Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi seeing an old man in the car mirror. He rushes to help him and saves him from getting hit by a biker. The man thanks him and asks his name. Adi says my name is Adi Bhalla, pray for my mother, wherever she is, its her barsi today. The old man prays for his mum. Adi goes to Mr. Bhalla and Appa, and asks them to come. The man says such a lovely guy, his mum has given him really good values, he is only link between his Dada and Nana.

Ishita sees Ruhi’s pic and is going her barsi. She asks the helper to attend call. The lady says it was call from hospital. Simmi tells Mrs. Bhalla that puja will end now and Raman will come after some time. Adi goes. Amma comes there and sees Bhallas doing Ruhi’s barsi. Mr. Bhalla asks Simmi to take Ruhi’s pic, else Pihu will

get confused seeing it. Appa asks Amma to come and takes her. Adi sees them. Amma says Ishu’s barsi is not conducted there, Pihu can’t know that Ishita was her mum, but Pihu can know Ishita was so good. Adi hears them and gets sad. Amma cries. Appa asks her to come, pandit is waiting. Adi sees them doing Ishita’s barsi.

Shagun and Pihu talk about Ruhaan. Pihu says he is my fav singer. Shagun says he is just 14 years old kid. Pihu says he is not a kid, he is teen sensation. Adi asks them to go home, and he will park the car. He asks how to park the car here, the madrasis have parked here. She says you can park there, that’s our place. He says you don’t know, go to Iyers and gets keys. She says Dadi fights with them, she scolded me before. He asks her to go and come fast, Dadi won’t know it. She goes. He says Amma will be happy seeing Pihu there, I hope Pihu sees Ishi Maa’s pic today.

Appa sees Pihu and asks do you want anything. Pihu asks for car keys. Adi signs Appa. Appa thinks Adi got Pihu. He says I will give car keys, come and watch tv. She likes her fav show. Adi sees Ruhi’s pic and worries. Appa sees Pihu and says why is she coming here, she can see Ruhi’s pic. He gives her Prasad and hides Ruhi’s pic. He signs Amma about Pihu. Pihu says wow, this aunty is pretty, who is she, why is garland on her pic, I know when someone goes away, garland is put on pic, did she go anywhere, why are you crying, Is she your daughter? Amma cries.

Ishita collides with a girl and says sorry, are you okay. She sees Ruhi in her and smiles. Udaasi ke lamho mein…. She hugs the girl. The girl asks her to leave. Ishita sees the girl’s face and apologizes. She asks are you alone. The girl says mumma is there, she is unwell, she has chest pain, if anything happens to her then… Ishita asks her to kiss her mother’s hand, pain will get less. The girl goes.

Adi says this aunty was really nice, I miss her, Pihu pray for her. Pihu prays for Ishita’s happiness. Amma smiles and thinks your daughter prayed for you after many years. Pihu likes the Prasad. Amma says we make fav dishes of the someone for whom puja is done, these are Ishu’s fav dishes, you can have it, sit. Amma feeds her. Appa and Amma see Pihu eating Ishu’s fav dishes. Amma prays for Pihu and thanks Adi for getting Pihu here. Pihu likes the food and talks to Amma, saying if my Dadi knows, it will be trouble. Adi says yes.

Pihu asks about Shravan, even he likes Ruhaan’s songs. Shravan is shown playing a basketball match. He makes his team win. Shravan comes out of his fantasy and tells the team that he wants to play too. The guys ask him to just supply water and first lose weight. Bala coaches them and asks them to practice in the court. The guys praise Bala and says Shravan does not look his son. Shravan says I know my dad is tall. Bala asks Shravan to come and see the match, only then he can learn and play.

