Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd November 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita asking them to go, else she will show her talent again. Bala asks what is she doing, she is eating chicken. She asks is he her brother, come here and teach, does he have courage, coward. She asks them to leave. Mrs. Bhalla and Vandu ask Ishita not to eat it. Ishita says you people always stop Ishu, you people have so many issues, I will eat and wear what I want, if they have any issue, they can keep it and leave. She says she had kept fast for her husband, and now she is hungry.

They all leave. Vandu cries and says how can Ishita eat chicken. Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita is not in her senses, Shagun used to eat chicken. Ishita shouts and cries. They all rush to her. Ishita shouts for Amma, and cries seeing the chicken bones on the bed. Raman asks what happened.

She says she has eaten non veg on Karwachauth, why did anyone not stop me. He says you did not do anything and calms her. Vandu hugs her and says its not your mistake. Ishita coughs and tries to vomit it. She asks them to leave and goes to washroom. Raman asks her to listen.

Mrs. Bhalla says even medicines are not affecting her, we have to make Ishita win over Shagun. Bala says I think even Raman needs rest. Vandu says I will take Adi and Ruhi home, its risky for them to stay here. Raman asks Ishita to open the door, he is with her. He cries. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………plays…………

Ishita changes and comes. He hugs her and asks her to take rest. He sits by her side and cries.

Its morning, Raman meets Prateek and says he can’t lose Ishita, his family is breaking. Prateek asks him to tell him everything about him, Ishita and Shagun. Raman says I will tell you everything, just make her fine. Manoj comes to Bhalla house. Sarika says Raman is not at home. Mrs. Bhalla meets Manoj. Manoj says I know whats happening here, Ishita is behaving like Shagun right. Sarika says nothing like that, who told you. He says I know it, let me meet her, if its really Shagun’s spirit in her, I can help her. Prateek says I also feel the same, Raman told me everything, I think Dr. Manoj can help us, where is Ishita.

Ruhi comes to school and kids ask her about her mum. Ruhi thinks of Ishita. The teacher questions her and gets angry as Ruhi does not answer. She checks Ruhi’s book and asks why did she not do her homework. Ruhi says sorry. The teacher writes remarks and asks her to get her parents’ sign on it. Ishita sees Adi and Ruhi’s pic. Prateek sends Raman inside the room.

Raman signs them to come. Ishita says I missed you so much, I m unable to talk to my kids. She asks Raman about kids, she does not know what happened, she sleeps so much. She greets Manoj and says I know Raman called you, everyone is tensed about my health. She apologizes to Mrs. Bhalla. She greets Prateek and talks normal. Manoj thinks Ishita looks normal, whats happening. Raman asks her to rest, they have just come to see her. He says tell me if you need anything. She says whom else will I say. They all leave.

Manoj says Ishita looked normal. Prateek says it means Shagun gets in her body at some time, did you notice some pattern or trigger. Raman says no, help us, do something. Prateek says just Shagun can answer this. Raman asks how. Prateek says she has to say. Shravan asks Ruhi to make her mood good. Ruhi says don’t know what happened to Ishu Maa, Adi and I are staying at Iyer house. The classmates ask Ruhi about ghost in Ishita. Shravan asks them not to trouble Ruhi. Ruhi gets up to leave and the gun falls from her bag.

Raman comes to school. Ruhi says she does not know about gun. Raman says nothing will happen. The principal gets angry and scolds Raman for being so careless. Raman says its not our gun. We did not know about it. Abhishek comes as principal called him. He sends Ruhi out and checks the gun. Raman says it was same gun which disappeared that day, how did it come in Ruhi’s bag. Abhishek wonders the same.

Abhishek says someone has kept it intentionally. He says one of your family member is the gun’s owner. Raman asks are you sure. Abhishek says yes. Raman thinks.

Abhishek says maybe the planner did not wish us to get this gun, maybe the person took gun from Mrs. Bhalla’s room. Ruhi comes to Ishita and holds her. Mrs. Bhalla looks on. Ishita gets ready in Shagun’s way and sees Ruhi.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. rajat

    Ab to ye bhi saaf ho gya ki Raman k Ghar ka hi koi h… Will this be Sarika’s…. Koi gun chhupana hi chahta tha

  2. Karthika

    Too much yaar……its getting bored…n plz cme to the point about rinkys murder and the gun…..enough of this ghost track….

