Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amma pacifying Ishita. She asks her to be strong, even Mrs. Bhalla is worried. Ishita says I know, I will try to be strong. Amma and Ishita make some dish for Mrs. Bhalla. Raman drinks and entire family gets worried for him. Amma and ishita come there. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman is drinking since he came home. Simmi says you have drunk so much, you know you do weird things. Raman says my wife told you all this. Simmi says no, I know this. Mrs. Bhalla says drinking spoils things. Raman says what else will spoil now. He sees Ishita and says I will drunk, anyone stop me if she could. Ishita cries.

Mani looks for Aaliya and says its late, she did not come till now. He says how did I get irresponsible, how could I forget her hospital appointment, and thinks to go and

see at the clinic. Raman calls Mani and calls him coward to give IT raid tip. Mani says you just know barking, I m not scared of you, you can’t do anything, as your daughter Pihu is with me. Raman says don’t take her name. Mani says why, you are doing this for her, don’t test my patience. Raman says I will kill you if you do anything. Mani ends call. Raman breaks the glass and hurts himself. Ishita stops Raman. Shagun heard Mani and gets thinking.

Adi was following Aaliya. Aaliya asks how did you come here. Adi says I was following you in other auto to be sure that you reach home safe. She calls him mad. He says I m mad for you. Ae dil hai mushkil…..plays………. They smile seeing each other. Auto driver asks her for fare. Adi pays the fare. Aaliya smiles. Adi gets shocked seeing Mani coming and sits in that auto. He leaves from there. Aaliya sees Mani. Mani says you came Aaliya, sorry I could not come with you to hospital, are you fine. She says feeling better, we will go home, come. She gets thinking. He asks her to come.

Amma asks Mrs. Bhalla to explain Raman, you are her mum, its harmful to drink so much. Mrs. Bhalla says he has become animal. Raman drinks from bottle and says I will kill Mani. He calls Mani again and scolds him. Everyone worry. Pihu hears Raman. Shagun asks what happened Pihu, did Papa not answer. Raman asks Pihu to talk to her. Pihu says you don’t care for me, you don’t love me. Raman says no, I thought its Mani, I love you. Pihu says I heard it. Raman says I m not lying. Ishita asks Raman to go and meet Pihu. Pihu says this happened because of Ishita aunty, I hate her, I will never meet you. Raman cries and asks Ishita who asked her to talk in between. He throws phone and goes. Shagun smiles and says Raman do anything, you can’t snatch my Pihu, I gave her Mani’s phone so that you do that you always do in anger. She goes to Pihu.

Raman goes to his room and cries. Neelu comes to him and asks him to come out and see whats happening. Raman sees the women drinking. Ishita says people drink to forget things, they drink in sorrow. Raman breaks the bottle and asks them to drink now. He goes. Ruhi says our plan did not work. Ishita and Mrs. Bhalla worry for Raman and Pihu, who is alone there and upset. Mrs. Bhalla says we can’t even go to Pihu.

Ishita sees Ananya’s school paper and says I have an idea. Simmi asks what. Ishita gives papers. Ruhi says I understood the idea, its best place to meet Pihu, school, as Shagun is not there. She tells them about working as teachers in Pihu’s school. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma get glad. Ishita says we can make plan to meet Pihu, but what to do of Raman, he is out of control. Raman sees Pihu’s pics and cries in his room thinking of Pihu’s words.

Pita se hai naam tera…..plays………Ishita comes to room and cries seeing him. She says I can’t see you like this, I m sure Mrs. Bhalla and Amma will manage Pihu, we thought for something, don’t get angry, don’t hurt yourself, talk to me. Raman has fallen asleep. She sees he slept. She recalls Raman’s words about Mani. She says I m with you, why are you hurting yourself, I can’t bear to see this state of yours. She holds him and cries.

Simmi gifts purses to Mrs. Bhalla and Amma. Ruhi wishes them all the best. Raman asks shall I drop you guys. Ishita says I will drop you, come. They leave. Raman wonders whats happening.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Adejoke

    Hmm. Raman…….

  2. waiting for the leap sequence guys.why and how it vil happen?

