Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita asking Raman about the saree and asking his suggestion on it. He says about him and Shagun’s marriage anniversary. She turns and hides her sadness. Adi shows the shuit to Shagun. She says Raman gave it. He says yes. She says he loves you. He asks shall I wear it and asks her to tie. She says I don’t know, I will ask Raman to make the tie. Raman talks to Ishita and she tries avoiding the talk. He holds her hand. He says I could not promise when I married you, and I want to take the vows today. He says I promise I will keep you happy all your life, and whatever the way, I will match your steps and walk, my happiness is yours, your all tears are mine, I respect you and your family like mine and maybe more, we will be always together and become best friends,

and I promise your eyes will get tears but only of happiness. I will fight the world for you. He hugs her, and they have tears of happiness. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………..plays…………..

He says I have a surprise for you. He gives her the earrings of his ancestors, and says Maa wanted her bahu to wear this. She asks just mummy ji wanted? He says no, and names everyone. They sweetly talk, and he says about Shagun, and mum took it back from her when she left home. He says she thought if I marry again, she will give this to my wife, and I feel you deserve it the most. He says he wants to make her wear this by his hands. She smiles. Shagun looks on. She comes to her room angrily. Adi asks what happened. Shagun cries and says I wish to die, I don’t have anything, they have taken my everything.

She says they feel I don’t love Raman, but its not true. Raman has left me and took away my Ruhi, and I stayed with memories. Shagun cries and takes sympathy from Adi, about earrings and her rights given to Ishita. She says everyone is punishing me, as they feel I left Raman and went to Ashok, but Ashok loved me, and Raman’s love changed, I don’t matter to him, even when I still respect him. Raman says I like this earrings a lot and teases Ishita, saying he likes her too.

Shagun says I will return all gifts back to Raman. Raman says I did not give you anything and I feel we don’t need to express by gifts. Shagun says he left me alone. Ishita has taken Raman from me and Mihika took Ashok from me, both sisters have taken away my everything. Everyone will celebrate and I will be left alone. Raman says this earrings did not look more beautiful than this before. Ishita hugs him. Adi pacifies Shagun and says forget them, you have your son. She says what if you also leave me. Adi says I m your son, we don’t need Raman Bhalla’s love. She says we have to go in party, else they will kick us out, go and get ready, we will pretend to be happy. She hugs him and smiles.

The new year party starts. Ashok comes with Mihika. They pose for some pics for magazine. He holds her and asks her to smile. He says make my wife’s pic reach page 3. He says this is out deal, to look happily married couple infront of the world. Simmi says Ananya is unwell, so I will stay at home. Raman and Ishita come. Mrs. Bhalla compliments her on the earrings. Shagun says Adi and I did not get ready, we will come later. Raman and Ishita say we will wait. Shagun asks them to carry on. She asks Raman to send car. Raman gives the passes and asks her to come soon. They all leave.

Adi asks Shagun to get ready fast, as they are waiting. She says no, they have left and did not wait for us, they gave this passes. Adi is surprised. She says I told no one cares for our happiness, we are not part of this family, its Raman and mine anniversary and he did not wish me, Ishita won’t let him wish. She says I will get ready.

Ashok introduces Mihika to his friends. She sees Mihir coming and acts loving towards Ashok. Mihir looks on and feels hurt seeing her and Ashok. He recalls their love. Ashok asks her for a dance. Mihir goes. Raman and Ishita come in the party and see Mihika and Ashok close. The Bhallas look on shocked. Mihika sees them. Next comes Iyers, and even they are shocked seeing Mihika and Ashok. Amma cries. Ishita tells Vandu that Amma is not able to see this, please take care of her. Ashok talks to the announcer, and comes to Mihika. He says you will always remember this party and touches her. Mihika smiles unwillingly seeing her family infront of her, and bears Ashok’s dirty touch. The announcer presents a sensual dance by Ashok and Mihika, and everyone clap for them. Mihir drinks being hurt. Everyone look on.

