells raman about suspecting shagun. Maybe Raman and ishita will be staging the fight to make Shagun believe that Raman is on her side. Anything else I would find hard to handle. Then even a diehard Ishra fan like me would want Ishita to leave Raman. Ekta must really hate Ishita to give her so much sorrow.

    • Leelee

      I really hope so, Susan. I cannot believe that still Ruhi doesn’t know what really happened and still Raman is playing innocent. How can he love Ishita if he disregards and disrespects her like this. Zero apologies. I guess these writers think we are fools. I hated Mani’s explanation to Ruhi and Ishita actually smiled about it. I’m starting to lose interest in this story.

    • Khushi

      Evn me too hope the same to happen susan or else it will be of no use to watch yhm. Too many loose ends r left in the show. Many puzzles yet to be solved lyk sarithas current status, pigu shld knw truth, ruhi shld knw the exact truth. They wer juz giving importance to shagun nd raman nd ishu is shown as a lady with no self respect . Raman respects shagun bt nt ishu. So wierd.

  19. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans. Very boring track.why are they not exposing shagun, en why is raman Going to support her, I think shagun is the master mind behind the ruhi, pihu swapping 7 yrs ago. She only wants raman and the kids. They shud just dissolve her , ashok en niddhi.


    No Kushi!
    You Didn’t Bore US.
    CHARACTER Understanding CIVILISED Heroism Goes to MANI
    YE Khadoos HAI (RAMAN)

    • Khushi

      Dear adi , i really feel lyk i shld leave watchng the show
      I it didnt went on well then u will rather change my focus to ishqbaaz or humko tumse or the upcoming chandragupta maurya replacing siya ke ram

  21. shreya shetty

    raman is acting truly like a mad ungreatful moron!!!!hes a big idiot with less intelligence and very very much immature.i wonder how could he ever think of supporting that dirty minded seducer witch shagun in this situation even after knowing the reality of the truth told by ishu.mrs bhalla should nt have drank bitter gourd juice before raman was born,she should drank some sweet juice so that he would ve behaved sweetly towards everyone and not treating them like slaves or prisoners of the family in the house.this old witch needs to be kicked out so bad,that shagun will never ever step again to the bhallas ever what so happens!!!!if he truly loves shagun more than ishita then let him get ready to face the severe consequences throughout his entire lifetime

  22. shreya shetty

    the serials getting too worse these days and its all because of ekta maams idea to increase and make money on her own not at all thinking about the yhm lovers and fans at all of how they feel about this weeks show.seriously,why are the positive characters like shagun and romi have turned negative instead of positive again.looks like they re back as vamps to interfere between raman and ishitas family issues so that ishu can be kicked out of the house.totally over irritated and angry about the behavior of the little vampiress pihu whos behaving like a moron morev=over because she doesn’t even know that shes being brainwashed by that vampire shagun

  23. Swara

    Hi yhm family it’s been a while since I commented but I just can’t help my self I can’t believe this is the drama I spent my whole time waiting for the next epi but now it’s just trash sometimes I really get conywho is the lead is it Shagun air ishu as for Raman his character has been broken down to nothing just ek wife juru ka gulam it’s so frustrating how every time he supports Shagun and not ishu and when the truth comes out he starts feeling sorry and apologetic which at the end he won’t even apologize as for me I just think ishu stop
    Shaguns wedding and get married to Manu in the process that would be my dream come true am just tired of Raman attitude towards ishu he doesn’t have any respect for her ya that’s to bad I don’t know what cvs did to the adorable strong character of ishita anyway can’t say but won’t be watching the show any Frits almost becoming kumkum bhagya i doubt how they manage to stay on top or the trp
    Chart cause I want trp to drop let the makers gain some understanding but one thing nice about the show i can’t miss are ishu sarees man she is killing her looks love her a lot

    • VP

      Totally agree with you Swara … I really wish will move away from Raman . I was also waiting for the episode … used to watch repeats … now not interested at all …cvs totally damaged the story line

