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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman agreeing to Adi’s guitar activity. The family teases Raman for obeying Ishita. They have a discussion. Ishita asks Raman to give locker keys, and he asks her to go herself. She smiles. He thinks her hair strands are there and runs to stop her. He asks her to look for the keys in cupboard and he hides the hair. She asks what is he doing. He says nothing. She gets the hair in his laptop bag and says same made, black, matching, its my hair. She cries and says he has pulled her hair, he lied, he does not love her hair. He says don’t sit, its not your hair. She calls him a hair killer. He says it will grow again, anyone can hear it, what will they think.

She says he does not listen to her, he is not Joru Ka ghulam. He says I m your slave, I will write and give

I m Joru ka Ghulam since my childhood. He writes and gives her. She asks for a water glass. He says I m not thirsty. She says I want. He says fine, I will get, don’t cry, hair will grow by Amma’s hand made oil. She clicks pic of the note and sends it to everyone. The family tackles Raman in hall that he ruined their name. Raman asks what did I do. Romi says see this, and shows the pic of his note. They call him Joru ka ghulam and laugh. Raman says hr leg is hurt, that’s why.

Ishita comes and asks Raman to say it aloud, if he accepted. Ishita shows the hair. Raman says her hair is weak, that’s why. Simmi says you puller her hair. Ishita says yes and shows Simmi. Simmi laughs. Raman asks whats it. Simmi says she has fooled him, its wig hair. They all laugh. Raman says you.. how does she look and how is she. Ishita says he has become Joru ka Ghulam. The bangles fall and Ishita says she will go and give it not to Sujata, she forgot. She leaves after joking on Raman.

Abhishek comes to meet Mihir and greets Rinki. Abhishek says he got this letter from Shagun, she does not want police to find her, and want you to take missing report back, she said she is fine. He gives her note to him. Shagun writes she is fine, she has to repent and move on in life, she has to do some good work, I know there are many people to look for my kids, I have to sort my kids, inform mum too.

Mihir says Shagun has gone. Rinki says she wrote she is safe, its fine. He says I hope she stays happy. Ishita comes to meet Sujata, and tea falls on her. She goes to clean the clothes and hears Sujata talking to Subbu. Sujata says she has said a story to Ishita, if this comes out, the marriage will start, he should come back and get over with this marriage. She sees Ishita in the mirror and starts acting. She says Ishita is misunderstanding us, I explained her, you love Simmi, and about your therapy, we did not tell them as we did not understand, your mum told everyone about miscarriage, even when she did not know the truth, you can talk to Simmi. She says she will go to meet Ananya and Simmi, I will make an anklet for her, I know you love her, I also see Karthik in her. She turns and acts like seeing Ishita now. She asks when did she come and asks her to come inside.

Ishita says sorry, I came suddenly. Sujata says I was talking to Subbu, he is missing Simmi and Ananya, did she forget anything. Ishita says she came to ask about bangles. Sujata says they will make it. Ishita gives the sample, and says she will try always that she does not get any sorrow. Sujata acts sweet. Ishita leaves. Sujata says her family came between Laxmi and her happiness, what did Laxmi and Karthik go, the truth is they died because of Bhalla’s family member’s mistake, they have to pay for it, we will see how you save them.

The arrangements are done, and Simmi gets shy saying about Subbu’s call. Simmi says he did an amazing thing, he bought a star on my name by an organization. They get glad. They all joke and pull Simmi’s leg. Ishita gets thinking. Raman asks her to come and tell him what is the matter.

She says nothing. He asks her to share. She tells about Subbu, and tells him everything. She says nothing is matching, I don’t want any problem to happen in Simmi’s marriage. Raman asks her to not think a lot, if we go to doctor for mental illness, they see it in bad way, and asks about Adi’s case and defends Subbu and Sujata. She says I m not doubting, but I m thinking… Raman asks her to think about him. They have a talk. He asks her not to take stress, and he did not forgive her for her prank. She says he has become Joru Ka ghulam. She laughs. He says everything will be fine, and hugs her. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………plays……..