Mihika dances with Ashok, on the song Aaj phir tumpe pyaar aaya hai……………plays……………. Mihir looks on and turns to drink. Iyers and Bhallas are embarrassed seeing Mihika.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. ruhi

    Very slow episode. I don’t understand what is Mihika upto. She should be getting tight slap from Mihir. She should have told them herculean and instead whe is making mihir jealous… But y… Mihir should be getting a partner soon.

  2. ishra

    …wow Raman …….ishita ko jitna bora laga tha…usse kayi zyada. ..tum ne usse khush kiya. …..
    tum hare. .promises. …khandani….earrings. ….and the most. ..jab tum ne. …ye kaha ki…..I LOVE THIS EARRINGS SOOO MUCH. ..♡♡♡
    Earrings bhi aur pahenne wali bhi. earrings itne pyare nahin lage jitne aaj lage. ……….wow. ……..LOVE YOU ISHRA. …..

  3. p

    Raman ke dialog toh maar hi dalti hai .Superb raman and ishita ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  4. p

    Yeh shagun ko toh serial se nikal dena chaye .shagun adi se bhi jhoot bole rahi hai .Adi ko bhi nahi chod rahi hai apne matlab ke liye.

  5. ishra

    IshRa scene toh. …. super se upper. …tha. …..Raman tum ne indirectly. ..ishita ko. .I LOVE YOU ♡ ♡ ♡
    keh diya. ….LOVE IT. …….

  6. ruhi

    There was no connection in what shagun was saying. I didn’t leave raman. Ashok was in love with me. Kelsa kya chahti hain.

  7. wow it really awesome when raman said my all happiness goes to u and ur all sadness comes to it outstanding yaar.siff aur siff tum hi ho raman can say like this.iam impressed.waise wt raman say is true for ishra love know need any gift.totally ishra scene is mindblowing.

  8. ishra

    Mihika. .ashok. .Adi. …Apshaguni….shagun ne. ..IshRa. .ki new year party. …..kharab kar diye. ….
    shagun ko ..IshRa ki life. ..bahar. .nikalo. …..

  9. i dont think mikha is taking revenge form ashok.mikha tho just enjoying with mean yaar tu.bechara mihir feeling so sad for mihir.and where is rinky raman ka sister.

  10. ruhi

    Priyaroli…. U r rite… Mihika is not taking any revenge from him. She is taking revenge from her family and Mihir bechara… Don’t know what he has done. Mihir should be getting a partner. And make mihika suffer.

  11. zee

    Mindblowing episode of ishra scenes day by day iadi is too rude end this shagun chapter soon pls pls

  12. jahnvi

    Just wondering watif shagun ,Soumya nd sarika plan a new year get together nd a nuclear bomb falls on them!!

  13. if iam not wrong i think jahnvi is taking about suhani se ladki ka somuya and ajeeb dastan hai ka sarika right.i wish same happen wt jahnvi said.

  14. waise bein today ishu in black and grey wala dress code is superb and she looks so beautiful.and hamara raman tho asusual looks stunning and handsome with black and red wala dress code.u guys look perfe2t as a jodi.

  15. susweta sarkar

    Ishita and Raman both are very qute couple this episode Ishita and Raman seen is very good.but shagun is so irritating charrecter in the serial

  16. yeah it was going well nowdays phir the negative character makes annoy.i wish all negative character get punishement for their deeds.always looking into others husband.

  17. p

    Ishra rocks .Raman ishita ke scene humesha hi awesome hote hai and yeh shagun apni harkato se baaz nahi aayegi .

  18. ruhi

    I know… That serial is one of the worst serials. I hate that serial from the time that radha has entered the show. It’s been more than a year I.left that.

  19. sree

    Acha hua ki shagun raman aur ishita ke beech ka pyaar dekha…kam se kam woh yeh galatfaimi mein toh nahi rahungi ki raman abhi bhi shagun ko pasand karta hai….

  20. sree

    Shagun’s son Aditya is beginning to take a liking towards Raman and Ishita. How will Shagun react to this? Read on to know more!

