Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Romi saying my resolution is completed, I achieved a lot in business, this time I will give more time to Mihika, its good Raman and Ishita united. Adi and Aaliya say their love increased. Ruhi asks them not to tease Aaliya. She asks Aaliya how did you know you are in love with Adi. Aaliya says just Adi supported me in all problems, he did not leave support, he always stood stand for me, that’s why I love him, I realized I love him a lot. Ruhi thinks of Suhail and smiles. Aaliya says true love is when person makes you life’s priority, Adi loves me like that. Mihika finds them cute.

Ruhi gets Suhail’s call. He asks are you fine. She says yes, my family is in my room, they love me and want to see me smiling, I have no option than to smile. Suhail says I want

to see you smiling, we are figuring out, leave tension, its new years eve, enjoy with family, I promise I will make you rid of that blackmailer. She thanks for being with her. He says no need of thanks, I m always with you. Mihika says I think her mood got good. Romi says she smiled seeing the call, when girls have BF, they get such smile, there is something, see now when she says bye, she will give smile, notice. Ruhi says bye, take care and ends call. She smiles. Mihika says I think we have to tell Ishita that Ruhi is growing up. They laugh.

Ishita gets project items. She gets a call and gets shocked. She says fine, I will reach there. She takes a taxi and leaves. Mihika likes the decorations done for party. Adi says we are tired. Simmi asks for tea. Romi says we should have wine. Simmi says we will have wine later, I want tea now. Mr. Bhalla says you all did good arrangements. Ruhi says I have sorted good music. Adi says Aaliya went to get ready. Raman comes. He says Ishita went for getting project items and then went to meet someone, my phone is on charging, Adi call her, and don’t forget to invite Suhail.

Ruhi smiles. Adi says fine, I will get ready for party. Ruhi hopes Suhail comes in party, he is arranging 30 lakhs for blackmailer. Adi invites Suhail. Suhail gets glad knowing Raman invited him. Adi asks him to come as Ruhi’s friend, not organizer of concert. Ruhi hears this and smiles. She says Suhail will come in party and goes.

Mihika and Simmi talk about tattoos. Mihika teases her about Gaurav’s call. She says he will call to ask about healthy food. Simmi attends call. He asks are you anywhere out. She says no, I m at home, there is new year celebrations. They have a talk. She says I decided I will make a tattoo. He says its nonsense idea, its not resolution, you are not a kid. She asks why do you spoil other’s excitement, I m not asking your permission, I decided and its final. Raman hears her and says whom is Simmi talking to, I m sure there is someone in her life, I need to talk to her.

Mani gets ready. Shagun sees him and thinks I can’t let Mani go to attend new year party at friend’s place, I have to do something and make him realize I love him. She drinks wine and drops the glass. Mani stops seeing her much drunk. He asks are you okay Shagun. She cries and says okay…..He holds her. She asks how can I be okay, I don’t have even Pihu and Aaliya, its new years, and I m alone, such a big loser, I have no one, you are also going in party, go. He takes her to room. She says I feel much lonely. He makes her rest. She holds him. He asks what are you doing. She says I feel good when you are with me, please don’t leave me, I can’t live without you, I really need you, I love you Mani. He gets shocked. She hugs him.

She feels sorry to act to be drunk, but she realized her mistakes and doing this for them. She says I need you. Mani kisses her hand. They get close.

Everyone dance in party. Raman welcomes Suhail. Suhail gets champagne. Raman asks him to have whiskey. Suhail says I can’t drink, I have to drive on return. Romi says our driver will drop you. Suhail asks where is Ishita. Adi says I forgot to call her. Raman calls her. Ruhi comes and smiles seeing Suhail. She goes to Raman and tells something. Raman smiles and asks Adi to stop music. He announces that Suhail is a great dancer. Suhail dances in humma humma. Ruhi dances with him. Everyone dance together on Baby ko bass pasand hai….Ruhi smiles.

Raman says Ishita did not come till now, I m sure she is at clinic. Adi says I called clinic, she is not there. Raman says she is irresponsible woman, she does not say where she goes. Ruhi worries. Suhail asks him to talk to Abhishek. Raman says he is not in Delhi, he went with his fiancee to celebrate new year.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Khushiarvind

    A big Hi…. To my dear frnds….
    Wish u a very very happy and prosperous New Year… May your life filled with health nd wealth nd peace..
    May all ur wishes come true…
    Take care all dear precious friends…

    1. Hey are you ?A very Happy New Year to you . enjoy and have a great year.????✨??

  2. Khushiarvind

    Sorry my wish came lil bit late.. Was pretty busy… Actually now i am nt watchng yhm nw only reading updates.. Really disheartened that its still in wrong track.. Nothing new hapnd in yhm with new yr…
    Vp, jaz, mona, magic, shreya, adi, rithu, parichari, mino, monique.. Hw ru all..
    Adi# nice to read ur comment aftr long tym… Hw ru dear?
    Vp# dear vp i am in gud health.. Rhank u for your concern.. My kid’s school reopened aftr vacation.. So lil busy.. Nice to hear that u r in dubai.. Me too here.. Enjoy with family.. Wish u gud health and all happiness with this New beginning..
    Mona#mona dear welcome u here.. Abt vp it was ur misconception dear..
    She is a vry nice lady compassionate towards each nd evry member of this grp.. She is an ild memeber.. Actually we all used to remember the frnds with whom we converse more.. Tats common.. Evn me too always search for vp, sindhu, shivani, rithu, mino comments prior..
    Feel gud that all cleared nw..
    Nice to meet you dear mona.. You are such a brave person..
    magic# happy new year magic..

