Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Mr. Bhalla bails out Kiran

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman acting to fall. He complains of sprain. Ishita goes back to cabin. She hears phone ring and checks it. She sees a message and says it means he is involved. Mani comes to Roshni. He says I need to talk to your land lady. She asks him to go, there is nothing between her and Adi. He shouts and says call the land lady. The lady comes and asks what’s happening, who is this Roshni. Mani asks was there any electricity problem here at night, did Adi fix the fuse. Roshni worries. Lady says yes, Adi fixed the fuse, who are you to ask this, you troubled them yesterday, I think I should call police. Mani says that won’t be needed. He goes. Roshni thanks the lady. Lady asks her to sort the matter, she won’t support always, if Mani creates issue every day, she will ask Roshni

to leave. Roshni goes to room and cries. She gets Adi’s call.

He asks Roshni are you fine. She says yes, Mani came here to ask about you, land lady supported me but warned me too, I m feeling bad. He says don’t feel guilty. She says I should have not lied. He says we lied so that they don’t get hurt. She says we shouldn’t lie to ourselves. He asks her not to worry. Viswani comes and asks how did you touch my phone. He doubts. Ishita says Raman was unwell, I just came in. Raman acts. They leave. Raman asks are you sure, why will he do this. She says he did Kiran’s bail. He says we can’t ask Kiran, its a serious matter. She says then we will ask him. He says I can’t imagine he can do this.

Adi is at cafe. Roshni comes to meet him. He doesn’t recognize and asks her to sit somewhere else, table is reserved. She removes the veil. He asks what’s all this. She says I was afraid anyone can see us together, Mani is already angry, I have to vacate the house. He asks her not to worry. She says it will be good for us that we don’t meet. He says I can’t live without you. She asks can you live without Aaliya, you love her right. He says don’t know. She says you were my good friend. He asks were? She says you are my good friend, we should know our limits. He asks what’s this joke, I know you have same feelings for me. She says why are you making this complicated for me, you loved Aaliya and married her. He says its simple, I don’t feel for her now. She says maybe you don’t feel for me tomorrow. He says sorry, I didn’t mean that. She says you have to sort out, I don’t want to become the reason for your marriage breaking, it will be better that we don’t meet again. She goes.

Raman and Ishita come home. Mihika asks who did Kiran’s bail. Ishita says I will get coffee. Mihika says I will make it. Ruhi comes and asks did you come so soon, you went to lawyer’s office, did you find that person. Kiran says I will leave from here, everyone is troubled because of me. Bala comes and asks what are you doing. She says I m leaving. He asks where. She says I can’t hurt anyone, I can’t see you like this, give me divorce. He asks did you go mad. Raman says we didn’t get any clue. Ruhi says no, this can’t happen. Raman asks her not to drag the matter. Ruhi says you know this person is dangerous, he is a cheap man, he should be punished. Raman shouts enough, stop this nonsense. Ruhi looks at him.

Bala says calm down, I won’t divorce you, you are my children’s mum, try to understand, we have to hold hands and walk, else we will sink in this, I love you, I can’t leave you alone. She cries. Ruhi asks what did I do, I m just finding that wrong person, enough, I will find that person and get him punished. Raman shouts enough, don’t say anything. Mr and Mrs. Bhalla come home. Mr. Bhalla says I will tell you Ruhi, Raman is getting angry on you because they got to know the person who bailed Kiran.

Mrs. Bhalla says who is it. He says its me, I have done Kiran’s bail. They get shocked. Mr. Bhalla says Raman and Ishita learnt this, sorry, forgive me. He cries and says I m a bad father. She asks why did you do this. He says I spoiled my son’s name, I couldn’t stop myself. Raman asks why did you run this illegal racket with Kiran. Mr. Bhalla says I didn’t do this, I don’t know what Kiran did, but I couldn’t see her in jail, so I got her bailed out. Ishita asks why. Mr. Bhalla says Raman said you can know her truth by bailing her out, kids can’t stay without Kiran.

Raman asks is anyone pressurizing you. Mr. Bhalla says no, Kiran did a big favor on me, last year our house situation was worse, Ruhi was working against us, your memory was going, Romi and Adi were handling you, Mrs. Bhalla’s BP was getting high, I fell unwell, I learnt about my heart problem, doctor asked a big amount for treatment, I didn’t wish to ask money from Parmeet, Simmi was managing business, Kiran met me at hospital, she said she will give money for my treatment, she mortgaged her jewelry, she asked me not to do this to anyone, I m alive because of her, she is in trouble today, so I got her bailed out, forgive me. Raman hugs him. He says sorry, I couldn’t help you, but we have to make everything right now.