  3. Everything is going negative in this show raman’s chracter is so disgusting and now ishita is also doing wrong with follow the raman sadness is spreading all around the park and big setback for the fans

    1. shreya shetty

      its all because of that dirty shagun,wish if she died then the happiness would be restored back in the bhalla family once more and that irritating pihu brat will accept her ishimaa for sure on hearing shaguns evil intentions.she ll soon go to her own grave one day

  4. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    adi aliya scenes was super.and when wil pihu knows the truth .y raman and rest of the family members r silent? if pihu knows the truth may be she wil be changed the behaviour towards ishu .instead of saying truth to pihu they r doing dramas unneccesarly

  5. VillainLover

    I hate Ishita so much, she gets the most importance out of other family members, and she messes everything up and tries to be the best and ends up being the worst.

  6. Right, totally agree with u villain lover, ishita gets all the importance, and poor shagun gets nothing. Only shagun deserves pihu.

    1. What are saying, ishita is the best mother, not madgirl shagun ha.

    2. You are wrong!!!

      Shagun don’t deserve Pihu. Shagun is playing with Pihu life and want ot blame on Ishita. Shagun blame on Ishita for snatching Ruhi and Adi but Ishita did not snatch Ruhi and Adi but children are Raman’s kids and his life. Ruhi have been raised and take care by Raman and fell in love with Ishita and want Ishita as her mother not Shagun. Shagun control Adi to break the marriage btwn Raman and Ishita but Ruhi fight with Adi for Ishita about Shagun evil motive. Ruhi warn Shagun to stay away from Raman and Ishita. Shagun want to win Raman but goes in vain because Raman still love Ishita so deeply and Raman always protect Ishita from Ashok, Parmeet and Suraj. Ishita save Adi’s life during fire in the kitchen and earthquake that the building collsusped on Ishita to save Ruhi and Adi. Raman arrived bit late and get to know that Ruhi and Adi are out save and findout from kids that Ishita is in the building and Raman get shocked and rush to look for her but goes in vain but Ruhi scream for Ishita and found Ishita hand waving then tell Raman to look at the hand and Raman get relived and removed all the building then rush Ishita to hospital. Shagun want to ask Adi for forgiven but Adi fumed on Shagun and shout at Shagun to leave then Shagun get heartbroken and leave Adi then goes to Raman and Ishita and tell Ishita that Adi will be Ishita responsibilty and will be leaving Raman, Ishita, Ruhi and Adi lives. Adi get happy to live with Ishita and Ishita becomes protective of Adi when Vicky’s father want to slapped Adi but stopped by Ishita and Ishita scold Vicky’s father. Adi feel safe with Ishita. Pihu is Raman and Ishita biological daughter not Shagun. More of all is that Ishita is not poor because she is much education woman and she knows that money will never buy happiness and love. Pihu is like Ishita that Pihu don’t want money only Shagun want money. Ruhi and Adi never want money because they get all love from Ishita so Raman can take care of financial responsibility for the families and business.

  7. Today’s episode is just drinking revelry. Shagu has done it yet again. Giving Mani’s phone and letting Pihu hear. What nonsense is this? Maybe the leap of 1 year will be good. This time Raman and Ishita will be together so maybe they will develop Ishra scenes. Joep so. Both will be in Australia so they can develop the scenes together.

    Hi Rithu, Shivani, Khushi, vp, mino, siddh,Kiran, Monique, Kiran, Az, jaz, Bhagya, Prisha, Saritha and many YHM fans.

    1. Hi sindhu,
      Hw ru doing?
      Its disgusting to see raman back to his old avtar.. Y cvs bring abrupt changes to characters..
      Mani’s change is unbelievable after marrying shagun mani turned out to be anothet shagun.. Nw he is saying to raman you cant do anything as ur daughtet us with me.. What rubbish? Hw can such a compassionate and sweet person who ince sincerly loved ishitha can change so fast… Unrealistic things..
      Nd which scho will post teachers without experience and proper interviews. I mean for draggung episodes how stupis things they are showing? Fed up with this drama. Nothing will go smooth in yhm
      If they wanted to pair aliya nd adi then what was the need of bringing mihir in between.. Jus to drag episodes
      Nd nw when they r in luv they r showing mani nd raman fighting with each ither.. Then hw will adi nd aliya unite.. Again creating troubles in their paradise..
      Ramans behaviour towards ishitha is vry vry reprimanting.. Since the start she is being treated as a door mat. Doesnt she hav any self respect to bear this arrogant fool as a husband.
      Evn his son adi shows more maturity than him

  8. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya) rain romance with sizzling dance performance

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show high voltage drama where Raman and Ishita is facing much trouble.

