Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman complimenting Adi. Adi says I will nervous. Raman says we all are with you, wow everyone is ready on time, your launch will be grand. Pihu says of course, how can we be late. Adi hugs her and compliments. Ishita asks for Roshni. Mihika says she is in clinic. Ishita says there was no appointment there, I will call her. Roshni sees her call and says what shall I tell her. She answers and says Dr. Batra called me to help, I will come there directly. Ishita says you come there, we will wait for you. Roshni recalls Aaliya’s words. She says sorry Ishi Maa for lying, I don’t want to upset Aaliya and Shagun, I can’t come in party.

Adi and Bhallas arrive in the launch party. Reporter congratulates him for his success. Adi thanks them. Ishita stops Shagun and says

you are part of our family, sorry I was rude. Shagun says sorry, it was my mistake. They all pose for pics. Shagun asks about Roshni. Aaliya says she did not come. Shagun says its good.

Taneja comes. Raman looks on. Mr. Bhalla says Adi has all qualities of a businessman, he will get successful like Raman. Raman goes to Ishita and says Taneja got Roy here, I m feeling bad. Ishita asks when is Mr. Kiran coming. Raman says oh yes, Mr. Kiran will be coming. She asks him to give gift to him, he is supportive and successful, he would be aged around 50 years. Raman asks will he have beard. Raman talks to reporter and goes. Ishita collides with Kiran. Kiran says sorry. Ishita says my son gifted me this saree, what will happen by sorry. She goes and cleans her saree. Kiran looks for Raman.

Ishita comes back and sees Raman with Kiran. She says that’s same gift I got for Mr. Kiran, why is he giving it to that woman. She goes to Raman. Raman says she is my business partner, Kiran Bhatnagar. Ishita gets shocked. Kiran says sorry, hi, nice to meet you. Ishita stammers. Raman asks did you get too nervous, what happened. Ishita says I felt you are successful business woman and would be wearing suit in corporate world. Kiran says did you feel I m Mr. Kiran. Ishita says no, Kiran can be just girl. Raman says Kiran can be men’s name too, do you want to say something. Ishita says thanks for supporting Raman. Kiran says its fine, he is hardworking. Ishita says yes, he used to come home late. Raman asks her to say what she said about Kiran. Ishita changes her words. She asks Kiran to have a drink. She makes excuse and goes. Kiran says your wife is so cute, you are so naughty, why did you not say Kiran is a girl, not guy.

Raman says I like pulling her leg. Ishita tells Bala that Raman fooled her, he did not say Kiran is a girl, I gifted cufflinks and tie. Bala says maybe Raman did not say purposely. She says yes, he fooled me. He says no, look at them, is there anything. She says you say anything. He says what do you think, blind belief on husband is not good. She says I know Raavan Kumar is just mine, I m sure he can’t do this. Bala says this is called pure relation. He says you were testing me. He says your relation is one which has trust and freedom, even Vandu and my relation was same, we have love and trust, I made Vandu insecure once and tested her, she came after me to see who’s that other woman, I miss her. He gets sad. Ishita gets a call and goes.

Advay asks can I meet party organizer. Manager says he wanted to meet you Mam. Advay says I wanted to meet you and your husband. Ishita says sure, I will call him. She calls Raman and says someone wants to meet us, will you come at the reception. Raman says I m coming. Raman says what did she do, sorry from her side. Advay says I saw you coming in party, I just wanted to compliment you, I recalled my parents seeing you, they are no more. Ishita says so sorry. Advay says I have come back to India after 16 years for family. Ishita says family’s love gets us back. Advay says sometimes love and sometimes hatred, I have to complete a story. Ishita says we want to know it, meet me when you come next time. Advay says sure, I m going to Allahabad now. He leaves.

Ruhi looks for Adi. Mihika requests all couples to come on stage. Adi prepares his speech. Ruhi hears him and smiles. She goes and looks for Raman and Ishita. She says Adi is cutely practicing, I have to find Papa. Mihika says we will have a dance performance, I will call Adi and Aaliya first, dim the lights please. Adi and Aaliya dance on inna sona….Everyone clap. Ruhi asks Raman does he remember speech. Raman asks what speech. She says Adi is going to call you on stage and make you launch the drink, get ready. Raman asks did Adi tell you. She says no, I heard you when he was preparing speech. Raman says what will I say. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma suggest him. Raman smiles and thinks Papa will make you proud Adi.

Ishita introduces Bala to Kiran. She asks them to talk and dance if they want. Bala feels odd. Ishita says I trust you, do it today, find out if she is interested in Raman or not. She goes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Maaan wht is happening! I dnt knw why um feeling lyk dis kiran is upto smthng evil! Eagerly waiting to find out da true colours of hers! I thnk whtever Hp has commented be4 is true! Nw wht ever I saw abt bhala n kiran there shud be smthng between dem 4 surely! Dnt knw! Itsgonna be another twist of yhm!!
    This Raavan kumar is too much! He still loves to make fun of ishu! Hahaa… I thnk its tym 4 ishu to teach him a gd lesson again!!