    In the last episode, we saw Romi (Aly Goni) dining at Mrs Iyer’s place. She was seen telling Romi that he would have to act like a spy for her and keep a tab on Shagun (Anita Hassanandani). Mrs Iyer’s husband scolded her for bribing Romi, stating that it was inappropriate behaviour on her part. Further, Mihika (Mihika Verma) was seen taunting Ashok (Sangram Singh) for misbehaving with the house help. Shagun and Raman (Karan Patel) on the other hand were seen taking Aditya for counseling. The episode ended with the counselor telling the two, that they would have to give special attention to Aditya and make him feel loved.

    In the upcoming episode, we will see Raman and Aditya, bonding over a game of carom. The game would start with Aditya stating that he would like to be in Bala’s team, Raman and Shravan being the contenders. Simmi and Romi would be seen taking part in the game as well. After a few rounds, we will see Raman and Bala defending their own kids, which will make Aditya want to be in Raman’s team.

    Later it will be revealed that Raman and Bala had planned the stint and put up a fake argument in front of Aditya. This was done to make him feel wanted and loved.

    Uh oh, looks like Aditya has taken a liking towards Raman. We are happy to see the same but bet Shagun isn’t! Is she slowly losing Aditya to Raman and Ishita? Stay tuned for more updates!

  21. Shagun tum Ishita ko jitna hurt karogi Raman utna hi Ishita ke karib jayega……….aur jitana Aadi ki wajahh se Raman ko emotional karogi utna hi Iahita Raman ko pacify karne me uske Karib jaayegi ……..tum dono jitna door karogi wo utna hi paas aayenge……..suna nahi oposites always attracts………..tum dono ko jitna opose karogi wo utna hi attract honge………Shagun tumhare sab plan tie tie fiss…….

  22. ishra

    Yes shagun . .aaise hi. Apne .bakwas. plans banati raho. ..stupid ………harakatien…kar ti raho. ..aur IshRa ko. …Our kharib Lati raho. …dekhna …ek. ..din. aaise hi …IshRa apna half love confession. ..pura kar denge. …..aur ..3 magical words ek dusre k liye kehdenge. ……

  23. Aneri shah

    Normal life main shagun ki jagah koi bhi aurat hoti toh wo raman n ishita se ty kehti rahne ke liye jagah dene ke liye n jald se jald dusra ghar dhudti plus jese shagun aadi ko bhadka rahi hai ishita n raman ke bareme vesa normal life toh hota nahi hai n mishika apne gharwalo ko sach keh sakti hai so stop this showing all this nonsense i luv this serial because of only divyanka(ishita) n karan(raman) n ruhanika(ruhi) plz ruhi n uski ishi ma n unke lovely papa ka zade scenes dikhaye kyuki serial dekhna bohot zada boring horaha hai

  24. and guys got the news shagun ka new twist iam mean she is leaving for abroad for few hamara good ishu will agree to take care of adi.chalao bus we will be happy that shugun ka nayi dekna naa.i really hope atleast get good bonding btw ishu and raman.i really wish thir happen.and guys want to know more than visit at

  25. first part of the episode was simply awesome especially ishra part. through shagun s abroad news atleast for somedays she will not come in between ishra aur ishitha bhi adi ke mann mein todi jagah bana paayegi.atleast adi tode din uss shagun ki zeher se door rahega.

  26. kya jhoothi aurath hai yaar yeh shagun .kya kya backwaaz keh rahi thi aaj ke episode mein ki bhale koi maa apne bacchon ki papa se pyar kyu na kare aur raman ne use choda tha aur ruhi ko bhi cheen liya.pyar ,cheen liya my foot.kya gandi aurat hai.selfish ,kameeni,awari,greedy, batameez aur bhootni kahiki shagun jald se jald apne uss half brain ashok ke paas jana.