    Raman has turned too wild over Mani and also threatens to break his relationship with Ishita over Mani.

    Raman later realizes his this mistake of accusing Ishita for supporting Mani over him, decides to apologize to Ishita.

    Raman makes cute excuse and takes Ishita along with him for some work, Ishita is unaware about Raman’s intentions.

    Raman-Ishita’s romance

    Raman stops the car in the middle of the road pretending car breakdown.

    To add to Raman’s romance it starts to rain, Raman attempts to romance with Ishita taking advantage of rain.

    Raman and Ishita thus romances with sizzling dance performance and sort out their all differences.

    1. shreya shetty

      what does this spoilt pihu wants???why cant she accept the fact that ishita is her actual mother I mean even that stupid mani so called kamine is not ready to handover pihu back to raman and ishtia all thanks to that dirty can these 2 negative villains fall so low all of the sudden.cvs should immediately remove shagun,mani and ashok from this show because of them the entire show has been turned to a horrible state.wish to see mani in jail along with his dear evil wife shaggy shagun.ishu is the best mother ever to mould her kids not that shagun.she loves only just money and flirting with men and nothing else but is using pihu as her weapon against ishita.she should be sent straight away to prison at once!!!

      1. I agree with u Shreya Shetty….srsly shagun shall be sent to a prison… And what you said about Shagun’s character is absolutely 1000% correct

    2. Y they are repeating the old sequence.. Doesnt have anything better to show.. This same sequence had appeared earlier also while shagun questioned about ishitha nd ramans relationship.. That they dnt share any husband – wife relatinship. Then raman took ishitha with him and they shared a romantic moment in rain..
      Each nd evry scene just repetition of old yhm.. Hw long we will bear this crap
      Shagun pihu scenes are just the repetition if old shagun- adi scenes

  9. Hi all yhm fans.cant wait for rain dance as the episode are just too boring. No new ideas.maybe they need all us yhm fans to start writing the story I’m sure we will have better ideas.

  10. Oh god shagun has a very big gang of fans

    1. Amazing fact…..but I don’t like shagun…

      1. Hello shivani gd mrng i also don’t like shagun’s role (in the show) but like anita

  11. shreya shetty

    and yes dear magic as I mentioned earlier never try calling me a girl and even though I am a girl it would be better for u to call me Shreya so please don’t make me angry because I don’t like it when I read ur second comment as vp was advicing me to behave properly.whatever I don’t like people calling me I don’t want it exactly.parichary please come back dear I need u.u r a very humble person with self maturity even though u r extremely too elder than me and magic and other yhm please dear parichary don’t quit or else I would feel friend broken without u

    1. Shreya shreya shreya shreya shreya ab thik hai acha laga tumhe

      1. shreya shetty

        magic dear I didn’t understand ur comment of what ve mentioned just now

    2. I think you don’t know hindi you said call me shreya not girl so i said shreya shreya shreya now ok are you happy now (this is english version of that comment) i hope you understand now

      1. shreya shetty

        I know hindi very well dear magic but some of ur words might seem confusing will typing in hindi gosh!!hahahahah now I understood.woa woa hold on there magic theres no need to call my name so many times instead just once ok.hahahahah its funny on reading ur comments

    3. Shreya… I told you that I am not angry with you.

      I need to take a break from this site and don’t know when I will be back. I need to focus on my study and my final exam is coming close.

  12. Episode was ok.precap is also ok.
    Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya az sindhu Natasha sachie shreya Khushi Aliya naz mansi ananthi prisha simran bhagya Monique d aparna unique angel jaz jeni super girl Shona aditya disha juhi Luna Aisha siddhi magic Saba ankitha and all yhm friends.

