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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman thinking to help Adi. Adi talks to his friend and says he is practicing dance and missing guitar classes too. Ishita hears him and asks about it. He says he wants to win for Vinni and help her, she is a superb dancer. He goes. She says he is doing this for Vinni, why did I not think this, its Adi’s growing years and he does not know many things, Raman can talk to him, I have to explain him. Its morning, Mrs. Bhalla and Mr. Bhalla does not find their things. Ishita asks Raman about her mobile. Raman says even my specs are not here, did any thief came. Everyone come and ask Neelu to find their things. Neelu laughs and says she does not know.

Ruhi says its with her. They all see her and get happy. Ruhi says she missed Ishita a lot, she asked the teacher not

to inform you and dad, I planned with Neelu and stolen their things to bring them out, how did they like the surprise. Ishita says so cute and hugs her. Ruhi insists that she wants to meet Vandu’s baby. Ishita takes her. Mrs. Bhalla says she will make halwa puri. Ruhi likes the baby.

Shravan comes and asks Ruhi why did she touch his baby, she is my sister. Ruhi says she is my sister too. Vandu says stop it Shravan, let Ruhi play. Ruhi says she will play with baby when he goes to play football. She leaves. Ishita sends Shravan. Vandu asks Ishita did she talk to Raman about Adi. Ishita goes to Raman and tells him about Adi’s infatuation for Vinni. Raman says its nothing serious. She asks him to understand, Adi is attracted to her. He says its normal, its Adi’s first crush. She says he is dancing to impress Vinni. She asks him to talk to Adi. He goes.

Ruhi talks to Mrs. Bhalla about her trip. She shows the teddy she got for baby. She says she has to give sunglasses to Romi. Mrs. Bhalla says he is finding job these days, give him later. Ruhi says fine. Mrs. Bhalla asks what did she get for her dad. Ruhi shows the gift. Mihir talks to Raman about the business. Raman says there is some problem. Mihir asks whats the problem. Raman says when you were wrong, 12-13 years, did you have any crush. Mihir says yes, cute south Indian girl.

Raman says Adi likes Vinni. Mihir says omg, Adi is in love. Raman says we take this light, Ishita is right, this age is to study and make future, how to talk to Adi, kids are more mature now. Mihir says I know Ruhi is our Dadi, but I understand your problem, this is internet generation, get any video in teenage infatuation and see it with Adi. Raman asks whats this idea. Mihir says Adi will understand. Raman asks him to do this. Mihir says I m not ready for kids. Raman says I will manage.

Its night, Raman comes home and sees everyone quiet. He asks whats the matter. Ishita takes him and asks him to see Adi’s foot sprain.

Raman asks what happened. She says he was doing rehearsals and got sprain. Adi asks Raman to postpone the date, as he is sponsoring the event. Raman says I did not wish to participate on the cost of studies, you like dance or football. Adi says Vinni likes dance. Raman says I know you like Vinni. Ishita says we will not scold you, don’t get shy. Raman says everyone has this phase in life, kids make many mistakes in this feeling, Vinni is a special friend, you want to spend time with her, you did many mistakes with her.

He says its imp that we have strong friendship, you left everything for dance, when you grow up, you will think what to do after doing your fav things, you hate dance, you are doing this for Vinni, friendship is about understanding, everything has right time in life, so wait for it. Vinni comes with flowers and meets Adi. She says she is also not taking part, how can she take part without Adi. Ishita says Adi is lucky to get such a good friend. Vinni says she will leave. She goes. Raman asks Adi to remember what he told.

Ishita tells Raman that he spoke to Adi so well, very impressive. He thanks her. She says don’t thank me. He says if you can say sorry to Adi, can’t I tell thanks to you, I m lucky that you came in my life, made me better person, better father. She hugs him. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………..plays…………

Ruhi and Shravan fight for Vandu’s baby. Raman and Ishita come and look on. Shravan asks Ruhi to tell her parents to get a small baby. Ruhi cries. Everyone look on shocked.

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  1. Starting With IshRa scene…..superb……… Kitne dino baad yeh Song aaya…Yeh Khattii Mithi Tkarar hai yaa Pyar…I think last Holi par tha……

  2. Haan yaar prayu ishra scene mast tha. …ye khatti methi bahut Dino baad aaya iss se pehle holi par aaya tha. ….

  3. awesome episode.ishra scenes ke saath saath aaj ruhi bhi aayi.we were missing her so mein rounak aayi.raman ne acchi tarah se adi ko samjhaaya. precap mein shravan kitnaa badtameezi kar raha tha.