  24. rithushree

    BARC 30th week rating: Kumkum Bhagya top position, YHM follows
    Join Kumkum Bhagya Fan Club
    In the Urban sector, Star Plus, Colors and Zee TV hold the top slot. While in the rural division, Star Utsav, Zee Anmol and Sony Pal are placed at the top three positions.
    STAR Plus 468778
    Colors 372710
    Zee TV 337113
    Life OK 280748
    Sony Entertainment Television 276553
    SONY SAB 264731
    &TV 139318
    Zee Anmol 109494
    STAR Utsav 109457
    Sony Pal 94189
    STAR Utsav 376906
    Zee Anmol 362250
    Sony Pal 309097
    Zee TV 274163
    Rishtey 218429
    STAR Plus 217108
    Colors 159629
    Life OK 147451
    Big Magic 115308
    Sony Entertainment Television 107384
    In the urban market, Kumkum Bhagya, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai are in the top three slots. While Kumkum Bhagya, Jodha Akbar and Bandini tops the chart in the rural sector
    Top 10 shows (Impressions in 000’s)
    Kumkum Bhagya (Zee TV) 7719
    Ye Hai Mohabbatein (Star Plus) 6005
    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (Star Plus) 5707
    The Kapil Sharma Show (Sony TV) 5639
    Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah (Sab TV) 5389
    Dance + – Season 2 (Star Plus) 5203
    Saath Nibhaana Saathiya (Star Plus) 5166
    Udaan (Colors) 5134
    Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki (Colors) 5104
    Kasam (Colors) 4929
    Siya Ke Ram (Star Plus) 4527
    Kavach(Colors) 4382
    Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani (Zee TV) 4284
    Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat (Colors) 4205
    Sasural Simar Ka (Colors) 3948
    Ishqbaaz (Star Plus) 3923
    Diya Aur Baati Hum (Star Plus) 3865
    Tashan-E-Ishq (Zee TV) 3829
    Jamai Raja (Zee TV) 3789
    Swaragini (Colors) 3668
    Kumkum Bhagya (Zee TV) 6468
    Jodha Akbar (Zee Anmol) 6414
    Bandini (Zee Anmol) 6141
    Kasam Hai Tujhe Aa Bhi Jaa (Zee Anmol) 4894
    Saath Nibhaana Saathiya (Star Utsav) 4474
    Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani (Zee TV) 4140
    Diya Aur Baati Hum (Star Utsav) 3653
    Gustakh Dil (Star Utsav) 3579
    Piya Rangrezz (Star Utsav) 3558
    Jamai Raja (Zee TV) 3166
    Tashan-E-Ishq (Zee TV) 2964
    Qubool Hai (Zee Anmol) 2772
    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (Star Plus) 2661
    Ye Hai Mohabbatein (Star Plus) 2654
    Naagin (Rishtey) 2603
    Dance + – Season 2 (Star Plus) 2487
    Yeh Vaada Raha (Zee TV) 2476
    Saath Nibhaana Saathiya (Star Plus) 2467
    Ye Hai Mohabbatein (Star Utsav) 2436
    Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki (Colors) 2384

  25. shivani

    Totally agree with you khushi and swara…
    cvs showed that raman madly searching for that mysterious letter…so i thought when he got that letter he will kick out shagun…. but no….he is supporting her….oh..god…how can he be so dumb…he is praising shagun about her sacrifices…and he is shouting at ishita for doubting shagun…raman really trusts shagun more than ishita…!!!
    Raman blames romi, when he sees romi with another girl..and whats Raman doing..??..he neither accepts ishita nor rejects her…..and thus staying with his two wives…is that fair.?.. raman can do anything…when others do the same,he questions them..chi…

  26. Juhi

    I also want mihika to get married to mihir and adi to aliya but doesn’t want Abhishek to simmi rithushree thanks for rating list. In coming episodes we will see ishita fight with shagun. Ishita ye jan jayegi ki shagun pihu ka use kar rahi h.

  27. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi guys dharshika vp jaz kushi rithu bhagi mounique adu saritha sindhu and al yhm fans gud aftn guys

  28. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    rithu and aditya y you both r not mentioning my name since last 2 days u both r forgot me

    • rithushree

      I am sorry bhagya.i did not mention your name. I will surely mention your name in today’s page . don’t feel bad and I did not forget you .