Aaliya tells Ishita about Mani’s state. Ishita asks doctor about him. Doctor says its nothing to worry, he had high BP, he will be alright. Ishita sits with Mani. She asks him is he fine. He removes the oxygen mask and asks what are you doing here. She says don’t get hyper, you had high BP, you have Indian staff here, you should not get hyper, are you not happy seeing me. He asks her why did she come, she should have been at home, its Ruhi’s barsi today. She says yes. He says I don’t regret to lose anything, I saved your life, if you did not manage Aaliya and Vivaan, don’t know how would I manage them. She says you would have, your heart is too big. He asks how did your heart get so small, its 7 years, you did not wish to talk to your daughter. She says because of whom, I lost my Ruhi, I m a bad mother, how shall I meet her.

Aaliya says I have grown up now, my friend is waiting. She goes with a guy and Ishita sees her. She says now Aaliya is lying to me.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Meghana

    Really worst such a woratvstory nd whr is raman…..raman y u left ishu whrz d stry gng…

  2. reshma

    again started to drag ahhhh…. The same condition of Mani, aliya, ishitha remembering ruhi…

    I think ekta will drag this for month and then she will show Raman & ishitha coming to India…. 🙁 🙁 🙁

    • Nita

      Ya agree n then for ages they will be at same place but not meet each other…. Just cross each other…. One entering other going out or just bending down to pick up something n so on….the same Ekta Kapoor drama…

    • Sree Nandana S

      yeah..its true..ruhaan is ruhi…niddhi made ruhi completely like a rebel…the accident was niddhi’s plan to fool everyone and also to hate ishitha…ruhi hates everyone exept niddhi…grown up ruhi/ruhaan will be played by aditi bhatia from taanish-e-ishq….

    • shivani

      How can raman hate pihu….she is the lookalike of ruhi and daughter of his Madrasan…pls writers u already spoiled the story ,dont spoil the characters too…we always wanted raman and ishu’s happy family…

  3. Siddhi

    Thank God adi to acha he is such nice human being n loves her ishimaa missing ruhi ruhi is still in show but not as ruhi but as pihu

  4. Siddhi

    Waiting to see Raman n grown up ruhi I just hate this leap 7 yrs leap is very big leap 2 yrs leap was OK but 7 yrs Ab kuch nii ho sakta ab cah kar Bhi much nii ho sakta

  5. Anju

    Hey guys, what does barsi mean? Is it something that we do for our dear ones who are no more, like what we say bali in malayalam

  6. Yaar where is raman.. missing him so much and loved adi!!!! Pihu she is such a darling baby… and Shravu he has become so bubbly and cute!!!!!

  7. Khushali

    I was curious for the new story and it’s a piece of crap. I am glad that I’m not watching it anymore.

  8. Nita

    Ruhaan is Ruhi…..n thank God Adi still loves Ishima….this leap was not necessary. But Ekta mam’s shows just cannot do without leap….

  9. Saket

    Kya adi pihu ko ishima ke baare me sab batayega? kya ishita india aake pihu ya Apne family se milegi? kya shagun ishita ko pihu (jaise Ruhi ko) degree? kya Raman ishita se maafi magega (Kyon Ki Ruhi to jinda hai as Ruhaan )?
    …… Kya ek baar fir Raman, Ishita, Ruhi, Adi aur Pihu ek saath family ki tarah rah sakte hai?
    ..Very confusion. I really miss the love chemistry of Raman and Ishita in YHM. This leap worst all emotions about show.

  10. Siddhi

    When shagun was parking the car adi said dad us waiting Raman was not in the so this confirmed that shagun is not married to Raman I am sure that shagun is married to manoj

