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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi meeting Shravan and explaining him. He says someone is fooling you with Alia’s name. Shravan says its really her and shows her message that she is in Delhi for her shoot. Adi says fine, we will meet her, come home now. Abhishek looks on. Adi asks who is that uncle who saved you. Abhishek turns away. Adi goes to thank Abhishek. Abhishek says my face has something and does not show face. Adi thanks him. Abhishek tells Adi to expose that imposter. Adi asks how to do that. Abhishek asks him to get id details, his friend in cyber cell will help him. Adi thanks him and leaves with Shravan. Abhishek says Adi is really like Ishita ji, very concerned for everyone.

Adi brings Shravan home. Vandu cries and hugs Shravan asking him not to do this again. Appa thanks Adi

for getting Shravan. Mrs. Bhalla comes clapping and confronts Iyers for troubling Shravan and making him helpless to leave home, they then blamed Mrs. Bhalla for kidnapping Shravan. Simmi scolds them and says Adi got your son back, we know values of relations, I think Iyers always run away, today Shravan run away and before that Ishita. Mr. Bhalla asks Simmi to stop it. Bala thanks Adi. Adi says don’t thank me, is Shravan not my brother, I just did elder brother’s duty. He hugs Bala and leaves with Bhallas. Bala asks Amma and Appa to go and rest. Bala consoles Vandu. She says I m a very bad mother. He says no, its fine, children do such things.

Mihika calls Ishita. Ishita asks is everything fine. Mihika says relax, we found Shravan. Ishita says thank God, I was coming Delhi. Mihika asks her to please come, I will keep you away from everyone. She insists and says I forgot to say marriage is happening in Delhi, my fiance’s parents wanted marriage to happen in Mihir. Ishita says I will come, but everything should be hidden, I will reach tomorrow morning. Mihika says great, I will do hotel bookings. Ishita says no need, Mani has home there, we will stay there. Mihika is glad that Ishita will be coming Delhi.

Ishita lands in Delhi with Mani and Aaliya, and recalls Raman. Dil Kahin Rukta nahi……plays……… driver stops car. Mani asks what happened. Driver says maybe someone hit other and fighting. Ishita sees the fight and smiles recalling Raman. She insists to have icecream and argues with him. He hits someone’s car and she laughs. She asks him to take her home. FB ends. Aaliya asks Ishita what are you thinking, are you enjoying this. Ishita says I m enjoying memories, I have many linked here. Mani tries to solve the fight.

Driver says we will take u turn. Mani says there is another way for my home, take right. Bala tells Vandu that we misunderstood Shravan, even he did mistake, we can’t react like before, but if we pamper him, will he realize his mistake. She says please don’t say this, I can’t bear this again, I realized when Ruhi was away from Ishu, what did Ishu go through. Adi hears them. Bala asks Vandu not to worry. Adi says I came to meet Shravan. Bala asks him to have food and talk to Shravan. Adi asks him not to worry and goes to Shravan.

Shravan chats with Aaliya and writes he was coming to meet her, but he is glad that she is in Mumbai. Adi sees this and thinks to not leave that imposter.

Mani, Ishita and Aaliya reach Mani’s home. Ishita asks Aaliya with whom is he chatting. Aaliya tells about some friend. Mani asks Aaliya to end chat and get freshen up. Aaliya thinks Shravan is irritating, I will not message now. Adi gets the id details and thinks once he gets ip address, he can know who is that imposter. Shravan says Alia did not reply anything. Adi explains him to have breakfast, give me phone, if she messages, we can know her ip address, then we can meet her. Shravan says great idea, take this phone. Adi leaves. Shravan thinks to chat on laptop and messages her. Ishita checks Aaliya’s phone and sees Shravan’s message. She says what, with whom is Aaliya chatting, its some guy who is threatening to commit suicide if she does not meet him, how can he do this, who is this guy, I have to talk to him. She messages I can’t meet, send me your number.

Ishita gets Shravan’s number and calls him, asking about his message. He says I messaged Alia Bhatt. She says there is no Alia Bhatt here, she is just Aaliya, did you think she is Alia Bhatt, how can you carelessly chat like you, whats your age. Shravan says 15 years. She says you are just 15 years old, you should concentrate on studies, I m calling you as you scared me, you wrote you will commit suicide if Alia does not meet you, you did not think about parents. He says they don’t think about me. She says every parent loves children a lot, you feel this that they don’t love you, when mom and dad get children, their life revolve around children, you are their only love, if anything happened to you, their lives would have ended. He says all parents are not alike. She asks him to call her mumma and ask her, does she love him or not, then call me and tell me. He agrees. She ends call.

Ishita scolds Aaliya for her mistake. Aaliya asks what mistake. Ishita gets angry and says you are lying to a small kid that you are Alia Bhatt.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. shivani

    YHM: Raman gets drunk and locked with Ishita in lift…..Upcoming Twist

    Much awaited time of Raman and Ishita’s confrontation is going to come up in the show Yeh Hai Mohabbtein.

    Raman gets drunken recalling Ishita’s memories and enters in the same lift in which Ishita also there.

    Ishita hides her face seeing Raman and feels bad Raman in such a drunken state.

