Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mr. Bhalla explaining Rinki. Rinki argues with him and shouts. Mrs. Bhalla asks why is she shouting, when she made issue when Raman talked in high tone with dad. Rinki says she has no problem with Ashok. Mr. Bhalla says he knows Raman well, how could she forget how Ashok tried to ruin Raman, she won’t take anything from Ashok. Rinki says fine, I m going. She leaves. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to let her go. She cries and says Ashok is bad man, don’t know what he did magic on Rinki, I have to inform Ishita.

Raman sees Mrs. Tandon with Ashok, and getting close. He gets shocked and says Mrs. Tandon with Ashok, and recalls Rajeev Tandon and his wife Shweta. Shweta leaves. Raman gets thinking about them. He gets angry and leaves. Mrs. Bhalla tells Ishita that Mr. Bhalla

scolded Rinki, and why is she upset about Shagun’s words. She asks her to forget it, and she knows Raman loves her. She says its true that someone you have to woo husband, you are educated and modern girl, you know everything. Vandu says aunty is right, you got opportunity as Raman invited you, get ready and look hot, then see Raman, all this stupid fear will go.

Mihika says you have to listen to them. Vandu asks her to smile and talk to Raman. Mihika takes Ishita to make her ready. Mrs. Bhalla curses Shagun and says why did she come back to Delhi. Shagun comes to her flat and maid sees her from window. She says madam has come so soon, and doctor is sleeping in his room. She goes and wakes him up. She sends him saying Vicky is calling him. He gets ready and says I m going. She sends him and prays that they both don’t come face to face and not meet.

Shagun and Manoj wait for lift. The maid asks Manoj to go by stairs, and he leaves. Shagun comes there by the lift and goes with the maid. Raman says Mrs. Tandon with Ashok, that’s not possible. Ashok comes and Raman asks him about Shweta. Ashok says we have lots of fun together. Raman warns him to stop all this. Ashok asks am I any hindi film villain, Mrs. Tandon called me, she wanted to meet me. Raman says you feel I will believe this nonsense. Ashok says that’s the truth, you are innocent, women are very clever, you feel Ishita is Devi. Raman holds his tie and says Ishita is my wife, I will not leave you.

Ashok says this is your problem, you get angry soon. He makes Raman sit. He says women look innocent but are not, Mrs. Tandon felt Tandon did not have that spark now and came to me, this happened with you too. Raman asks what. Ashok says everyone wants luxuries and women, people change for it, for example Shagun, she came to me as she wanted much from her life.

Raman fumes and scolds him, saying if Shagun did not leave from his life, he would have not met Ishita, he has fought with his dad for her. Ashok says you trust her blindly, women don’t believe this, Ishita is like bahenji, she did not see any world expect your home, the day she goes out and sees colorful life, she will change. He describes two categories of women, who miss out things in life and don’t notice it, and second who want more from life. Raman gets angry on him. Ashok says Ishita is coming in party, see you. Raman says if my wife changes, then I will be your slave all my life, if you are wrong, then I won’t leave you. Ashok leaves. Raman thinks he knows Ishita, she will never change, she is not like those women.

Raman comes home and Vandu sees him.. He thinks of Ashok’s words. She gets coffee for him and says Ishita has gone out. Raman says maybe she will not come with me in party. Ishita comes there in western clothes and he recalls Ashok’s words. Ishita asks shall we leave. Raman asks whats this new drama, she is not this type, this clothes are not made for her. She recalls Shagun’s words. Raman says there is no need to change, fine if you have worn this, come. He goes and she cries.

Mihika and Vandu ask Ishita to go. Ishita says I don’t think I should go, I should change dress. Vandu and Mihika say she looks stunning, and send her. Raman and Ishita are on the way. Ishita recalls Shagun’s words. He recalls Ashok’s words and they both are upset and non talking. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………plays……….Raman drives angrily.