  11. V P

    Felt very sad watching todays episode …. Though expected …. we are not going to watch our old yhm …. really cvs …. Adi , grown up to be like Ishimas son only … Ishimas all good qualities are there with him …. How was Adi in Shaghuns hand ? After moved to his Ishima he could realize what is wrong and good …. at least here cvs made us happy …. but heart was breaking to see him remembering his Ishima …. Ruhaniks super super acting adirable too … cvs wanted to take advantage of her acting so is Pihu …. but some charcteristics of her Ishitha , they could have shown . And for me to register her as Pihu is very defficult as memories of Ruhi is coming in between … really confusing us …. Raman used to hate Ruhi becoz she looks like Shaghun ….here Ishitha and Ramans daughter too look like Shaghuns …. quite idiotic makers are ….Ruhi was deprived of her parents affection of no mistake of hers … here Pihu too … why cvs creating such serials ….Ishitha is never been made happy … she is living on guilt … she knows what she is doing to her child is wrong ? but how can she be happy seeing Pihu … deto like Ruhi … we want grown up Ruhi …. Ruhan to remember her Ishima and to unite with her a s a p . Cvs dont erase that bonding … without Ruhi no Ishimaa … A very good friend Mani …. and am sure he will force Ishitha to come back to Indis … but how did Mani come to save her in that particular time …. we viewers want to know that …. coming episodes we fans are going to be very sad …. hope shaghun is not married Raman … cant even think of it …. Divyanka too pretty … beautiful … stunning … her expressions are awesome … waiting to see Ramans state ….

  12. Siddhi

    When shagun was parking adi said to her that dad is waiting g for u Raman was not at home so it is confirmed that shagun is not married to Raman I think she is married to manoj

  13. jinal

    ruhi bhi zinda h ishita bhi zinda hai… ghar valo ki kisi ki body bhi nahi mili to unhone unhe mara hua kaise man liya..
    writer sab ko ulu bana rahe h..

  14. jinal

    ruhi bhi zinda h ishita bhi zinda hai… ghar valo ki kisi ki body bhi nahi mili to unhone unhe mara hua kaise man liya..
    writer sab ko ulu bana rahe h..

    and koi bhi ye leap nahi chahta tha atleast not with separation but ab jb leap kar hi diya h to plz ishita and ruhi ko pahele sathme kardo plz plz plz

  15. ruhi

    how cruel whole bhalla family especially raman forgot how ishita save life of These selfish people when bus accident about to kill all she was pregnant and loose her baby to save them r

  16. Anakha

    Hai rithu,vp,siddhi,ude,jhanvi,sindhu and all yhm fans….guys we all are unhappy with the current track..but still let’s hope for the best…i hope ruhi/ruhaan’s entry will be soon…eagerly waiting for entries of vandu,mihir,mihika,romi,abhishek,ananya….and of course ravan kumar….we heard that ruhaan will enter as a negative who hates ishita…but i cannot even think of such a ruhi because ruhanika made such a cute and lovey dovey impression on the character and nobody can change it…

  17. V P

    Sorry we have to admit one thing . Mrs Iyers feeling was so natural and genuine and Adi who infact rebelled against Ishima , started loving her in nearly 10 months time , showed the quality of his Ishima to balance both Iyers and Bhallas with peace . The way he brought Pihu to the Iyers was mindblowing . Ishu Was Iyers darling , it was their dream to pamper Ishus child … and Ravan kumar has lnot allowed them to see the child means very cruel …,From where Ishitha has turned Raman to be a lovable person , he can forgive Shaghun but not Ishitha . creators .,,, please dont make big Ruhi to hate her Ishima … Her Ishima had brought her up in such a way she can grow up hating her Ishima … Why cant you bring pisitive over these negative vibes … we love yhm actors very well bring them back to us …. please

    • Siddhi

      Ya u r right I don’t know what r the writers trying to do adi start loving her ishimaa much in very short time n ruhi who was with ishita for almost 2 yrs n always supported ishu n love her a lot start hating her

  18. Ishita is depressed
    and misses her
    family back in India. Raman’s taunt
    still hurts her but she still desire to
    reunite with Raman. Aliya is unable
    see Ishita in pain and she will
    to reunite Ishita with her family to
    bring some happiness in her life.
    Ishita fears that her family will
    In the upcoming episodes, we might
    see Aliya bringing Ishita in India to
    reunite her with Raman and family.
    Aliya and Adi will come together to
    bring Ishita close to her family once
    Also rumours suggest that Shagun
    not like Ishita coming back as she
    be insecure that she will lose the
    Bhalla family when Ishita is back in
    their life.
    Will Aliya be able to reunite Ishita
    her family? Keep watching Yeh Hai

  19. ab agar leap aur
    seperation ke baad bhi in makers
    ne reunion dher kar di toh aur
    backwaaz ho jaayega yeh
    show.waise abhi bhi yeh show
    backwaaz hi hai .leap jo ho gaya.