  29. Parichary

    Guy! you want Ishita to leave Bhalla house. If Raman order Ishita to leave BH. Ishita leave BH then Ruhi will come to know about it and Ruhi will ask Raman about Ishita. Raman may somewhat tell Ruhi about Ishita. Ruhi will tell Raman that if he doesn’t forgive and bring Ishita so she will be leaving BH forever. Raman doesn’t want to lose Ruhi again becoz of Ishita. Ruhi warn Raman about Shagun evil intention and using Pihu as a weapon that will shocked Raman. Raman will feel guilty and goes to look for Ishita and phone Ishita to beg Ishita to come back to BH for the sake of Ruhi. Ishita will not be able to forgive Raman for 2nd time harshly words against her. Ishita will probably decide to go back to Australia so Ruhi will go to Australia also that will leave Bhalla family shatterd. Raman will blame himself and tell Pihu that Ishita is her real mother and Shagun is her masti. Adi will be fumed with Shagun, Raman and Pihu for treating Ishita disrespect.

    • VP

      Parichary … wish nd hope your comments will come true … lot of negativity … Even now they can twist the way you have commented or there are few fictions on yhm what I read … fantastic

    • Mino

      Even then Raman will not respect Ishu. He is such a selfish Moron. Only thinking of himself & his kids. he should realise that he has a family cos of IShu. He was an angry rude devil cos of his enemies who suffered the most ??? IShu. & She had to get him out of all insults & scraps that Ashok was dishing out. Who gave him happiness & a family life plus love of his kids Not That a Shagun the selfish Witch. she was selfish then & NOW. He Ego will be his down fall. remember IShu telling her sis she is tired of fighting & arguing she is happy the way she is now. why are all women treated like this. I think Ekta the one who is producing this favour Shagun. She has forgotten how many awards she got from DT. This is rubbish get them to end the show. as the beautiful show was ruined & now no way of reviving it. all Disgusting things happening. negative negative. Sick of watching..Good Luck with Negativity.

    • Khushi

      I wish raman nd ishitha planning to fight infrnt of shagun juz to outsmart her as susan told in her comment then it will be delightful. If its nt going to happen then parichari i really wish ur comments proved to be right. I want to see ishu bavk to bhalla hse with all respect nd proper apologies frm ramans side. Else as a strong independend lady with selfrespect she shld leave bhalla hse duly followed by adi nd ruhi lettng raman suffer hell with shagun.
      If again the same blame games nd she is going to live in bhalla hse ruining her self respect am nt going to watch this yhm anymore
      As vp said there is a lot of mindblowing ffs to read

  30. Loveleen


    |Registered Member

    cn any1 plz clear my doubt ?? is aliya falling fr mihir ?? n y is she calling him by name instead of calling him mamu as adi calls ??

    • disha

      yes loveleen aliya falling for mihir but this is wrong how can she fall in love with her father age person .one more worst pair made by ekta

    • Khushi

      Unfortunatly ys lovleen she is fallng for mihir. As per their relation she shld call him mamu. Cvs can show any wierd thngs

  31. shivani

    Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) traps Ashok in Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) kidnapping case in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

    High voltage drama is going to unfold in Raman and Ishita’s life in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein.

    Ishita gets Anil’s letter where she finds out about Shagun’s hand behind her kidnapping and reaches to police station.

    Entire Bhalla family gathers at police station where Ishita accuses Shagun for kidnapping her.

    Shagun is one step ahead from Ishita and she calls Ashok to the police station where she proved him as real culprit.

    Shagun proved that Ashok wrote this letter which makes Ashok shocked.

    Apart from this, Raman burst out at Ishita for accusing that woman (Shagun) who took care of her daughter Pihu past 7 years.

    Ishita gets shocked by Shagun challenge over Pihu’s custody

    Ishita tries to make Raman understand but Raman insults Ishita badly in front of all.

    Furthermore, both Ishita and Shagun confront each other where Shagun tells Ishita that Raman got married to Ishita getting Ruhi’s custody and now she will take Ishita to court getting Pihu’s custody.

    Ishita is completely shocked by Shagun’s behavior.

  32. Farzana

    kya hai YHM ka … kuch nhi samaj aa raha hai. kabhi pyar to kabhi nafrat .. Shagun ko hua kya hai pihu ko apni real mom k kilab kar rahi h .. Raman bhi bas shadi hi karta rahta hai … Pata nhi kya samaj ta h raman apne aap ko …. shadi nhi to gussa bas pure serial me yehi karna aata hai … and yeh aaliya ko kya hua uncle se pyar karti hai…. how bekar ….