Ishita cries in the party. Ashok sees her and spikes her drink, by bribing the waiter. He says I will see Bhalla family, when they know what I do with their respect/bahu. He holds Ishita and asks her to come with him, she will feel better and like it. Ishita gets dizzy.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. nimrit

    what rubbish raman..uss ghatiya ashok ne jo kaha uss ke bareme itna kyu soch raha tha…agar ashok raman se itni ishita ke bareme itna bolta hi nahi to raman aaj ishu ke delhake such me pagal jo jata….kitni stunning… awesome… beautiful… lag rahi thi yaar wo…..stupid ashok ne sara kuchh bigad diya…

  2. Raman ne ashok ko bataye ki ishita kabhi nahin badlegi ..phir kyun uss ki batuon se effected horaha hai. …kyun uss ki batuon ko seriously leraha hai. …pata hai usse ashok kaisa hai phir. Bhi. ……

  3. episode was bad.patha nahi raman hamesha ashok ke baaton sd itnaa influence kyu ho jaatha hai ki woh sab ko hurt kartha hai phir chahe woh ishitha ho ya ruhi.precap worst.

  4. Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has
    entertained the audience with it’s
    twists and turns in each passing
    Latest spoilers say that Ishita
    (Divyanka Tripathi) is going to be
    drugged by Ashok and taken to a hotel
    room when she goes unconscious and
    this time Shagun (Anita
    Hassanandani) is going to catch
    Ashok red handed and saving Ishita.
    Shagun will also slap Ashok during
    The upcoming party sequence is said
    to turn ugly for Ishita. First, Raman
    (Karan Patel) will hurt her for wearing
    a revealing dress for Jhakad’s party.
    Following this Ashok will spike her
    drink and make her unconscious to
    take her to a hotel room.
    According to Flimibeat , Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein Lead Karan Patel To
    Shoot Consummation Scene In front Of
    His Wife! Shagun, who is in Delhi for
    an NGO project, will figure Ashok’s
    plan and saves Ishita in the last
    minute, reports say. Shagun will
    barge into the room where he has an
    unconscious Ishita and saves her
    from going through the same thing
    Mihika went through in his hands.
    Ashok, who has been getting away
    with a lot of things will this time get
    caught red handed by Shagun. Shgaun
    will also be seen taking the chance to
    slap Ashok right in the face to teach
    him a lesson. It is also said that Ishita
    will not realise what happened as
    Shagun decides to keep it a secret.
    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein will have the Jhakad’s
    party sequence starting following
    Shagun’s rescue. The latest report
    also say Raman and Ishita’s famous
    consummation sequence will be aired
    on Thursday.

  5. raman harr bar ishitha ko hurt kartha hai aur uske saath jo bhi hoga uska zimmedar sirf raman hai naa ki ashok kyunki woh toh peble se hi kameena hai.raman ne ishitha ko party mein akela choda.

  6. Balaji Telefilms’ much loved show Ye
    Hai Mohabbatein (Star Plus) soon to
    bring forth a consummation sequence
    between Raman (Karan Patel ) and
    Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) in its
    upcoming episodes.
    This upcoming sequence has crop up
    a rumor mill that has miffed actor
    Karan Patel and his better half Ankita
    Bhargava (currently seen on
    Reporters). According to the buzz,
    Ankita Bhargava is said to be present
    on the sets of Ye Hai Mohabbatein
    while the consummation scene was
    However, rubbishing the buzz as a
    rumor, Ankita told TellyBuzz, “When I
    read about this news, I tweeted
    against it because it doesn’t make any
    sense. Karan and I are two
    professional actors. We discuss our
    work but we don’t interfere in each
    other’s work. Karan Patel is my
    husband; Raman Bhalla is not!”
    “I trust Karan to depth so it doesn’t
    matter that what people are talking
    about and what the speculations are!
    He is doing his job as an actor and
    Divyanka is a very dear friend. So it’s
    too small and shallow for me to
    comment,” signs off Ankita.

  7. Eera

    Simply they are dragging raman knows v well about ishita den hw com he is so effected by ashoks word difficult to understand cvs do u think viewers are mad

  8. Yaar ishra apne dil ki baat kyun ek dusre ko nahin batate hai….ishra wada karte hai ki kuch nahin chupayenge..ek dusre se par hamesha ye bhol jate hai. …

  9. faltoo wajah se show ko drag kar rahe hai veiwers ko aur gussa yhm becoming worst.yeh bhi baki reh gaya yhm meim dekhne.koi kasar nahi choda makers ne. plz yhm rock like before with your rocking episodes.