  3. Resh

    Poor ruhi……’s was an ok episode…….i think it may be sarika who misplaced the gun……..i think the mystery will be resolved soon

  4. jhanvi

    Ya sidhhi , in SBB I saw , that ishu ( Shagun ) hurt Ruhi… This is too much yar…. All d family members are not enough for, so now Ruhi will be also hurt….. Really hate u writers for dragging this drama..I was thinking that it will end at karvachoth BT no again d same drama is going on …..

  5. worst episode .jaise maine socha tha yeh track bahuth lambaa hotha jaa raha hai aur kuch time baad toh yaani ab poora kachre ka dibba lag raha hai harr episode .kitnaa backwaaz hai .jo ishitha kabhi bhi ruhi ko hurt nahi karthi hai woh ab ruhi ko maarne ki dhamki degi phir chaahe usme shagun ki spirit kyu naa aa gayi ho .ek toh sirf kahaani ko gol gol ghumaathe jaa rahe hai aur roz ek naya backwaaz shuru.

  6. jhanvi

    Epi was OK….. Ishu ate chicken….

    Ya this is d same gun , which was missing found in ruhi’s bag… Some one has did this from d family..
    Manoj is back…, precap is bad…

    Raman’s face when he saw ishu eating chicken, oh god nice expression….

  7. Anu

    Iss serial k sbse jyada rumors hote h koi kehta h Ishi is suffering from spd,some says she is acting,some says she is possesed…,…what the hell yr
    Can’t they say truth only confusing the fans
    Sirf writers ko pta h kya hoga

  8. Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is
    making the audience attached to the
    Show with it’s never ending twists
    and Turns in every Episode.
    As we have seen,Ishita does the
    Karvachauth Pooja for Raman and
    completes it with following all the
    rituals.When ever one is happy that
    ishita became normal.Then again
    Shagun comes and tries to harm
    In the coming episodes,The Missing
    Gun will be found in Ruhi’s bag
    Shocking to everyone.Raman
    handovers the gun to abhishek.
    During all this process,Ruhi overhears
    the conversation that ishita is
    possessed by Shagun’s spirit.Soon
    she decides to talk with shagun.Ruhi
    along with Toshiji come to ishita’s
    room.Ruhi talks with shagun and begs
    her to leave her ishima.But this
    makes Shagun angry and she shouts
    on ruhi frightening her.
    However,” something truly shocking
    will happen. The Bhallas and Ishita
    will be seated in the living room and
    the lights will go off. Ishita will get up
    to light a candle when her phone will
    start ringing. Now here’s the shocker;
    guess who will she be getting a call
    SHAGUN(Anita Hassanandani)!
    Ishita’s mobile phone will flash
    Shagun’s name and Ishita as well as
    the Bhallas will be in shock. OMG,
    how is that possible if Shagun’s dead?
    Is someone else calling from her cell
    phone? Or is Shagun really alive?
    “quoted by BL.
    Speculations are doing the rounds that
    Shagun is alive and Ishita and her
    have planned the entire thing to
    expose Sarika’s truth!

  9. All thanks to the makers and the “horror”
    track the series is following now. Read on…
    It’s hard to comprehend how lame and ridiculous
    Ekta Kapoor’s once sensible and popular show Yeh
    Hai Mohabbatein, has become today.Unbelievably
    enough, the show is following a horror track which is
    hardly that and is more on the lines of a C-grade
    scary venture. As we all know Divyanka Tripathi aka
    Ishita is being shown as possessed by Shagun’s
    (Anita Hassanandani) evil spirit. From lashing out at
    Raman (Karan Patel) on the drop of a hat to acting
    violent with the others, Ishita has done everything.
    But yesterday’s episode truly crossed all limits. A
    possessed Ishita made Raman hang upside down in
    the air. Yes, that actually happened. Ishita/
    Shagun taught Raman a lesson with this stint as he
    refrained from coming close to her. I wonder
    whether the makers are even aware of how bizarre
    all this appears to be or they are simply delusional,
    thinking that such story lines make sense.
    To top it all, Shagun’s evil spirit entered Ishita’s
    body and made her eat chicken, on the occasion of
    karva chauth. Ishita was shown gulping down some
    serious tangdi, not caring a f**k about the Bhallas
    and what they thought of her. Not only was this
    scene hilarious AF but also so, so, so incredibly
    stupid and random.
    If the makers want to justify this track saying that
    since it’s horror, all is allowed, I’m sorry. This will
    only speak volumes of their sheer stupidity. If they
    wish to justify stating that such negative reactions
    are uncalled for as even horror films feature the
    same, then I would like to point out that never in my
    wildest dreams did I imagine Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    to turn into a supernatural series. What started out
    as a beautiful love story between Raman and Ishita
    has now become a nonsensical horror drama. A
    horror film is allowed to show exaggerated
    sequences as that’s what the viewers are expecting
    to see. But how is one supposed to react when the
    TV’s most loved couple is shown caught up in a
    mindless horror story line?
    Sorry IshRa, but from being the most cherished
    couple on the idiot box, you are now merely two