Ishita and Raman discuss about Subbu’s lies and he thinks about telling family. She says once we get the proof, we will say.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ek website mein likha bhi tha ki rumour hai.

  2. Uff tanx a ton kp ?… But y dey r telling Adi ll devlop a crush on girl. Hope leap ll b a rumour ?

  3. Hey Rithushree…..Tension mat lo yaar…..tum ne jo post kiya….uss ke titles padhe…….question mark ??? Hai…mstlab wo bhi sure nahi hai……

  4. Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Ishita
    will be shown more concern for her
    kids, Here Adi will have to go for a
    party so Ishita will tell Adi to come
    back by 8.30 but Adi will say Party
    will start at 9 PM; so Ishita will say to
    return back by 11.30 PM.
    Here, Raman will be busy with his new
    business and Ishita at 11.30 will reach
    the party venue and Adi will start
    feeling embarrassed that his mother
    has come to pick him up, but there is
    the twist in the tale. Police will come
    to the party venue as they have got the
    information that there is a Porn CD and
    will being found out but unfortunately
    it will reach to Adi ‘s bag .

  5. thankyou prayosha. for making me relived kyunki mujhe leap pasand nahi hai aur ruhi ka jaana bhi pasand nahi hai.

  6. Kya leap?

  7. ok guys good night.prayosha mizun priyaroli thachu ramchin angel bhagi and all yhm friends.

  8. woh ek news aaya tha ki yhm is gonna take leap in july or august.

  9. its not true.i think its a rumour.

  10. Ok tnx

  11. DivAn wont accept an leap n d show..Without dem der s no ISHRA or YHM. So

    Keep Calm
    njoi DivAnism….

  12. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will
    show that Ishita doubts
    on Subbu on recalling he
    lied to her about Laxmi’s
    pregnancy complication.
    Amma gets worried to
    think that something bad
    is going to happen.
    Vishwa gets a call and
    finds out the taxi which
    he called met an
    Amma thanks god for
    saving Vishwa’s life.
    Ishita is surprised and
    ask Amma how she knew
    that something is going to
    Amma tells her that if we
    love and care for
    someone then we will get
    an intuition of what is
    going to happen.
    Furthermore, Ishita also
    get intuition on Subu’s
    Ishita feels that
    something is going to
    happen bad in Simmi’s
    Ishita and Bhalla family
    get shocked to know that
    Subbu is getting narrowed
    to Simmi to take revenge
    from Santoshi.
    Ishita blames Subbu that
    he can never be a good
    man as first he betrayed
    her and now going to do
    the same with Simmi.
    Will Santoshi actually
    responsible of Laxmi’s

  13. unique Angel

    Hey aaj sbb mai kya bataya

  14. Ekta Kapoor’s shows are known for
    taking leap to bring freshness in the
    television series and soon viewers
    will get to see leap in their favourite
    show “ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein “.
    We have seen leaps prior in Saath
    Nibhaana Saathiya, Diya Aur Baati
    Hum and very soon India’s most
    loved serial Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    might get added to the list.
    According to reports, the popular show
    of Star Plus “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein”
    starring Divyanka Tripathi, Karan
    Patel and Anita Hassanandani in the
    leads will take a “sequential leap”.
    The makers of the show will
    incorporate the leap in July or August,
    following which the child artists
    Ruhanika Dhawan (Ruhi) and Gautam
    Ahuja (Aditya) might bid adieu from
    the show.
    “Not immediately, but come July or
    August and viewers will see a leap.
    The kids will grow up and the plot will
    turn more dramatic. Currently the
    creatives are working to wrap up
    ongoing tracks,”
    quoted a source close to the show.
    Post the leap, the kids are said to
    have grown a bit and the new set of
    troubles that arise and how the
    families deal with it will frame the
    upcoming track. Let’s wait and watch
    the show to see how and where the
    transition takes the show.
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, which mainly
    has dealt about the custody of the two
    children on the show, has settled with
    the main antagonist played by Anita
    Hassanandani exiting their lives
    forever. Now the story is set to move
    on from the track to fresh ones post
    the leap.

