Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd September 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman taking care of Ishita. Raman takes care of Ishita and asks her to drink milk. He asks her to sleep. She smiles and ask him to sleep too. He sits caring for her. Hasne laga sehra………. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………..plays……….. He smiles watching her sleep. Its morning, Ishita wakes up and sees Raman working. He says he is doing imp work, to find dos and don’ts lists. He explains her. He asks her to come and have breakfast, he kept geyser on for her. She asks won’t he go office. He says I will work from home. Romi tells Mrs. Bhalla that there is nothing like baby virus, he checked on internet. Raman and Ishita come for breakfast. He serves her food and treats her in special way.

Mrs. Bhalla says Raman is very caring towards his wife. Raman

says its baby virus, so have to take care. Ishita says its getting over, make it less Raman. Raman asks Ishita to have food. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, we understand. Raman gets a call and asks the man to send files at home. Mrs. Bhalla tells Sarika that she will drop kids to school, and thinks she will meet Ishita’s doctor to know about baby virus.

Bala tries spending time with Vandu. Vandu asks him to manage Shitija. Ishita walks at home and tells Raman that she has eaten a lot, she feels she has put on weight. Raman says I will get the weighing machine and goes to room. He adjusts the machine to show less weight, so that she does not stop eating more food. Ishita checks weight and says its 1 kg less. He says she has to eat healthy food. She says you got so cute, fine I will take care, will you have coffee. He says I will make it.

She says she was thinking to tell Amma, she will be most glad. He says even I want to share happiness, but once we get it confirmed by Manoj, then we will tell everyone. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma find about Ishita’s happiness in hospital and congratulate each other. Amma says I m angry with Ishita, she did not tell us. Mrs. Bhalla says doctor stopped Raman and Ishita to tell us, I scolded the doctor and you emotionally blackmailed him so he told us this news, we should not let Ishita work and take stress, we will make her take total rest.

Amma says you make breakfast and I will make lunch, Ishita will get different food every time. Bala’s mum comes to Iyer house with her bags. Vandu asks what for these bags. Bala’s mum says I m going to London, I stayed for Shitija’s naming ceremony, Subbu wants me to come, I think bag weight is much, it can take extra charges if baggage increases. He goes and Neelu gives him Raman’s weighing machine. Bala checks the bags and says this bags have 5 kg less weight from limit. His mum gets glad and asks him to get sweets for Subbu. Bala checks his weight and says how did he lose 1 kg, and thinks how did it happen.

He says Vandu does not have time to take care of me, that’s why. Raman adds ghee in Ishita’s food and tells Neelu that Ishita has baby virus, so she needs ghee. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma smile seeing Raman making paneer parathas. Ishita comes and asks them to come. She asks them to have parathas. Raman asks Ishita to have it too. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla see shapeless parathas. Raman asks them to say how is the taste. Ishita eats and smiles. She says its yummy, you are good cook , seriously very nice. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma eat and see each other’s face. Raman asks is it good. They all praise it. Raman asks them to finish all the parathas.

Ishita smiles seeing parathas. Mrs. Bhalla thinks how to eat it, it does not have salt. Ishita thinks it does not salt, but it has Raman’s love, its best parathas. Yeh hai mohabbatein……….plays………… Mrs. Bhalla and Amma smile seeing Raman and Ishita happy. Bala comes to icecream parlor and sees Abhishek talking to his friend. The guy tells how his life and wife changed after the baby, the romance ended. Abhishek asks him to do something. The guy asks what to do. Abhishek asks him to see old films, Rajesh khanna is king of romance, bring spark in your married life. Bala recalls Vandu neglecting him. He says Abhishek is saying right, I need to spice up my married life, I should start with 70s movie, I will get some idea from it, I m sure.

Sarika asks Romi to come home soon, she has a surprise. Romi says fine, I will come after repairing computers at two places. She ends call and says she will surprise Romi by his fav break pakodas like he surprised me with flowers. She gives it at the table. Mrs. Bhalla and Mr. Bhalla see it and Neelu says maybe Sarika got it. Mrs. Bhalla says lets eat it, good.

Sarika comes there and finds the pakoda packet missing. She asks Neelu. Neelu says Mrs. Bhalla and Mr. Bhalla ate the pakodas. Sarika says its fine and gets bit upset. At Adi’s school, Adi and Vinni talk. Adi tells her that he will have more fun and hides the reason. She asks him to say and promises she won’t say anyone. He says Ishita is pregnant, I will get a small sibling. She says Ishita’s new baby will come and then she will love you less, and love new baby more, she is not your real mum. He says she is my real mum and loves me a lot. She says but she will love new baby more, and leaves. Adi gets thinking.

Ishita slaps Ashok and says remember this slap always, this is for that day. Ashok says you did not do right by slapping me. She asks him to say something new line. She leaves with Sarika. Ashok says this will result bad.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. nimrit

    so sweet of raman…..but hat vinni….kamini kahi ki…uske papa pe hi gayi hai…kabhi achha nahi bolegi…aag lagane ka kaam kar rahi hai….