  27. mihika aur kyu yaar stupidity kar rahi ho.sab kuch ishra ko keh do na.kahi tumhare iss ashok aur sooraj se badla lene ke irrade se kahi poori zindagi usi ke saath bithane ka irrada toh nahi na use pareshaan karne ka. kahi raman ki woh behna rinky aakar tumhare sajna mihir ko le jaye.aur tu aapna saara badla lekar mihir ke liye repent kare. ashok ko divorce dena hai badla lene baad .aur shagun ko bhi jana hoga naa bhalla house se.zindagi bhar toh nahi reh sakti. stupidity ki bhi koi hadd hoti hai.

  28. Sanchita

    Its a great serial on star plus that I have ever seen.I am a huuuuge fan of Raman & Ishita.the chemistry of their love is superb.It is the only serial that I watch on television.Ishita & Raman, please don’t leave this serial as long as it u both.

  29. What an episode yaar!!!!!!@
    1st part was amazing ……………
    Wow yaaar Raman kya dialige the
    ……………and Karan your acting was mindblowing………….
    Kyq bola tumne……..I Love this Earings so much……muje yeh earings bahut pasand hai aur usse pehenanewali bhi……….haay Dil jhush kar diya………par kash I Love You bhi bol diya hota….kab tak Dil me chupakar rakhoge……….
    Mrs. Bhalla ne sahi kaha aaj jakar yeh Earingss sahi kano me pahuche hai……….Excelent Episode…….only for IshRa ……………

  30. divyanka tripathi ke google website pe kya kya news upload kar rahe hai season 2 ke baare mein.jab sab ne isse rumour kaha hai toh aur kya zaroorath hai backwaaz upload karne ka. uupar se december15 ke baare mein koi news hai yhm ke baare mein .toh ab kya hame december tak wait karna padega kya.plz ekta maam clarify veiwers doubts and plz dont end this show.we want this show to come many years.plz its a humble request.

  31. Raman ne saat vachan de kar yeh clerify kar diya ki wo Ishita ko kabhi nahi chhodega…………aur meri Jindagi tuumhi se shuru hoti hai aur tumhi pe khatm yeh keh kar clerify kar diya ki Shagun ke hone na hone se usse koi fark naho padata………

  32. IshRa ek advise hai ……Romance karo to please apne bedroom ka door lock karke karo taaki wo Shagun tumhare personal miment me jawnkh kar buri nazaar na laga sake…….

  33. yhm rockz……trp is going really well.plz..ekta maam show ko band math kariye.hum log trp ko kam nahi hone denge.plz… just because of ishra and ruhi yeh serial best hai aur aapke production se hai toh kayi saal expect kar rahe hai.plz its a humble request.

    • ruhi

      Hi ritushree…. Actually I m not understanding what’s the rumour?? Show will end dec15?? 2014 Dec is gone already…..

  34. really not understanding.just very only requesting to clarify all the veiwers doubts as we cannot wait till december15.plz.. somebody clarify.

  35. Ruhi rumour yeh hai ki jald hi IshRa ka love confession hoga aur confession ke baad show ka end ho jayega………& Dec 2015 me season 2 ke saath wapas aayega……..& Divyanka ne to yeh bhi kaha ki shayad wo season 2 me nahi hogi…..& Aly (Romi) ne tweet kiya hai ki……….
    Chill guys its just a rumour we are not going anywhere. We r still with u and inshallah will stay longer.. love u all ………….
    Ab pata nahi kya sach hai kya juth ……hum to sirf Ekta ko request & God ko pray kar sakte hai………

  36. Telly Guru ne yeh kaha…….
    Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is going to show a lot of emotions like romance,revenge and many more.Recently we heard a rumor of ending this show and coming back with Season 2.But don’t worry it’s not going off-air.

    Coming to our show Yeh Hai mohabbatein,Shagun is with full swing to take revenge with ishita using adi as her weapon.Shagun is poisoning adi’s mind and heart against ishita.

    In the coming episode’s,Viewers will witness a new years party.Raman and ishita will spend some time with each other.Ashok who wanted to insult mihika,he makes her dance infront of her family.Mihika will be left without choice.So she dances with him.Mihir will be shattered seeing her intimacy with ashok.

