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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman leaving. Ishita and Mihika tease Vandu. Amm says you did not tell me too. Ishita says I m going to clinic, and congrats Jiju. She leaves and comes to clinic. Sarika says someone is waiting, he is not patient, Ashok Khanna, he said he has to talk something personal. Ishita asks him why did he come here. He says to talk to you about Raman and Shagun. Raman talks to Pathak and Shagun. Pathak says there are CCTV cameras are the signal, and the case will get critical. They can recheck the footage. Shagun says we can’t take a chance, this can’t happen, Raman please think. Pathak says that footage will be in police station.

Ashok tells Ishita I know you are not interested in me, but I don’t like whats going on between Shagun and your husband, I warned her,

but she does not understand, even Raman does not step back, tell him Shagun is not his wife, its 6 years now, leave her. Ishita says I can’t hear anything against my husband from you, you can leave. Ashok says I must say you trust Raman a lot. Ishita says its not bad if he meets her, they have a son, and they will always keep this relation, I trust him and I don’t need to show it to you, leave else I will call someone. Ashok says trust is good, but blind trust is bad. He leaves.

Pathak says if they get the footage, it can be a problem, but I will do something. Raman says bribe the inspector and take the footage. Raman tells Shagun that I m lying to everyone, doing illegal work, what did you do. She says sorry. Pathak meets the inspector Balram and asks him to take the footage of 10th June when accident happened. He gives him the fees. Ishita comes home and thinks about Raman and Shagun. She says enough Ishita, Raman said its Adi’s matter. I should wait for Raman, he will tell me when the right time comes, what did he ask me till now, just trust and I can give him.

Ruhi comes and talks to Ishita and asks how did babies come in hospital, by Lord. Ishita says Lord give babies and send them to hospital, then parents bring them from hospital. They cry and then stop being habitual. Ruhi asks did I cry too. Ishita looks at her. Ruhi holds her ears and says sorry, that time you were not there, but Shagun. She says I should get a small brother, pray to Lord to give me a brother please, you and Papa go to hospital to take him. Ishita cries.

Ishita says Lord already gave a good brother to Ruhi, that’s Adi. Ruhi says he does not play with me, just scolds me in school. She says lets go for dinner. Raman asks Shagun not to worry, as Pathak has cleared all the footages. Shagun says thank God, when Adi was afraid. Raman says tell him not to be afraid, I m with him. She is shocked to see Adi coming home unwell. The peons say talk to his class teacher, he had vomiting. Shagun says I will call doctor.

Adi says mum…. Shagun says doctor gave you injection, you will feel better. Adi says please go, I m not feeling good. I m afraid. She says Raman never breaks his promise, don’t be scared, no one will separate us, we can go on a small trip, you will feel a change, you, me, Ruhi and Raman. Adi says why they. Shagun says yes I miss Ruhi, I wish to be together as a family, I don’t know if I don’t get this chance again. Adi says I will talk to him if you want. Shagun says I don’t know he will agree or not. Adi says I will call him. Shagun says afterall my family, my children, why should I not go on holiday, its time Ishita should know no one can take my place, lets see what she does now.

Adi calls Raman and requests him to take him out of Delhi for one day, will he come. Raman smiles. Adi says I miss Ruhi, will you bring her. Raman says ofcourse, when. Adi says me, Ruhi and mom. Raman is stunned and says fine, we will go, and thinks how will it be possible with Ruhi and without Ishita.

Its night, Raman says Adi asked me this after so many years, I used to dream about this to spend time with Adi, to play with him, to race with him, but Adi asked this, how to tell Ishita. Ishita comes in the room and stitches her clothes. Raman thinks he has to tell Ishita, I m sure she will understand. He tells her that I was thinking to plan a picnic. Ishita says great idea, Ruhi will be happy. She says we will take everyone, it will be good change for Simmi too, we will go by bus. She gets excited. Raman says Adi, Ruhi and Shagun, I m going with them. She gets hurt by the needle.

Raman says Ishita…….. She says I m ok. He says Adi asked me this after six years, I m sorry I could not say no to him, Ishita cries. Raman says its my request if you convince Ruhi to come on this picnic. Ishita leaves. Raman says whats going on, I m unable to explain anyone, one side Adi and other side Ruhi and Ishita. He cries and says please Ishita understand me, I wanted to tell you its matter of few days. You are also right on your place. Ishita washes her face crying in the washroom and says no need to cry for him, he does not care, no use for this.

Ishita comes back and cries. She asks why does Adi want to take Ruhi now, he did not treat her with love even at school. Raman says he is her brother, he misses her. She says fine, take Ruhi, don’t ask me. She leaves and goes to Amma’s house crying. Mrs. Bhalla sees her and is shocked. Ishita sees the lock at Amma’s house and says where do they go, they don’t think I can need them. Mrs. Bhalla looks on.

Mrs. Bhalla talks to Ishita and cries. She says I want to give you a mum’s love, share your pain, and support you as a mother. Ishita hugs her. (So sweet of Mrs. Bhalla!!)

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. awww! mrs.bhalla is so swt. ishu needs support nw nd got dat 4m her MIL. lovely. nd raman, come on, u r nt a looser, so stop actng lyk dat.

  2. oh god. Poor ishitha…. Shagun is just disgustng. Wats in her mind.. She is not a gud mothr,wife and even a gf.. Her intention is only to harras that poor ishitha… And nyc of mrs.bhalla to take care of ishitha….. When will be the gud tym cumngggg?? ;-> ;-(

  3. One thing about Ekta Kapoor serial is the antagonist is so negative that there is no single ray of positive… Shagun willingly dumped Raman now she is ignoring her Ashok for him. Who does that ha? Talking rudely to Ishita and insulting her is acceptable but going on a “so called family vacation” is too much. No would do that just to prove a point. Won’t she think twice before doing all this as she might risk her relation with Ashok for whom she broke her family. If he turns sour, where would she go….. Twists are good but this kind of negativity is too much to swallow.. 😛

  4. Shagun have some shame u were the one who left Raman for Ashok and now u r trying to get closer to Raman what do u think of yourself stop using adi for ur self u should be ashamed to call yourself a Mother and Raman for god sake stop behaving like immature u r intelligent please share with ishtia she is ur wife she is very much hurt

  5. I would advise Ashok to leave shagun because she can’t be loyal to anyone that women who left her little baby and went with her boyfriend she cannot be loyal to Ashok i just hate shagun from bottom of my heart

  6. Why the TV people are always under estimating the Police people. Madhvi’s accident took place long back and the police didn’t bother about the CCTV footage and Police are waiting for Advocate Pathak to remove from the hands of Police. For TV people no Police is a good and honest person.

  7. What the hell?shagun i cant undrstnd u…raman share ur feelings and emotions with ishita she is ur wife she has great heart tell her everything…i knew she will find a solution

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