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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman taking care of Ishita. Shagun thinks now Raman’s life has no place for me. She cries and leaves. Ruhi looks on. Raman manages work on call. Mrs. Bhalla comes to Ishita and asks her are your eyes burning a lot. Ishita says no, you go and rest. Mrs. Bhalla says I will put rose water in your eyes. She asks Raman to do this. Ishita says I will do it, you go mummy ji. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to take care. She asks Raman to dip cotton in rose water and put on Ishita’s eyes. She goes. Ishita tries to do it herself. Raman goes to her. She says I will do it. He says wait, lie down, everything will get fine. He comforts her and takes care of her. Dil kahin rukta nahi…………….plays…………….He sits by her side and sleeps.

Its morning, Mrs. Bhalla comes

to their room and smiles seeing them together. She thanks Lord. Aaliya gets breakfast for Mani. Mani eats it and says I did not eat such vada till now. She says I made this first time, I was making dosas all the while. He says I know you did not cook in Australia, I have an idea, we will keep a cook, its not good to waste food, I will get dry fruits and cornflakes, stay here. Aaliya thinks to learn cooking, but from whom and how, it would be easier if Amma was here. She thinks she can ask Adi, as he has every problem’s solution.

Shravan’s teacher comes to Iyer’s house. Shravan tells Amma that she teaches French to us. The lady asks for Bala. Appa says you sit, I will call Bala. He asks Shravan to go and get ready. Bala comes and greets her. She thanks him for his guest lecture, and talks to him while shaking hands. Bala says thanks, you could have messaged me. She says I want to keep another lecture, I can also meet you. Bala takes his hand away. She holds his hand again and says I will get students here. Vandu comes and thinks why is Shravan’s teacher holding his hand. Bala says I m getting late. Vandu makes the lady leave Bala’s hand. Bala thanks Vandu and goes. She talks to the lady and asks about Shravan’s French classes. The lady praises Bala. She says you arre so lucky to have him, he looks younger than you. Vandu says no, do you think so, are you serious. The lady says I think I should leave. Vandu says I think so too. The lady leaves. Vandu gets angry.

Mihir greets Bhallas. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to come and have breakfast. Mihir says no, I need to meet Raman. He asks about Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says she is fine, I want to thank you for saving my children from problem. Romi says anyone else would have done same. Mrs. Bhalla says anyone else would have done mistake or run away, Mihir saved Raman and Ishita, and got goons arrested. Simmi says the girl who marries Mihir will be lucky. Mrs. Bhalla says I heard Anil’s sister’s proposal came for him. Mihir goes to attend call.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Shagun when is Mihir meeting that girl. Romi goes to Mihir and says everyone feel that girl is lucky to marry you, Raman believes you are heartbroken, its because of your mistakes, you don’t know keeping relations, its not everyone’s cup of tea, I pity the girl who will marry you. Mihir says you are right, even I pity her, I m boring man, who will stay happy with me, I don’t have anything else other than work. He asks Neelu about Raman. Neelu says I knocked door, he did not open the door, maybe Raman is sleeping. Mihir says fine, I will talk to him on phone. He thanks Romi for this advice and goes. Adi heard them and says how could Romi say that to Mihir, its so bad, and Mihir did not say anything in reply, I should talk to Romi.

Ishita wakes up and smiles seeing Raman. Yeh hai mohabbatein………… plays………. She caresses him and looks at him with love. She says he did not sleep well all night, and makes him lie down. He wakes up and asks what are you doing, my neck got stiff. Simmi asks Mrs. Bhalla why is she smiling, where is Raman till now. Mrs. Bhalla says let him sleep, when I went to wake them up, they were sleeping in each other’s arms like kids. Shagun gets sad. Mrs. Bhalla says I felt so good and did not wish to wake them up, I wish their love stays same. Shagun thinks to do something. Ruhi thinks will Papa and Ishita get together again.

Everyone hear Raman shouting and go to see. Ishita asks Raman to relax. He asks her to be quiet, its because of you, my neck got stiff and not moving. Mrs. Bhalla and everyone come and ask what happened. Ishita says Raman’s neck got stiff. Simmi says no need to explain what happened at night. Raman says I will beat you Simmi, don’t say anything, I was putting rose water in Ishita’s eyes and slept. Simmi and Mrs. Bhalla smile. Shagun goes to call doctor.

Doctor comes and asks whats happening, yesterday your wife had problem and today you, whats going on here. Raman says I slept in wrong position. Doctor asks him to look at his age, what was he doing at night. Raman says I was not doing anything, I was putting rose water in her eyes. Doctor says you can’t sleep in sitting position, you have king size bed, I m sure your wife will allow you to sleep on bed, have this painkillers, nothing to worry. He goes. Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi laugh. Raman asks them to leave. Romi says you got old, tell me if you want any help. Raman looks for slippers to beat him. Romi jokes on his broken neck and goes. Raman gets angry and Ishita laughs. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………plays………….