    All the Bhalla’s and iyers will be sadened with this.Toshiji tries to calm mrs.iyer and makes her drink loaded.Adi will ask ishita that why she is destroying her mom’s life.Ishita breaks into tears.

    After this party,Shagun is upto some plan to make ishita’s life miserable.She will tell them that she want to go abroad for some work.She will be behaving as she is worried for adi.As we know ishita will assure that she will take complete care of adi.

    As we know that it’s not so easy to handle adi.But ishita as always do her best.

    Hope this leads a good bonding between adi and ishita.

  37. ishra

    Wow raman …..tumne jo ishita se promises kiye
    ki….main tumhe sari umer khush rakhonga. …tumhare khadam se khadam mila k chalon ga. ….meri sari khushiyan tumhari aur tum hare sare anson mere. …main tumhari family ki respect karon ga. ..jaise meri family ki. ..ya usse bhi zyada. ….hum sari umer achche dost bankar rahenge. .humsafars…rahenge. …tumhari ankhon main anson zaror honge woh bhi khushi k. …..main ladonga tumse nahin tum hare liye dunya se ladonga. ……..I promise. ….I promise. ……
    ♡♡♡……love you .. (raman )……I wish k aaisa life partner har kisi ko mile. …..

  38. mazzak bana diya hai veiwers ke feelings ka.we want this show to come many years and we are hearing about season 2. really very disappionting yaar.

  39. Hey Guys Happy 1st Sunday of 2015….
    Mera dil kehta hai aur muje pura bharosa hai ki yeh Season 2 vali news rumour hi hovi…..kyonki yeh news sirf SBS me hi aai hai aur kahi bhi aisi koi news nahi aai……..& uske upar khud Aly Goni ne kaha ki yeh ek rumour hai & wo log hume aur iss show ko chhod kar kahi nahi jaa rahe………& SBS me aisi hi news Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai ke baare me bhi last month aai thi ki yeh Show bandh ho jayega yaa phir time slot 11:00 pm ho jayega par aisa kuch nahi hua……….
    And sabhi Muslim Bhai – Behano ko ………..Happy Eid-E-Milad………

  40. Raman ne kya promises diye Ishita ko waah!!!! Meri duniya tumse hi shuru hoti hai aur tum par hi khatm …meri saari khusiyan tumhari aur tumhare saare aansu mere…..aaj ke baad tumhari aankhi me aansu awyege par sirf khushiyon ke……..marte dam tak tumhari respect karunga…….tumhe hamesha khush rakhunga………ladunga par tumhare saath nahi tumhare liye duniya se ladunga……..hum hamesa achhe dost bankar rahenge…..saathi bankar rahenge……..tumhari familly ki respect karunga jitni mai apni family ki karta hoo….infact uss se byi jyada karunga……… yaar…… year par inn promises se jyada achha gift Ishita ke liye aur kuch ho hi nahi sakta…………..and apne haatho se Earings Ishita ko pehana kar humari khushi me chaar chaane laga diye……….
    Itne dino Shagun ka drama dekhakar hum bahut bore ho gaye the wo saari boriyat ek ep me hi door ho gai……….

  41. Shuchismita Das

    Can someone upload 1st November 2014 Episode on dailymotion or youtube? I can’t get it from anywhere.

  42. Oh ok kya tum muslim ho??? & ek baat aur yeh Ishita pata nahi kya cheej hai…..New year party me family photo shoot ho rahi thi to Aadi baaki fwmily ke saath Raman & Ishita ke bich me khada tha par Aadi un comfatable tha to Ishita photo se bahar nikal gai & apni jagah Shagun ko Raman ke saath khada kar diya…….

  43. p

    SBB me ishra dance krege new year party me song chaar khadam bas chaar kahadam .Bahut acha dance hoga par shagun adi ko use kar ke family photo me raman ke saath pose kargi .And ishita apne jhumke shagun ko de dege raman ko kahegi ki yeh jhumke shagun ko de do.

