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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman and Ishita meeting counselor. The man says its common thing, as you are not connecting to your children, you are not their real mother. Ishita asks what do you mean, I gave them values, I raised them, I know my kids, we are well connected. The man says chill, it happens, sometimes we don’t know our truth. She asks did you know my truth by meeting in 5mins. He says its siblings rivalry case, simple.

Raman says simple, see and smiles. He says your children does not want to walk on your values. She asks what do you mean. Raman asks him to say. The man says separate kids financially and emotionally, then they won’t have any competition. Raman looks on and keeps sand clock. Ishita asks what do you mean, I separate them, are you married. The man says no, I

m bachelor. Raman says she will not let you get married. She scolds the man.

She says you are not married, you can’t understand. He says I was not getting emotional, I was giving adjective opinion, understand Ishita. She asks what Ishita, am I your friend or college mate, I m Dr Ishita Bhalla, what will you give suggestion if you don’t respect elders, if you don’t know me, how I did their upbringing, how the hell you suggest me, what if my children are adopted, what is your degree, from which college did you take fake degree. Raman smiles and asks him to calm down.

Ishita asks the man to get married, have family and then talk. Raman and Ishita leave. She says he is such a fool, he does not know anything, which friend of yours suggested him, he is mad, he wants to break our family. Raman says I like to see you bombarding on others. She says I m finding solution about children. He says they are our children, we will find solution, when Adi goes to manage Mani’s company, we will send manager to help him, Adi and Ruhi will miss each other and patch up. She agrees. She says we can understand children better. He jokes. She says we will romance after this problem gets solved. They leave.

Bala talks to a lady. He asks did she come for kid’s admission. She says no, I came for job, I m Seema. He likes her resume. He says we have trial month, I hope that fine. She says yes. He welcomes her. Ishita packs Adi’s things. Raman comes home and talks. Ishita asks Neelu to get lemon water for him. Adi comes. Ishita asks Adi to see the things, I will explain. Raman says he is not going on war.

Ruhi comes and asks how could you do this Papa, you are sending manager with Adi, what’s the need, he does my work and helps me, how will I manage. Raman stops her and says your work gets done by manager’s guidance, we all were you when you started work, Adi also needs guidance, he is starting new work. She argues. She says Adi will not do anything, manager will handle everything, Adi said he will win challenge and complete project alone, what happened then. Ishita says Ruhi is right. Raman asks what.

Ishita says yes, Adi took challenge, he should complete challenge alone. Adi says but Ishi Maa… Ishita says don’t argue Adi, manage work alone. She asks Raman to stop manager from going. She says Adi has many work, Mani said Adi won’t get house help and basic utilities, so I packed all this, Adi has to cook food and clean house, and successfully complete project. She says Ruhi I m with you, its between you and Adi, competition should be equal, every situation should be equal, Raman give paid leave to manager. Ruhi says but Ishi Maa… Ishita asks did you get scared.

Ruhi says fine, challenge accepted, I would complete it on my own. Ishita says I knew you can do anything, Adi is going there alone, he will do all work alone and then project work, you have to do all this. Raman smiles. Ishita says challenge should be equal, Neelu you won’t see Ruhi’s work, she will do all her work alone, she will complete her project in office. Adi smiles. Ishita says Ruhi you threw challenge and Adi agreed, you have to believe we don’t differentiate between you two, I said you both are my left and right hands, if you both fight, we will get handicapped, we overlook weaknesses and love you, being good parents we will give you equal opportunity and equal challenges, so do you agree. Raman says come on speak up. Adi and Ruhi accept. Ishita asks Adi to pack his bags. She asks Ruhi to start her work. They go.

Raman says if children get set, we will also checkin in some hotel. She asks why hotel. He says romance can’t happen at home. She smiles and says your Satsang days are coming, you are becoming Sasur. He says if wife is such, I have to do Satsang. They smile.

Bala says I got much late, Shravan would be waiting for me. He asks Seema did she not go home. She says I was referring your notes, you teach kids interestingly, so your coaching classes are popular. He says no, you are just praising me, I think we should leave. She says yes, I will keep notes. The papers fall. He helps her. She says I know we both are alone, we can get friendly, we can spend good time and know each other, our situation is same, we can turn into companions. He says please stop it, what are you saying. She says what wrong did I say, we are adults. Shravan comes there and sees them holding hands. He angrily leaves. Bala asks Shravan to listen. He says what did you do, what will my son think. She says won’t your son wish you to move on, I know you lost your wife. He asks who told you. She says someone who cares for you. He asks who is it, tell me name. She says I can’t say. He says so you came to do job here by this intention. She leaves. He says who has sent her here.

Aaliya packs Adi’s clothes. He says I won’t get time to iron clothes, its big thing if I wash clothes. She asks are you serious, you will stink. He says you won’t be there to know. She says I m very smart, I will know my phone, anyway jokes apart, I can’t see you in trouble, keep a maid there. He says no, Ishi maa challenged me to do all work alone, cooking, washing clothes, cleaning house, everything, I found a solution. I m taking such clothes which does not need pressing, I m just worried, how will I manage alone, its new place, how will this happen. She says I have an idea. She shuts door.