    1. Yeah am fine and happy new year to you also khushi may god bless you

    2. Khushi Happy to see your comments …May be I am old , worry when I dont see few of you all . ..Now what happened to Sindhu . ? Where is Mona now ? Just came to the site first time and bombarded and now no news . But Mona you are the reason of my happiness for these days .i dont think anybody would be enjoying like me in this age . Thanks to all my favourite darlings here .

    3. A Very Happy Blessed New Year To You Khushi. May God’s Blessings be with u always for a Healthy Wealthy Loads Of Happiness 2017. May Ur family be blessed too. missed ur comments As u say YHM Sucks good suffer bad enjoy. Anyway what can we say ???Again the Bhalla ‘s are going to be arrested load of crap. the Cv’s are going bonkers. Hi All my Sweeties. hope all of u r fine. luv to all.

  3. Khushiarvind

    Shivani dear hw ru… A vey happy new yearr to u..
    Sindhu dear… Hw ru doing?

    1. Hi Khushi…i am fine,thank you…Happy New Year to you and your family…..

  4. Rithu I love ur spoilers… Don’t think what others say… I’m silent reader I always wait fa ur spoilers…. I generally read the updates daily but Neva comment.. felt bad when some 1 commented bad abt yu…

    1. Sindhu are you a silent reader? Hahaha you joking and good to read you also like rithu’s spoiler’s

      1. Hey Magic I guess yu getting confused with a name.. I’m another Sindhu not the regular Sindhu

  5. Khushiarvind

    Abt todays episode i liked the attitude of simmi.. Never allow anyone to take decesions of our life and control our lives..
    Adi, aaliya , mihika nd romi so cute…
    Its awful id ishitha us kidnapped.. Hw many times in this show she will encounter this kidnapping nd jailing sequences…
    I am nt lyking this suhail pretty much.. He is a disaster..poor acting.. So bad if he is nidhi’s bro.. Poor ruhi.. First nidhi nd nw this guy will ruin her life..
    All problems in earth will finf their to bhalla hse only..
    I dnt think gaurav is a gud person..
    This writer is a big saddist.. Always showing negative things in show..nothing eye catchy..
    Relieved that mani nd shagun united.. Wonder if mani finds out she was acting..
    Cvs are really gone nuts.. When shagun was neg all gud things happened to her.. All her plans succeded nd nw when she is trying to become positive nothing gud is happening in her life.. Simply giving wrong message to society..
    A kid who is a teenager trusts boy frnd more than parents nd discuss such sensitive issue to boy frnd.. Cant she see hw her parents are worried for her.. I wonder what hapend to that ild brilliant matured ruhi.. This writer made disaster out of each md evry character of yhm..
    Dragging nd dragging.. Losing patience bt still bearing as its close to my heart…
    Thank god this grp is here..its much relieving.. Much better than watchng the show..

    1. Abt todays episode …. I felt sohail doing some circus . spoiled that beautiful song . Its sad Ishitha was not there .. it really showed in todays episode . Ishra atkeast seenntogether itself a magic . Shaghun looked very beautiful …. but back again her selfish readons she is behind Ruhi … Hope she will not leave Mani and go .., Anitha is a good actress but … her role as Shaghun cant be tolerated . very cheap I feel whenever I see her . Shaghun knows how to get her things royally …If the bhallas and Iyers dancing , wud have been much better to see . I too like Simmi character very much … not influenced by any one .. and good attittude .. Karans involvement is more than Ishithas in Ruhis case . Dt looks damn tired . May be she will be back fresh after the holidays .

  6. Hello to all yhm friends
    epi still on dragging track hope everything will be fine soon with ruhi

  7. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi khushi arvind how r u dear belated happy new year to you and your family

    1. Khushiarvind

      Hi my dear frnd
      Going on well here..
      Wat abt u bhagya dear
      Wish u the same dear… May this year fill your life with all joy nd happiness..

