Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita taken inside the jail and sees the prisoners. She meets the jailer and jailer sends the lady constables out. She asks Ishita her name. Ishita says her name. jailer sends Ishita. They check her height and weight. Jailer says its out work to check if you have any weapon or bad thing. Lady constable tries to remove her pallu. Ishita stops her. Jailer asks lady constables to check her. Ishita says I m not a criminal. Jailer says I know, but its same rules for everyone here. Ishita says I will myself do it and cries.

Vandu wakes up and says how did I sleep for too long, and thinks of Ishita. The rich lady/student’s mother comes to meet Vandu at her home. Vandu talks to the student’s mother and defends herself. Vandu tells the student’s mother

that she was just thinking of the student’s future. The lady says you did this with my son, he slipped in coma, you ruined his future, and curses Vandu. Student’s mum asks Vandu to kill herself, or pray this does not happen with her son. Vandu panics. Ishita is asked to remove her jewelry and also her mangalsutra. Ishita cries and says not mangalsutra. The jailer says no metal is allowed here, remove it. Her mangalsutra is also removed. Ishita cries and is given the jail clothes, and few utensils. Jailer asks her to follow all rules.

Abhishek comes and asks Raman why did he call him. Raman asks Abhishek to let him meet Ishita once. Abhishek says no, we have sent her to jail authorities, just court can save her, Jailer Sadhna is very strict, she won’t permit. Raman asks him to try once. Abhishek calls the jailer and asks for permission, for Raman to meet his wife. Abhishek sends Raman to meet Ishita. Raman thanks him.

Raman goes inside the jail to meet Ishita. He cries seeing her in jail clothes. Ansoo ka rishta…………..plays……….. Raman and Ishita see each other and get teary eyed. He recalls their old romantic moments. Ishita cries and asks about Ruhi. Raman says she is fine. She says I m so sorry, forgive me please, I did not wish to kill Chadda, he was beating Pallavi, he had knife in his hand, I did not understand anything when he got stabbed, Pallavi was scared of his family, I don’t know how his body got burnt. Raman looks on shocked. She says forgive me please. He says calm down, you trust me right, nothing will happen to you, I promise you, I will get you out of here, don’t cry. They hold hands via the small spaces in the metal divider wall. The constable asks Raman to go, as his meeting time got over. Raman and Ishita get away, and leave each other’s hands. They cry.

Vandu worries and sits thinking about the lady’s words. She says I did not do anything and holds her head. Vandu goes and shuts the room. She visualizes the lady who asks Vandu to kill herself, as Vandu killed her son. Vandu says no, I did not do anything, and visualizes the student lying on her bed. He gets up with wounds. Vandu gets more traumatized and is shocked. She gets back and the things fall. She sees they both disappeared and thinks whats happening to me. She looks for medicines, and sees brandy. She drinks much wine, and says I did not do anything. She falls on the bed.

Raman asks lawyer how did Pathak go suddenly. The lawyer says he was unwell, Sir told me about this case. Raman asks him to get his wife out, she is not criminal, she is in jail. The lawyer says we can do something in morning only. Raman says I want my wife out with me tonight, do something, I want confirmation now, else I have many ways. The lawyer says I understood, I will do something.

Raman waits to get Ishita freed, while the lawyer tries his best. The lawyer says we got appointment with the judge, I heard he is really a nice man, maybe Ishita can get bail now. Raman thanks him. Amma cries. Romi pacify her. Raman comes home. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla ask about Ishita. Raman says police arrested her. Mrs. Bhalla says how can they arrest her, how Ishita risked her life to catch Kaali. They cry.

Mr. Bhalla says there will be some way out, don’t worry and takes Mrs. Bhalla. Appa consoles Amma and takes her. Bala leaves with them. Romi asks Raman to meet Ruhi, she is alone in her room. Raman goes to Ruhi and sees her sleeping. He recalls his promise and sits by her side. He sees the family pic Ruhi is holding, and says forgive me Ruhi, Papa could not bring your Ishi Maa back, but Papa promises that I will bring your Ishi Maa back soon. He hugs Ruhi and cries.