    1. shreya shetty

      good morning rithushree how are u???

      1. Hey are you ? I am fine and happy Navratri to you.

      2. shreya shetty

        thank u and same wishes to u as well rithu

  13. I got so angry that I was about break the TV

    1. shreya shetty

      me too prithvi dear even I was about to break the tv remote control after the episode ended so fast

      1. Shreya take that remote and throw on Shagun face.
        Then fake broom and beat Ashok and Mani.

  14. Can the writer just write something for Raman that makes him look like a matrue, grown up man who can handle the ups and down/good and bad of family life….apart from Ishita always having to pacify everyone, can these people seriously be civilized. So much yelling, drinking and unhappiness, how can anyone be sane in that environment. I know it’s only a show, but it’s suppose to be about joint family and how the deal with problems in life, a role model so to speak. The audience want to see some kind of normalcy of everyday famly life, but this show would send anyone into depression. Even though it’s just acting, I would think it takes a toil on the actors to show up every day with the knowledge that the shouting/screaming/drinking continues…then when the writers can’t think of any more over the top drama, they put a leap to solidify everything…so dumb

    1. so true sharmi. totally agree with you

    2. Wrll said sharmi… Jow long they will test our patience dragging the show by showing such absurd things.. When they dnt have much to offer juz add a leap.. Disgusting.. With ine leap they ruined the charm of show nd nw preparing for another leap

  15. Raman character is disgusting we women never want to have him who is obsessed with children and go to such extent of degrading ishitha and patches up when he feels so his romance is not welcome

  16. M just waiting for the 1 year leap.

  17. Hi rithushree and all yhm fans,i tink today episode is good but i love Adi and Alya the most.they make yhm superb.

  18. Nice episode.

  19. So much fighting so much misunderstandings n so much negativity why are they showing all these crap instead of let that spoilt brat Pihu stays with that witch Shagun n for some time let her be alone so she can values the relationship we all are already having different kinds of problems in our lives we watch these shows to lessen our stress but end of the day we just start thinking their problems n make our BP high this Ekta Kapoor should go to hell now from now on I’m not watching this show until they have something good to show so bye bye to this show

  20. Is this show about to come to end soon?

  21. shreya shetty

    rithushree can u please tell us is whether mani too going to prison along with shagun after getting exposed in front of everone.i mean he s the one who sent those income officers for checking and took away all of ramans possesions and jewellery.will ishu be able to forgive him even this time???I want to see ishita kills shagun for snatching not only away pihu but even raised her hand on ruhi a couple of times

    1. Hey shreya I don’t know anything about shagun or Mani going to jail but leap may happen.

  22. shreya shetty

    its all because of me my dear lost friend parichary got angry with me and left us all over here missing her.its all my fault I tell u guys my fault of blaming her so bad because she wasn’t abel to identify me properly.i am very very ashamed parichary please dear come back we all need ur support.MY MISTAKE OF ACCUSSING A FRIEND I CANT EVER FORGIVE MYSELF.because of me she left and some of u yhm fans are still angry with me.its not that I am not overeacting but to feel hurt when a friend leaves from here

    1. Guys and girls

      Please don’t be angry on Shreya for my leaving in this site.
      She is not the nreason for my anger and leaving the site.

      I have my exam coming and I need to take a break from the site and focus on my study.
      Magic, please keep Shreya happy as she need good friends as you are.
      Danny, Please give all of your glory comedy with every friends when I returned then you will get all the mocky to everyone of new friends and guest.

      Please take care of all the glory days and study hard for the upcoming final exam.

  23. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  24. Star Plus Ye Hain Mohabbatein starring popular faces Divyanka Tripathi and Karan Patel is exciting the audience with their amazing chemistry. The show is focusing on raman and mani’s rivalry which is making the families fight together.

    In the coming episodes, aliya accepts that she is in love with adi. But this did not go well with raman and mani. They both quarrel and separate the love birds.

    Now adi will be confident and he decides to win his love at any cost. He even thinks to fight with his papa and mani for aliya.

