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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mihika teasing Ishita about Raman. Ishita says I won’t talk to you. Mihika says he is a man and will tell this, you both are hot. Ishita says Ravan Kumar always say this. Mihika says let him say what he wants to, you are hotness shop. He asks her to wear a good dress and prove to him that she is hot. Ishita smiles and says she will think. Raman likes a gown for Ishita. Mihir says lets go to beauty parlour to get you waxed. Raman says its for Ishita. Mihir says everything suits her, I don’t think she will wear this. Raman says yes I know, Shagun wears such things. Mihir says I think Ishita will ear it if you gift her. Raman gets a call and finalizes the dress. He says lets go and they leave. Shagun comes to the same designer store and sees the gown Raman selected.

She likes it and says simple and classy, its perfect, I will take this.

They say she is late, as this dress is already sold out. Shagun says I m getting married, its my cocktail, don’t do this, I want this dress, I love the color, tell me who bought it, I will call and get this dress as my wedding gift. The man says Raman Bhalla took this dress. She says for whom did he buy this. Ishita talks to Amma about the dress. Mrs. Bhalla says if Raman told you, it means everyone is wearing dress. Amma asks Ishita to wear dress if Raman likes, he is her husband. Mrs. Bhalla says we can’t force them. Ishita says nice thought, thanks Mummy ji. Amma says fine, leave me, listen to her. Ishita says jealous Amma and smiles.

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Mrs. Bhalla says she is getting bored and kissing old home. She says hotel type new house don’t look good as old home. Amma says yes, I m also bored, I grinded spices and got it for you. Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu to keep it, as its pure like Amma, hot masala. Amma says shall we go for seeing a movie. Mrs. Bhalla says yes. Mr. Bhalla says I will get tickets, which movie. Amma says Jai Santoshi Maa. Mrs. Bhalla says see me then. Romi comes and hears their talk. Romi says I also want to see movie. He says I m feeling bored at home. He says he will get tickets online. Mrs. Bhalla says take for Simmi and Ruhi too, she will not go in cocktail party.

Simmi says Romi is fine, I should find out about Sarika too. She calls her home and talks to her mum. She says she is Romi’s sister and the lady scolds her. Simmi apologizes. The lady says your brother ruined Sarika’s life. Simmi asks about Sarika and child. The lady says you don’t need to interfere, don’t call again. She ends the call. Raman and Shagun talk at the designer shop. She thanks Raman for gifting her the dress, she loves it. Raman says can’t you see someone else, that time is gone when he used to shop for her, this one is for his wife Ishita. She says your bahenji wife, look at this gown, do you think she can carry, its made for me, you want to make her like me. He says have some shame, stop saying nonsense about my wife, kindly shut up, this gown is for Ishita.

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She says please, its my engagement, this will suit you, guests are imp or bride. He says if bride is like you, then guests are imp. She says for kids’ sake, or as wedding gift. He says you will get a better wedding gift than this for sure. He does not listen to her and leaves. Raman comes home and gifts Ishita. Ishita thanks him as she likes it. She says but its backless and even shoulderless, I don’t know… I can’t wear it. He says you are going with me. She says she won’t be comfortable, she will wear saree. He says you look my mum in saree, everyone see such dresses, you just want to wear saree and cut my nose.

She says she attended high profile functions before too in sarees, its not a big thing. Raman gets angry and leaves. She says whats his problem, even I have a will. He takes the suit and says he is going office and will come there directly, and she has to wear this dress only. He leaves his coat. She checks the bill and says what…. 15 lakhs set from Kakkad jeweler, he bought it for whom…. For Shagun’s wedding…. Raman scolded me and Mummy ji, and spent so much for his ex wife. Who will buy such expensive guft for ex wife? Mihika comes talking to Shagun, and says yes I came to talk to Akka, just wait.

She tells Ishita that Shagun is adamant, she does not have dress and she wants this dress which Raman gifted you, how can you expect me to ask you this, I m sick of it, I m tolerating her as she is Mihir’s sister, she knows I will do anything and she is taking advantage, I told her Raman gave you this, its so beautiful, he wants everyone to see you in party, and I m going mad. Ishita says relax, I know your relationship with her is complicated, but this dress….