    1. Hi Ravi
      I agree with – Kiran does looks suspicious. She could be a positive character. But this is what the producers have done to us, every time a new character is introduced they are 90% negative.
      Don’t mind about last episode comments, there wasn’t anything negative about it and you were not rude. You sounded frustrated like many of us about Shagun and Ishita.
      Ishita has always given Shagun respect but Shagun is always ready to degrade her. Because everyone praises Ishita she so want to be like her and tries to move people she has link to from her.
      Yes, now she shouts she took my kids and Raman away from me.
      Raman she dumped when he was poor was Ashok (who never made her respected woman). She left Raman broken which took Ishita almost a year to fixed.
      She left her two kids in a burning building and ran away to safety. Ishita who was not the mother risked her life to go into a burning building to save those kids. In London recently with the big fire incident you hear stories of women sending their kids with neighbors to safety and one throw her daughter from a fifth floor to bystanders to safety whilst the fire engulfed her. Ishita risked her only pregnancy to save Adi & Ruhi again from a bombed bus.
      Sometimes I don’t think people pay attention to the storylines. VP mam is right no use arguing with people on this page or addressing all negative comments. She explained my points very well.
      Ishita made Shagun a respected woman by getting her married to Mani her best friend.

      1. Hi missy, thanks a lot! I agree with ur comments whole heartedly! ???

  2. If I am right then this roshni is giving the exam of ias i.e UPSC Exam and for this exam one needs a specified degree which roshni do not have.! so how can she give upsc exam
    So the writers should first know the procedure of this and then show the track to us
    Today’s epi was quite good…

    1. very true Saniya …. Not only Roshini . What about Ruhi ? Adi put her straight to business studies without proper schooling . Ishitha went for MBA its ok but how long and what about her results .
      Romi too did MBA … I dont understand thee educational system in India for the cvs to show all this rubbish . Roshini straight away IAS ? Having a job in Ishithas clinic is a good thot … but atleast show something to reality . Police station scene was fun … Raman and Ishithas nok jhok too is nice but such things can happen ? I dont know . Understand cvs cant bring full reality to the serials but atlease to some imagination !

      1. Dia

        About ruhi it may be that she has done her schooling from australia n system maybe different there……but roshni….they sent prabjyot for schooling then how cn roshni give ias exam straightaway as she must have been educated same or less than prabjyot

  3. azuka nkwonta

    Ishita apologized to shagun that was good because even she called shagun an outsider. That is to show that even roshni was wrong to have scolded shagun. Raman was feeling bad today after seeing Mr. Roy; why is he feeling bad? If shagun’s decision to bail his daughter was that bad then why is Raman regretting. Sometimes tough decisions don’t look good but their blessings comes at last.

  4. azuka nkwonta

    Ishita is now feeling insecure, she wants to find out whether Raman and Kiran are in a relationship and at the same time she is trying to pass over Kiran to Bala so that she will be free with Raman and no other woman between her and Raman. If shagun is doing this people will judge her badly.
    The song ? Adi and aaliyah danced to was very boring and their dance was also the same.

  5. Hi friends.. nice episode.. ishra part was good… Bala is acting like he doesn’t know Kiran… But in one of the episode he gave strange look by hearing her name… We are getting few back to back good episode s … Surely TRP increases.. but how the cover when dt goes for holiday for aniversary for 10 days… From 5 th July… Also they are giving hint that Raman may fall for Kiran… CVS can do anything… Also pihu in some problem.. they may show ishu takes pihu away to some holiday and cover for dt… And here Raman managing his product… Aliya making roshni bad in bhallas eyes…by the time dt returns , they may show affair between Raman and Kiran… Anything can happen… Let’s wait and watch…

  6. Hi Rithu, VP, Mino, Bhagya, Susan, Parichary, Khushi, Missy, magic and other fans as well.
    Now who is this Advay? The cvs just bring in new characters and usually it ends up in an anti climax. Why can’t they just develop the existing characters to give them more screen space? At least Ishita and Raman got a good screen space in today’s episode.

    What did happen to Pihu? Why was she hurt? Why is Ruhi not informing this to Ishita? After all Pihu is Ishra’s daughter and the parents have the right to know what happened to Pihu? Well they will show the jealousy in Ishita when Kiran keeps chatting up with Raman. Kiran is such a shady character and I can’t put her in place. What ulterior motive Kiran has? Whatever she is doing, it seems to be too good to true.