  20. Star Plus show Yeh
    Mohabbatein in much in news
    these days over the much awaited
    leap in the show of around seven
    years which will change Ishita
    (Divyanka Tripathi) and Raman’s
    (Karan Patel ) drastically.
    The story line of Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein post leap is slowly
    getting revealed.
    As revealed till now, Ishita will be
    staying in Australia with Mani and
    apart from being dentist, she will
    look after Mani’s niece Aaliya.
    Raman will turn in to angry and
    aggressive man and he will sport
    bald look.
    Ruhi will become rebel Ruhaan and
    will hate Ishita.
    Adi too will become an angry
    young man while Raman and
    Ishita’s daughter will be named as
    Pihu will be raised by Shagun and
    she will be the mastermind behind
    bringing Ishita and Raman
    Pihu will be similar young Ruhi
    and will get help from big brother

  21. hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna
    natasha sowmy naaz meghana
    darshi sam tansuri shivani lavanya sachie
    and all yhm friends.

  22. The post leap story of
    Star Plus
    show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is
    going to have high voltage drama
    with Raman’s (Karan Patel) hatred
    towards Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi)
    and their baby Pihu (Ruhanika
    As revealed by the sources, Raman
    and Ishita post leap will be seen
    living separate life as Raman
    blames Ishita for Ruhi’s assumed
    Raman and Ishita’s baby will be
    named as Pihu and Pihu will be
    raised by Shagun.
    Ishita will live in Australia at
    Mani’s place and will look after
    his niece Aaliya.
    Raman will be seen as angry and
    furious man who will have hatred
    towards Ishita.
    Raman will also disown his young
    daughter Pihu and will hate her.
    Ishita will soon return to India,
    after knowing about Pihu’s sad
    and colorless life.
    Ishita will develop new bond with
    Pihu and will shower love on her.

  23. Saket

    All this are assumption. …………
    For future references story please go to ” Ye Hai Mohabbatein Wikipedia ” █ ▒ plot summary █ ▒ Shagun turned as main caste and new entry will come in show as Nadia Choudhury…

    ….What happens next???????????????
    Writer and Director knows. .. . .

  24. Saket

    But most important point is that
    Is Ruhi forgive her Ishima for seperatio?
    Can Raman love Ishita again as so far?
    Can Shagun turned as again Antagonist?
    Where is the male antagonist (Ashok Khanna) ?
    Can Pihu accept Ishita as her mother?

  25. Saket

    I Wish

    Like pictures all things will be HAPPY on the end of show .
    And all members live like a happy family members .

  26. Siddhi

    In some spoilers it is written that adi will be an angry young man but he is very loving may be grown up ruhi Bhi ishu se itni naafrat na karti ho

  27. Siddhi

    Adi was such gud boy n loves her ishimaa but ishu ne Ab tak us ki bat nii ki she should also talk about him

  28. sweety

    hey guyzzz……….. me new here……… hope u’ll let me join ur family 🙂

    actually i watched this serial frm day 1 but now its turned ridiculous……….. i mean how come ishita has a pic of ruhi? did she take it when she jumped in d river? n yes, how did she get a visa? i mean did she take her passport bearth certificate etc.? n to get a foreign ticket u’ve gotta take n noc frm d police for which they visit ur family to take details. how come this wasn’t done here? i think d cvs have shunned all technicality in d process of bringing a leap……… n yes i m really surprised that d mani who disappeared frm d show for mnths came back just to save ishita. n didn’t he already have a son ?????