Raman and Mihir come in the party. Mihir asks did Ishita does not come. Raman says she will come late, even Mihika, as they will take time to get ready, after their usual drama. Ishita comes there wearing saree and Raman gets angry. Mihir says she is looking so stunning, she is classical Indian beauty. Raman says shut up. Ishita smiles and comes to them. Mihir compliments Ishita. She says someone who knows real beauty. Raman says I will ask you whats stunning meaning when Mihika wears sarees. Mihir leaves. Ishita and Raman start arguing. He asks her to see everyone wearing western.

She says see there, she is wearing saree. He says look at her age, she is aunty. He says I feel I got mummy here. She says many guys were seeing me. Raman is shocked seeing Shagun wearing his gifted dress. Shagun looks at Raman while talking to guests. Raman looks at Ishita angrily. She turns to avoid his anger.

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She gets Mrs. Bhalla’s call and says yes, go for the movie. Shagun asks Raman how is she looking, how is the outfit looking on her, I told your wife won’t wear this, its not her type. Ishita begged me to wear this gown, she is looking lovely in saree, thank her from my side. Raman says ok. Ishita ends call and says Raman is very angry, today all night he will be hot, too hot to handle. She smiles and comes to him. He asks why is she showing teeth. She says Shagun is looking pretty. He says even you could have looked pretty, why did you become Jagat Mata, look at you. She says not good to praise ex wife before me. Mihir comes and sees them arguing.

Raman says Ishita is made for sarees, look at Shagun, looking perfect and hot in that dress, and they argue. Mihir sees Mihika and leaves. Raman says she is looking good in that dress. Ashok walks after Mihika and likes Mihika in the gown. Mihir is stunned seeing Mihika. Ashok comes and says Mihika looks stunning right, Mihir is lucky, keep her safe as she can catch bad sight. Mihir holds Mhika’s hand. Suraj asks Ashok to come, something really imp, please come. Mihir says the real party will be where only we two are there, you looking hot and s*xy. She says its your sister’s party, we won’t go anywhere, no naughtiness. Ishita thinks to ask Raman about Shagun’s expensive gift.

The photographers compliment Ishita and she smiles. Shagun gets jealous. Mani comes in the party and compliments Ishita for standing out infront of everyone. She says thanks Mani, so sweet.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. arey yaar y r u always doing the same thing which makes raman upset.arey ishu we can gift someone which we own but not by giving the gift which is given by someone especially which we got by our loved ones.ur so mean ishu.phir bhi raman and ishu looking good together.and shagun ur just impossible yaar.anyways waiting to c the dances of ishu and raman which makes stage and shagun burn.

  2. maannnniiiii,i will kill you….you r creating your tulsi mata ki kahani in yhm….get out of here….raman is enough…..i hate you….after your arrival ,i lost interest in yhm…..

    1. lol! tulsi mataki kahani sounds good. i also dont like that mani

  3. Y the hell r the makers focusing on degrading raman’s image/character and elevate mani’s charater. 2 good episodes and again the same old story. if we have to go by telly express news, the future of this show is not good. Madam Ishita tomorrow Shagun will ask u to leave Raman and Ruhi for her, do that as well.

    previous episode in Raman is upset for Mani.
    I hope but coming episode in Ishita is upset for shagun and Raman
    region -shagun closeness to Raman and ruhi…
    but this is the story of yhm serial
    phir kabhi na kabhi phir saath hoge Raman Ishita

  5. nice epi… guys pls be patient and remain positive i really think there is something very nice for us in the store 🙂

  6. really nice, these stupids don know how to create a love scene an emotional love scene so heart touching, plz don expct anything outstanding in the future. these stupids shld watch Yash Chopra’s love stories to understand the beauty of love. not a single romantic scene until now in 300 episodes. raman is again going back to his normal character. how many times will he say sorry to ishita. this is just degrading his image. he is not trying to get close to Ishita. Just trying to win over Shagun.

  7. really nice? wat nice? these stupids don know how to create a love scene an emotional love scene so heart touching, plz don expct anything outstanding in the future. these stupids shld watch Yash Chopra’s love stories to understand the beauty of love. not a single romantic scene until now in 300 episodes. raman is again going back to his normal character. how many times will he say sorry to ishita. this is just degrading his image. he is not trying to get close to Ishita. Just trying to win over Shagun.