    1. Hey Sindhu, I think she is being bullied because of Ishita and the family drunkenness newstory – I think.
      Also when kids that young are being bullied; their parent are the last for them to confide in especially if the reason for the bullying is because of them.
      I love the way Ruh takes care of her little sisters #sibling responsibility

    2. Dia

      Advay is the lead of the new show is pyar ko kya naam doon……he ws just promoting his show

    3. Advay Singh Razaida is the person who is the actor from Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (Unforeseen Love) as he is the richest businessman who hate women and like to be alone and the person who is acting is Barun Shobti (my cute man). That is why he comes to meet Ishra.

      Ruhi should not keep silent if there are problem with Pihu. Ruhi knows that Ishu will be in deeply stress and had so many problem to handle between her husband (Raman) and her son (Adi) so Ruhi want to help but feeling helpless. Adi realised that he had made mistake then he start spologised to his family as he loves Ishu alot.

      Kiran is the same lady who want to break the marriage between Bala and Vandu and helping Ashok to remove Mihika clothes as where Ashok lied about his raped on Mihika and to stop the marriage with Shagun and break Mihir’s heart. Raman save Bala from Kiran as he called Kiran’s father. Kiran’s father come to know about Kiran cheap movement on married man and get fumed. Kiran’s father drag her back to home. Raman had forget who this woman who want to revenge on him, Bala and Ishu. That is why Kiran want to separate Ishra but failed because Raman loves Ishu so deeply.

  7. Hi all YHMers. Okay let me just say it again. Just for the record. I know this is only a story by if CVs are going to make Raman have an affair with Kiran then I am done with YHM. Don’t belief it would happen but as HP said CVs can do anything. Yes MAGIC then I would really and truly be done with YHM. They can make anyone have an affair with anyone in YHM. But if they touch ISHRA them I am done! Lol. I should stop watching theses serials. There goes my blood pressure again and nothing has actually happened yet.

    1. Hi Susan … I am laughing loudly at your comments . Nothing such will happen . Ishra can not be seperated . I really did not like Ramannteasing Ishitha . Its quite embarrassing for anyone .. He wants her to be jeallous of or she is jealous I dont know . But it was not needed but Ishra looks stunning . Divyanka looks very tired eyes are gone itside really needs holidays .

    2. High five Susan! ✋ #LIKE?

  8. Isn’t it funny when you say to your self I don’t like this story line and I am not going to watch until they change it. Then comes time for YHM and you find yourself watching out of compulsion: #addictedtoyhm
    I love the unity between the family and I like the way Adi rectify all his mistakes. It was good for them to pacify Shagun.
    Many are calling Roshini outsider but she is not. Raman told Roshini that she is his daughter and will assume all responsibilities of hers. And that was even before they found out that she was married to Adi. And also her mother agreed for Ishra to look after.
    She is family and should not anywhere – why because Aliya will feel insecure that’s her business let her handle her insecurities. This girl had all right on Adi before the annulment but kept quiet for Aliya and the family sentiment.
    I agree Roshini should not have stepped in between Ishita and Shagun. She should have stayed out of it but every time Roshini has had an encounter with Shagun, she is screaming at Ishita – I just want one of these days for Ishu to give her a tight slap but knowing Ishu she is too pure in heart to do that – she respects Shagun on 4 levels
    1) as Adi and Ruhi’s mother
    2) as Piyu’s surrogacy mother
    3) as Mani’s wife
    4) as Now Aliya’s mum
    Why does Shagun feel the need to speak with Ishita that way. If Ruhi was around she would have told her off. I am happy Roshini stood up to her – somebody has to.
    And Aliya should not have said all that to Roshini
    Ishita has the right to stop Shagun from slapping Roshini but she should not have called her an outsider but I think it is a slip of tongue as she herself have always included Shagun in all family occasions and claim to all she is family – so I am glad she apologise to her for that but did we hear Shagun apologise for her misbehaving – NO
    Roshini should not go anywhere she is part of that family now – fate brought her there and Raman made her a daughter. I actually like Roshin’s character. Did not like the forced marriage but I like her fiesty character.
    Hi all YHM fans
    I am suspecting that Ruhi is going to create a misunderstanding between Adi and Raman innocently.

    1. Yes Missy Rodhinis character is really nice and shouting at Shaghun also out of her immense love to Ishima . Sometimes it happens … when someone accuses your mom or loved ones they react . But it was wrong . Ishitha was wrong telling Shaghun outsider … when she respects her in all the ways you mentioned … but it was a slip of tongue . Realised later and asked sorry .And Ishitha is not insecure at all … she doesnt have to … She is an independent woman qualified dentist where as Shaghun just a house wife to spend her husbands money . Really feel sorry for Mani …, Ishitha and Raman repayed their gratitude to Shaghun by getting married to Mani . Surprisingly today zi liked Shaghuns blouse ….Alias ethics are good but some misunderstanding is there .. quite immature … how well she managed that acid attack twist . And Ruhi is misunderstanding Adi … Adis dedication is not to Raman for sure ! Parichay Mino where are you all ?