  29. Ishrakalove

    Loved today’s episode esp adi the love he has for his ishima can’t wait for Ravan kumar am sure the love hate relationship is gonna rock between Ishra still can’t believe that ishita is blaming Pihu for ruhi’s death am sure she is gonna distance herself from Pihu but still can’t get why she can just marry mani and move on I love Ishra but guys Raman doesn’t deserve her

  30. Siddhi

    Plz CVS n ekta don’t show ruhi as negative other wise its very difficult for us to watch the serial coz hamari nazar me wo Ab Bhi wahi choti se ruhi hai who loves her ishima a lot

  31. Deepa

    There is so many disturbances when we see this by advertising. They black out the phone screen while the drama is going. We are fed up with this.

  32. Randunu

    Actually how will she leave Mani in Australia,because of his state?If he can’t walk,how could he manage to do his work?I hate this leap.I hope that Mani will be able to walk or soonly dies.That’s the only way.Now there are many characters and few are on the screen.What happened to Romi,Mihika,Raman,Ruhaan or Ruhi,and also vandu,mihir. All the blames are coming upon Raman,but who is responsible for this?It’s Romi.The bald look of Raman isn’t suits him.It’s so darn ugly.We want to see Raman as in the promo,living alone without a bald look.And what if Raman ruins his life in drunken state,in the attempt of forgetting Ruhi and Ishita.And Ishita to come back in his life with Pihu and cure him from his state.It will be good enough to grab the attention of the fans again.The matter is time.We want to see the bhalla family united forever with everyone.

  33. V P

    Hi Rithu and all yhm fans …. Good Motning to all …..cvs introduction of Adi was awesome . Nobody in the family had guts to do or say against Raman kumar Bhalla …here our Adi is cooly maintaining his relationship with Iyers also . Ramans depth of love for Ishitha was shown so nicely and so please dont put him back again into the same old Ravan Kumar .Ishitha too scared of Ramans state to think of him …. Its better she did not marry Mani …. if she had we fans will hate it more than anything . Raman too learned the immense selfless love from Ishitha …. so makers please do not show him hating Ishitha .Ruhi died …. very defficult to accept …. fraction of seconds …. all happened … Shaghuns delivery … Ruhis desth …. zIshithas suicide attempt … and this leap … where the senseless ghost track and nidhi track took months .we are still stuck in that unbelievable suffocation which got released only by seeing Adi …. still story can be made better …. Raman can never forget Ishitha … Ruhi/ Ruhan to grow to a rockstar …. accepted ….. but not to hate her Ishima …. Shaghun can become negative ….we cant blame her … her daughter Ruhi died plus 7 years she is growing up pihu …. def can have the insecurity …. even Ishitha being very strong had it …. and cvs purposely not making Ishitha to remember Adi …. cvs kind request … still you can make this a beautiful …. consult those beautiful ff writers ….. atleast … one serial unique ….Aalia and Adi will do the needful …. Alia is too lovely …. admire the fact … Mani and aalia are there to Ishitha …. but we can see our Ishitha is incomplete without her family ….. Our Raman too will b like that …. his ego will not allow him to make others think he is lost with out his Madrasan …… will wait and see …

  34. Jess

    There are so many magical inccidents in the show.Really sad to see Raman and ishita missed lovely moments of their lives for 7 years for actually for nothing. How ishitha can be guilty for Ruhi’s death ? ridiculuos.its not her fault. If she could get Ruhi and Pihu back , Nidhi will take a new step then.Raman is really foolish to hate ishita. few seconds made the show up side down. Please dont drag this more. we need more creativity and real. not magic and fairy tales. Still love the past episodes of the show.Unite the family soon. good luck.

    • V P

      well said Jess . Its not Ishithas mistake at all …. but listening to Raman and moving forward was a wrong move …. I meant that guilty and so not even one time she is thinking about Raman … thats her character showd .