  33. rithushree

    High voltage drama is going to unfold in Raman and Ishita’s life in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein.
    Ishita gets Anil’s letter where she finds out about Shagun’s hand behind her kidnapping and reaches to police station.
    Entire Bhalla family gathers at police station where Ishita accuses Shagun for kidnapping her.
    Shagun is one step ahead from Ishita and she calls Ashok to the police station where she proved him as real culprit.
    Shagun proved that Ashok wrote this letter which makes Ashok shocked.
    Apart from this, Raman burst out at Ishita for accusing that woman (Shagun) who took care of her daughter Pihu past 7 years.
    Ishita gets shocked by Shagun challenge over Pihu’s custody.
    Ishita tries to make Raman understand but Raman insults Ishita badly in front of all.
    Furthermore, both Ishita and Shagun confront each other where Shagun tells Ishita that Raman got married to Ishita getting Ruhi’s custody and now she will take Ishita to court getting Pihu’s custody.
    Ishita is completely shocked by Shagun’s behavior.
    Will Ishita fight with Shagun for Pihu’s custody?
    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  34. rithushree

    Raman and Ishita tried hard to unite their family for Ruhi and they got succeeded to but it seems like their complete family is going to separate soon in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein.
    Pihu has turned negative for Ishita after getting manipulated by Shagun and decides to throw Ishita out so that Raman and Ishita stay back together.
    Pihu made plan to throw oil on Ishita but its unfortunately falls on Shagun and Shagun covers Pihu’s mistake in front of all telling as it was Pihu’s experiment.
    However, Ruhi is not ready to convince with Shagun and thinks something wrong with Pihu.
    Ruhi is not ready to let Pihu go wrong way so she decides to keep eye on Pihu’s every activity.
    Apart from this, Mihika doubts on Romi having affairs but Romi denies her by telling that she does not want to trust at him.
    Not only Mihika, Raman also see Raman with a girl and thinks that why Romi lied to him as he is meeting.
    Raman shares about Romi with Ishita but Ishita tells Raman that they will soon sort out this matter before misunderstandings goes stronger between Romi and Mihika.
    Ishita does not want to let family broken again so she will use all effort to keep them united.
    Ishita finds Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) kidnapped her and tries to stop Mani and Shagun’s marriage.
    Furthermore, Ishita gets Anki Nagpal’s letter in Shagun’s room and sh efinds how much Shagun hates her and her hand was in IShita’s kidnapping.
    Ishita gets panick and runs to stop Mani getting married to Shagun.
    Ishita curses herself that if Mani and Shagun’s marriage got happened then she will never able to forgive herself.
    Will Ishita reach on time to stop Mani getting married to Shagun?
    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  35. rithushree

    Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman ( Karan Patel) and Ishita’s ( Divyanka Tripathi ) life.
    Soon in the upcoming series, Ishita will witness foul play amid Shagun and will warn Raman about the same.
    Raman will shout back at Ishita and will inform her that in Ishita’s absence, Shagun was the one who took care of the entire Bhalla family.
    Amid all these Shagun will pretend to be good amid entire Bhalla family upsetting Ishita.
    Ishita will get distressed seeing Raman’s distrust on her over Shagun.
    Will Ishita be able to find evidence against Shagun exposing her in front of entire Bhalla family and Raman?
    Let’s wait and watch.

  36. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show Shagun’s evil avatar where she pretends to be good.
    Shagun is pretending to be good before Bhalla family and agrees to marry Mani for Raman-Ishita.
    Shagun is showcasing to be so understanding and cooperative before Raman and Bhalla family, while Ishita doubt’s her.
    Ishita tries to find Shagun’s truth and tells Raman about it, but Raman is not ready to listen to anything.
    Raman supports Shagun over Ishita.
    Raman shouts at Ishita supports Shagun over her saying that she was his family’s support while Ishita wasn’t there.
    Ishita is hurt with Raman’s words but couldn’t do anything for it, let’s see how will Ishita expose Shagun now.
    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.


    when this stupid Raman realize his mistakes towards Ishitha????
    always he comes to conclusions before speaking to her n when truth comes out simply he asks forgiveness n she forgives
    Ishitha shouldn’t forgive him easily
    she goes through this emotional stress

    why can’t he be little sensible???

    the most aggressive short tempered lead male character is Mr.Raman Kumar Bhalla.

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