  15. hey guys sbb mein ishitha ki nayi chinta ke baare mein bataane wale hai.

  16. unique Angel

    Mujhe malum tha kii subu ki wife ne suicide kiya hai

  17. hey guys kayi websites pe leap ke baare mein aaya hai.mujhe bahut darr lag raha hai.

  18. myeduniya serialgossip telly express telly reveiws metromasti aur fb mein leap ke baare mein nahi bataya.

  19. india forums mein bhi nahi aaya leap ke baare mein.

  20. meib bhi leap ka news aaya hai.

  21. unique Angel

    Ritushree agge ka agge dekhe jaiga for now chill

  22. ya but leap kidi ko bhi pasand nahi hai.

  23. ruhi bhi utni hi important hai jitni ishra.agar leap hua toh ruhi will not be there. yhm agar leap lega toh kisi ko pasand nahi aayega kyunki iss show ki main wajah ruhi aur custody hai. we dont want leap .

  24. hey guys barc rating aaya kya iss week ka.

  25. Subbu to buy ‘Star’ &
    Name after Simmi in
    ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ Ye you heard us right,As many
    of we know that we can Buy a
    Star and can give it a
    name.Subbu who is now sure of
    Ishita suspecting him will plan
    to make moves on Simmi by getting her complete trust. Ishita who shared her concerns
    with Raman will try to find the
    real truth of Subbu and His
    wife’s death.Subbu to get rid of
    suspicion will buy a Star in US
    for Simmi and will name it Simmi’s Name which will
    surprise her and entire
    family,Simmi slowly will start
    opening her heart towards
    Subbu. Subbu further tells Simmi these
    stars are dedicated to loved
    ones and by this he will gain
    her trust.Mrs.Bhalla will be very
    happy seeing Simmi and
    Subbu’s love but Ishita will be tensed to handle the situation
    which is when Simmi comes to
    her and thanks her for bringing
    Subbu into her life,which makes
    Ishita more upset seeing
    Simmi’s attachment towards Subbu. While it is Sure that Ishita will
    stop the marriage but another
    Gossip is Mani might return to
    the show and is possible to get
    married to Simmi,well Sources
    didn’t confirm this track yet,but one thing is sure Subbu’s secret
    will shake entire Bhalla Family
    while Simmi decides to work to
    have stable career first for
    Ananya. Do Keep up the space for more

  26. Yeh Hai Mohabbateinis hooking the audience to the show with it’s interesting storyline with it’s amazing cast and crew.As we have seen,Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi)discusses subbu’s(Ait Tandon ) matter with Raman(Karan Patel) but he tells her that it may be misunderstanding.Ishita decides to find the proof whether subbu is lying or not.In the coming episodes,we will see that Sujatha tells another reason that his wife Laxmi did suicide with karthik as she cannot conceive.Subbu calls simmi from abroad and tells her that he brought a star for her as a gift.Ishita starts worrying about simmi and her family as they all are happy with the marriage.Ishita shares her doubts with mihika and tells mihika that she is finding something fishy aboutsubbu’s intentions.Mihika also joins with ishu akka and takes help from ACP Abhishek.Sujatha and Subbu will feel that they have to execute their plan as ishita suspects them.Subbu meets simmi and tells her that he wants to marry her as soon as possible.Simmi comes under his influence and agrees to him.Bhalla family rejoices with this good news except ishita.Now ishita is confirm that subbu isupto something and soon she will expose him.It will be known that Subbu marrying simmi only to take revenge from the Bhalla family as he feels Toshiji is the reason for his wife and son’s death.But How Toshiji is related to their death or is it a misunderstanding of Subbu? How will ishita expose him infront of Bhallas?

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