Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd December 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita asking Shagun to be here, she will contact Prateek and Abhishek. She gives her all the necessities. She locks the door and gets Raman’s call. Raman asks where is she. She says I m coming, just locking door of home now. He asks her to come soon. She ends call and leaves. Ashok looks on and thinks why is Ishita lying. Ishita gets ready at home and says she will leave now. Raman comes home and says his shirt got spoiled at hotel, so he came home. She gives him another shirt. He looks at her and says we are not going anywhere. She asks why are you getting angry.

He asks her to see situation, there is no one at home, just you and me. She says everyone would be waiting. He says no one will remember us while having Chinese. She calls him Raavan kumar. He asks

her to say again. They smile. Mihika calls Ishita and their romance breaks. Ishita says we will come in some time. Mihika is tensed. Mrs. Bhalla orders non veg food, while Amma argues as they won’t eat non veg. Amma says this is Bala’s party, so only veg. They both argue over the food. Vandu asks them to stop it. Mr Bhalla and Mr Iyer think what to do and joke on their fight.

Ashok says Ishita is doing something and checks the door. Its locked. The guard asks who is he, why did he come. Ashok lies to him and guards doubts on him. He asks him to get his friend, then he will open storeroom. Ashok requests him. The guard asks him to leave. Ashok fumes and thinks how to know whats hidden here. Ishita waits for Raman, and is worried for Shagun. She tries calling Prateek and Abhishek, she can’t leave Shagun like this. Ishita goes to see Raman. She smiles seeing the beautiful decorations. Raman looks at her and they smile. Sanson ko sanson me….. hum tum……………. They hug. Mihika calls him again. She asks where is he. Raman says I did not reach home, I m in traffic. Mihika asks did he talk to Ishita, its problem here. He says you give the order and ends call. Ishita laughs. Her phone rings. He asks her to leave it. She asks what shall I tell them. Ishita tells Mihika that she did not leave till now, and lies about her work.

Mihika says I m warning you, world war is starting here, come soon. Ishita says fine, I wilol come soon. Ishita says I can’t lie more. Raman says finish what you started first and romances. Shagun checks her phone and calls Prateek. Ashok is still outside and brings some wire to open the lock. He sees a man and gets an idea. He asks him to spray the smoke in storeroom, there are many mosquitoes there. The man sprays the smoke, and Shagun gets shocked seeing it. She starts coughing. Shagun says Ishita locked the door. Raman and Ishita romance. Hum tum……..plays…………..Shagun gets unwell and calls Ishita, while Ishita is dancing with Raman. Shagun says I can’t breathe. Ashok says rats will come out by this dangerous smoke, lets see who comes out now.

Abhishek calls Shagun and says he checked her missed call, what happened. She asks where is he. He says I was away, just came to police station. She asks him to save her. He asks what happened, I will call Ishita, she will come there. Raman and Ishita get Abhishek’s call. Abhishek asks for Ishita and tells him to give phone to her, lying about some clinic case. Ishita takes phone and talks to him. She gets shocked. Ashok pays the man and sends him. He sees guard coming and hides. He asks watchman to check car and fools him to send him. Ishita finds her house door locked, and calls for help.

Ashok says Ishita can’t help Shagun, I have locked her. Ishita tells Raman that someone has locked door. He says it will be done by mistake, wait I will call Romi. She says I don’t have time. He breaks open the door and says he will drop her. She says I will manage, be at home, we can’t leave home like this. Ashok sees Ishita coming there running towards the storeroom. He hides and sees her. Ishita opens the lock.

Ishita brings Shagun out of storeroom. Ashok gets shocked seeing Shagun.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Oh what a disaster poor Shagun… Hope Ashok will get caught with ACP’s Quick thinking…& Shagun & Ishu Can Escape Without getting caught to Ashok of All People… This is a good chance for ACP To arrest Ashok For snooping near Balla house till Ishu & Shagun get away…The Security should inform ACP the incident when he comes there to Balla house… As they already had a murder of one guy… Ohh pls pls Don’t let them get caught to Ashok.. As he is the villain he should not win at all… of course the two brothers win all the time… We Have to Wait & Watch…. looks like there is going to be some tension building up in the story… exciting.

  2. Aditi

    Right now it’s 4:00am in nz nd I saw India’s time nd I quickly opened telly updates and it was ready what a fast update. Keep it up!!