    According to reports in the media, to make the story interesting the makers of Ye Hai Mohabbatein have decided to take a six months generation leap. It has also been reported that the cast and crew of the show will soon be heading to Australia for an important sequence.

    It is due to the low TRP the show is getting and there is also a good news for IshRa fans. They are waiting to see the re-marriage of Raman and Ishita which is pending after the leap. Makers decided to showcase it in the month of october.

    So YHM fans get ready for the LEAP and remarriage of IshRa. To know more updates check this space.

  25. Hello and gd mrng to vp, appy, rithushree, bhagya, shivani, parichari, danny, sindhu, supergirl and (power girl) shreya and all the yhm fans have a nice day guy’s

    1. Hello Magic!!!

      You too have a nice day!

      1. Good luck parichari for your exam’s and yes focus to your study and get the success god bless you friend

      2. Thank you Magic.

  26. shreya shetty

    I want to kill that shagun witch for doing that on innocent pihu like can she handoever manis phone to her while hearing his mistaken talks.shoot that shagun a 100 hundred times so that she ll be dead and never come to this world ever again.disgusting seducing woman like shagun doesn’t have the right to live in this world at any chance.ishita should go and kill her now and bring pihu back home.i just simply hate that annoying character pihu to the bottom of my heart aaagh.this show is even getting more crapier than ever I say.please end this nightmare drama of pihu hating ishita and raman consuming alcohol just for the sake of losing his own daughter to that dirty shagun.cvs should end shaguns character by making ishita kill shagun so bad that she ll die hard

    1. No no no shreya plz don’t kill shagun otherwise you will be arrest and we fans have one more headache for about your bail

      1. shreya shetty

        hahahahahahaha have u gone crazy magic!!!!its just my thinking about shaggy I am not going to do that for real get it.r u nuts or can I go and kill her its just an thought that’s it why are being so serious dude???I thought like that not real have u got it???

    2. Are shreya i think you took my joke seriously hahahaha

    3. Hi Shreya…How are u??

      1. shreya shetty

        I am good are u dear???yup holidays are about to begin on 8th of October so then I ll be entirely free enough to chat with u all dear friends and u too valpa about day to day episodes.

    4. Hi Shreya…How are u??..holidays now?

  27. Wow… Same old trick for boosting up trp..after eating our heads with all negativity nw showing sizzling romantic scene for trp.. Do they think we r fools to watch this crap.. Testing the patience if loyal audience.. We have to register a complaint against this in broadcast council.. Either to pull plug or show something realistic nd atleast show someting that can be watched with family..

    1. Exactly khushi….whenever trp falls, they put dancing sequences or shows some closeness of ishra..frankly I don’t like ishras upcoming rain romance…..sometimes he shouts at her and blames her for all….sometimes he romances with her….before the leap also, there was fights btwn ishra…but there was love too….but now there is only hatred….

      I completely agree with you shreya…you said exactly what I wanted to say…
      Shagun should die in this show….

  28. ishraas romance not acceptable after ramans drama, drinkin n crying fr pihu..common grow up man..extra love fr rude daughter who left him n went..pls end shagun n ashoks games on bhalla fly or else trp will fall more..what important scene in australia will improve the serial or its trp..its high time pihu knows abt ishu n decide for herself..aaliya should come n stay with bhalla fly then mani will realise..

  29. Reply Parichary
    The Shagun your talking is Shagun before leap. Shagun after leap is quite different.

    1. When Pihu told Ishitha was alive she wanted to reunite ishitha with the family.
    2. For Pihu shagun is her mother and Raman her Father and Shagun knew Raman and Ishitha will do anything for their children happiness
    3. Once Ruhi came she reunited the Bhallas and Iyers leaving Shagun out of Pitcure
    4. The thing is Shagun turned negative because she believes Ruhi and Isthitha are responsible for breaking her precious family and her daughter and is taking revenge.
    5. The thing is Shagun does not trust pihu’s love for her. Shagun is scared, possessive and jealous of Ishitha because she knows she could never be Ishitha

    1. Well said!!!!!! Whatever u said is 1000% is right

    2. Very well said Raghu!!!!

      You can comment this to all the fans that you know what you had given the description. You can ask VP or other fan but why me!

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