  10. While many viewers were excited, witnessing the spooky twist introduced in the current track of ‘Ye Hai
    Mohabbatein’ where Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) is possessed by the evil soul of Shagun (Anita Hassanandani ).
    Quite a few viewers were disappointed and unhappy with the show drifting away from its original track. The
    sweet love story of Raman and Ishita soon turned into an unpredictable horror story!Â
    The overblown possession track will soon come to an end. Yes! The coming episodes will unravel a big
    revelation and a shocking confrontation bringing an end to this inflated sequence.
    With regard to the latest Karwa Chauth track, where possessed Ishita breaks her fast by eating non-veg
    food… Soon after the rituals end, new drama will make waves in the Bhalla house, when Raman would go to
    the storeroom and Ishita will try to harm him for not calling her by the name ‘Shagun’.
    The drama never ends, ha?? Let’s see what happen next-
    After the situation gets settled back at the Bhalla house, the power will go off. Ishita would go to get candles
    but her phone will start ringing.. And guess who would be calling???! Ishita will get a call from Shagun’s
    mobile! The family will get shocked, seeing Shagun’s name flashing on the screen, leaving everyone wonder-
    How can Shagun call, when she is dead?!
    Besides the other family members, one person who will be the most uptight, will be Sarika. The reason behind
    her being tensed will be that Shagun was well aware about Sarika’s hidden truth, that Ashok had told her
    before her death.
    As the twists and suspense refuse to cease on the show, we wonder whether Shagun is still alive? Is Ishita
    faking about the whole possession drama? Are Ishita and Shagun cooking up something secretively, to trap
    Or was it someone else calling Ishita from Shagun’s mobile phone? We did hear about the speculated
    rumour- Shagun’s twin sister soon entering the show. What exactly happens next on the show, only the
    coming episodes can unfold!
    Till then keep reading this space.

  11. diya

    i really dnt thnk its a trap . feeling bad for ruh . epi was good . btw ishita normal self mein v shagun ki dress up kyun kiya tha?? nyway …i hope sarika ka sach jaldi bahar aa jaye .too much dragging

  12. V P

    Too much ….. Really boring …..high time to stop this ghost ….. Can’t see Ishitha like this plus over acting now ….. Hope this is not a trap ….. I don’t think knowingly Ishitha as a character will not hurt or harm anyone . May be shaarika s truth will come and Shaghuns twin sister too will be …. Can’t accept Shaghun at all … Re entry of Shaghun will def spoil the story line ….. In fact the serial has become no head or tail after surrogancy …. Please. Bring back Ishra with their cute nok Jok and family caring couple . How beautiful this serial was to watch …. In fact am going thru the old episodes … Love it …please bring back old Yhm

  13. ab ishitha ke andar ka spirit shagun ka ruhi ko hurt karegi .what the hell !ho kya raha hai .kitnaa ghatia aur horrible hai yeh sab .dekhne laayak bhi nahi hai .last year diwali ya november mein yhm mein bahuth acche aur awesome episodes the .ab iss saal bhattar se bhi bhattar kyu dikha rahe hai .show mein navrathri aur karvachauth ka satyaanash banaa diya ab kya diwali bhi horror aur satyaanash banaake chodenge yeh log .

