Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Nikhil fails to prove innocence

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla saying I m doing aerobic yoga to look younger than Amma. Pihu says I will also do yoga. Ruhi comes and smiles. Mrs. Bhalla says aerobic yoga. Ruhi asks Pihu and Ananya to get ready for school. Pihu says its holiday. Ruhi says I can get Riya here, you can play with her. Pihu says yes get her, she is going for boarding soon. Mrs. Bhalla asks them to take bath and get ready. Ruhi asks Adi to manage her work, she has to get Riya and spend time with her. Adi asks her to ask her Nanny to drop her. Ruhi says no, I want to go myself. He says fine, I will manage. She thanks him. He goes. Mrs. Bhalla says poor Riya got upset by that video, I wish to beat that Nikhil.

Raman asks how dare Nikhil comes to meet Ruhi. Shagun says he wanted to tell Ruhi that he is

framed, but Ruhi can’t know this, you shouldn’t let her meet him. Adi comes to them. Shagun asks Raman to check papers which Mani has sent. She goes. Raman asks Adi where is Ruhi. Adi says she will come after lunch, she went to meet Riya and spend time, Riya is going abroad, you would be thinking why she has attachment with Riya. Raman says I have problem with Nikhil, he has a bad influence on my daughter, I just hope she stops meeting him. Adi goes.

Simmi asks Ananya to go to room and not play with Riya. Ruhi asks Simmi to let them play. Simmi talks of Nikhil’s video. Riya cries. Ruhi asks Riya not to take this on heart. Ishita comes home. Simmi scolds Ruhi for insulting her. Ishita asks Ruhi to stop it. Mrs. Bhalla comes to stop Simmi. Simmi gets angry and goes. Ruhi asks Riya to stop crying. Riya says no, I have to ask Papa why did he do bad thing. Ruhi says its all because of that Nikhil, can’t he see what all he is losing in life, Ishimaa let me meet him and tell him what’s happening. Riya says let me come along, I want to ask him why did he do this. Ruhi says I will take Riya along. Ishita says go, but don’t get hurt. They leave. Raman asks what, she went to meet Nikhil. Ishita says sorry, but listen to me. He asks why did you give permission, you are ruining her life.

Ishita wonders if she really did some mistake. Mrs. Bhalla asks her not to worry. Ishita says I feel like doing a mistake, I will go to Ruhi. She goes. Mrs. Bhalla prays that everything gets fine. Raman calls Shagun and says Ruhi has gone to meet Nikhil, if he tells her that he is framed. Shagun says relax, I will not let this happen, relax. He says we have to do this carefully, why does Ishita do this. Ruhi comes to Nikhil’s house. He gets glad and asks Riya how is she. Ruhi scolds him.

She says Riya is getting sent to US to keep her away from you. Ishita is on the way and feels she did mistake to send Ruhi. Raman hopes Ruhi doesn’t know truth. Nikhil defends himself. He says I love you Ruhi. She asks him to stop this love drama. She says we both will never meet you now, stay away. He says trust me, someone is defaming me. The girl comes and asks Ruhi did she come back again, why does Nikhil not say truth that he has called her. He says you are lying, I didn’t call you. Ruhi says enough, I m going. He asks Ruhi to wait and ask her who has sent her. The society ladies taunt him. Ishita comes and asks them to stop it, can’t they think a little girl is standing here. She asks the girl not to do drama. She asks Ruhi did she see his real face now, understand Riya doesn’t deserve this, take her from here. Ruhi takes Riya. Ishita takes the girl with her. Nikhil cries. Ishita confronts the girl.

The girl says what’s your problem, first decide what I should do, Shagun has sent me here, she is asking me to do drama and you are asking me not to do drama, Shagun has paid me for this. Ishita gets shocked and says I can’t believe this. The girl says yes, Ruhi has come here so Shagun has sent me, did Raman not tell you anything, he got Ruhi to Nikhil’s house, he is also involved, tell me whom shall I listen now. Ishita says you mean Raman has called you here. The girl says no, Shagun paid me money and called me, I work for an NGO, Raman wanted Ruhi to get away from Nikhil. Ishita recalls Shagun and Raman’s words.

