Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Adi gets Romi freed

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita enjoying the icecream. Adi and Roshni worry. The men come and ask for diamonds. Roshni asks for Romi. They show Romi. Adi says leave Romi first, I will give you the diamonds. The man leaves Romi. Adi hugs Romi. The man says catch them, the diamonds are fake. Romi is put in car again. Adi says please leave my uncle. The man says you are playing a game with us, get the real diamonds else Romi is dead. Adi says no, I will get it. The men leave.

Ruhi and Amma apologize to people and give them black lentils. The man says fine, may Lord protect you and your mum. Ruhi thanks Amma. Amma says Parmeet has stolen lentils from your house and hidden in my house, so I got this, we all will pray for Ishita. Ishita asks is this a church, its so beautiful. She sees some crows

and smiles. Raman takes selfies with Shagun. Ishita behaves strange and says let me go…. Shagun and Raman ask what happened. Ishita says those birds, stop them. Raman says there is nothing, we will go to hotel. Ishita holds his hand tightly and says when will I go home. They get shocked. Shagun asks why are you saying so. Ishita shouts again. Raman looks at her. Father comes there and chants some lines. He blesses Ishita and holds her head. Ishita faints. Raman holds her. Adi says I don’t know how to free Romi. Roshni says sorry, my idea didn’t work. Adi says I should say sorry for troubling you, thanks for supporting me, I m tensed, how will I get diamonds. She asks him to answer call, as they need some time. Adi answers and says they called us again. They leave.

Shagun asks Father, what’s happening to her. Father says your wife is possessed by a spirit. Raman says there is nothing such, I don’t believe in such things, she is hallucinating. Father says look, this is the proof, did she eat anything unusual. Shagun says just icecream. Raman says that’s not unusual. Ishita wakes up and sees them. She asks what have I done. Raman says nothing, I was talking to father about church. Aaliya says I have a great idea, we will take Ishita for shopping in a nearby mall. Shagun says good idea. Raman gives his card. Ishita asks what happened, what are you hiding, did I do something wrong. Raman says nothing happened, as long as I m alive, nothing can happen to you. He hugs her. He thanks father. Shagun says you guys carry on, I will come. They leave. Shagun goes and stops father. She says Ishita is really troubled, please help. He says she is possessed, you need to go right back to the beginning, then you will find the answer. She says I can find the answers, thank you. He blesses her and goes.

Adi says where are they. He sees the car. He calls out Romi. The men get down. The man asks where are the diamonds, give them to me. Adi says I don’t have it, its enough now, you have troubled me a lot, you kidnapped my uncle, you are mistaken, we returned your bag, how shall I get diamonds. The man says wow, what a man, someone that can command me, dominate me, I m your slave. Adi says no, I want my uncle back. The man says give me a kiss and after that take your uncle. Adi asks what. Maa da laadla….plays…. Romi and Roshni sign. Adi says actually, I m feeling very shy, ask your men to turn around. The man agrees and closes eyes. Adi, Roshni and Romi run. Romi laughs and says if I tell this to Aaliya, how will she react. Roshni says not fair, Adi has saved you, he was so worried for you, they release you because of him, you can’t make fun of him this way. Romi gets a call. Roshni asks him to talk to Mihika. Adi says I switched it on.

Roshni says she will just scold a bit. Romi answers the call. Mihika says this is really bad, you lied and went to London, you didn’t answer my calls. Romi says really sorry. He says I made a mistake, we had sorted out problems with difficulty. Roshni says let me think of something, cheer up. Adi smiles seeing her. Bhavna gets Mihika’s call. Mihika asks for puja date. Bhavna says we can do it tomorrow. Door bell rings. Bhavna asks her to hold. She checks and doesn’t see anyone. Door bell rings again. Bhavna says I will call you later. She goes to check and gets tensed hearing the knock. She gets shocked seeing some man/taxi driver. Aaliya and everyone talk. Aaliya says Adi went with Roshni for some work. Aaliya says we didn’t click pics to create memories. They click selfies. Ishita gets shocked seeing the spirit behind. She turns to see.

Shagun says Ishita must not know what we got to know. Raman says we have to know Ishita and Sonakshi’s connection. They look for Ishita. She writes something on the ground. Romi comes to her and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Okay so now I understand what is going on. This is all Ishita’s plan to get Raman and Shagun married again.

    1. how ??????????????

  2. ishita ne kabhi kisiko aaram se jeena nai dunga..

  3. Ishita finally realized what we have been saying all along. IshRa would never be allowed to be happy together. So she is sacrificing her family so that Raman can be happy. Sorry guys and girls in my struggle to understand what can possibly be going on in the CVs minds I had to come up with my own interpretation just to keep my sanity. Lol

    1. Hi Susam Iam also Lol! No doubt Dt is super duper in her acting … but its become boring ,irritating . It really shows Shaghun as a waste in between ! Not required ! This is the second time they are showing ishitha is possessed . For dramas sake cvs can go to any extend to spoil
      Ishra ! They are amazing as couple … understanding each other in any situation and their love for each other is not lessened due to
      anything . Both were imperfect on their own ways … but perfect for each other ! Here Ishitha was the person who was always a problem solver and cvs have put her in this situation .
      Cant understand how the story is going to be !
      we audience waiting for some positive ness … good wins over evil … I doubt Ekta or Sikand are sadist …. This is damaging both Kp and Dt as artist !

  4. Now adi is falling for roshni?
    Wat about aaliya then?

  5. faltu acting by ishita.

