Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd February 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd February 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd February 2014 Written Update

It starts with intoxicated Raman at Ashok’s house. He tells Shagun that he still loves her and love only happens once. Once you marry, it’s all compromises after that and that is what he’s going to do now by getting married once again. Shagun tells Ashok to look at Raman’s condition, he’s so drunk like a devdas. Raman hears it and tells Shagun that she gets such an attitude once someone says something good about her, even if it’s a lie. He challenges that Shagun and Ashok themselves will go to his house and drop Ruhi there. He praises the girl he’s going to get married (Ishita but doesn’t say name) that her life doesn’t end at beauty parlor and then says she will be a lot better mother for Ruhi. He leaves saying he will

give first wedding card to Ashok and Shagun as they are too curious to know who the girl is. Shagun wonders who he’s going to get married to!

Raman recalls what he said to Shagun and then asks his driver whether people say the truth after drinking? His driver say people usually say truth. Raman says rubbish because he just lied to Shagun when he said Ishita is very good. But he said one truth to her that Ruhi will come back to him.

Iyers are doing preparations in a temple early morning. Bhallas arrives and all of them are drunk and can’t even stand on their feet properly. Mrs. Iyer cannot believe they drunk despite her asking not to. Raman is not found anywhere there. He’s still sitting in the car. Rumi asks him to come out. When they are entering the temple, they are asked to wear clothes like Iyers family. Bala takes all the males with him and his wife takes all ladies with her. Raman is stopped by Mrs. Iyer for some bath ritual. Raman says he’s has already taken the bath. Mrs. Iyer says it’s an oil bath. Raman takes an oil bath and then goes to get ready. He gets irritated with all the rituals. Mihika and Vandu tells Ishita that Raman is looking like a joker and laugh. Ishita asks them to be quiet. Bhallas come there in Tamil style dressing. Mrs. Bhalla keep losing her balance in saree. She asks Rumi to give his belt to her so she tie her saree.

Iyers and Bhallas do the rituals. There is a comedy scene when Mrs. Bhalla is called for some ritual. She starts singing loudly “Hadippa”. Mr. Bhalla tells her she has to do pooja not “hadippa”. Priests give something to Ishita and Raman and ask them to bring it with them in the evening’s engagement function. Raman and Ishita go to pray. Ishita is laughing. Raman asks her she enjoys troubling him? Ishita says she loves it seeing him bothered. Raman says it’s just a day for him, after marriage, Ishita will go to his house and she will have to be troubled for her entire life. Ishita wishes him all the best.

Bhallas are having breakfast. Mrs. Bhalla wishes that Ruhi was with them in all the functions, but poor her is stuck at Shagun’s house and doesn’t even know Raman is doing all this for her. Raman hears it.

Ishita’s parents choose engagement ring for Raman. Ishita comes there and says she can’t give that ring to Raman. It’s a special one as Mrs. Iyer gifted it to Mr. Iyer on their 25th anniversary. It’s sign of their love and Raman won’t give any value to it as he doesn’t know what love is. Mr. Iyer says they should give it to him so he gets blessings from them. He says Ishita’s love will change him. Ishita says he’s not getting anything from her and leaves from there. Mrs. Iyer gets worried, but Mr. Iyer says their marriage will be successful. Ruhi will make it successful.

Precap: Ishita is waiting for Raman outside the engagement venue. She asks herself why Appa brought his proposal to her. And when she knew he’s like this, then why she even agreed to marry him. She thinks Raman must be in office and decides to go there, and then she sees Shagun entering the venue with a bouquet.

Update Credit to: tanya

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  1. Ishita and Raman are gonna get married
    Hope they love each other soon
    Get lost Shagun and Ashok
    Ruhr would have a surprise present

  2. I love the couple,im sure they going to love each other through Ruhi.

  3. wowww raman and ishita so sweettt .. Raman love ishita but he does not know

  4. This is one of the best drama ever!♥ I totally love all the characters!! Especially Raman & Romi!!!♥♥♥

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