  3. ya…wishing a very happy bday to all cast and crew of yhm…i am really thred by seeing shagun and ishita struggling…i love shagun aka anita more than divyanka..what say guys.??

  4. ya…wishing a very happy bday to all cast and crew of yhm…i am really tired by seeing shagun and ishita struggling…i love shagun aka anita more than divyanka..what say guys.??

  5. diya

    heyyy ..all .havent seen the episode yet .but after the wu .. i thnk its an interesting one with ishra romance .
    nd happy birthday yhm!!!!!
    ur my fav show…..
    keeping showing us good ishra moments ..
    nd dnt bring the plot of seperation of ishra evr in the show .
    be a “lambi race ka ghora”
    keep ruling the trp charts .
    keepi snatching awards frm other serials in the award ceremonies .
    nd plz dnt drag plots nd show some grt nd nice plots in the coming years .
    love you loads .

  6. opportunist

    Really quick update..
    Ishita n shagun secret going on for a long long time…. But nice… Please give this a suitable, exciting and unimaginable ending…?

  7. Jhanvi

    Happy Anniversary YHM ….!!!!

    Hi everyone…..!!!! Thnq Diya for ur wishes…!!!

    Too much dragging…..
    OK epi….. Ishra dance was superb…!!!! Perfect song HUM TUM…..!!!! Supreb dilougue ” this house is lyk railway station always. “…!!! Pyar ke dushman…!!!! Kabab me haddi abhishek…… Poor Shagun ….!!!!!
    Don’t want to say anything bout remaining part… STUPID writers r showing their stupidity… Nd tomorrow they will show again their stupidity, ishu will bring Shagun out without covering her face….!!!!!
    Lyk seriously…. Guys pls pray for our EKTA mam Nd stupid writers….

    Nd yeah hats if 2 ur smartness BL***y Ashok Khanna…!!!!

    Want our old YHM back…..!!!!!!!

  8. diya

    hey jhanvi. welcy babz .. v all love this much .nd i reaqst mahan EKTA to show some good plots nd dnt drag . nd most imp. dnt let ashok win .he is a moron

  9. Congrats on the Second Anniversary of YHM…. May You get many more Awards in this Serial & May You Have Lots Of IsRa Romantic scenes for the viewers.

  10. diya

    episode was great . ishra’s dance was so goood . omg!!! they looked beautiful. ashok is just a creep nd so inhuman . shagun might hv died if things din’t work out at the last moment.
    now ashok knows evrything . god knows whats gonna happen next.
    pretty scared!!!
    i just pray .plzzz after all this dnt let ashok win . it will be against morality.
    makers don’t you ppl think ishra looks best together nd fans loves thm together nd that brings u trp!!
    plz never thnk of seperating thm nd taking a leap in the show . its just 2yrs old .
    u cn take a leap of 1 yr or smthng but not a huge one .
    plzzz plzzz plzzzz!!!!!!

    i hope like evrytime u will listn to the fans .as they r the only ppl who make or break a serial.
    nd reveal the culprit soon .
    waiting ..

    btw guys my real name is jagori.
    will ny one tll me how will i change my name frm diya to jagori here.
    actually diya is my pet name .
    – frm w.b

  11. V P

    Happy anniversary Yhm team . Ishra scene was superb and Ishitha was very beautiful … Can’t tell … I feel Ishra scenes like this will end soon once Shaghun is exposed . For that only showing a lot of Ishra scenes . Hope Raman will understand Ishitha and no separation is ahead . Please make a good twist like Ashok shoul not win …. Request …. Karan and Divyanka amazing …. Beautiful acting. … Really admirable …. Their love too … Don’t break it …

  12. Sunita

    Happy birthday YHM?….congratulations to the entire crew on completing 2 years….we all love the show…WRITERS please don’t make the viewers loose interest on the show….And EKTA KAPOOR….can u please think something gud…u always try to highlight bad deeds and bad people….u make cruel people win the situation….please show some humanity atleast in one of ur shows….especially after so much of sruggle the ball should be in ishita’s and shagun’s court….please dont drag this show for increasing the number of episodes and TRP…..hope all our comments have sone impact on u….Once again a very happy birthday to YHM???

  13. Diya

    Hi all my dear frnds…
    Happy bday yhm..
    Lovely episode…ishra scene was aweeeeeeeeeeesome.. They were looking fabulous.. See ashok he found all these within just 2 days..y acp can’t? He is so foolish or wat?? And stop dragging its too much pls end this track soon…and hoping for the best..welcome diya.. And all those who have exams, study well and write well..