The girl shows Shagun’s incoming call. Ishita says don’t answer, you worked for her and now work for me, you will get money. The girl agrees. Shagun says why is she not answering. Raman says we should go to Nikhil’s house. She says we will get caught, we can’t go, talk to Ruhi. Raman calls Ruhi and asks where are you. Ruhi says I went to Nikhil’s house, I m at Riya’s house now, I should have not gone there, that girl came again and this time it was much drama. Raman says that’s why I told you not to meet him. He says yes, I m coming home. He ends call. Riya asks Ruhi not to go. Pooja comes and asks what happened.

Ruhi says Riya and Pihu had a fight, so she is upset, I will explain Pihu. Pooja says you have to be strong in boarding school. Riya refuses to go. Pooja says I m doing this for your future, have breakfast. She asks Ruhi not to meet Riya now, she has got much attached, she is going abroad, she will find hard to adjust there, I think you won’t wish her to cry there. Ruhi says I don’t want that. Pooja asks her to leave. Ruhi goes. Raman says we did a lot to make Nikhil fall in Riya’s eyes. Shagun says we did this for Ruhi. He says this guilt will kill me, I just hope Ruhi comes out of all this, I m hurting others’ daughter to save my daughter.

Shagun asks where is Ruhi. Raman calls Ruhi. Ruhi comes home crying and hugs Raman. Shagun says that girl wants more money. Raman says I will come along. Ruhi says why is this girl calling Romi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ajuka always bashing ishita baar baar Shaun jaap you called ishita manipulate people wow but I think you trying your habit control bashing ishita always tum yaha ajar ishita fans ko control Kari hoo ki with ishita ke bare mein but since

  2. Har ek baat ki hadh hoti bandh kro iss bakwaas serial ko jiska koi sar per hi nhi hai……I think writers n director got mad plZ stop this nonsense at all .Whatever time this shit get started nobody would ever play that channel… plus channel ka bhi naam kharab kr diya…….bring something new story with fresh faces…..all time saas bahu drama……har love ki starting hate se kro…….if u dnt hv anything new in ur brain then dnt waste ur time n money to make this shit…..get some idea from turkey show….kuch sense toh hoti hai aur aise ek do saal tak story ko stretch nhi krte jo meaningless ho..iss ekta ko kuch aata bhi hai story aati nhi banani chali hai director aur producer banne….I think something wrong in her mind ……sadial serial story banane mein maharat hasil kr rakhi hai sochti hogi iske serial bahut likw kiye jate hai….koi thuknabhi passand nhi krta iske show pr …..kumkum bhagya tolerate ho raha tha ab kundli bhagya le aayi ….whatever ekta present any shit I just like to play turkey n english show than watch her shit serial. …..even pakistani drama are better than her story line atleast koi end toh hota hai woh bhi happy……tv on krne ka mann nhi krta…..

  3. Kab se wait kre ja rahi thi kb ekta kapoor yeh shit n nonsense serial bandh kregi bt yeh toh pagal hi ho chuki hai..ab toh bolna hi padega..sare channel ka satyanash kr dala.. koi bhi channel play krne ka mann nhi krta….I think exercise n yoga is much better than to watch her shit serial. ….just go for walk every morning n evening it’s good for oyr health…..iss stupud woman ke serial dekh kr mind kyun upset krna….life mein bahut kuch hai krne ko…..

  4. very well said cutie ! Something seriously wrong with Ekta and Sandip ! I hope they know what they are doing . NGO does all these defame work ? I cant imagine .

    1. Thanks vp

  5. Simmi is so rude, what,s the need of talking rubbish about nikhil infront of riya.

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