Raman gets ready to go for office and falls in the bathroom. Ishita asks what happened. He shouts who left the bathroom floor watery. She says sorry, I forgot to wipe the floor. He falls in the bathtub. She asks shall I come inside. He says no, I will manage.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi guys! Loved today’s episode! Finally our old ishra is back btw guys I request u all to watch ishqbaaz also it is worth watching. it does not have stories like saas-bahu(sns,mam,etc.) plz plz plz plz plz guys watch ishqbaaz it has a different and interesting story!!

  2. I also think that Mihir and aaliya can become couple. It will be an interesting love story between middle aged man and a 20 year old girl, something new to watch. Maybe a love triangle of Mihir aliya and question is who will aliya choose.

    1. If u want to watch that love story of a middle aged man and a 20 year old girl go and watch saath nibhaana saathiya… it will be much better… if that happens yeh hai mohabbatein will get vrry vrry worst and there will be no difference between yhm and sns… and also if it happens in yhm as usual adi will also get hurt..!

  3. Just got a thought . What about Niddhi and Mihir as couple? Opposites attract,right?

    1. Na she has Ashok!

  4. It would be loved to see Raman n Ishita getting married for their love

  5. Rhimjhim

    wht an episode loved it muuuuaaaahhhh 🙂

  6. Nice epi..
    Bt where our pihu ?? Nw a days she z not on screen..

    Anybdy plzzz say where pihu ???

  7. please also show love track of ruhi and shravan. And if Cvs dont want to pair them then bring another guy as boyfriend of ruhi.

    1. How can that be possible???
      Ruhi and shravan are in relation of bro & sis.

  8. Here’s a question for regular viewers of yhm do you guys think they will start mihir aliya love story???????? i hope they don’t bcz i like adi & aliya together but i have a feeling they might make aliya fall in love with him…….. Dear director & writer plzz don’t do this aliya is perfect for adi not mihir plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  9. Hi yhm fans, todays episodes was superb, cant wait to see ishima an raman reunite,want to see trong bond relation btw pihu ruhi adi, pls it time for shagun to live ramans life for gud, an pls dnt show shagun in negative side again, I want adi to be with ailiya not mihir, cuz mihir can’t compute wit adi bcuz of ailiya beside adi is like a son to mihir too bcuz he is raman bst frnd n lyk broda, an why not join simmi with mihir as romi is together with mihika now, an for ruhi pls no relationship for her now, an for mani find another cute lady for him, and for dis ashok I know he wil neva b positive cuz if he wil safe it won’t feet him cuz he lok vampire in negativity so join him with nhiddi an let him get married to her cuz if not he wil dump her too an jump to another lady cuz he is bad guy an also womanizer an is bcuz of his own selfishness,precap today episode was amazing,yhm fan to eva luv ishu.

  10. Todays episode is awesome,day by day Ish Ra ‘s chemistry is getting better. Shagun is jealous because of Ish Ra. Mrs Bhalla Just want Ishita as her bahu. Romi was rude towards Mihir. Lol after seeing precap.
    Jaz are you from Hyderabad you mentioned about Ramzan n Eid .Being a Hyderabadi I can we not only fast perform spl prayers Taravi n enjoy Ramzan n Eid. Thousands of do shopping at old city, day n night all shops are open. I think how it looks can be enter as Genies or Limca book if world record.

    1. I want to ask u r u from India

  11. Pihu can shoot only during weekends nd since she said she want to conc on her studies

  12. Ending nag bit was hilarious

  13. i think ishita and raman was made for each other .i am sorry sagun you are so beautiful .per pyaar jabardasti nahi hoti pyaar me filling hoti jo raman aap pe kabhi bhi nai kar paigi .toh bahatat yaha hai aap piuhu ke bahan karke ram and ishita dur mat kijiye and ruhi aap apani mama and papa ko itna nafrat mat kijiye kuin ki duniya ki sabse pyaari rista ma bati ki hoti hai .please i really request you .or alia and adi is perfect .and alia or mihir so boring so please .and yes ramman aap jitna bhi bure pyaar to ham aapse karte hin rahenga .kuin ki kehenta hain na love is blind .sorry ishu I LOVE YOU RAMAN AND YEH HAI MOHOBBATIN .THANKU

  14. today episode is awosum.don’t make couple of mihir &aliya.I want to see adi & aliya. plz reunion ishra.

  15. Oh! Ho,, amazing episode . Nice to see ishita & Raman together again.I really want them to become as earlier. Loving & taking care for each other.Pls make aliya & adi’s love story not with mihir. It is odd otherwise.Pls no love affairs for ruhi she should understand her mom ishima ‘s love for her.really great having funny moments between ishita & Raman.& make this Shaun run away from the story as earlier.

  16. Hey guys DT left for her marriage

  17. Hay Guys m new..and I like very much this show especially ishra…Loved ur comments

  18. Today’s episode was very funny…Shaggy jealous…Ishra ki mohabbatein…All good

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