  35. Viewers of Star Plus serial “Yeh Hai
    Mohabatein” have witnessed a leap
    in the story line where Raman (Karan
    Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi)
    have been separated.
    Ishita’s surrogate baby will be
    named as Pihu (Remember Pihu
    in Bade Acche Lagte Hain ) and she
    will just resemble Ishima’s
    Ruhi. Ruhaanika Dhawan is essaying
    the role of Pihu. Ishita is staying in
    Australia with her friend Mani and
    his daughter Aalia.
    Wondering what happens next? How
    will Raman and Ishita meet each
    other after the leap?
    Pihu would be the new Ruhi would
    try to bring the couple closer while
    Ruhi is the new Adi who try to create
    trouble for the couple and hate
    Ruhi will plot to create trouble in
    Ishita’s life and bring more hatred
    between Raman and Ishita while
    Pihu will want to wish for a happy
    family. She will bring a new ray of
    happiness in Ishita’s life which is
    filled with pain and sadness.T he
    bond of Pihu and Adi will be
    Pihu will be cute and adorable she is
    actually the story turner But lets wait
    and see how all things will change in

  36. The post leap storyline of Star Plus
    show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is set to
    bring in many twists and turns and
    adorable Pihu (Ruhanika Dhawan) in
    Raman (Karan Patel ) and Ishita’s
    (Divyanka Tripathi) life.
    As revealed till now, Ishita will be
    seen staying in Australia with Mani
    and will look after his niece.
    Raman will hate Ishita and will turn
    angry sulking man.
    Ruhanika Dhawan will play Ishita and
    Raman’s adorable, innocent and
    drama queen daughter Pihu.
    Raman will ignore and disown Pihu
    and that will leave Pihu sad.
    On the other hand, Ruhi will turn in to
    Ruhaan and will hate Ishita to the
    Ruhi will try to create many problems
    amid Raman and Ishita, once Ishita
    comes back from Australia to be with
    Pihu will try to bring her family close
    above all the obstacles and her big
    brother Adi will be her best buddy.
    Pihu and Adi will share closest and
    strongest bond.

  37. shivani

    Hi all yhm fans…
    The spoilers are quite intresting….if its true There would be some awesome plans of pihu and adi to bring raman and ishu closer…i hope that bro-sis bond wil also bring some awsome flow to the show.

  38. reshma

    Pihu will be Ruhi….

    as per the recent tracks here is YHM’s telly topup full recharge..
    yes, u heard it right.. pihu will be our old ruhi.. Raman will be a very aggressive man and he doesn’t forget ishitha… pihu will bring ishitha and Raman together… Meanwhile Adi will play an important role in helping pihu to get ishitha and Raman together….

  39. reshma

    sbs segment : Ruhi/Ruhaan will be in Australia for some event… all the youth loves rockstar’s talent.. aliya & ishitha meets ruhaan…

    SBB segment : Mani starts walking and he wants to express his love to ishitha… aliya feels very happy… will ishitha marry Mani and start her new mohabbatein???????

  40. reshma

    ishitha feels her Ruhi is somewhere near to her when ruhaan gives autographs to her fans..

  41. why will pihu try to unite ishra?? she considers shagun as her mother. Then why will she try to unite another women and her dad. She even don’t know ishu. Its a fake news.

    • Siddhi

      Ya I too thinks its a fake news I think she will not accept ish u I think she will support shagun n will not allow ishu to take shaguns place which is actually ishus place

  42. Siddhi

    I saw pics on fb ishu meeting ruhaan but kya ruhi ne ishu ko recognize nii kits pics dekh kr asa lag nii raha tha

  43. reshma

    now pihu will know about ishitha as she saw her pic.. Adi will tell her about their ishimaa soon… pihu will learn everything by the time ishitha reaches India.. I think this will be the story….