  10. Jhanvi

    Oh god yar what’s going on ????? Raman a is a kaise kar sakta hai ishu k sath WO janta hai use jab Raman ne use choice Di thi Mani ko apnane ki tab bhi usne Raman ko hi China tha Nd ab Raman aisa behave kar rraha hai aur WO bhi us ghatiya Ashok ki bato me ake……yr WO kaise ishu ki dress ko dekhkar apni soch badal sakta hai ….

  11. Yaar pehle toh khud ishita jo western dress pahenne k liye kaha tha. .par ab uss ashok ki batuon se effected hokar ishita. ..ko hurt kar diya. ..kitni pretty lagrahi thi. ..par thodi bhi uss ki tarif nahin ki. ….

  12. Jhanvi

    Aur ye sab shagun ki wajah se ……..agree uska irada galat nahi that BT rasta galat that agar WO itna nahi su nati to ishu aisi dress nhi pehnti…

  13. Last ishra scene achcha nahin tha ……yaar ishra ek durst ko Itni achche se jante hai samjh te hai. .phir kyun kabhi kabhi aaise bewakhofi wali harkat karte hai. ..

  14. Yeah. ..Mr. bhalla ne rinki ko kuch nahin kaha . jab k rinki unse unchi awaz mein baat karrahi thi. .par raman toh rinki ko gussa karraha. Tha .Mr. bhalla ko nahin phir bhi unho ne raman ko kitna sunaya. ..

  15. darshika

    OMG …… ! Ishita, Gorgeous…… How ENCHANTED …….. ! ! ! But raman, why don’t you believe your wife. ? And why do you accept ashok’s words? That’s very bad. And it’s useless advising to rinki. She is making the castles in the air. One day, she will be fallen down. And guys, this is a request….. We should think positively about yhm. We stop thinking negatively about yhm. Finaly, makers will do good things for yhm. We must wait and watch. But we can’t see hurting to ishita anymore. Please only do great great great things for yhm. And I have to tell this. It’s good to see shagun with positive role. But please……..DON’T FORCES SHAGUN TOO MUCH. From sri lanka.

  16. Jhanvi

    BT shagun ne ek chiz achhi ki usne ishu ki help ki ….bt hope Raman ko sab pata chalna chahiye ki uski bewkufiki wajah se an kya ho Santa that ishu k sath…… yar ye log shagun ko itni importance kyu De rahe hai thik hai WO badal gai hai bt na chahte hue bhi WO ishra k beech hai….ishu is d main heroine BT lagta hai ekta ko shagun ko hi lead role dena chahiye…

  17. Jhanvi

    Yr ishita kitni pretty lag rahi thi ….agar WO ghatiya Ashok ne Raman ko nahi fasaya hora to Raman to pagal ho jata ishu ko dekhkar…. Aur WO bhi hamesha ishu ko Western dress me dekhna chahta that aur an ishu itni pyari lag rahi thi to usne Ashok ki bato me akar sab bigad diya..aur ishu ko kitna hurt kiya…

  18. Nishaanth

    Uff God irritating Ashok khanna such a cheap n low character better raman can kill Ashok ?

  19. Jhanvi

    BT guys ….meri samaj me nahi a rraha abhi unke bich misunderstanding hai…aur family pro. Bhi hai to consummation scene how????

  20. 123

    band kardo na re yeh baigan ka show jiss mein pyaar nahi hai romance nahi hai bas drama aur misunderstandings hai jo kabhi clear nahi ho sakti. raman ishita world ki sabse complicated Jodi hai. ab iss Jodi mein koi maza nahi hai. show mein to bilkul bhi nahi.

  21. bhagi

    are yar baas karo na aur kithna niche ghiravo gi show ko wt hell is wrong with writers e log ladkhiya hone ke bhavajoodh ladkhiyom ke baare me ese kaise likh sakthe hai sari ladkhiya ek jaise nahi hothe hai yar at starting mrs.tondon kithni mature aur family type ki lag rahi thi aur aab usko bhi villan banaya baas karo yar……….