  2. Yes, the actress really cried her eyes out over
    something. Read on to find out what…
    We hate her ruining Raman and Ishita’s life. We hate
    her for using her kids for personal gains. We hate her
    for being so damn mean and selfish. We hate her for
    Shagun. We just HATE her! That’s how brilliant an
    actress, Anita Hassanandani is… Her evil-knivil stint on
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is so well received that the actress
    has attracted a huge fan following. From gifts to mails,
    fans have sent in a lot of love and appreciation. But
    there’s also a drawback of the glam industry… it has
    haters too!
    Anita, who has always played really the sweet, girl-
    next-door kind of roles, was never used to people
    hating her for a role before. So when she received her
    first hate mail, the actress literally cried. In an
    exclusive conversation with BollywoodLife, Anita said,
    “The first hate mail I received, I cried. My husband
    (Rohit Reddy) then consoled me and asked me to take it
    as a compliment that I’m doing the negative character
    so well. I was very upset because I’ve done so many
    sweet characters and now I’m experimenting. So I
    couldn’t understand why people are sending all the hate
    mail. It did hurt a little but I get more love mails so it
    doesn’t count.”
    Well, we agree with your husband Anita… you are doing
    a splendid job as Shagun and we simply love to hate

  3. Darshika

    oh…… I love u nimrit….. Sry,don’t take it serious…. Thanks for the news….. YHM 4th place now…… !
    Nice episode…..ishra scene is so lovely…..
    I think, this time adi won’t be bad….. He will understand….precap is good……
    How many girls did ashok slap….. Very good…. Because one slap is not enough to him…..
    But please makers, don’t do anything to ishita and her baby.
    And I’m confused about next episodes.
    I hope that makers will not disappointe us….. From sri lanka.

  4. bhagi

    ye vinni bhi na kuch jyada hi over interfer hothi hai sari matters me kya jaroorat thi use adi ki dhimaak me e saara gussane ki……….vaise bhi adi kuch jyada hi effect hothe dussarom ki baathom se i just hope aab koi tamaasha na ho surrogacy tho bilkul bhi nahi……..

  5. yeh vinnie ek teenager hai aur itnaa bhi nahi patha ki doosron ke family matters mein utnaa ghusa na kare.aur ghusi toh ghusi lekin adi ke man mein ishitha ke liye sawaal aur shak paida karke nikal padi.

  6. wow !yhm trp at fourth place.this is all because of ruhi and more ishruh scenes also .but hope so this surrogacy does not happens and takes away the veiwers happiness and even trp does not go down again.

    • bhagi

      i just rithu ki e logom ko aab tho patha chale viewers kya chahthe hai aur phir e surrogacy ka drama katham ho jab sarrogacy news aayi tho show 8 par chali gayi aur jab ishu pregnant huyi tho seeda 8 se 4 pe pahunch gayi just have a look guys

  7. Wow nice episode
    YEH HAI MOHABBATEIN 4th positionpe great news guys ??☺☺
    Yhm always Rockss
    This 8th position trp to 4th position
    Bczzz ishu pregnant news keliye????
    Really great I hope like this only yhm vil nt cross above 5th position
    Hopeki ruhi vil nt quiet the show
    Raman is super
    Caring sooo much for his lovely wife????
    Buss like that only episodes shd move on
    No surrogate track
    No Ashok track
    No shagun track…
    FOR Shagun as an actor u r dg well in negative role .
    Don’t be sad ok
    Love u RamIshuRuu..????????…..
    I didn’t cme on yesterday I hav xamzz
    Miss u RamIshuRuu…
    This is best serial
    Ashok dhimakme kuch tho kuch chal raha hai pata nai wooo kya karegha…
    Tmr ishita vil give him big slap??????????
    Ishu u r the beast
    Teeke guys gn bye✋
    Lov u ishuramruu??????????????????????????????

  8. i wonder how will shagun aka anitha hassanandani manage soo many shows all together.she will be in yhm and surrogacy needs a main part of her.she will also be in comedy nights bachaao and she will also be seen in an upcoming film “hero” playing some role and some rumours said that even she might be seen in jhalak reloaded as wild card contestant.

  9. iss ashok ne toh naa jaane kitnee ladkiyon se aur mardon se pit chuka hai. raman agar ashok ko maartha ya shagun ya koi aur ladki toh ashok utnaa react nahi kartha jitnaa jab ishitha usse slap karthi hai toh.ashok toh ishitha shagun simmi sarika mihika toshiji aur naa jaane kitnee ladkiyon se thappad paa chuka hai aur gents mein raman romi mihir mani etc.sooraj aur param bhi ishithi ki thappad se bacch nahi paaye.

  10. OMG! Shagun and Ashok to conspire against Ishita’s baby?
    Hot gossip for the fans of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, as recently it is being reported that Shagun will once
    again turn evil and join hands with Ashok to conspire against Raman and Ishita. Shagun will do the
    surrogacy drama while Ashok will try to harm Ishita so she loses her baby.
    Will Shagun really turn against Ishita once again?
    NOTHING is confirmed yet.