    Raman removes cloth from Ishita’s face and calls her Ishita and Ishita tells him that she is not Ishita.

    Raman tells her that she cannot be his Ishita as she left him.

    Ishita gets broken down seeing Raman in drunk condition

    Raman forcibly brings Ishita to the Romi and Mihika’s sangeet.

    Seeing Ishita alive, everyone is shocked and happy but Ishita try to avoid them believing she had killed Ruhi.

  2. Siddhi

    This stupid simmi how dare she say ishu bhagori stupid this whole bhalla family is so cheap everyone knowns ishu try to committee suicide coz what Raman said to him secondly she says this whole iyyer family is like this before saying she should once think about her own family his brother romi he use to steal from his own house his mummy who love to tease other I remember once bhallas file a complain against iyyers that they kidnapped ruhi n police arrest them n also beat them but the truth was ruhi was ill n ishu take her to hospital these bhallas r very cheap

  3. Kaur lovely

    Adi is the real charm and hero in Bhalla family. he will join the family again

  4. pradeepa

    Latest news .raman is in a drunken situation.ishu and raman are in same lift.they have some emotional scene there.

  5. Aasrithaa

    Hope ishita gets to meet her family soon.. All things are like as before. United family. And the story continues in a peaceful manners after a good chunk of romance between ishra. And I hope adi and aliya pair up. That would be great. Both are alike. Patience. Loving. Caring. What say my friends??

  6. pradeepa

    I m new to this watching yhm since the beginning .i m a true fan of ishuu.can i join with u guys.pls accept me.vp,rithushree pls let me join ur company.ishu is very pretty after the leap.

  7. lavanya

    nice episode…divyanka acting is so nice….and super good news..ishra are going to meet in lift…..

  8. lavanya

    ya..bhalla family are just overreacting…but yesterday iyer family also..acused mrs.bhalla right…they should think once…after leap..all misunderstandings are happening..

  9. Plzz jldi se unite kro ishra ko its toooooooo long let it happen early plzzzzzzzz..,…….big fan of yhm an also ishuuu and mostly ramannnn his expressions really nice lovly so swt cute fb shows was very lovly ?????cutttie Raman???

  10. Roshni

    Cant wait till this two love birds meet!!!! I just hope Mani and Shagun don’t create and misunderstanding and try to become there life partners of Ishita and Raman!!!!!

  11. Ya welcome to this site Pradeepa . by the way episode is nice precap is also exciting. And hi to all yhm friends. How are you rithu?

  12. SIndhu

    Hello RIthu, VP, Siddhi and many others. The lift scene would be interesting to watch. Today’s episode was really nice as there were FB on Ishra. Oh how I miss those early episodes. Very beautiful to look at. Aliya should never have played with Sharvu’s feelings. Ishita and Adi think so much alike. I wonder whether Ishita yearns to meet Pihu. She is her real mother, Does she not want to hold Pihu and hug and kiss her? Why does it not show on her face to look out for Pihu? Maybe not Raman but at least her very own daughter. There is no feelings of Ishita wanting to meet her Pihu.

    • yes sindu I am also very surprised that ishu don’t want to meet pihu even after knowing that she looks exactly like ruhi she only misses Raman a lil ruhi n not misses adi n even pihu

  13. SIndhu

    Does anyone know when will they show Star Parivaar 2016 on TV or have they shown it already? DId Ruhi our Ruhanika Dawan win any child artiste award?

  14. Sarayu(honey)

    Simmi, you are an idiot. First you go to your in-laws. You left your husband and talking about ishita.

  15. Starbucks

    I really feels bad for ishu and Aliya deserves ishus confrontation she should have just texted back that she is not Aliya Bhatt and pls pls pls make Raman and ishu meet in that elevator I /we want our old cute little yhm back????❤️

  16. bhagyasree

    simmi how dare you to talk about ishitha like that.before blaming my ishu first see yourself

    • anjali

      hey shraddha…he is the same played by divyanka’s fiancé vivek dahiya…but he looks he lives in guilt and is drunken…

  17. after leap…I have noticed something…since there are many characters on YHM, our lead actors don’t get enough screen space…in this episode there is no Raman, they only showed him in a FB…but I hope soon the makers will fix this issue, what say? after all where is shagun and Pihu, are they still in Australia enjoying a holiday, ddnt shagun see the news that Raman was in a hijacked plane? she ddnt react at all,I think the writers did forget about her in this matter…..more over m happy that abhishek-vivek is back…things are hitting up…but m little bit surprised abhishek was in his drunken state but he was able to see that he knows shravan ,he has seen him before though at present he ddnt know it was shravan until he told his name but the parents… are they blind that they won’t recognize their own daughter even after a long time? first ishita,then Raman and last shagun….I doubt whether they still remember Ruhi how Ruhi looked,,can’t they see the similarities between ruhaan n Ruhi? OMG this is so intense………#silent reader n comment whenever possible

    • AS

      Raman recalled Ruhi when he saw ruhaan’s birth mark.but then he thought what am i thinking.shr was dead.All are thinking that ruhi was dead and Ruhaan is a boy.So,If they notice similarities they don’t care about it

  18. uaha..