  44. OH my God Yeh Shagun ne Anyversry cake manga aur Ishita ke force karne par Raman ne Shagun ke saath cake bhi cut kiya ……but Romantic dance to Ishita ke saath hi kiya Shagun kuch bhi karle Raman to Ishita ka hi hai……but yeh Ishita ne apne Earings Shagun ko kyo diye??? Yeh gift koi Raman ne nahi diya tha ji Ishita ne wo blue dress ki tarah Shagun ko daan kar diya yeh khandani Earings the jis par sirf Bhalla family ki bahi ka haq tha to Ishita ko koi haq nahi banta ki wo Raman & Toshiji ko puchhe bina Shagun ko de de……

  45. i think ki ishitha ne woh earings adi ki wajah se di hai taki woh adi ko kush kar sake.kyonki unn earings ke baare mein adi ko bathaya tha.aur adi ne bhi ishitha ko party mein kuch kaha jiss wajah se ishitha roeee bhi ho atleast itnii kurbaniyon ke baad toh adi ko ishitha ki acchayi dikhai de.waise bhi kuch dino ke liye abroad ja rahi hai. dhire dhire kuch accha hone wala hai jaise feelings hai yhm mein.

  46. sbb mein kuch bura toh kuch accha aaya lekin sirf abp news mein aaya season 2 ke baare mein.kuch samaj nahi aa raha hai.i think so it is just a rumour as karan patel said this show will come for many years,even aly goni said that it will come for many years and divyanka also said that it is a rumour. plz ekta maam dont make this rumour a reality.plz……

  47. ishra

    Mai nahin dekhi. ….sbs…….oh. .I.
    missed. …
    shagun kitna girogi. …earrings leliye ishita se. ….earrings lene se kya hota hai. …tum uss ghar baho tohdi na banjao gi. ……bhalla house ki bahu an only ..ishita Raman bhalla hai. ………divorce k bad kon anniversary cake kaat ta hai. ………

  48. ishitha ne iss bar koi galthi nahi ki hai kyonki woh sirf adi ko khush karna chahthi hai. ishitha ko choodo lekin shagun ko koi hak nahi bantha woh earings pehen ne ka kyonki woh khandani earings hai jo sirf bhalla house ki bahu pehen sakthi hai .aur shagun toh raman ki ex-wife hai aur naa hi uss ghar ki bahu. shameless.kya samaj thi hai apne aap ko.

  49. ruhi

    But seriously… Ishita is so stupid. Earrings dedi. If ramans gift doesn’t matter to her then y does she get upset about anniversary. She tries to be mother Teresa which is not necessary.

  50. ruhi

    Main wrong casting of this serial is Aadi. He is too big for that cast. His acting is ridiculous to ridiculous. Hate Aadi. He can’t even talk properly. Learn from that kids u fat Aadi…. Shravu and ruhi.

  51. Phir bhi Ishita ko Aadi ke liye bhi Earings Shagun ko nahi deni chahiye thi use koi haq nahi ki wo Bhalla family ki khandani Earings kisi ko bhi de de….
    Par koi baat nahi IshRa ka pyar aise gift par thodi tika hua gai….Raman ne kaha tha na ki unke pyar ko aise koi gifts aur cards de karrr jatane ki koshish nahi unka to Dil se Dil ka rishta hai…..hai naa………

  52. sree

    I really hope ki shagun ki foreign jaane ke baat adi ko ishita ke achai dikhe,aise mein shagun ki saari plan fail hojayenge…

  53. Pata nahii humari kismat me Love merrage hai yaa Arrange merrage…..par chahe jo bhi Life partnr to IshRa jaise hi hone chahiye……..perfact couple yaar………….IshRa ne saabit kae diya ki sachha pyar haasil karne ke liye Love merrage karna jaruri nahi hai………agar humari kismat me sachha pyar hoga to Arrange mege karke bhi mil hi jayega……jaise IshRa ko mila………..

  54. div

    Chi…i hate dis show…wt is dis soo ridiculous…hw can ishu give her earrings to dat shagun as Raman gave her…wt does ishu think abt herself

  55. ishra

    Yes prayosha I agree with u…..sachcha life. …chahiye toh. .love marriage ki kya zarorat hai. ….arrange marriage main bhi Ho sakta hai. …but. partner ho. …toh. ..Raman. .jaisa ho. ……kyunnn ? ?