  11. Anita Hassanandani, who will be showcasing her comic
    skills with her partner Mubeen on “Comedy Nights
    Bachao”, said she is excited about her new stint.
    Known for her negative roles in saas-bahu saagas, TV
    actress Anita Hassanandani says her new show
    “Comedy Nights Bachao!” is a good break from her
    daily soap routine.
    The 35-year-old “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” actress, who
    will be showcasing her comic skills with her partner
    Mubeen on the Colors show, said she is excited about
    her new stint.
    “It’s challenging. It’s something that I haven’t done and
    it’s exciting. It’s such a break for me from doing
    negative roles, regularly doing TV soaps and coming on
    the sets. It’s a delight. It’s a refreshing change,” Anita
    told PTI.

  12. ab atleast yhm bhi trp mein baki saare serials ko takkar dene aa gayi hai .dont nake the trp worst by surrogacy track and all shagun ashok drama .plz makers.

  13. V P

    Creators …. Beautiful episode …. Lovely Raman and Ishitha . The best Jodi ever seen , carrying the viewers to their hearts by their involvement in their own characters . Both the mothers are so happy … Understand trip also gone up . So no surrogacy please . Shaghun acts well ,, no doubt about it but back again going to the earlier negative track will def bring the trp down . One of the best serial that the whole family in the world watching …. You have to make the viewers happy …. Requesting …. Adis feeling too to be cleared soon . Please don’t show child actors in the negative roles . Ishitha looks slimmer. … You are an awesome actress… If creators move the track to their fans request …. YHM will rock

  14. One Response to “Balaji’s Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiya​a​n Promo – Coming Soon On Star Plus!”
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    ‘Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan’ Star Plus Upcoming Show Story |StarCast|Promo|Song|Timings wiki
    ‘Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan’ Star Plus Upcoming Show Story |StarCast|Promo|Song|Timings wiki
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  17. hey guys i dont think so the surrogacy track will happen because shagun aka anitha hassanandani has to play a main role in surrogacy where she has already taken a shows liks comedy nights bacchao and even she will seen as a wild card entry in jhalak reloaded.

  18. Ishita talks to Adi and gets to know his worry. She hugs him and convinces him to end his annoyance. Adi is
    annoyed as he feels Ishita will love him less after new baby comes. Ishita explains him that every child is loved
    equal by mum. She has some problems in her pregnancy. Ishita is still good in dealing with kids, elders and also
    enemies. Ishita goes with Sarika to support her higher studies. Mrs. Bhalla is worried that Sarika and Romi can
    have problem in their marriage. Mrs. Bhalla says it will be negative effect on Romi’s marriage if Sarika gets more
    educated than Romi. But Ishita explains Mrs. Bhalla that she will manage the home and supports Sarika in building
    her career.
    Later, Ishita and Sarika get into an arugument with Ashok. Ishita slaps Ashok and this makes Ashok get revengeful
    against Ishita and her to be baby. Ishita tells Sarika not to worry for anything, as she is like her elder sister and will
    manage all the problems that come Bhalla’s family way. Ashok tells Suraj his plan to harm Ishita, so that Raman
    gets shattered after losing the baby. Ashok wants to turn Raman’s happiness into a big sorrow. While Raman and
    Ishita are not aware of Ashok’s plan, how will thinks take a turn to bring Shagun back in IshRa’s life? Keep reading.

  19. YHM Story
    Aɖɨ aռɖ Isɦɨta ɢօ ɨռ tɦɛ ʍaʀkɛt Ishita somehow unknowingly stands in the middle of the road and A CAR is about to crash Ishita but Adi saves her life by pulling her
    and do you think that it was just a incident ???

    but no Someone is plotting against Raman !!
    But he tried to attack Ishita because he (Enemy) knew that if Ishita and her baby was killed then Raman could just get mad and his life would be no more …. But at last after many problems in Ramita’s (Raman and Ishita) life Ishita’s baby is born but that baby is given to Shagun

  20. Out with Shagun the tramp being a surrogate mother for Ishitha’s and Raman’s baby.

    Ishitha can use her own sister Vandu to carry her baby.

    Use your brains Producers???? Who wants Shagun anywhere close to this couple???
    She is trouble and and evil woman

  21. ifra

    in sbb they were told that may be yhm can take a leap nd ruhi is shown to be grown………but ruhanika dhawan is still in yhm as isra’s new baby ….i hope this is to be good track

  22. jhanvi

    BT fir bhi yar WO charm nahi rahega.. Yhm me ..agar ruhi bad I ho gai…to….ruhi hogi BT new baby ye wali ruhi jo ishu k sath khadi rehti hai hamesha WO nahi hogi WO to badi ho jayegi na WO bond …..plsssss yr no leap …..nooooo surrogacy plsssss

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