The jail inmates ask Ishita to have food. Raman throws food and asks Mrs. Bhalla to stop it, Ishita is in jail with murder blame. She cries and hugs him, saying everything will be fine.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. This is ridiculous. I don’t wanna see IshRa separated. Stop this nonsense. I think Ekta has gone mad to make Ishra separated. Nd the terrorists part was not necessary. Sorry but I think Ektaa has lost her old skills.

  2. Rithika

    Worst episode..upcoming episode is dam coming episodes raman will marry nidhi and ishitha will romance with acp..yeh ishra ke chaal hai sbs report…

  3. Hj

    Plz don’t separate ishara. End of this track soon. Episode is bad. Precap is also Bad. Any way waiting for next update.

  4. fathi fathi

    Weldone itz gud for atleast making the fans very very very very very very very very very very very happy.thanks.

  5. kajal

    One more story line i have daily i post a new way to end thr crap today again a new way to end thr show
    Becoz i m so irritatrd with the makers

    Just show that ishita got death punishment for thr murder charge and raman in shock commits suicide and ruhi adi lives with shagun happily after death

    • V P

      Very true Kajal …. That’s what the producers should do . The episode was so sad and touching . This serial is watched by millions that too of any age . It was very defficult to digest today’s episode ….. Hearts helming it was …. The love which was shown all thru and today they acted so well and touched our hearts . And Ishra going to separate ? Raman to marry again ? Ishitha to have romance with Acp . Hope he will be a consoling shoulder . In real life let them romance why dragging here . What these Iyer family has done so much to suffer ? Look at vandu too . Please try to bring back old yhm which we can’t even dream of it ? This is what teaching to our society ? Please don’t deprecate them …Pallavi , Sarika to be punished .ishitha such an matured character shown in this serial is really portrayed as Buddhu . I can only say v v v sad watching today’s episode . What is this producers benefit by making fans so upset ? Wondering how easily the creators spoiled the story line .

  6. Rithika

    Guys just now a spoiler out ..romi is the real culprit …we all know that ishra trying to adopt rohit the same time romi be rohit ko chahathi romi ne ishita ko follow kiya jab ishitha aur chadda ki fight ho rahihey ..romi ne chadda ko shoot kiya
    ..romi nahi chahathi hey ishra rohit ko adopt karey..yeh pura romi ka planning hey

    • Sabita

      how can they say chadda was shot when his body was burnt? They don’t have a body to prove that ishita did not commit the crime.

  7. Cham

    11 day left for their anniversary!!!! Please end this disappointing track before it! Please please please….

  8. 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 Today’s episode was too bad ishra struggling it’s really hard for me to see yhm like this ishita in jail and raman in pain precap is really very hurtful 🙁

  9. pavan

    What’s happening to creative heads I think they forgot to use their brain or they don’t have brain why they r going in a such boring tracks (both ishitha and vandu) why they r testing audience patience

  10. SIndhu

    The way the writers write points all the blame on Ishita. They have made her so stupid by going to see Pallavi and trying to help her. Now she is deep trouble and no Pallavi to help her. It shows in the news update that Chadda died of gunshot and this Abhishek finds out from the post mortem. I wonder why they can’t do it now instead of after many episodes later. What I think is Ashok may have shot Chadda and this maybe in collaboration with Pallavi. Someone said that Chadda is related to NIddhi which I think makes sense. Perhaps niddhi getting married to Raman could be part of Ashok’s plan. So he can see Ishita suffering in jail and her family fallen apart. How this will affect Ruhi and Adi I am not sure. Why didn’t they use Shagun to fight for Ishita since she was in NGO so she knew what happened to Pallavi. She could have come in the fore front to tell Abhishek that Pallavi has not disclosed everything about Chadda. I still cannot come to terms with Ishita and ACP romancing. What is the need for that? Personal relations should never be mixed with professional acting. It will tarnish their own special personal relationship because you are showing your close relationship with everyone. It is something personal and to be valued between the couple. Doesn’t Ekta know all these? If Ishra really get separated, the chemistry will be waned already. After many episodes later if they bring both of them together, I am not sure whether we can still be able to see that spark in both of them. Look at what happened to Mihir and MIhika. Everyone liked them initially but after she married Ashok, audience just got used to it and not most of the fans want to see Romihika instead of Mihir and Mihika because we all have accepted to the fact that they only can be friends. I am just afraid that the wonderful chemistry will be waned off if they really separate them for too long and join them again. At least the writers could show that Raman trying his best to find clues together with Romin on proving Ishita innocent, Perhaps they could trail Pallavi or Ashok to find out whether Ishita killed Chadda or someone else. This investigation can be dragged on fot a good one or two months instead of Raman having to accept the indecent proposal of NIddhi. Look at how much Ishita went through in the ghost drama to save Raman so why can’t Raman also go through a lot of trials to prove Ishita’s innocence. Why should the writers resort to such an easy way out by letting him marry some lawyer? This does not really prove he loves her. If he goes through all the ordeals that Ishita went through during the ghost drama, then it also shows Raman too can do anything to save his wife. I think it will be pretty interesting if Raman does investigation on his own and the writers can make it more interesting by unravelling some mysteries as they go along instead of all this stupid roman with Ishita and ACP and remarriage of Raman. Absolutely stupid.