  4. Aaj Jab aadi ne bola ki Dance Competition ki date change karvao… muje laga ki yeh Last year ki tarh phir Accident case wala scenes repeat ho rahe hai…….Aadi bolta hai…& Raman uss ki wish puri karne me haajir…..par aisa nahi hua…All thanks to Ishita…..

  5. Ab kaash IshRa Ruhi ke ansu dekh kar thodi der ke liye….baaki sab ki pareshaniya bhul kar apne New Baby ke bare me soche…..

  6. Raman n mihir scene bhi achcha tha. .ye scene dekh kar mujhe. .woh scene yaad aagaya jab raman Mihir se kehta hai. .ishita ko ab alag nazar se dekh raha hai. …

  7. arshi

    Super duper episode. Pura ka pura episode super.ruu.. bachaa we miss u a lot n your comeback made smile on each every yhm fans.

  8. wow after a long time superb awesome ishra scene.per chota tha.phir bhi bohot bohot acha tha.and haan ab song after long time song aaya.its pleasant to hear it.over all its awesome

  9. Hey yhm end hone k baad. .bajrangi bhaijaan ka new song dekha. …aaj kai party meri taraf se. ..achch hai song …..

  10. Lagta hain aaj ki superb epi ki wajah se sab log aa rhe hain yahaan par itni dino bad ishra ki achi scenes dikhaayi

  11. raman aur mihir ka scene bhi acha tha.mujshe is scene se ek scene yaad aaya.once raman was mihir asking something to ishu.even mihir was explaning with paper weight.even raman was wearing blue shirt.usi k baad raman gift ishu bathrobe.

  12. Yes Ruh k sath hame bhi runa aayega. .uss ankhon se mote mote anson nikle ge. …..par ishita ishita usse samjha ye gi. …..

  13. bhagi

    hiiiiii guys aaj tho mai bahuth jyaada kush hu kyom meri donom favt serials me aaj kamaal ka episode dhikaya tha mai tho aaj ek nayi dhuniyame hu

  14. bhagi

    guys aapne ek baath notice kiya kya aaj ruhi kaa grand entry huva aur ishra ka chehre par muskurahath vapas aagayi aur bhi achi baath un donom ke beach me adi ko leke huyi diff of openions bhi katham aur adi aur raman bhi samaj gaya vo donom galath tha……..ruhi tho hai hi lucky charm jaha jaathi hai vaha kushiyom se bar dethi hai love u ruhi

  15. bhagi

    ruhi ne raman ke dhimaak me phir se vo bachhe vali baath daal di…….kya baath hai ruhi koi ithna cute aur mature kaise ho sakthe hai vaise mihir ne theek hi tho kaha tha ruhi hai un sab ki daadimaa

  16. bhagi

    vaise rithu thumne ek baath notice kiyi thi kya aaj ruhi vapaas agayi hai aur hamari ye site pe sari yhm fans vaapas agaya aur aaj ithni jaldi 100 comments bhi poori huyi thi

  17. bhagi

    mai bhi theek hu tachu and priya mera all time favt tho yhm and aaj kal reporters (sony tv ) bahuth acha lagthe hai isliye mai ise bhi dhek rahi hu………

  18. Ruhi is back in the Bhalla house after
    ending her summer vacation. She has
    enjoyed a lot in her holidays and gives
    a surprise to her family by her entry.
    Everyone get glad seeing Ruhi. Ishita
    hugs her and is happy to see her angel
    back. Ruhi meets Vandu’s baby and
    gets into a fight with Shravan. Shravan
    asks Ruhi not to see the baby as it is
    his sister. He asks Ruhi to take
    Vandu’s permission and Ruhi argues
    with him. They both fight and the
    family tries to calm down. Ruhi cries
    and asks Ishita and Raman to get a
    baby for her. Ishita gets sad and
    leaves from there. Ruhi realizes Ishita
    got hurt and goes to make up to her.
    Romi’s baby will be soon making an
    entry in Bhalla house.
    Simmi boosts Romi’s confidence by
    taking computer classes from him and
    paying him advance salary. Romi does
    not get any job having left studies
    incomplete and realizes how careless
    he was. He buys a gift for his son and
    fails to meet him. Raman wants to help
    Romi indirectly and make him
    independent soon, so that the baby can
    come home. Romi has one month time
    and he worries as days are passing
    off. The next track will be showing
    Romi’s job and Sarika’s entry back in
    his life. Abhishek finds out about
    Romi and Sarika’s relation. Will
    Abhishek teach lesson to Romi or help
    him by seeing repentance in Romi’s
    eyes? Keep reading.
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  19. Salma♥♥♥??