  22. bhagi

    arey us ashok ko cheap man kahe na tho the word ”cheap” will also feel bad ithna ghiri huyi aadmi hai yar i just wanna slap him nd this time i wanna slap raman to how could he come into ashok’s words nd doubts ishu this is so mean and rediculous aaj muje show par ithna gussa aa raha hai na mai batha bhi nahi sakthi……….go to hell writers…….

  23. bhagi

    sirf aur sirf shagun ko importance dene ke liye mrs tondon ko characterless banaya aur raman ko bewakoof aur meaningless banaya jo insaan hamesha ye kehtha hai ki mai aapni biwi par aankh bandh karke barosa kartha hu tho aaj unko apni biwi par ithna bhi bharosa nahi hai aur itni characterless dhikh rahi hai kya its just disguisting aur kya patha guys kal shayadh shagun ko heroin banane ke liye kahi ishu ko villain na bana de vo sautheli maa types vaali

  24. last two years raman(karan)won best husband award nest he will win worst husband award
    according raman character is a matured one he knows very well about ashok how can he
    respect ashok words towards his wife why you are idotic people make the characters very

  25. Kavya

    Yeh raman ki problem kiya h hamesha ishita ko hurt karta rehta h aur uss par bas gussa karta rehta h
    but apart from this ishita is looking beautiful in that gown

  26. uss ashok ki wajah se raman apna thoughts aur soch kaise badal saktha hai.ladkiyan hai toh agar gown pehne toh itnaa hurt karne ka usse koi hak nahi bantha hai.aur insaan vesh boosh se nahi balki insaan ki dil dekhna chahiye.raman ko ishitha ke baare mein sirf yeh sochna chahiye tha ki woh usse impress karne ki koshish kar rahi hai .aur jab party mein koi ishitha ko ghur raha tha ya ched raha tha toh raman ko ishitha ko protect karna chahiye tha naa ki usko hurt karke usse insult karke chala jaaye.aur ishitha ke saath jo bhi hua uske baare mein raman ko kuch bhi nahi patha.woh kaise ek aueath ki ezzath ko nahi bacha saktha woh bhi apni biwi ke ezzath ke saath uske khilwaad ki woh bhi uss ashok ke baaton mein aakar.iss baar ishitha ko raman ko maaf nahi karna chahiye.

  27. show mein aurathon ko categories mein define kar rahe hai woh bhi ghatia matlab nikal ke aurathon ko define kar rahe hai.its just simply nonsense and ridiculous.

  28. show mein har roz koi na koi naya antogonists introduce kar rahe hai aur protogonists se zyaada antagonists hai show mein filaal ashok ,suraj ,jhakad, mrs.tandon ,param,mr.bhalla,rinki,aur kayi.

  29. rinki ne mr.bhalla se jab baath kee toh mr.bhalla kuch nahi bole aur raman ko ishitha aur mrs.bhalla ki plan ki wajah se itnaa kuch suna diya.aakhir woh kya chahthe hai.

  30. tarun

    yr i think shagun itni zada badal jaye…mihika ke incident me bhi wo sabko jhuta man rhe thi nd ashok ka saath de rhi thi baad me..nd age pata nhi show me kya ho jaye…waise bhi anything can be happen in ekta’s show.or ab bhi .kitna bakwas drama show kr rhe hi…

  31. iss baar sara galthi raman ka hai.ishitha ne family ko ek karne ke liye mrs.bhalla ke saath milkar plan banaaya raman ko bina kahe toh isme kya badi baath hai.uupar se raman ne ishitha ko ghar todne wali kaha jab woh chup rahi jab rinki romi aur mr.bhalla ne insult kiya. aur shagun ke baare mein share karne ke liye raman atleast ishitha se baath kartha sahi se aur ishitha khud itnee pareshaan thi aur jab party par bulaaya bhi toh ishitha ko bura feel karaaya uupar se ashok ki wajah se dhakyanusi bewakoof gande dimaag se ishitha ko hurt kiya aur jab uske saath batameezi hui toh hero sahab villian bangaye.vada raman kartha hai aur wagi todtha hai.arey bhai makers plz hero ko villian math banaao.