  11. not yet seen the epi only watch on 11’o clock but i read the spoiler the jailer is not allowed any one to see ishita including ruhi what nonsense this she just arrest for only on doubt by her finger prints there is no evidence still and no postmortum report etc the case still does not come to the court after that also the court allow the prisoner to meet some one means the jailer cannot do anything with that order ashok and sarika was in jail in the colour dress only why for ishita this white saree the writters making us fool

  12. hi why are the Balla family & the Iyer Family At fault for nothing of their own doing.. Gosh this writer & the producers are going bonkers.. better to end this while still there is a chance.. as someone mentioned here the terrorist part was very in a very bad state. For Goodness Sake this is a love story not a violent or terror story. & why are the innocent people suffering.. exp Vandu did a good thing in correcting a student she didn’t ask him to jump. bad vibe & An example for school children. they will think this is the way to get their faults covered. what are the writers thinking a perfect teacher is being harassed for disciplining a student???
    And issue only went to save a abused woman not to kill the damn man. Anyway this is getting out of hand & better stop stressing over the stupid show.. Good Luck guys.

  13. wah! episode hai .precap toh uss se bhi ghatia backwaaz aur yhm ko perfectly poori tarah se barbaad aur worst serial banaane ki poora ka poora planning ka nakasha dikhaaya gaya aaj humko.

  14. petrol can par pallavi ki bhi finger prints hone chahiye the , aakhir ussi ne sab kuch kiya hai aur pallavi ne petrol can pakadthe waqt glove nahi pehne the aur episode mein bhi waisa hi dikhaaya tha .toh ekta aur usske cvs pagal hai kya ki ek episode mein kuch aur hi dikhaathe hai toh doosre mein kuch aur hi .

  15. Silverdust

    Seriously that students mom really doesn’t have a heart ??do you say kill your self to anyone that’s encouraging to comit suicide?

    But to days epi was touching ❤️it’s good that we didn’t see that freaking sarika ?

  16. Choc Bar

    This is all bcoz of ishita’ interfering nature ? She goes everywhere to help everyone! She helped Ruhi to the hospital and got the blame as kidnaper! She helped shagun to get ruhi’s custody! And got married to raman ( only this one was good) she helped subbo and got troubled! She helped shagun again and bitten by crocodile and now this stupid pallavi ? Sorry I totally forgot about that sooper stupid sarika ?

  17. saumya

    Episode was ok..but plz Ekta nd writers….plz dnt chnge da luv nd sweet family stry to sm unreal facts….yhm serial dekh k lagta tha lyk smthng vry real family story nd acts of evry individuals too good…par now kisika kisi k sath koi link up nai….arey at least giv them tym k kch waqt fmily k sath spnd kare…par no ek khatra talaaa nai k dusra suru….nywaz Jo v karo Raman-Ishita ka matured luv stry me plz yeh ACP nd Niddhi ko nai lao…they both luk prfct wid ech othr…

  18. yeh ekta , uska cvs aur makers jo bhi hai poore ke poore bewakoofon ka nasamajon ka fauj hai. chadda ka body jal gaya tha toh acp ne turanth bathaa diya ki chaada mar gaya hai .cid jaise shows mein hi laash ko pehchaanne mein kitnaa waqt lagaathe hai .aur yaha show mein ishitha woh sab karthi hai jo woh acp policewala hokar bhi nahi kartha aur agar chadda ko goli lagtha toh usse kamsekam goli lagne ka acting toh karna chahiye . bina kuch jaane hi kuch bhi show mein dikhaate rehthe hai . baki production house mauke ka phaayda uthaathe hai aur yeh yhm ka sirf aise backwaaz dikhaake baki serials ko takkar toh kya trp bhi baant rahi hai.