  8. Ishita u should hav worn the dress which raman gifted u. So sad

  9. Go to hell mani…

  10. Ishu upset in today episode.but i think its good.we will see upcoming episode.ishu plz behave selfish for ruhi and raman matter

  11. Ishu u shuld hav worn the dress raman brought fr u nd shuld hav shwn dat stupid shagun ki thum behenji type ki nahi sad ishu ithni be kindhearted hona jaroori nahi hai…mani u r jst disgustng thum phir ek bhar un dhononk ke beech me aagaya…waitng fr ishra dance…

  12. There is a ballroom dance of ishitha and raman

  13. Are Ishiu jab Vandu aur Bala ki anyversry party thi tab tumne western dress pehni thi to jab ab Raman itne pyar se tumhare lie dress laya tha to tumhe pehn ne me kya problem thi???????
    But you both look nice in party. And be togather.
    I am waiting for your dance……….

    1. Exactly.. That day she wore a backless dress only and now she is like I don’t wannna wear a backless dress…. wth???

  14. Ishu today u were wrong … U shld Hav wore tat dress

  15. Ye Mani Shani bankar fir vaps aa gaya…………

  16. ishitha should have worn the dress atleast for ramans sake . when she got jealous by seeing the recipt of gift which raman will gift shagun. the whats the point in giving the dress to shagun. and by the way ashok and shaguns marriage is not gonna take place. kya kya dikha rahe hai yaar . in future its gonna be soo bad and worse. please raise up to our expectations and make the story even more interesting. any how the episode was good.

  17. final story out now. Shagun back to Raman who r made for each other and Ishita to marry her majnu Mani who is just waiting for her divorce with Raman. Wow wat love stories. Title justified – Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. Raman Ishita relationship was just a time pass for us as the main plot is a different one. Now, each one has got a partner. If Ishra fans r waiting for love confession, sorry u r disappointed. that is not the central theme here. Ishita is a very good person so she is getting Mani. Shagun is a bad person so she is getting a very bad person Raman who does not care for anyone’s feelings. Great jodis.

  18. @123 please tell me this is wat u think and not wat is going to happen
    if this is true then a big disappointment for ishra fans
    please dont be true

  19. this is true as Ishita is jagat mata who will sacrifice her love and life for Shagun. This can happen if she is leaving Raman and marrying someone else. Ishita is absolutely not concerned abt raman’s heart, his feelings and his life. she has to prove to the world that she is a grt wman at the cost of raman’s love for her.

    1. It’s not like that pls stop being so negative and dissapointing us….

  20. i think thhis way raman will confess his love to ishita

  21. ishita is irritating… even raman is no less… so wat if ishu doesn propose.. even raman can take a 1st stand n tell her out his heart.. wat yaar. dis serial is all bak on previous track… faltu. i think the awards have given the makers a head spin… pagal ho gaya pure ekta aur team

  22. Kuch bhi ho yaaron lekin our ishu was looking stunning in that saree !

  23. But i think that the cv’s didn’t described the jealousy track clearly !! Mera matlab hai ki jealousy track ke baad to mani ko nikaal hi dena chahiye iss show se kaam hi kya hai mani kaa ab iss serial mein !! Aur kam se kam raman se sorry ke saath saath i love u to bolne ko kehte !! Yaar kuch maza nahi aaya

  24. Aur shangun kitni kharaab lag rahi thi gown mein chi !

  25. Not fair Ishu.. You should have worn that dress… You would have looked sooooooo preety…..

  26. U r rite ishika !

  27. Agar ishu ku raman na mila toh serial abhi ke abhi end hojani chahiye

    1. Wat the hell……….kya year ishita to asa hamesha karti hai jab Raman apna pyaar jatana chata hai to naya problem create karti hai air ye Mani ko Raman aur ishita ke becme ane ki kya zarurat hai

  28. Naseeb i m agree for u. But don’t take tension ishu is only for Raman ….

  29. Shagun looks better than ishu but ishu should wear it.. ravan kumar itne pyaar se laaya tha fir bhi use de diya

  30. Shagun looks better than ishu. But she should wear it . Raavan kumar itne pyaar se laaya tha fir bhi usse de diya……. MIHIKA u look as a DIVA .

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