Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Aaliya feels guilty

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita coming inside the house and calling out Aaliya. She sees the man fallen wounded and asks Aaliya. Aaliya faints. Ishita sprinkles water on her. Aaliya gains consciousness. Ishita asks what happened. Aaliya says he got shot by my hands, what shall I do, I was giving him money and going, he touched me, he threatened to shoot me, I didn’t kill him. Ishita says its okay, you didn’t do anything, he must have shot himself, he wanted to kill you, listen….you did this in self defence. She hugs Aaliya and consoles.

Aaliya says what will Adi and Mani think, this man died. Ishita checks him and says he is alive, you didn’t kill him, stop being hyper, we have to save him, I will call hospital and police. Aaliya says no, don’t call police. Ishita says

nothing will happen, we have to save him, relax. She calls. Aaliya says please take me from here. They leave. Bala says I wanted to tell Ishu, but she left in hurry. Amma says Raman is marrying in this age. Bala says Raman doesn’t know anything, we can’t blame him. Amma says we will do the same with any girl coming here. Bala says I spoke to watchman, and asked him to contact me if any girl comes. He gets watchman’s call and says fine, I will see her. Amma says this time, I will go and teach Bhallas a lesson. Bala and Amma see the lady. Bala wishes all the best and sends Amma. Amma stops the lady and asks did you come to meet Bhallas for marriage, my best wishes for you. The lady says yes, agency has sent me, do you know them.

Amma says we are her neighbors, they have a little child, Raman is the father. The lady says yes, I know this. Amma says its good, you like kids, Pihu will get mum’s love, not of her dad, Raman has no interest, his mum and sister rule in his house, poor thing, he has to agree to them, marry him, tell him you will keep the child in boarding school, he will like it. The lady thanks and goes. Bala says good job Amma. Ishita gets Aaliya to Mani’s home. Mani says Shagun went to NGO. Ishita takes Aaliya to her room. Ishita asks Aaliya to just take rest. Aaliya worries.

Amma looks inside Bhalla house. Raman asks will you send my daughter to boarding school. The lady says yes, good manners are taught there along studies. He asks her to get lost from here, there is no place for her. The lady goes. Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi why didn’t she get anyone suitable. Raman asks Simmi what’s happening, he wants to marry for Pihu’s sake, these people have no humanity and affection, I shouldn’t marry, I did wrong. Simmi says no, I will meet alliances first, we will find a good mum for Pihu, she will forget her real mum. Raman asks real mum, who is Pihu’s mum, why don’t I remember, tell me who is she.

Simmi says that woman is responsible for this, she cheated you and left. He asks what are you thinking. She says please relax, she was very selfish, she left little Pihu, you begged her so much, she didn’t listen, you started getting depressed, we took you to many psychiatrists, we took good care of you, we don’t want you to get depressed again. He says I have seen Pihu is attached to Ishita, it doesn’t mean she is real mum of Pihu, who is her mum, where is the pic.

Simmi says you can’t see her pic, Pihu doesn’t remember her. Raman says I should remember. Simmi asks do you think I will lie, I swear by you, I m not lying. He worries. She says everything will be fine. Mihika comes and says its not the agency’s mistake, our neighbors did this, come with me. Mrs. Bhalla asks the lady how did she listen to Iyers. The lady says I wanted to impress you all, I don’t want to sit now, I m not interested in this relation. Mihika asks why. Lady says Raman has anger issues, who will marry such a man. She goes. Mihika says they don’t want Raman to get married. Mrs. Bhalla says Amma can’t see our happiness. Raman says no need to find alliances, I won’t marry now. Mihika says no, why are you giving you so soon, trust me, meet some girls once, we will ensure that Pihu is utmost priority for that girl. He says fine and goes. Mrs. Bhalla praises Mihika.

Ishita meets inspector and asks about the man. Inspector says we went to the location you provided, we didn’t get anyone, you look educated, joking with police isn’t good, leave. She goes thinking if ambulance took that man, whose pulse was running. Simmi says I m glad you managed the situation so well. Mihika says I should thank you, you convinced Raman, I should think about my life too, I will also register there and wish for such a good family, a husband like Raman. Simmi says it will be a good decision, thank you. Mihika goes. Simmi says why didn’t I think this before, I think I should talk to mum about this.

