Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita taken inside the jail and sees the prisoners. She meets the jailer and jailer sends the lady constables out. She asks Ishita her name. Ishita says her name. jailer sends Ishita. They check her height and weight. Jailer says its out work to check if you have any weapon or bad thing. Lady constable tries to remove her pallu. Ishita stops her. Jailer asks lady constables to check her. Ishita says I m not a criminal. Jailer says I know, but its same rules for everyone here. Ishita says I will myself do it and cries.

Vandu wakes up and says how did I sleep for too long, and thinks of Ishita. The rich lady/student’s mother comes to meet Vandu at her home. Vandu talks to the student’s mother and defends herself. Vandu tells the student’s mother

that she was just thinking of the student’s future. The lady says you did this with my son, he slipped in coma, you ruined his future, and curses Vandu. Student’s mum asks Vandu to kill herself, or pray this does not happen with her son. Vandu panics. Ishita is asked to remove her jewelry and also her mangalsutra. Ishita cries and says not mangalsutra. The jailer says no metal is allowed here, remove it. Her mangalsutra is also removed. Ishita cries and is given the jail clothes, and few utensils. Jailer asks her to follow all rules.

Abhishek comes and asks Raman why did he call him. Raman asks Abhishek to let him meet Ishita once. Abhishek says no, we have sent her to jail authorities, just court can save her, Jailer Sadhna is very strict, she won’t permit. Raman asks him to try once. Abhishek calls the jailer and asks for permission, for Raman to meet his wife. Abhishek sends Raman to meet Ishita. Raman thanks him.

Raman goes inside the jail to meet Ishita. He cries seeing her in jail clothes. Ansoo ka rishta…………..plays……….. Raman and Ishita see each other and get teary eyed. He recalls their old romantic moments. Ishita cries and asks about Ruhi. Raman says she is fine. She says I m so sorry, forgive me please, I did not wish to kill Chadda, he was beating Pallavi, he had knife in his hand, I did not understand anything when he got stabbed, Pallavi was scared of his family, I don’t know how his body got burnt. Raman looks on shocked. She says forgive me please. He says calm down, you trust me right, nothing will happen to you, I promise you, I will get you out of here, don’t cry. They hold hands via the small spaces in the metal divider wall. The constable asks Raman to go, as his meeting time got over. Raman and Ishita get away, and leave each other’s hands. They cry.

Vandu worries and sits thinking about the lady’s words. She says I did not do anything and holds her head. Vandu goes and shuts the room. She visualizes the lady who asks Vandu to kill herself, as Vandu killed her son. Vandu says no, I did not do anything, and visualizes the student lying on her bed. He gets up with wounds. Vandu gets more traumatized and is shocked. She gets back and the things fall. She sees they both disappeared and thinks whats happening to me. She looks for medicines, and sees brandy. She drinks much wine, and says I did not do anything. She falls on the bed.

Raman asks lawyer how did Pathak go suddenly. The lawyer says he was unwell, Sir told me about this case. Raman asks him to get his wife out, she is not criminal, she is in jail. The lawyer says we can do something in morning only. Raman says I want my wife out with me tonight, do something, I want confirmation now, else I have many ways. The lawyer says I understood, I will do something.

Raman waits to get Ishita freed, while the lawyer tries his best. The lawyer says we got appointment with the judge, I heard he is really a nice man, maybe Ishita can get bail now. Raman thanks him. Amma cries. Romi pacify her. Raman comes home. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla ask about Ishita. Raman says police arrested her. Mrs. Bhalla says how can they arrest her, how Ishita risked her life to catch Kaali. They cry.

Mr. Bhalla says there will be some way out, don’t worry and takes Mrs. Bhalla. Appa consoles Amma and takes her. Bala leaves with them. Romi asks Raman to meet Ruhi, she is alone in her room. Raman goes to Ruhi and sees her sleeping. He recalls his promise and sits by her side. He sees the family pic Ruhi is holding, and says forgive me Ruhi, Papa could not bring your Ishi Maa back, but Papa promises that I will bring your Ishi Maa back soon. He hugs Ruhi and cries.

The jail inmates ask Ishita to have food. Raman throws food and asks Mrs. Bhalla to stop it, Ishita is in jail with murder blame. She cries and hugs him, saying everything will be fine.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The film maker is unfair and hard-hearted to Ishita who is good women but suffers great miseries from the beginning till now. Nonsense troubles are made which are not true in fact. Maybe, it is interested to see initial episodes. But it is extremely bored at following episodes. It seems that the author comes to a deadlock to be able to continue to write of humanity. Ishita did a lot of good things to everyone but what she received, nothing, even she is able to have her own baby but after saving the whole Bhalla she lost her baby. Raman is very upset with Shagun but after that he accepts her as surrogate other. And Ashishek is a police but he stand to look at Ishita and Raman to remove bomb wire from Ruhi,….ect.. What very nonsense !. Stop stupid things otherwise fans wl leave YHM now

    What insense

  2. Pallavi is such a b*t*h. She should have taken the blame on herself instead of putting Ishita into this problem.

  3. show mein personal aur professional life ko kabhi bhi mix nahi karna chahiye aur yeh kya ishitha aur acp kya backwaaz hone wala hai .agar aise hi sab apne personal life professional life mein mix karenge toh serial ka satyaanash hi ho jaayega . its really very disappointing.

  4. i just hope hume hamaara puraana yhm waapas mile aur yhm ke saath saath yeh site aur fans aur veiwers sab khush rahe aur yhm ko enjoy kare . lekin inn sab ke liye unhe bhi hume hamaara puraana yhm waapas toh karna chahiye.

  5. Really heart touching epi: But it will be very stupid to see Ishitha & ACP romancing as Ishitha seems like very matuard bt ACP really looks like very much younger than Ishitha. And also it is very very sad to see Raman in so much pressure .


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