They go to Kiran. Bala says just talk to me. Raman says I came to thank Kiran. He thanks Kiran for Mr. Bhalla’s treatment. Appa asks is Kiran innocent. Raman says no, I just came to thank her for the favor, I can’t deny Kiran is responsible for Sonakshi’s death, maybe no one will forgive her for this. Bala argues. He says Kiran sold her jewelry to save Mr. Bhalla. He scolds them. Ishita says Raman has come to thank Kiran, we are thankful for her goodness, but she did wrong, you said you will find the person who blackmailed Kiran, we know someone is behind this racket, if Kiran feels ashamed, she should say who is that person, why isn’t she saying anything. Bala says enough, none can force her, I m already working on it, I will find that person.

Kiran calls someone to meet. Romi says I have imp work, I m going out. Someone comes to meet Kiran.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. With the shape of d man getting out of d car in 2mrw’s episode, I guess it z Suraj??!

  2. Slow claps for the loose character Adi, he blamed Aliya when she fell for an older guy and now he does not love Aliya as Roshini wears better clothes. But when he married Roshini, he left her to marry Aliya as back then Roshini was a supposed Gaon Wali.

  3. Wow..adi doesn’t love Aliya ..wat was ishita teaching her kids all these years?plz don’t always degrade the emotions of married ppl by showing such illegal meaningless craps in the serial

  4. I’m completely disappointed and surprised about Adi’s behavior! I mean how can a person become so shameless like this. He has crossed all the limits. Hate to see his face now. All I’ve got to say is in this serial both Ruhi and Adi have shown as failures in their love life. Don’t know if this is a plan or plot or whatever! Even Aaliya has surprised me. I mean she used to go to her appa’s house when she couldn’t get better with Adi. But now she is staying back tolerating all the sh*t that her husband does! What has happened to Shagun? Even she used to visit Bhalla house everyday just to make sure that her so called daughter is getting the right place in that house as a bahu. Now where is she when Aaliya needs her the most? Gosh this serial is soooo irritating! Even my mom complains that her BP is getting high after watching this serial, LOL!!!

  5. Gosh I hate this show! When did Adi’s character become so disgusting, I can’t stand watching the show or seeing his face! Especially Aliya, when did she become one of those girls that stay back and watch their husbands mistreat them while she continues to desperately save a dysfunctional marriage?! I can’t understand what this serial is trying to a chieve by showing an inferior woman (The way Aliya is acting) and a cheating husband?

  6. I think it parmeet going to meet Kiran n adi is playing with roshni to see if she is involved in the balla company

    1. didn’t Adi sleep with her? Sorry Dad, I tripped and fell. It’s not my fault.

    2. Its not Param Suraj is meeting Kiran I think . But root problem maker is def Param . I too feel Adi is playing …. just for dramas sake anything is possible in yhm . And Mr Bhallas … involvement in bailing out Kiran …. the excuse is
      cvsbaseless story line . If he says he did bailed her for Iyer familys bahu … cud appreciate it than creating the heart desease and all . Just exposing param and simmi thru defferent modes to show the exit of Mrs Bhalla. She will be shocked of Simmis involvement … anyways very cheap way of showing this melodrama. No wonder Star Plus changed the slot .Most of the viewers of yhm is kids and old people to see Ishima. That too will over now . Cvs are responsible for this slot change … one good thing is Ishra is together . They both whether
      Raman or Ishitha always respected their parents and sibling once they are together on their journey of finding truth .


  8. When u guys didn’t say anything when alloy fell for another guy then why are u saying harsh words now.???

    1. BlueGreen118

      Its quite simple! Aaliya didn’t fell for any man after married, did she? She has fallen for Mihir and that is also before the marriage. Back then she didn’t even now that Adi’s trying for her. So how can you compare her with Adi’s illegal affairs???

    2. BlueGreen118

      Its quite simple! Aaliya didn’t fell for any man after married, did she? She has fallen for Mihir and that is also before the marriage. Back then she didn’t even now that Adi’s trying for her. So how can you compare her with Adi’s illegal affairs???

      1. BlueGreen118

        Wtf! Why did the post my comment twice? That too with 2 different icons? I clearly remember that I didn’t post my comment twice! Even this site is going crazy!

  9. WHAT IF THE GUY FROM.CAR IS ADI.if so, i want ishita to kill him

  10. adi is so disgusting …if he didnt loves alia anymore then why he didnt gives divorse to alia and marry roshni

  11. adi is so disgusting ….if he didnt loves alia anymore then why he didnt give divorse to alia and marry roshni

  12. Who is the criminal behind kiran,Is he Bala?

  13. Rhonda Taylor

    I think it is high time to end this stupid disgusting never ending teledrama. This has now become a joke

  14. Not sure if I should say this but really want to – Ishra have raised two absolutely characterless kids (adi and ruhi). So upsetting to see Ishra defending Adi’s actions and showing next to no concern for Alia. Sad.

  15. If a LIFE wanted she should have said it.I told u not to blame the children .This serial is all about family drama.

  16. Nice to learn kiran helped m.r bhalla.

  17. i don,t think kiran is the real culprit.

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