Simmi asks Mrs. Bhalla do you like Mihika. Mrs. Bhalla says I like her, why. Simmi says I will just come. Ishita asks nurse about the new patient entries. Nurse says there is no entry. Ishita asks her to ask any ward boy. The man says no one got admitted. Ishita asks them didn’t they check the place. The man says we went there but didn’t find anyone. Ishita asks what.

Parmeet says I got divorce papers, sign on it. Ishita gets sad. Aaliya says he is using your goodness, don’t sign. Parmeet threatens to show the video to police.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. If Mihika and Ishitha have planned to expose Simmi then this whole Raman remarrying Mihika makes would make sense because during the marriage ceremony,if it happens in the Iyer tradition Raman will for sure remember about Ishitha. If that’s what they are planning, ok.. if not there is no point watching further. And regarding the murder I feel param would have paid the money lender to contact Aliya and create this entire drama to use that as a pawn to get Ishitha sign the divorce papers. Seriously hoping for a positive twist!!???

  2. How cheap this show can be ! Mihikas self proposal and all .. OMG something has really happened to the production team ! Are they all in memory loss ! These lead actors have no word in all these … mocking on Indian culture ! we are watching now to see how stoop these cvs can go ! Memory loss only to his wife and elder kids ! And if reports to believe Raman who has warned not to go to Iyers house goes with the whole family to invite ? Ishithas plans are failing … and Param easily trap ! Classy Villain Anurag is ! How well he is acting ! Evil wins over good and how can they go this end of negativity . Its a request please end this show ! Very old people and kids watches this serial for Ishima ! They are all getting mental block … advisable not to show children … what have they done to Ruhis life .., kids used to love her … from early age making her in love and torture her later ! These are not good for children to watch .. for dramas sake and for the numbers of episodes playing with viewers emotion is totally wrong ! I really wish censor board or even if the sponcers stop or even KP and Dt stop acting .. that wid be the best answer to Ekta mam ! Understand she is not married … thats why shows are all like this !

  3. i wish tis memory loss drama ends within feb 14..coz every yr they celebrate tat day as raman ishita anniversary…plzz dont drag…ystrday i saw an interview of divyanka by vikas..where he says televisions most realistic show is yhm..but the fact is fate…god….

    1. Don’t get your hopes up. CVs have been avoiding IshRa’s special dates/moments for a very long time now. They are getting very creative in that area.

  4. It’s getting depressing!!

    1. Very, very depressing ?

  5. I dont feel like watchint anymore. Pls stop this track soon

  6. A sala 3rd class and bastard character of the dog param really very bad. I dont like this blody bastard and his wife. If it realy happened in any family then there is alots of possibility of morder……………….

  7. This show is gettting sooo boring it’s just going in circles

  8. This story line is really ridiculous ?

  9. These aaliya is too much , she always put ishita in trouble.

    1. She is so needy. Why can’t she go to her mother or father or husband to solve her problems. Why always Ishita.

  10. I have been done with this show so many times that I have stopped counting. But I find myself coming back every time! Looking at the TRP I am not the only fool. But the moment Raman actually marries Mihika I am done for good. Still hoping that the marriage will not happen but not getting my hopes up

  11. It is so depressing I decided not to watch the show till it gains positive trend ( if it may) till that I will only read this.

  12. Disgusting ekta herself hasn’t got any self respect showing viewers the same old crap .By no means it makes sense Raman remarrying is that what ekta is trying to portray our Indian .b*t*h has completely lost it .Our younger generation is getting wrong messages with shows like hers .Seriously shut this crap if she hasn’t got any story line left .

  13. Common…….producers. It is about time to call this show a day. Apart from you trying to brother and sister in law to get married, nothing else is new. The show is being repetitive. Raman and his drama are so unreal. How come that it is only Ishita that he cannot remember, he has started shouting like a mad man again and is no more depress. Please this is so boring now, change the stroryline ASAP.

  14. Irish Subramani

    planned to quit watching such a boring story line., disgusting!!!

  15. To worst episode is running sister husband is like father and brother now there want to marry ramana and mihika .frist up all his memory loss darma is to worst pihu is saying ishta is her mum y can’t ramana understand it . Serial should make sense will watching not to teach bad

  16. To worst episode is running sister husband is like father and brother now there want to marry ramana and mihika .frist up all his memory loss darma is to worst pihu is saying ishta is her mum y can’t ramana understand it . Serial should make sense will watching not to teach bad

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