    I already watched those especially iss pyaar ki kya naam doon that was my favorite show

  20. gree

    Hi rithusree. I think its not u may be sister of rithu r8. She bver talked to me. Anyway hi and bye. Battery is abt to die. Gn8. Rams c ya later. Hope u did well in ur xmz. All d best for result. 🙂

  21. gopu

    hai ramya rithusree lucky… good 2 see u all again…. congrats rithusree u completed 100 comments….

  22. gree

    Ok yhm’s gn8. Happy ru is back. Precap is good. Tank god Raman ne Adi ko samjaya tha. Phir bhi I don’t like vinni and Adi track.

  23. Zoyafathima

    Hai sherliya i am also a malayali nee evidenna schoolil padikkunnundo pls tell me ya

  24. Sherliya

    Ok zoya..ivideyum veyila.njan food chazhikkuva.pinne varaam.ipol thasni sis(thachu) varum sisnodum mindu to.

  25. Ruhi gets sad when
    Shravan does not allow
    her to touch his sister.
    Shravan says to Ruhi that
    if she wants a bay then
    asks to Ishita.
    Ruhi demands Ishita for a
    sister with whom she
    would play.
    Ishita gets emotional to
    see Ruhi’s innocence
    Ishita does not want to
    have her own baby in fear
    of losing Ruhi and Adi.
    Ishita gets hurt over the
    entire situation which
    makes Ruhi sad.
    Ruhi apologizes to Ishita
    for hurting her feelings.
    However, Ishita thinks
    that Romi and Sarika’s
    baby will complete
    Ruhi’s wish of a baby.
    Ishita will now try to
    bring both Sarika and
    baby back to Bhalla
    Furthermore, Raman will
    tell Ishita that she should
    plan about having her
    own baby.
    Let’s see if Ishita agrees
    with Raman.

  26. Shocking Twist in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein In the upcoming episodes of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein,viewers will witness a shocking twist to happen in the show. Raman will leave for Mumbai for some work while Ishita will stay behind in Delhi. In Mumbai, Raman will meet Shagun who will be drinking in clubs and hanging out with boys. Raman will be shocked to see Shagun in this state and he will decide to help her. What will happen when Ishita will come to know about Shagun and Raman meeting in Mumbai?

  27. Shagun back in YHM,raman will be
    shocked to see her as Party Escort
    girl and will be shocked ,before he can
    stop her Police raid happens and
    arrests Shagun – SBS news

  28. Shgn aayenge toh koi na koi musibat lekar aate hain ishra ki lyf mein pata nhi ab konsi prblm create kregi yeh shgn

  29. Nimrit………………………………
    Rammu…………………………???? Whr r u all

  30. Zoyafathima

    Thachu rithu how is going all are good ramzan with full of happy and a lot of love

  31. R u rithu’s sis [email protected]

  32. Zoyafathima

    Rithu ramzan tho sabko hai thum nahi manathena. Fir bhi thum is ramzan ko ghushi se sabke sadh manana pls

  33. R u [email protected]

  34. gopu

    TV show starring Divyanka Tripathi and Karan Patel, better known as Ishita and Raman from the hit TV serial ‘Ye Hai Mohabbatein’ has always mantained it’s position in top five.In the coming episode’s we will witness a lot of Drama in Raman and Ishita’s life.When Ruhi goes to meet the Vandu’s baby,Shravan gets into fight saying that he only has right on the baby and ends up telling ruhi to ask her parents for a baby.Ruhi gets teary eyed and leaves the place followed by ishita and she makes her calm.Vandu apologizes to Raman and Toshiji onbehalf of Shravan.The Next day Ruhi without informing anyone goes to hospital and requests nurse that she wants to meet the doctor.On Ruhi’s insistence nurse sends her to doctor.Ruhi asks doctor that she needs a baby for her ishima.On the other hand,Raman informs in Bhalla house that he needs to go mumbai to solve a problem created by Jhakad. Toshiji asks him to take ishita along with him but both the couple deny it.Raman makes excuses that he will be busy and so ishita will get bored with him.Well,the Twist in the tale is Shagun is back in Raman and ishita’s life.Shagun who is missing from few days,finally Raman sees her in Mumbai.He follows her and finds her in a bar with a man.Raman figures out that they are trapping shagun.But before he could do something,a police raid happens and Shagun gets arrested.Now,What going to happen is a suspense for all? Will Raman bring shagun back to Bhalla house or Will Shagun again try to get into Raman’s life?Stay Tuned we will update you soon.Prev:

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