  14. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    Happy birthday yhm…… !!!
    Very nice epi.watched online. Karan and divyanka are just awesome…….! I love them soooooooooooo much……!!!
    Specially Divyanka, expression queen…..!!! So beautiful today…….
    Expose the truth very soon……. And let ishita be succes…..!
    (And if they show surrogacy after the this track, I’ll skip that track.I don’t watch it. Coz I can’t be happy in bottom of my heart. And after the baby birth, I’ll watch again.)
    From SL.

  15. Nachiket

    Happy Birthday YHM!!! and pl stop this track yaar,agar manju kapur(original writer of custody)
    ke koi aj jake dekhe she is depressed by how show is progressing. itne ache book ki story ko barbad mat karo. we beg you please!! Agar kuyki and kahanni kisi book ki adaptation hoti to uske original author aaj coma nahi to swarg me hote please BAHUT HO GAYA

  16. Nachiket

    Happy Birthday YHM!!! and pl stop this track yaar,agar manju kapur(original writer of custody)
    ke koi aj jake dekhe she is depressed by how show is progressing. itne ache book ki story ko barbad mat karo. we beg you please!! please BAHUT HO GAYA

  17. Sara khan

    hii everyone. .
    I read these written episode daily… N enjoy ur comments too.. want to join this cool group too…

    #yhm fan

  18. VSD

    Now this is getting too dragged and crappy.. I mean how can they be soo foolish and take things easy when they know ashok can follow ishita anywhere and he is shown over smart here against four fools!! Its stupid of these people to not able to find the truth till now and then give chance to ashok to again trap them!!

  19. Jhanvi

    Thnq prince…, Nd yeah nice name diya….

    Ya Darshika I also don’t want to see “Shagun pampered by Raman Nd all ” ….though Shagun has changed , I can’t tolerate her with Raman …neverrr….!!!!!

  20. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    guys….. It’s not about ashok’s smartness (my idea)……… Coz that is ashok’s nature. He always like that since beginning of the story. So mean and always keep his eye on bhalla family.
    This is all about ACP’s and shagun’s stupidness……. For examples, ACP didn’t check ashok’s phone details, And acp said, ‘my police gang always follow ashok’ so where is that police gang…..!?!? LOL….! And Shagun, why did she answer to unknown numbers….. So stupid……!!!
    And I said before, I’m ok with this suspect track. But makers, ekta do sooooooo stupid things. That’s why now I feel, this track is dragging.
    Anyway, today something will happen. Ashok tries to blackmail ishita as leila said.

  21. Dee

    Happy Friday all and belated congrats to the team of YHM on completing 2 years ( hopefully with many more years to come).
    Personally I’m pleased that Ashok will soon discover that Shagun is alive.This will add some spice to the drama which has dragged on a bit due to Ishita/Shagun/Prateek & Abhishek not being able to find the informer and the process of elimination within the Bhalla family has taken too long.

    I find it interesting that although Shagun is carrying Ishra’s baby, physically they don’t show a change in her i.e no baby bump?
    Both Ishita and Shagun are educated but their plan is full of holes, answering random phone calls, Shagun appearing in public with no disguise or police protection – they know how dangerous Ashok is but their approach is so naive.

    I hope the writers take the story in a positive way going forward i.e. Ishita tells Raman about Ashok’s threat and they fight him together.
    Sonali Jaffer as a writer is very negative though, she lacks creativity and often regurgitates ideas from other shows. Hopefully she’s not working towards an Ishra separation and leap!!!

    The next few episodes should be interesting.

  22. SIndhu

    The episode was nice but I was just wondering why did they even add the romance part if it is going to be interrupted. They could have at least shown their romantic dance for at least a good 5 to 10 minutes uninterrupted for viewers to see the continuous flow rather than having Mihika interrupting Ishita and Raman. You mean mIhika is not able to handle both the mothers quarrels. What happened to Bala? Why did the producers make him so quiet? He could have said something to Madhavi and she would have listened. The producers wanted to add some romance but if the couple is going to be interrupted every one or two minutes then they should not have that scene at all. I agree Shagun and Abishek calling and interrupting is important as she really needs help but why make Mihika calling. That is just dragging and tantalizing us viewers. I am sure the viewers also would like to see Raman and Ishita spending some uninterrupted moments for a good screen space but looks like it does is not happening.

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