  44. Siddhi

    Ishita met rockstar ruhaan but ruhaan didn’t see see ishu ruhaan make alia her private assistant alia wants her amma n appa to get married Mani also want to express his feelings for ishu

  45. Sandy

    this is what i don’t get….ruhi and pihu cant look alike at all since their mom’s are different, just because shagun delivered pihu doesnt mean pihu should look like ruhi, so they should have cast pihu who looks similar to ruhi

  46. suma

    I hate yhm.,
    I hate ekta….current track reveals how cruel ekta’s mind is. She ruined the happiness of whole family in the serial.. Don’t know being an woman how can she always make women in her show hated by every ka naam ‘ the hai mohabbatein’ nahi ‘ yeh hai bakwass’ ho has become worse than saathiya..hate dis show

  47. raman love ishita a lot.He got angry because of his daugters loss.But why!!Doesnt ishita love raman,only his daughter.Plz make leap a dream.Mis love and joy in yhm.I want to see a happy family,not a family seperated about 7 years.plz…. stop this track.:-(

  48. YHM: Ruhi suffers memory loss, Ishita-Ruhaan confrontation The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Ishita follows Aaliya seeing her going with a boy. Ishita reaches to concert where Ruhaan who is Ruhi in real perform song. Fans are eager to see one sight of Ruhaan while Aaliya gets happy when Ruhaan makes Aaliya as her assistant. Ruhaan and Ishita meet each other but Ruhaan does not recognize her. It is yet to reveal that if Ruhaan has lost memory or has some bad intension…

  49. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Lol totally confused! Wat the flip is going on? Did I c Ruhi who is ruhaan? Niddi wit devil nails alive?????
    Eish prime tym krap….lol

  50. SIndhu

    Hi Rithu, DIya, Anankha, VP and other YHM fans. As I predicted earlier it will be Adi who will be uniting Ishra together of course now with Pihu. This is going to drag for more than one month. First, they have to work hard to reunite both dadis and dadus. Then they have to work towards to reuniting Raman and Ishita. In between that, Adi has to explain to Pihu slowly what happened from the beginning and what transpired between them and NIddhi. Just imagine we will not see Raman and Ishita together very soon. It definitely is going to drag I don’t know two months? Our Pihu is young and she is not like the other Ruhi who was matured and quick to know what was happening. It takes time for Pihu to understand who is Ishita and for 7 years she has looked at Shgun as a mumma so how can she suddenly accept Ishita as her mother. Ekta sadly has made Ishita a heartless human being for not wanting to see her daughter. It is very strange that Adi turns good and Ruhi turns bad. Adi tries to reunite but Ruhi tries to break Ishra. Ekta can’t find other plot lines. The older Adi looks good and very like Ishita kind and helpful. I only hope Shagun does not get jealous or insecure when Ishita tries to get close to Pihu. Hope she does not turn negative again. Not sure. ..

    • V P

      very true sindhu ….. shaghun even if she feels also , cant be blamed …. bit Ishitha not to suffer like this . From beginning she is deprived of any type of happiness ….Matured Ishitha looks stunning , beautiful sarees ….but what little shown about Romi and Mihika was good . I feel she will be as a friend with Romi . Whatever Romi is , he is very good at heart . Its very clear from beginning Mani loves Ishitha , they may show that track also ….. unnecessarily …. Adi ….. Ishima had eorked so much to change him and so happy to see him . waiting for Raman ….. he can never forget Ishitha ….. but back again he will be jealous seeing her with Mani ….I cant digest when I hear shaghuns sweet words ….

  51. Jess

    Hate Raman for insulting Romi.what would he do.If there was Raman also, Nidhi won t stop.I guess that accident was a planned drama by Nidhi to make Ruhi hate her mom.if not they can’t be alive. I didnt think that Ruhi can sing well as she has not perfomed her singing talents before in the past times as far as I remind.Any way she will recognise Ishimaa. there will be a reason beside the decission of making Ruhi a rockstar. isn’t that so? Looking forward to see Raman,Romi ,Mihika and others..

  52. Jess

    Ofcourse Sindhu and VP. Dont knw what will happen. Ruhi may be understand the truth.but the realationships are complicated with Shagun,Raman ,Ishitha, Ruhi,Pihu and Adi.After the reunion of Ishra also there will be issues over Pihu and Ruhi. Hope Nidhi will be vanished after the settlement of Ishita and Raman. At that day, how Nidhi reached hospital even being arrested by Abhishek? Hope Aliya will set Ishita and Ruhi together..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.