  32. aage jo bhi hoga show mein woh bhi bilkul total utter backwaaz nonsense stupidity worst horrible unrocking with no substance moral and entertainment.

  33. raman is the most foolish man in the world or umiverse.yaar woh ashok ko acche se itnee saalon se jaantha hai aur uske ghatia baathon ko itnaa importance de detha hai ki sab ko hrt kartha hai.woh ashok toh kabhi badlega nahi aur hamesha saala kameena hi rahega.

  34. siddhi

    Pata nahi ye Raman ka pyar kasa hai ruhi ka ishita k lay pyar is se bohat bohat bettrr hai stupid Raman but ab ruhi shagun ko support n karna start kar as anything can happen in this serial

  35. siddhi

    Aur Mr bhalla ne rinki ko support kiya tha na ab acha laga rinki ne to Mr bhalka ko Bhi nahi chora

  36. Amy Cariaga

    I am an avid follower of this telenovela but as the shows moves on I got bored with the repetitive concept of the story. The husband and wife relation is not given importance. The romance between them is already long overdue. Just giving my opinion. no offense meant. This is the second show so far that I have indulged myself into viewing. The first one was IPKKND with Arshi :)…thanks

  37. V P

    Understand creators are leading the story for Raman and Ishithas intimate scene . But the present track is very bad … The issue is that viewers can’t tolerate Ishitha is getting hurt . Raman as always behave very immature . They too without understanding . But am sure the story is taking a very good change . Now Shagun is focussed highly than the heroine . Ishitha your acting is excellently.

  38. sn

    Makers give more importance to Shagun’s role and looks like they degrade Ishita’s character / value in the show.. How much more she has to go through like this? Raman if you want to get angry or take revenge with Ishita do it at home, don’t exhibit it in the public please…..

    I have notice something in YHM, whenever the makers show a bad track or ill treating Ishita, then they suddenly show a Romance track between ISHRA… May be they are doing this to maintain the TRP rank I guess. Makers always think that with that you can always cheat the viewers.

    After all we watch yHM because of Ishita & sweet Ruhi, please remember that.. We do not want to see Shagun as a positive or negative character, hate to see her back in YHM. As soon as you add the Surrogacy track, YHM rate will definitely go down, I am sure about it.

  39. Jhanvi

    Ya guys totally agree ….makers shagun ko plssss itni bhi importance mat dijite ki usne liye show me hero ko vilane bana De yar sachu me kuchh bhi ho sakta hai is serial me u r right so sidhhi ab kahi ruhi bhi shagun ko support na kkrne lage… Nd Raman loves so much ishu how can he thinks like that …..BT makers ko to surf shagun ko hi importance deni hai…na

  40. darshika

    ya….. I also agree. And this writers are female…….? Oh god, I’m ashamed to say that they were woman…. How long did they hurt ishu and they do it again and again. And I must tell this again. DON’T FOCUS SHAGUN TOO MUCH…… ! From SL.

  41. nimrit

    UpcomingSequence !
    RKB’s anger is over! RKB found ishu! Maybe
    someone told him about ishu, He got worried!
    And then came to ishu! She was on bed! Hugged
    her and they went back!
    Don’t know how Ishita will react to RKB!

  42. #‎SBSsegment‬
    in this they showed ishita in her bathrobe having idlis n all sitting on sofa in the bedroom its post C it looks her hair is wet
    and raman in bathroom spraying cologne n wiping his face with towel
    he asks her from there how did u like it
    she says it was just ok i think some confusion she’s probably referring to the breakfast
    raman is confused he sits on the toilet seat
    then DT’s byte she says our fans were waiting for this the beaitiful night is here
    jab bhi isski baat hoti hai fans pagal ho jaatey hai
    after this our chemistry will get even better
    as we are now offical husband n wife
    and says raman ordered special breakfast for her
    according to sbs it was for fullfilling wish of ruhi
    looks they are in a hotel room there was a suitcase on the bed
    Raman came out is looking annoyed n wore blazer. Talking to ishu….

  43. Shelly

    I don’t get it y r ppl angry wid shagun’s improving charactr. Its gud if she is chnging dt means no more rifts in bhalla family bcoz of hr. Ya ishita’s charactr is degrading n dats annoying.

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