  56. Ishita and Iyer family is upset with Mihika’s misbehavior with the family.

    In new year party, Shagun planned to celebrate her marriage anniversary with Raman. Actually Shagun in trying to get Raman back in her life. She ordered a beautiful cake for their anniversary celebration. She wrote”Happy Marriage Anniversary Raman & Shagun” on this cake.

    Shagun will ask Raman to cut the cake. Raman will join her in cutting cake for the sake of Aditya. On this occasion Ishita suggested Raman to gift their Khandaani eye-rings to Shagun. Raman will listen to Ishita and gift Shagun eye-rings. Shagun will be happy after receiving gift from Raman, and will feel that she is getting success in getting Raman back. But that seems to be her misunderstanding.

    When there will be announcement in party for couple dance, then Shagun will expect that Raman will dance with her. But Raman is clever, he chooses Ishita for couple dance.

  57. Right Ishra husband ho to Raman jaisq & wife ho to Ishita jaise hi …..hope hume byi future me Raman jaisq caring loving partner mile……

  58. ishra

    Kyon k. .kal. …mihika. .Adi ka drama hoga. .na. …is liye Tuesday. …
    jaisa kal hoa. …IshRa scene k bad. .pura episode mihika ashok k u per tha. .

  59. Kya charming persoonality hai Rqman & Karan dono ki ……..jab bhi dil Rqman & IshRa ke baare me sochata hai bas unhi ke khayqlo me kho jata hqi aur dimaag to kaam karna bandh kar deta hai…….

  60. Yaar IshRa sqb log shaadi ke baad 2 se 3 hote hai……par tum dono to shaadi se pehle hi 2 se 3 ho gaye the…….qb 3 se 4 kab honge?????? ….We want to see IshRa’s complete family Raman Ishita Ruhi & Ruhi’s littele brother/sister….
    Kya kehti ho IshRa……….

  61. cake cutting and all.what rubbish. shagun ko talak-divorce naam ka shubd patha hai na ki ab woh aur raman husband wife nahi toh konsa aniversary. aur woh adi,12 years ka bada baccha hai .divorce ka matlab jaan kar bhi cake katwaa raha hai.pagal kahi ka. ishitha sacrifice aur acchayi ki devi ramanko cake kaatne dethi hai.aur apni kushiyon ka kya aarthi utharegi aur prasad mein baatengi kya.

    • ishra

      rithushree. ….ur right. …
      divorce k bad kaheki. .anniversary. …….Adi ko itna bhi nahin pata. …..lekin batein badi badi karta hai. ….Adi ki wahje se. .ishita ne earrings shagun ko .dey di. ……

  62. ishra

    Perfect prayosha. …..
    ruhi’s..sis /Bro. …toh hone hi chaiye. …
    tabhi toh IshRa ki family complete hogi. …..perfect couple ki perfect family. …….
    I hope k. .new year party k bad. .IshRa ka. ….ek romantic scene hona chahiye. ….jaisa raman ne kaha tha. .ki. …kal. .ki. .sham main tumhare liye special karon. …jitne maine taklif di hai. .woh sari mita sakon. ……..
    tum kya kehti ho? ??

  63. ek toh neendey haram karne wale rumours aa rahe hai iss show ke.uupar se yeh high voltage drama. jiss baat ka koi matlab ya sense hi nahi hai toh use kyu dikha rahe hai.ishitha toh maano bewakoof banthi jaa rahi ishitha kar rahi hai ,woh sab bewakoofon wala kaam hai.acchayi ki nahi.shagun ke fool proof dirty games mein ishitha dupki maar rahi hai.adi ke kushi ke liye khandani earings de diya,phir se adi ke khushi ke liye raman ko toote hua shadi ka cake kaatne diya.toh baad mein woh pagal adi ki khushi ke liye raman ko shagun ko de degi kya. thino iyer behne bewakoofi kar rahe hai.ishitha uss shagun ke maamle mein,mihika uss ashok ke maamle mein aur vandu jise patha hi nahi hai raina ke baare mein aur bala kaise uss se kayi baar jhoot bol chuka hai.math mari gayi hai thino behnon ka.