  14. yhm ka genre wikipedia mein ab horror bhi include ho chuka hai .wow!great !jo serial sirf ek unique concept aur mainly ishraruhadi aur bhallas iyyer tashan , aur normal life se ya atleast society se connect kartha tha ab horror ban chuka hai . we want our old yhm .aaj yhm ka genre horror hai phir kal ke episode se supernatural ,paranormal, crime based , etc.aur kyaa kyaa add ho jaayega patha nahi aage .plz ekta aur band kariye yeh sab backwaaz show mein.

    • haha

      this is not new to me.!! i faced same vd ssk.?. n now ssk had forgotten its original genre.. all NEVER HAPPEN things happen nly in ssk now.. don no wat happens to yhm now!!!!

  15. AS

    even if today ishita come back how she is hanging raman. i just want to say why donot u finish it and start a new story miss Ekta kapoor. all ur serials end pathetically. we veiwers are fools so we watch it. then blame her . we should all stop watching her serials immediately and send her messages. channel distributors shuld also give her contract and not extend it. plz veiwers i beg you write mails to ekta kapoor to make small series and end stories without leaps unnecessary twists. or else we will not watch ur serials. propagate it through fb,twitterandalso plz write to her .
    why only ekta we should write to all producers,directors and channels.

  16. haha

    horror track is OKAY.. but yesterday raman’s ulta-seeda(up side down) by ishu was not at all good.. unimaaginable too.. dat evil spirit may hav anger.. but extreme powers lyk shown yestrdy is!!! not good

  17. diya

    end it maylb ending thos track not tje serial. nd no its not a trap now am 1000% sure. cz ishu ruhi ko kabhi v hurt nhi kar sakti h . mujhe itna bisws h uspe.

    • jhanvi

      Hi diya…. Lekin us din usne kaha tha Na ki kuchh log achhai k liye badal jate hai aur kuchh…..????
      Me uske us statement ko lekr confuse bhi hu BT I wonder how cca she lift Raman in d air….

      Actually itna confusions hai ki kuchh bhi surity k sath nahi Bol sakte… BT any way let’s wait for that day….

  18. dorcas

    Pls star plus what happened to the english sub title? We don’t understand Hindi can u pls do something about it?

  19. rajat

    Ekta ka kuch nhi ho sakta pehle lead roles ki 4-5 baar shaadi kraati thi… Unke 10-11 bahote hote the… Log char-char baar marke zinda hua krte the… Serial ki baa kabi Marti hi nhi thi…. Lead roles hamesha alag hua krte the….
    But ab vo nhi dikha sakti to naya drama…. Ghost … Whatever is unimaginable to us is imaginable to ekta…… Yaha chaar baar nhi maar rahi to marke bhi zinda rakh rhi h…
    Kehti h apne agal bagal k logo ko dekh kar kahaani bnati hu… God knows uske aas paas kon si aatmayen rehti hn…

  20. Darshika

    plz star plus….. Where are english subs…..??? At least add it at 11.00pm.
    Epi was ok…. But now this track is dragging. Coz no answers for any questions…..
    That hug shows that ‘how much has ishita missed her husband…..’ And why ishita wore like shagun in normal sense….?
    If This is a plan for expose sarika, ppl’ll start to hate ishita…. That’s sure. Coz she troubled all and specially ruhi….. And she has broken her all rituals for expose sarika….. Unbelievable. !
    Did you saw the new primo….? It shows that ishita’s phone is ringing with shagun’s number.
    Don’t know,what’s going on….. But seriously, this track is dragging now.
    From SL

  21. Darshika

    If someone can and If someone remember that dialogs when they(raman and ishita)hug, plz translate it into english.

    • jhanvi

      Ya nd that’s y now I m praying that it will not a plan… Coz dfntly ppl will hate ishu….

      Actually I have missed only that 1 min. Their hug ( unfortunately ) ….so I can’t translate it for u ssorr dear…

  22. Could this madness please stop???

    This story is turning to the most disgusting series I have ever seen on tele.

    Never ending ghost story, looks like we will have to send in the ghost busters to bust the script writers and film directors.
    Stupids !!!!

  23. Naz

    Why is starplus nawadatz airing dea in hindi language??? coz dea r sam hu r hindi lyk mi i dnt undstnd hindi pliz do change the language

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