      1. Hi my dear friend khushiarvind am 13 year old girl i think you don’t know me bcz am new here can we be friends dear? You are very nice person bcz you wrote very sweet comment to everyone

      2. Khushiarvind

        Hi dear madhu….
        So nice to havr your here..
        Thank u for considering me worth your friendship…
        How are you dear?
        A very happy new year to u… May god bless you in your studies and you triumph in every phases of life…
        Alwayz please to be your friend

  8. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    really fed up with this track pls end this track soon

  9. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    where is ishitha suhail is in party only then who kidnapped ishitha

  10. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    shagun is really changed????if shagun is really changed then it wil be nice pair mani is also such a nice person

  11. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi guys rithu vpmam magic sindhu siddhi shivani priya riya mino supergirl khushiarvind madhu aditya kiran pihu sunitha jaz sobana ranaji ishveerian divyasree and al yhm frds

  12. Thank you to all for appreciating me vp magic shivani khushi
    vp trust me i like you very much happy to read i made your day
    and am new here so i dont know i should say this or not but we all should be friend like shivani and magic i feel v happy whenever i read their cmnt towards each other they every time use “my dear friend” if we all use that magical words towards everybody than it will be good sorry if i hurt anyone but this is my opinion to all my dear friends what you say?

    1. Hi mona as vp amma said i also like your opinion but they both (shivani, magic) also respect each other and i dont think in other case it would be possible bcz i read yesterday update some one writing bad towards rithu so it is not possible sorry if i hurt you

  13. I missed the episode.episode was worst .
    Nothing much interesting in yhm nowadays.
    Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya( both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya az sindhu Natasha sachie shreya Khushi Aliya naz mansi ananthi prisha simran bhagya Monique d aparna unique angel jaz jeni super girl Shona aditya disha juhi Luna Aisha siddhi Saba ankitha parvathi priyaroli Marin madhu pinky priya Tia priyamvadha ridhika hrisita jassi ahs valpa and all yhm friends.

  14. Hi all yhm fans.happy new year all . episodes dragging.start a new track or end yhm.

  15. Thank you Mona …. God bless you … your observation is well appreciated … And now I am restricting myself to take anyones names ….Anyways bi to all … good night .

    1. Guys dont believe VP..she is faking as if she is a lady…she is a man acting like a lady…i might have used words at rithu yday…iam sorry for that..

      Pls dont share any info about urself to VP…he is fake…be careful guys…

      1. Just Get Lost . Don’t u say bad things to our VP. If u can’t be nice to people in this site just Buzz Off. One or two rotten eggs will spoil the whole site. Sorry to say if ur a nice person u won’t say things like this to hurt people u mast be a nasty person that is why u hurt other peoples feelings . why are u bothered whether she is a he or she??? We Don’t care whether a person is he or she .. all are human & loving in this site. have u got a problem?? Anyway associating with people. May God make u a better person this year. Sorry to burst ur ego..

      2. HAHAHAHAHA…Mino!!! Get a life babe

      3. Hi Rishitha why I should be a fake ? How its going to benefit me ? Normally I ignore such comments … but as it was hitting on Rithu , I was forced to reply you . Any ways I will try to be away from your comments . If I had seen Rithus reply prior to my reply to you , i wud not have written . Rithu knows how to take care of herself . Sorry if my reply hurt you …

      4. Just check out VP’s profile is changed..cant u see she is faking

      5. Khushiarvind

        Hi dear rishitha…
        You are saying vp is fake and dnt trust her…. Can you tell us if uou have any valid points that we trust you. Vp is here since years nd we all knw her since long tym.. You are thenone who is new to this site..
        Ofcourse there are some persons who use identical names and spread negative vibes withntheir unpleasant comments… Bt we shld ignore them…
        We dnt mind i vp is a guy or a lady.. This grp is not restricted to ladies…
        This is a friendly grp.. Here we are not bothered about anyones name, native or anything.. Juz a grp of people bonded togthr by their luv for yhm…if vp is fake then all of us are fake bcose nobody knws the wareabouts of another person here…
        Juz enjoy the moments while you are here… Please dnt spread negativity nd hurt others..
        Lets enjoy together as gud frnds..

  16. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  17. Guys dont believe VP..She is not a lady…it is a man who is playing with all of us…try not to get close to him…he is faking it…trust me this is true

    1. Hi Reshma … how r you so sure ? I dont want any one to believe me …

      1. Khushiarvind

        Dear vp
        Juz ignore this… Somebody is playing dirty games out here by making identical fake names… We trust you … Before it was rithu.. Now targeting u…
        You are the life of this grp.. Be cool nd enlighten our lives with your energy and enthusiasm

  18. Hi Rithu Don’t take any notice this character .. i just saw the mean vicious comment by this vicious person. if a dog bites us we don’t bite the dog back . someone is super jealous of u & ur friendship here. sometimes i feel some are two timing here nice to the face & back stabbing from behind. But u know they can hide & say anything to hurt others & name calling.. one day when they become the target they will feel hurting others is bad. there is a saying what goes around comes around wait & watch. just ignore. let them post nasty post till they are blue in the face. sometimes using the same names . but we are one family & not narrow minded & get angry with each other. our bond is strong as long as we are here till YHM ends. so best thing is we must feel sorry for these lost souls. & forgive them for who they are. some people love to be nasty. so let them be dear. u carry on we all love u God bless u. & the nasty one too..

    1. ohhhhhhh really…rofl

      1. First go learn english…

      2. Why Not French????

  19. Worst episode & Worst precape…

  20. Hi sindhu,magic,rithu,mino,vp,riya,saba,tia,ridika and all yhm fans

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