  64. Juthi Makkar aurat Shagun kehti hai Raman ne muje chhed diya tha………saaali…….Raman ne tuje chhodq tha ki tune Raman ko chhod diya tha……Nagin apne bachhe ko bhi nahi chhodti wese tu bhi apne bqchhe ke kaan hi uske papa ke khilqf bhar rahi ho…….tuje to marne ke baad Nark me bhi jagah nahi milegi……..

  65. Hey Guys SBS SBB me dikhaya YHM ke baare me…….Ishita ki mamtq hai khatre me……Ishita Aadi ki wajah se ro rahi hai dekhi jaldi……

  66. SBS me aaya ki Aadi Ishita ko story sunata hai…wo kehta hai ki…..ek family thi jisme ek chhota bqchhq tha..par ek din unke ghar me ek aurat aai jo uski step mom thi wo bahar se bqhot achhi hone ka dikhava karti thi par wo bahut buri thi……..
    Yeh sunkar Ishita ko samaj aa gaya ki Aadi indirectly Use suna raha hai…aur Ishita rone lagi Ramqn ne puchha par Ishita ne bataya nahi……

  67. SBB me bhi same hi aaya uske baad jab Ishita breakfast banati hai tab sqbke saamne Aadi Ishita ki taarif karta hai….and use Dhosa banane ke liye kehta hai……..Ishita Aadi ke aise dohra behaviour dekhakar confuse ho jati hai………..Raman Ishita ko rota hua dekhakar wajah puchhata hai par Ishita nahi batati Raman use hasane ki koshosh karta hai…..yeh scene shayad wo carromwale scene ke pehle ya baad me aayega..

  68. Yaar Me D3 nahi dekhati phir bhi SBS SBB me iska ending dekhakar rona aa gaya……pls yaar YHM ko end mat karna hum jii nahi payege isske bina…….iss show ka Ending humse nahi dekha jayega hope jo Aly Goni ne kaha wo hi sach ho aur baaki sqb juth…..

  69. ishra

    What. .D3 band hogaya. …awww
    haan. .prayosha. …..yhm band nahin hona chahiye. ……ending dekha nahin jaye ga. ………….
    IshRa scene mast hogana. …. jab raman ishita ko hasane ki kushish karaha tha. ..bolo. …..

  70. mala

    Nice episode. Adi is nt having +ve opinion abt ishita. How can he accept her this will be more drama and less entertainment. We see serial to refresh ourself not to see one more drama. Pls……

  71. Accept it or not! Ekta Kapoor’s telly saga Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is one of the most watched shows on the small screen. Audiences from all age groups love to watch the show week after week. The characters from the soap opera; Raman, Ishita and the cute Ruhi got immense love and fan following immediately after the show went on air. (Read Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Shagun to ruin Raman and Ishita’s efforts to help Adi feel home!)

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein recently completed one year and the crew celebrated the occasion in a grand affair. Besides, the TRP’s of the show are shooting up, ranking the show in the second place on the TRP chart. (Read Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ashok reveals the deal behind his marriage to Mihika!)

    A new Channel recently reported that Balaji Telefilms’ show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will soon go off air. It also announced that the showmakers are planning to make a comeback with the season 2 of the same. The news of the show spread like a fire among the fans creating a sense of worry among the fans.

    So, all you Yeh Hai Mohabbatein fans out there chill out. The show is not going to end any time soon. Yes, you heard it right. The confirmation has been given by one of the show cast, Ali Gony (Romy) on his micro blogging account. Aly has rubbished all rumours of wrapping up the show and has assured the fans that they will continue to entertain their fans for some more time.

    Chill guys its just a rumour we are not going anywhere. We r still with u and inshallah will stay longer.. love u all

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.