He asks why are you shutting door. She says I will help you in setup there, we can spend some time. He says idea is not bad, but no, we can’t stay alone before marriage, none will accept, you remember what lecture Ishita gave you when we had our first kiss. She says I m not denying it, we know our limits, I will come back after setup. He asks will you run with me. She says no, I will have some excuse, I will tell Mani that I m going to any friend for 2-3 days, I will come to you, I will setup and come back home. He says fine, when I leave, you go home and pack your bags. She says yes. He says make excuse, we will meet there. She says I m very excited, I just pray you work hard and project gets completed soon, I can’t wait for marriage more, I want to become your wife, I can’t imagine my life without you. He says and I won’t let you live without me. He hugs her. Tu safar mera…..plays……….


Adi says Ishi Maa… Ishita asks why are you shocked, Raman cried, I will not cry, I will just settle you and come. Raman says its good. Mrs. Bhalla also agrees. Adi worries. Ishita says I m your mum and have your tension, come sit.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. That’s why Adi and alia cannot marry. Why is marriage soon for them?
    I think it’s nidhi who told the lady about vandu’s death. Waiting for ishra’s hotel scene

    1. Reshmi don’t hold your breath for that hotel scene. When that time comes they will postpone untill after Adi’s marriage. Then they will postpone till after Aliya had their first baby. Lol

      1. No Adi and alias marriage won’t happen easily…. I do watch for ishra and them, but no more problems should come between them… As you said,they may postpone… Cvs made us fools

  2. The episode is okey,Ishra moment is cute,but hayee raman FIL banega satsang days are coming,ishra romance wil be destroyed,kya hoga avi hi cvs itna cam ishra moment dikhate hai ki lagtahai badme inhe tirath yatra mehi vijwa denge.ramanke mammi papa ke shadi ko 44 years hua hai,so raman ki age kamsekam 43 yah 42 hoga aur Ishita 36 years old hai agar yeh log is age mehi FIL AND MIL bangaye to dada dadi kis umar me banege,full bakws track by cvs

    1. Bakwas indeed. Too old for romance at 45! Lol. Poor Raman. Married for 6 years. Alone for 6 years. Married for 2 years. Alone for 7 years. Now married but getting to old for romance. His wife accused his of not being romantic. Now she keeps on postponing the romance. At least they keep us hooked by mentioning the possibility of romance. We must be the biggest fools. Lol

  3. missing pihu 🙁

  4. Kisine yhm ka ad dekha hai kya. Usme ishita bolti hai ki aaliya meri bahu nahi beti banegi. Tab uske haath se frame girta hai. I think guys may be there will be still more complications further about adi n aaliya that may affect their marriage. I hope nothing like that happens. N really missing Pihu a lot.

    1. Is aaliya going to die???what’s the meaning of that promo???

    2. Maine dekha ta wo ad… pata nai ab kya twist ane vala h… ya to adi ko vaha koi or mil jayegi ya fir kahi adi ko kuch ho jaye ese bhi kar sakte h cv pata nai kaya hoga…

  5. Today, s epi was ok,,,,, raman and ishu handle together the situation,,, and who told to the lady about vandu, s death,,, and really there was no romantic scene,,, it’s just boring now,,,, Commons CVS do something new and romantic,,,,

  6. totally hate this track mera bas chale Adi Alu ko goli marke ura dun,Raman Ishita is the main lead of this of this serial,but cvs Adialu ki shadi karwake unhehi main lead banane ki intension me hai,aur plz don’t think about the hotel romance in dream because I think wohaparvi Adialu ka koi drama ajaega,hate this two character,Aliya ko to sabse jyada shadi karne ke lie utabli ho gai hai,eyh to career bananeka time hai,khud to gharpe baithegi aur Adi kovi work nehi karne degi

  7. Well well well. I must admit that I really enjoyed this episode. Especially the first part with IshRa. Raman’s expressions was superb! Love that man!

  8. Hate the cvs … where time is required they go fast … unnecessary some tracks are prolonged … never given a chance for us to see Ishra with their kids happily staying for a week …Simply introduced Ruhi and Adis fight …I really feel Shaghun was not pregnant .Adis custody is with Ishra … why another custody given ? with neegativity cvs prolong like anything ..upbringing …Ishitha talks always …Adi was with Shaghun for 12 yrs … Ruhi was with Nidhi … Ishitha had very few years withthem . End of the day they are Shaghuns and Ramsns blood . We fans are fools now we are accepting all nonsense … but whatever said and done .. kp and Dt are the wonderful jodi in tv i. Their talent is shown limited by the cvs to promote Shaghun .

  9. May be adi project complete nahi kar payega 1 month me,aur wo depressed hojayga aur sadi nahi hoga isliye

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