      1. I agree with you VP mam
        I really like Roshini’s character
        Also Raman has nicknamed her “janki si Rani” if that is the statement. Ishra has accepted her by heart wholly.
        Aliya’s character is sometimes confusing: one moment she is mature another moment she is immature.
        Are the CVs purposely doing that to her character so we can compare her with Roshini?
        Well food for thought.
        Have a great day mam.

      2. azuka nkwonta

        There was no gratitude in getting shagun married to mani. Ishita and Raman planned everything. After they will get ruhi back then ishita will leave, that was the plan. When ishita was welcomed back to bhallas house, she told shagun and I quote “I did not come to take your place, after we get ruhi back I will leave.” Then what happened after they got ruhi back, ishita did not want to go away again and Raman supported her. That house and Raman’s room belongs to shagun before ishita came back there. Because ishita did not want to leave and because the two of them did not know what to do about shagun, so they suggested marriage and ishita found mani to be good and they agreed on it. Trickily ishita took over that place from shagun. There is no gratitude in it, it was sent away comfortably and conveniently. Immediately shagun agreed to the marriage, they both looked at each other and smiled because their plan worked.

  9. Dia

    I think this kiran is either super duper evil like nidhi…..or she will be shown opposite bala…….

    Roshni did not come for party….but aaliya just asked her not to meddle in family problems……..she is misunderstanding….and this will again create problem for aaliya

  10. azuka nkwonta

    Roshni should apologise to shagun instead of hiding away in ishita’s office. If she apologises to shagun aaliyah will also forgive her. But hiding away in the office, she is creating problem and ishita will soon know and get suspicious. I don’t want Adi’s partly to get spoiled because of roshni. And if she wants to create problem she should wait until the party is over, they can go home and start their fights there.

    Ishita cannot find anything because Kiran have not made any move on Raman. She has not made whispers of love on him yet so there is nothing to find out.

  11. azuka nkwonta

    Somebody said that she wants ishita to slap shagun one day but her heart is too pure to do that. Slapping shagun is not the reason why I am writing but because the person said that ishita’s heart is too pure to do that, then I asked why then did ishita slapped adi, ruhi, romi and Raman including others that I can’t remember on different occasions.

    1. I said that Azuka
      But please read my comments again about that and you will see my explanation.

      1. azuka nkwonta

        I was not making mistakes when I read your comments maybe it’s you who did not remember what you wrote.

    2. Shaghun deserved slapping from Raman . If he had done that when she was his wife … our unique yhm storyline wud not have been there . Frankly I hate Shaghun type characters … may be I have seen only goodness so far in my life . Thanks to God ! I really wonder such type of women exists . But people like Ishitha too .. i mean so selfless are there …So I cant digest Shaghun ! Sorry Anuka … I try to analyse Shaghun with your comments but cannot justify to it . You said true she has love to her kids but at the same time she has wicked plans behind it .Her overflowing love to Alia is only to secure herself with Mani .First off all its so rubbish ex wife current wife love angles inside the immediate families .The part enjoyable is Ishraru ! Thats the initial attraction to the story . Dt , KP and Ruhanika really succeded getting millions of audience .

      1. azuka nkwonta

        It is not only good people that live in this world. There are armed robbers, thieves, rapist and so on. If you are as old as you said you are and have no idea that the world is mix up with different kind of people then I am sorry at your ignorance. My name is not anuka, please check the spelling.

      2. azuka nkwonta

        That first story line that started this serial has died. Ishita lived like an adulterous woman with Raman before aaliyah’s dadi requested that they should marry again. After getting back ruhi, she and Raman were living together and having a close relationship which was intimate without being married. And this happened after spending seven years with mani and raising kids with him as parents without being married.

  12. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  13. Actually in today’s episode it will be sad for Raman as his hopes were built very high that Adi would praise him but I think he will praise Taneja and Roy for his success. Raman is going to feel sad and may be offended that his son has mentioned someone else name.

    1. Me too I am suspecting that or it could be Mani because he was the one that suggested Adi manages his own project and then sent him to the village. This misunderstanding if there is going to be Ruhi’s fault by hearing half truths. But not in a malicious way.
      Can’t wait for today’s episode.
      Have a great day Sindhu

    2. Hi Sindhu .. how are you . I too feel the same .

  14. please dont butcher raman s character, by this affair. Im sure raman is strong in mind. Ishra
    are very strong, this. should not this happen. Please show us some good morals, than those disgusting affairs. Affairs and extramarital affairs should not be part of YHM,, at least between ishra. We cannot see ishu heartbroken.

  15. azuka nkwonta

    Ishita is insecure, if she is not she won’t bother about what is going on between Kiran and Raman.

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