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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman crying recalling Ruhi. He says Ruhi was the one who united me and Ishita. He sees Ruhi’s pic and cries. Ishita comes to Bhalla house. She says I have to find Niddhi soon. She sees the havan kund and asks Simmi whats happening. Simmi says Raman is marrying Shagun, none of us want this to happen. Ishita gets shocked and asks can I talk to him. Simmi says yes, you talk to him. Raman says I have to end all this and cries.

Simmi comes to him and asks him to meet someone. He washes his face and asks her to go. She says Ishita wants to talk to you. He says my decision won’t change, I don’t want to talk to anyone. Ishita cries and says Simmi, let him do what he wants, he chose right way, I have no objection, let him be happy. She goes. Dil kahin rukta nahi…………plays…………..

Ishita comes to her flat and cries. She recalls marriage with Raman and thinks congrats Raman, but our relation was of births, why are you going away from me.

She feels hurt and cries. She thinks I left everything and went away, why am I crying. Ruhi looks on and thinks Ishita got to know about marriage. She shuts the door.

Niddhi talks to Ruhi and says what, you want to stay here for Raman and Shagun’s marriage. Ruhi says yes, Ishita is crying here, I want to assure that she does not do anything here, I will come Australia by tomorrow’s morning flight. Niddhi says fine, don’t forget your promise. Ishita calls out Ruhi and asks don’t you know to keep house clean, kids have no manners. Ruhi says I know Ishita is hurt, its your old habit to clean things to divert mind when you are upset. Ruhi cries and thinks whats happening to me, why am I crying seeing Ishita upset. Ishita gets the call and says what, you got Niddhi. She says I won’t leave this Niddhi, she ruined everyone’s life. She asks Ruhi to lock the door and goes.

Pihu shows the necklace for Shagun and tells Raman that she has kept sherwani ready for him. Raman says its not needed, its small ceremony. He asks why are you sad. Pihu says don’t know, no one is happy. Shagun comes and cheers Pihu. Pihu kisses them and says you are world’s best parents to marry for second time for my sake. Shagun sends Pihu. She says I want to talk to you Raman, I know you are not happy with this marriage, I m doing this for Pihu, I don’t want to snatch anything from Ishita, I want to make this true for Pihu, I know I m Pihu’s surrogate mum, but I raised Pihu, her first step, first word, she called me mumma, she is my daughter, I lost Ruhi and her childhood, I did not know motherhood, Pihu explained me the meaning of mother. Raman leaves. Shagun cries and says no one can snatch Pihu and my family, Pihu is my world, my life, I can’t let that happen.

Raman tells Mr. Bhalla and Simmi that I know you are not happy, but please do this act for Pihu’s happiness, she matters a lot to me, mummy called 15 times, tell her my decision won’t change, I can do anything for Pihu’s happiness, ask her to agree for Pihu’s sake, you also agree. Simmi cries.

Romi tells Ishita that Ashok and Niddhi are not coming out, you look tired, you go, I will sit here and wait. She says you are related to Ashok’s business, you can go inside and find out, you can get clue about Niddhi. Romi says your detective mind did not change till now, Raman called you right, Jagga Jasoos. She asks him to go. He leaves. She says Jagga Jasoos…. I really hope this spying works today, Raman is marrying today, I want to give him one gift about Ruhi’s info, I want to return him Ruhi, I wish I could.

Raman cries and thinks whats happening with me, I wish I should have not done this. He thinks its for Pihu, this marriage will happen. Ishita cries and says I have no rights to cry, I should be happy for Raman, he is marrying. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………plays…………..

Pihu asks Mihir did he get haldi. He says I got it, how do you know all rituals. She asks him to see serials. She takes him to apply haldi to Shagun. Mihir applies haldi to Shagun. Simmi also applied to Shagun. Pihu says call Papa for haldi also. Simmi goes.

Ashok asks Romi don’t you have any work, you are pulling my leg. He attends a call. Romi looks into the room. He asks Ashok what happened last night. Ashok asks why do you want to know about that girl, did you lose interest in your life. Romi says I just wanted to know, I know you maybe excited. Ashok says excitement is in Raman’s life, he is marrying today. Romi says why will I get invitation. Ashok says Raman is marrying his ex wife, I wish I could support Ishita by making her mood better. Romi gets angry. He tries to get some info. Ashok goes. Romi checks Ashok’s phone and takes some number.

Raman comes for haldi. Pihu applies haldi to him and asks why are your eyes red, were you crying. He says something went in my eyes, so my eyes are red. She says when I act to cough to skip school, you catch my lie, same way I caught you, you were crying, are you sad. Raman says I have to get ready for marriage, apply haldi fast. He thinks to control emotions, then Pihu will know everything.

Niddhi gets shocked seeing Ishita. Raman and Shagun are taking rounds. Romi and Mihika come. Romi tells Raman that you are marrying here, we got Niddhi, she is alive. Raman gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. yeh ashok toh kameena hi rahega .pehle shagun phir param phir suraj phir romi aur ab niddhi ke saath raman se badla lega.

  2. stop this moderation .plz.

  3. Looks like cvs are interested to show Ruhi negative than Ishitha handing over Ruhi to Raman which would have made made more sense to bring the storyline positively .The impact on Ishra on people is so high and for the trp to go up. hence cvs chosing this .If Ishitha is not united Ruhi cud find out the truth . Anyways positive things to expect from Cvs is not possible … and so fast like a bomb blasted all finished … cvs dont know how to close ..

  4. Wow this is a nice episode. I’m waiting till next episodes comes. Aren’t ishita and Raman unite each other?

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