    Everyone wants Ishita and Raman to unite but is it so easy for a grown man to call a woman who bought his family together and cared for his children like her own that she is self centred.careless and does’nt deserve to be a mother..and other hurtful things..really should he be forgiven this easily?? than i ask you fans what message is being given out??thats its ok to degrade a woman in the name of Love…cos this will let all tom dick and harry treat woman this way.What Rubbish..

  19. hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna
    natasha sowmy naaz meghana
    darshi sam tansuri shivani lavanya
    sachie suvidha gowda and all yhm

  20. In Star Plus’ longest running show Yeh
    Hai Mohabbatein Ishita (Divyanka
    Tripathi) will soon find out that Aaliya
    is trying to be an imposter and is
    fooling around with a young guy.
    As seen in the latest episode, Aaliya
    continuously replies to Shravan’s
    messages imposing herself as Alia
    As Shravan’s entire family disbelieves
    him, he decides to leave his house.
    Although Adi manages to get him back
    to Iyyer house, Shravan still continues
    messaging Aaliya and warns her to
    meet him or else he will commit
    Coincidentally, Ishita reads Aaliya’s
    messages and calls up Shravan and
    makes him understand that there is no
    Alia Bhatt here and his parents love
    him a lot.
    In the upcoming episode Ishita will
    confront Aaliya for being an imposter
    in Shravan’s life as the consequence
    to this will be death-defying.

  21. Much awaited time of
    Raman and Ishita’s
    confrontation is going to
    come up in the show Yeh
    Hai Mohabbtein.
    Raman gets drunken
    recalling Ishita’s
    memories and enters in
    the same lift in which
    Ishita also there.
    Ishita hides her face
    seeing Raman and feels
    bad Raman in such a
    drunken state.
    Raman removes clot from
    Ishita’s face and calls
    her Ishita and Ishita tells
    him that she is not Ishita.
    Raman tells her that she
    cannot be his Ishat as
    she left him.
    Raman forcibly brings
    Ishita to the Romi and
    Mihika’s sangeet.
    Seeing Ishita alive,
    everyone is shocked and
    happy but Ishita try to
    avoid them believing she
    had killed Ruhi.
    Will Raman stop Ishita
    going away from his life

  22. Star Plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    is set to take viewers on exciting ride
    as the track of Ishita ( Divyanka
    Tripathi) and Raman’s ( Karan Patel )
    encounter will soon come up.
    As reported earlier, Raman and Ishita
    will meet unexpectedly in the lift.
    Raman will get in to the lift in
    completely drunken state and Ishita
    will be shocked to see him.
    Ishita will try to hide her face from
    Raman and Raman will believe that he
    is merely imagining seeing Ishita.
    However, Raman will finally know that
    the lady in lift is indeed Ishita.
    Ishita will be saddened and shocked
    looking at Raman’s condition.
    Apparently, Raman will take Ishita to
    Romi and Mihika’s engagement
    All the family members will be
    shocked and happy to see Ishita alive,
    but Ishita will try to avoid them.
    Ishita feels guilty for Ruhi’s assumed
    death and her guilt will be seen in the

  23. Good news for all Ishra fans!
    Finally, the day has arrived when
    Raman (Karan Patel ) and Ishita
    (Divyanka Tripathi ) will come face to
    face after the much hyped leap on ‘Yeh
    Hai Mohabbatein ‘ ( Star Plus ).
    Well, now the question arise that how
    will they meet?! Read on for the
    In a full drunken state, Raman will
    enter a lift where Ishita is already in
    it. Ishita will be surprised to see
    Raman and will immediately hide her
    face from him. She will be
    heartbroken to see Raman in such a
    bad condition. And Raman too will
    later realise that the girl standing next
    to him in the Lift is none other than
    Ishita herself.
    Raman will remove the cloth from
    Ishita’s face and address her as
    Ishita. But Ishita will inform him that
    she is not Ishita. Raman will then tell
    her that she cannot be his Ishita as
    she has left him.
    Raman will then forcibly take Ishita to
    Romi and Mihika’s sangeet. Seeing
    Ishita alive, everyone will be stunned
    and happy while Ishita will try to avoid
    them as she is unable to face them out
    of the guilt of having killed Ruhi.
    WOW…too much drama in store for
    the viewers!

  24. kk..

    hello guys…I’m new on this site…may I join u all guys… finally this matter (of alia bhatt) will be sort out..

  25. A

    wedding bells for TV actress
    Verma as well. Famous for her role of
    in the TV show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, she
    played the younger on screen sister of
    Divyanka Tripathi.
    The actress broke the news of her marriage
    posting a picture of herself on Facebook.
    made a pretty bride in a red lehenga posing
    with a friend.
    The actress secretly tied the knot on April
    Another picture of the actress with the
    has been doing the rounds on social
    networking sites. Her husband is an NRI
    Due to her wedding plans, the actress had
    also quit the hit show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    recently. She made her debut on screen in
    year 2007 with the daily soap Virrudh and
    appeared in several TV shows ever since.
    Wonder if she will pursue her television
    We wish the beautiful couple a happy

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