  19. Happy

    See it is cofirmed that they will not separate…..marriage will be fixed …engagement will happend mandap will be ready but at end moment either ishra will marry again or no one will marry ….ektas serial are quite predictable…i dont think that ishu and acp will romance….but if they do so then it is not fault id shame on cvs that they are using DTs personal Life to get trp…..the episoder was not bad ….open up any serial written update u will find one line in common “very bad episode”…..relax and watch it for fun

  20. In the coming episodes, Ishita will be
    kept in jail. Raman will be restless to
    bring ishita out of the jail. But his
    efforts will go in vain.
    Ishita will be mentally tortured in
    jail.She will be asked to remove her
    mangalsutra but ishita begs them to
    leave t with her. But Jailer will
    forcefully removes it from her neck.
    On the other had,Ishita will be worried
    for her little heart Ruhi and asks
    police to make her listen talk with her
    daughter for once. But the police will
    shout on her.
    However, Raman comes to meet ishita
    and he gets teary eyed on seeing
    ishita’s condition.
    It will heart breaking for the fans to
    watch ishita’s pain after getting
    separated from Raman and Ruhi.
    Not only Raman ,ACP Abhishek also
    comes to jail and requests jailer to
    not behave rudely with ishita.
    Will ishita be able to get out of jail?
    Stay tuned for more updates.

  21. Rianaa

    Yhm has been changed…1st wen it was started like rom com story but now it is a full of revenge, crime, drama, murder!!!!!!
    ???Shame on writers….wat the hell r they doin….

  22. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    Hi guys, after the long time. The reason is, “I stopped watching yhm”. Ya I really stopped. Actually, I’m in the hostel now. I can watch online. But I don’t try to watch this stupid twists. Now I’m so happy and no any mental torture. But I keep in touch with yhm. According to the spoilers, raman’s going to marry that lawyer. And stupid ishita(sorry) romances with nikkama acp…… Great ekta, Are you kidding me…..? I will not watch that stupid twist. NEVER !!! And I’m really disappointed about Divyanka. She has mixed her personal and professional life.
    I’ll miss yhm which I loved the most. And I’ll miss ishra who I loved madly. But I don’t want to watch yhm now. No wotries at all.
    So guys,really nice to meet you all,specially ritushree.
    Jhanvi and dark purple diya(jagori) ‘re connect with me in fb.

  23. huynh

    The film maker is unfair and hard-hearted to Ishita who is good women but suffers great miseries from the beginning till now. Nonsense troubles are made which are not true in fact. Maybe, it is interested to see initial episodes. But it is extremely bored at following episodes. It seems that the author comes to a deadlock to be able to continue to write of humanity. Ishita did a lot of good things to everyone but what she received, nothing, even she is able to have her own baby but after saving the whole Bhalla she lost her baby. Raman is very upset with Shagun but after that he accepts her as surrogate other. And Ashishek is a police but he stand to look at Ishita and Raman to remove bomb wire from Ruhi,….ect.. What very nonsense !. Stop stupid things otherwise fans wl leave YHM now

    What insense

  24. Nyra

    Pallavi is such a b*t*h. She should have taken the blame on herself instead of putting Ishita into this problem.

  25. show mein personal aur professional life ko kabhi bhi mix nahi karna chahiye aur yeh kya ishitha aur acp kya backwaaz hone wala hai .agar aise hi sab apne personal life professional life mein mix karenge toh serial ka satyaanash hi ho jaayega . its really very disappointing.

  26. i just hope hume hamaara puraana yhm waapas mile aur yhm ke saath saath yeh site aur fans aur veiwers sab khush rahe aur yhm ko enjoy kare . lekin inn sab ke liye unhe bhi hume hamaara puraana yhm waapas toh karna chahiye.

  27. DILZZZ

    Really heart touching epi: But it will be very stupid to see Ishitha & ACP romancing as Ishitha seems like very matuard bt ACP really looks like very much younger than Ishitha. And also it is very very sad to see Raman in so much pressure .

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