  6. azuka nkwonta

    After knowing that parmeet and simmi knew about ishita’s secret with pihu I now realize that her punishments were well deserved. In fact I don’t feel sorry for ishita and what simmi and param has done to her, she deserves them. I was even surprised that she was proud of what she was doing. She definitely does not want pihu to get any punishment neither by the law nor by anyone. I felt so disappointed with her watching the way she was beating param for telling her the truth. All her suffering was well deserved. In another thought, drama is all about fiction so when somebody creates a fictional character they have to give them their proper ending. In the case of ashok I think he was given a bad exit. Ashok can die as a sick man but not to melt before his enemies just like he did with ishita and Raman. His great character was made a waste just to give ishita a boost. He was a great character he was supposed to exit as a super villain but then they made him a waste. Shagun is not even as good as he was. Now even that shagun is becoming a weak character just to turn her into another personality just to create room for ishita to look like a great character.

  7. azuka nkwonta

    All the efforts of the writer was to reduce the supremacy of shagun in order to bring out ishita more. This started happening at the time when the writer realized that the character ishita was dying continuously and she was losing her domination of the show she now have to make shagun a weak character. Today shagun is more like ishita’s slave and it’s not as if she does not have anything to fight for anymore but she was made a weak character to increase ishita’s strength in yhm. I have not seen shagun got anything that she has fought for back starting from ruhi to pihu. None of her children has been seen or even heard saying I want to spend some time with my mom. Even one week holiday they have never spent with her and they can not do that because they are all in the hands of ishita. Even the one called ruhi I don’t think that she even love her real mother at all. The bottom line is that in this serial the writers and producers are trying to show that real mothers are not as important as they are seen in the real world but stepmothers are the best.

  8. azuka nkwonta

    They have created a serial that mocks a real mother and promotes a stepmother. No matter how bad a real mother is she will always be your mom. In this serial shagun is not even a bad mom but a victim of ishita’s dreams and aspirations in life which ishita is enjoying today.

  9. But Azuka..shagun is the one who left raman and her daughter for Ashok…and ishitha got married to raman for ruhis sake…why do u feel ishitha stolen everything from shagun…shagun left her husband and then wanted to get back in ramans life when ishita had already started a life of her own…in wat way is it right to come back into someone else’s life when u know that person is not urs anymore..

  10. azuka nkwonta

    I have to say that ishita and Raman were never married when shagun came back for her daughter. They both got married in order to prevent shagun from taking ruhi. Shagun left ruhi for Raman because Raman did not want her to take ruhi. She made initial mistake but when she came back for her what did they do, they stopped her from taking ruhi. Ishita made the same mistake but everybody was happy to wave it aside. I have said this before and I can’t keep repeating it.

  11. azuka nkwonta

    Shagun is been made a complete waste in this serial in order to give room for ishita to shine whose character has been dying naturally in this serial and who has become a complete nuisance in this serial. Shagun as of today is ishita’s slave. She was a character that they have built as a strong power in this serial to reduce the strength of the protagonists and a force to break them down but they have reduced her to nothing. Today the serial is becoming more boring, even the use of simmi and param cannot lift the strength of the serial rather it is weakening it.

  12. azuka nkwonta

    Simmi and param does not have something strong that they are fighting for and that is why they cannot lift up the serial. Although I support their desire for justice and revenge but they cannot boost the serial. The fact is that the writer has reduced the main source of her story which is shagun to nothing and now she is looking for where to get her story from. In this serial ishita has passed her time because the main source of her existence in this serial is ruhi and ruhi is a grown woman now so ishita’s stay in this serial is just to prolong the show.

  13. azuka nkwonta

    Shagun is the source of the story of the serial or she is part of the main story which the serial is based on. In the very beginning without shagun there is no ishita’s story but this character has been made weak. Today in this serial everywhere shagun is she is seen completely out of place. I still think that there is still love between shagun and Raman and ishita is placed in the middle to stop the reconciliation of both parents.

  14. Shagun left Raman for Ashok because Raman was poor. She did not take Ruhi because she did not want to be burdened with a baby. Taking Ruhi would have meant that she couldn’t accompany Ashok on all his business trips and attend all the parties. She loved the money. She took Adi and put him in a boarding school not allowing him to meet Raman. Instigating him against his own father. At some stage even telling Raman that he is not Ruhi’s father! Great mother she was!
    So she made a mistake and came back to rectify it? Why did she suddenly show interest in Ruhi again. Because Ashok wanted to hurt Raman. He wanted Ruhi’s custody to destroy Raman. Shagun played along. If they win the custody battle he would place Ruhi in a hostel because he was not interested in becoming a father. Shagun would also not be allowed to take care of Ruhi because Ashok wanted a full time wife and not a part time mother. Even after knowing this Shagun still went ahead with the custody case. Rather then let her be happy with the only family she ever knew she was okay that Ruhi would be placed in boarding school. Just to hurt Raman. But again it was not Shagun’s fault because she could not refuse Ashok!!!!
    Then Ashok dumped her and suddenly she wanted Raman back who was now a successful businessman.
    Please watch the serial from episode 1 before trying to proof Shagun a good mother/wife.

  15. What happened to the track of blackmail by param? He told ishitha that he knows who had killed ananya. I thought that param will leave no stone unturned to blackmail ishitha on this. Then along the way, ishitha will find out that ananya is alive and expose param. But,now,the story is going in a haphazard way with this bhootni track.

  16. The kidnapper was so funny, he was asking adi for a kiss.

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